Best Airsoft Brands

Airsoft, being a competitive team shooting sports game, gives rise to a whole plethora of companies providing the weaponry, munitions, and accessories required to fuel the always-thickening airsoft market. Whether seasonal or permanent, the truly passionate airsofters understand that not all these manufacturers provide up-to-par products. Especially if you are a beginner planning to get into this escapade, you may not know which brand is best for you and as a result, you may end up buying a substandard and cheap play firearm.
As a beginner, you must understand that nothing about airsoft is casual, intuitive, or ‘just there’. The performance of your game is directly impacted by the quality of your gun. The right gun will jam less, give you an advantage over your opponent, shoot further, and help you stay on top of the game. Especially, if your skill matches your opponent’s skill, the only factor that is going to put you ahead is the top-grade performance of your gun at the moment of truth.

For this reason, it’s important for you to make a well-informed and well-rounded decision at the time of your purchase. If you are going to try airsoft as a one-time thing, the average local-branded airsoft weaponry at the Walmart would be enough for you to get going.
However, if you plan on taking your escapade to the next level, you will have to make a well-sought out purchase sooner or later. Our team has put together a detailed buying guide that will help you identify the best airsoft brands out there, distinguish between the most popular brands, and help you with a purchase that is going to count.
Whether you are a beginner or a high-end airsofter, the strengths and weaknesses that we will be highlighting for each brand are going to be of massive help. So, without further ado, let’s begin!

Why Do You Need A High-Quality Airsoft Gun?

It’s easier to get inclined towards a pocket-friendly product, especially when you are a beginner and operating under a budget. While it’s true that cheap airsoft guns save you money in the short term through low-quality and below-par ammunition, they also prevent you from growing as an airsofter in the long run. Airsoft BBs, spherical pellets used as ammunition by airsoft guns, for cheaper guns are made up of lightweight materials that make them prone to going off course due to external factors like pressure, wind, and weather.
Take it this way; the need for quality of your airsoft weaponry is just another part of your game. While you may be able to make your ends meet with a low-quality weapon at some points in your journey, it’s highly likely that your performance on the battlefield will almost always suffer.

Normally, you will be taking two guns into the field; a primary rifle and a pistol. If your mag always keeps running out before you’ve eliminated your opponent and you have to take out a pistol to make up for it, consider yourself gone for the game. Don’t take us wrong, running out of ammunition during a firefight is absolutely normal. However, missing the opportunity of taking down your opponent due to a poor-quality weapon’s inability of meeting the required standards is certainly not.

Things To Look For In Your Next Airsoft Gun

A great airsoft gun is a functional metaphor for being a successful player in this sport. Before we hook you up with the greatest manufacturers and producers of airsoft weaponry, we would suggest you to keep a few factors in mind. If you want to make a lasting impact on your skill, you will want to buy an airsoft gun that comprises of most of the following:


Power and Accuracy are the biggest factors to look for in an airsoft gun. The accuracy will determine the frequency of your correct shots. It will determine if you can take your opponents down in the most diverse situations. You will have to include distance, wind, weather conditions, ballistic trajectory, etc. to determine your gun’s accuracy. You also have to make sure that the scope of your gun is well-calibrated to take down long-range targets.
Since airsoft battles are usually CQB (Close-Quarters Battles), sights are not an absolute necessity. However, it’s important to have a firearm that lets you aim quickly. In summary, a gun with a longer inner barrel will have much better accuracy.


Feet per second, not frames, is one of the primary features you will be keeping an eye out for while choosing your gun. FPS determines how fast will your gun shoot. In a way, FPS also has a significant impact on your gun’s accuracy since higher speed, to some extent, directly relates to improved accuracy and power. A gun with lower FPS may have such a negligible effect in some cases.
Normally, the trend is to pin the FPS limit at a certain number so even the players with not-so-high FPS can do well in the field. In some cases, guns with a high FPS amount may even cause undue injury to the players.

