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CTS 37mm Tactical Launchers

Your Price: Law enforcement, Government, and Military ONLY! Please call to purchase.
Manufacturer: CTS
Manufacturer Part No: CTS-37mm

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A rugged and reliable launcher designed to fire all CTS 37/38mm cartridges as well as other compatible rounds. It is equipped with a trigger lock for safety and a barrel release latch that can be operated from both sides of the launcher. The TL-1 can launch various grenades when fitted with an appropriate launching cup and using a launching cartridge. The TL-1 is available with a composite fixed stock.

This tactical launcher can fire up to six rounds in rapid succession. It provides law enforcement users the security of having six rounds at their immediate disposal, reducing the risk of escalation between reloads. It can launch all 37/38mm cartridges up to 8 inches long. The TL-8 is equipped with a trigger lock. Keeping the percussion primer on the cartridge and the firing pin out of line until a full trigger pull is performed, provides additional safety. This mechanism virtually eliminates the risk of accidental discharge from rough handling. The TL-8 is an excellent and cost effective force multiplier.

The PL-8 is a pump action instead of a spring loaded magazine providing positive feed without the need for manual winding

Operating System: Single
Safety: Trigger lock
Caliber: 37/38mm
Weight: 6.0 lb
Total Length (open): 29.5"
Barrel: 14" Smooth
Ejection: Extractor Assist

Operating System: Spring motor driver
Safety: Trigger lock
Caliber: 37/38mm
Weight: 10.3 lb
Total Length (open): 33"
Barrel: 9" Smooth
Ejection: Gravity

Operating System: Pump action
Safety: Trigger lock
Caliber: 37/38mm
Weight: 11 lb
Total Length (open): 34"
Barrel: 12" Smooth
Ejection: Gravity

Shipping Restrictions

Shipments allowed to USA only. Export of the commodities described herein is strictly prohibited without a valid export license issued by the U.S. Department of State, Office of Defense Trade Controls, prescribed in the International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR)

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