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We have experimented with all sorts of guns and ammunition to produce detailed evaluations of the ways in which the guns handle short and long range. There are some great gun stories that are created when you are in the midst of all the action and the adrenaline is rushing through your system. From handguns to machine guns and even paintball guns, we have quite a knowledge database about the different types and brands of guns that are currently available on the market. Our goal is to cover everything from the classic ceremonial guns that are still functional today, to concepts that are still in development.

We have covered the basics with a list of guns that are made by the different manufacturers in the world. For starters, we list the average price for which you can buy a gun, the legality of the guns in different areas, the accessories that you can attach to improve your shot, the various upgrades that can be made to the gun, and other customizations that bring out the best in the guns. We cover everything from the safety of the shooter to tips about bringing the aim up to 100% accurate.

We talk about the style, reliability, accuracy, and customization ability. Computing all of these in a single report, we form an overall impression of the guns and provide our readers with the best knowledge.

Just like everything else in the world, guns can be considered as both, a blessing and a curse. Every review that has been computed by us has been done by professionals and with extreme caution and safety. Like any other tool, guns can be used to either protect or destroy communities. If you are an enthusiast of guns, you should test them out under proper guidance and in a shooting range.