Operation System and Accessories

A rail system on your gun will make a world of difference during your play. Imagine being able to switch a powerful scope to a lighter one during an intense fight. It will only be possible if you have a system that allows you to attach all your accessories, scopes, lights, angle grips, foregrips, and more to the sides of your gun.

Gun Type

Settling down on a gun-type is one of the crucial and most important decisions you will have to make. There are three primary types of long airsoft guns; spring-powered, gas-powered, automatic electrical guns. Spring-powered assault rifles are dreary to use when compared with AEG weapons, except for snipers and shotguns. Gas-powered guns are great but can be expensive to use and maintain. AEG (Automatic electrical guns) tend to be the most accurate and feasible option for airsoft guns.


Airsoft gamers are fond of both plastic and metallic guns. Both types of guns can prove to be good enough partners on the field. However, it’s obvious that the metal-bodied guns tend to withstand more wear and tear as compared to the plastic ones.

Best Airsoft Brands In 2020

When it comes to budget, not all of us can afford to spend top-grade amounts. Therefore, we have narrowed down these airsoft manufacturers based on their abundance of quality products but under a cost-effective scenario. Let’s begin.

  • Company: Chinese
  • Founded In: Year Unknown (One of the oldest companies)
  • Specialized In: Budget Spring/AEG Rifles and Pistols
  • Parts and Accessories: Widely Available
  • Dollar/Value Ratio: Good


CYMA is one of the oldest, largest, and most experienced airsoft manufacturers in the world. They hold a good dollar/value ratio that makes them stand out from their competitors. The airsoft gear manufactured by CYMA is not only of premium quality but they are also the best choice for players under a budget.

When it comes to their products, CYMA is famous for its line of AEG rifles – most of which deliver high-end performance in the field. In addition to their epic line of AK AEGs, they also manufacture M4s, M14s, M5s, and many spring-powered guns and pistols. While we’d not suggest you to look for ultra-top-grade quality and durability in their guns, we’d still root for them because CYMA is a brand that operates under a budget yet still manages to deliver value.

When it comes to other parts, gear, and accessories that come with airsoft, CYMA offers quality products and they are widely available. The only downside to CYMA in our opinion is their online absence. They are notorious for not having an online presence, let alone customer support that could guide you through your product manual. Still, the dealers providing them always have the expertise of helping you with your product-related issues, if any.

In our opinion, they may not be the top manufacturers out there but they are definitely the best when it comes to offering both quality and budget; and that’s exactly why they rank first in our list.


What’s There To Like About CYMA?

  • They provide a wide range of products
  • They provide high-quality copies of high-end designs
  • They are a great choice for your pocket
  • CYMA is hands down the best choice for beginners, intermediate players, and even experts
  • Their parts and accessories are widely available


Things You May Not Like About CYMA

  • They lack online presence. There is no official website for CYMA let alone a customer support channel or social media page
  • Their copies of high-end models may not be very durable
  • Company: Japanese
  • Founded In: 1965
  • Specialized In: Battery-powered Airsoft Guns, AEGs, and GBBs
  • Parts and Accessories: Widely Available
  • Dollar/Value Ratio: Great


Honestly, Tokyo Marui is the first brand any advanced airsoft player turns to whenever they want a high-end airsoft gun. We are ranking them second since they deliver exquisite and unrivaled value but at a price!

Tokyo Marui’s manufacturing factory is in Japan but they deliver worldwide, have an outstanding online presence, and develop a plethora of products. The most known airsoft stores around you will definitely have Tokyo Marui products featured – they are that famous. Their powerful GBBs are phenomenal, the AEGs are unmatched, and they are specifically famous for introducing the battery-powered airsoft gun designs to the ever-growing airsoft market.

When it comes to their guns, they are very well-designed and many even feature ABS bodies. Most of their guns are designed with an all-metal construction or ABS body. All their guns are durable and durable enough to withstand tough wearing and tearing. You have to pay an amount to get your hands on one of their guns but it pays to have your hands on a good gearbox.

Keeping in mind the airsoft accessories and parts, Tokyo Marui continues to lead in that department as well. They even offer improvement gearboxes that make it very easy for you to maintain your gear and upgrade them as you level up in your skill!

If you have the passion and drive to excel in airsoft, coupled with a solid budget, you should incline towards Tokyo Marui at once and we promise you won’t get tired of it anytime soon.


What’s There To Like About Tokyo Marui?

  • Amazing products featured from a pool of diversity
  • Their guns have unmatchable accuracy and durability
  • Excellent online presence
  • One of the oldest and notable brands in the airsoft industry


Things You May Not Like About Tokyo Marui

  • Some brands like CYMA offer their high-end guns as copies which almost share the same quality but at a lower price
  • They are a bit pricey for the operating-under-a-budget folks
  • Company: German
  • Founded In: 1972
  • Specialized In: Replicas of Real Steel Weapons, Life-like Designs, and Budget Pistols
  • Parts and Accessories: Widely Available
  • Dollar/Value Ratio: Excellent


UMAREX is perhaps the largest manufacturer of firearm replicas in the world and the largest importer of air guns in Europe. They are unrivaled when it comes to manufacturing excellent-looking replicas of Berretta’s, Smith & Wesson, etc.

When it comes to high-end, supreme-quality long guns and rifles, UMAREX takes the reigns like no other manufacturer. Sure, their long guns cost a lot but they deliver just as much value in the long term, making it an ideal high-end brand. On the other hand, when it comes to pistols, UMAREX serves as the ideal budget brand. It’s surprising to why some of their guns can cost a lot while the smaller guns and mostly pistols may be so budget-friendly.

UMAREX is highly focused on trademarking on replicas of real steel weapons. The designs they have produced over the years are very life-like. Moreover, the variety on their products knows no bounds. Not only do they manufacture great quality AEGs, spring rifles, and gas-powered weapons, but they also have multiple lines of other products and accessories that are guaranteed to aid you during your most adrenaline-filled skirmishes.

In addition to its headquarters in Germany, UMAREX also has a subsidiary factory in the USA. So, the gear that you buy online will always be delivered to your doorstep from the local manufacturers – without you having to worry about high international-shipping charges.


What’s There To Like About Umarex?

  • They have a wide variety of products
  • Cost-friendly plus high-end guns available
  • Their replicas are absolutely a treat for the eyes


Things You May Not Like About Umarex

  • They feature a relatively expert-range of weapons
  • Company: Taiwanese
  • Founded In: 1983
  • Specialized In: High-quality AEGs
  • Parts and Accessories: Widely Available (Accessories from other brands doesn’t mix and match with ICS guns)
  • Dollar/Value Ratio: Good


Originally, ICS stands for I Chih Shivan Co. However, it won’t be wrong to say that ICS is a short form for Innovation, Competition, and Satisfaction when it comes to Airsoft. ICS is a renowned manufacturer of airsoft guns and accessories for more than 35 years now. The founder of ICS Mr. Chu, started this company back in 1983 in Taiwan and it ended up becoming the most successful and flag-bearer manufacturer that produced AEGs in Taiwan.

They have a proven track record of service and par-meeting reliability that itself has made a name for ICS over the years. ICS has constantly been the true seeker of innovation since they came around, producing ultra-high-quality and modern AEGs over time. The split gearbox design featured by ICS is specifically famous among advanced airsofters because it makes the process of gun maintenance a breeze!

The accuracy, power, and FPS of ICS weapons are excellent and unrivaled. Most weapons are capable of firing at over 350 FPS which is phenomenal.

However, fortunately, or unfortunately, the ICS accessories and parts are only suitable for ICS-manufactured guns. If you already have a few parts lying around and you are thinking to custom-develop a gearbox, it may not be that simple. You will always have to buy parts from ICS if you are going for an ICS gun. The forged, tuned, and die-casted ICS airsoft guns genuinely play a key role in determining the winner of the battlefield. The story being every ICS airsoft gun originates from the years of enthusiasm and hard work from their design and tactical teams!


What’s There To Like About ICS?

  • Breezy maintenance
  • Produces high-quality AEGs – the best Airsoft primary weapon
  • The durability, FPS, and power is excellent on each gun


Things You May Not Like About ICS

  • The ICS guns cannot be mashed up with parts from other manufacturers
  • Company: American
  • Founded In: 2012
  • Specialized In: Intermediate-level AEGs, low-cost airsoft rifles, airsoft gear, and parts
  • Parts and Accessories: Widely Available
  • Dollar/Value Ratio: Excellent


Lancer Tactical is a relatively newer brand – as compared to other famous brands out there. Yet still, it has managed to make home in the hearts of multiple airsofters, all in just 8 years. In addition to Airsoft, Lancer Tactical also provides tactical gear used in military training, paintball, and more.

When it comes to guns, Lancer Tactical specializes in AEGs. However, the AEGs they offer are neither for advanced players nor for entry-level. Instead, Lancer Tactical is famous for providing budget weapons when you are not looking for high-end guns but you also don’t want beginner gun models either. Lancer Tactical provides quality products and their focus has always been to produce quality weapons under a budget. If you are here only for the high-end and premium gear, it’s better to cater to other brands.

The relatively beginner models are made up of polymer materials and as we move up the airsoft expertise spectrum, we’ll find more military simulation models that are fully metal constructed.  Moreover, several lines of AEG rifles like Warlord Series and Proline Gen 2 are significant.

Lancer Tactical also offers Bolt Action Springs, Machine Guns, AKs, M4s, and high-quality tactical gear for the game. They are a great brand when it comes to being pocket-friendly. We’d rank them second after CYMA when it comes to budget airsoft brands!


What’s There To Like About Lancer Tactical?

  • Budget brand
  • Great line of AEGs
  • Great lines of tactical gear


Things You May Not Like About Lancer Tactical

  • They’re a budget brand but not as pocket-friendly as CYMA
  • Company: Taiwanese
  • Founded In: 1986
  • Specialized In: CQB Accessories, Combat Machine Series, Innovative Gun Designs
  • Parts and Accessories: Widely Available
  • Dollar/Value Ratio: Excellent


Guay & Guay Airsoft Pvt Limited came around in 1986, providing more than 35 years of market credibility. They are specialized in high-quality AEGs and just like ICS, they also come from Taiwan. The durable metal and ABS bodies on their gear keep the internals safe. Coupled with retractable stock, rails, handguards, and grips, G&G offer exemplary accessories and airsoft gear.

When it comes to top-class guns and their designs, G&G holds a special place for CQB enthusiasts. The exemplary accessories combined with compact gun designs and solid construction are G&G’s most acknowledged strengths.

Their unrivaled combat machine series and the M16’s unmatchable power and accuracy are some of the best weaponry that the airsoft market has to offer right now. However, despite their high-quality guns, many airsoft enthusiasts hold the opinion that their accessories aren’t as high-standard as they should be – given the quality of their guns. The batteries especially, aren’t up to par. However, we wouldn’t ask you to worry about it since you can always get them from somewhere else or get them replaced.

G&G is a high-end brand and if you are planning to get your hands on a quality gun, this is your chance.


What’s There To Like About G&G?

  • The redesigned gearbox is amazing
  • Absolutely bad-ass gun designs; compact and innovative
  • Accurate, durable, and fast weapons


Things You May Not Like About G&G

  • NiCad batteries that G&G favors aren’t good
  • Some intermediate-level weapons may be overpriced


What Type Of Airsoft Gun Should I Go For?

The Airsoft Guns come in three different types, spring-powered, electric rifles, and gas-powered guns. If you plan on getting into the arena to win, we’d personally suggest you go with an AEG (electric rifle) as a primary weapon and a pistol as a secondary.
Apart from that, the gas-powered guns are good – but the maintenance cost can be higher. On the other hand, spring-powered guns are dull as compared to these two. Either way, it all narrows down to what you like, are comfortable with, and what polishes your skill!

Should I Buy An Entry-Level Gun For Airsoft?

We get it; an entry-level gun at your local Walmart or pawn store is intriguing. Since it may not only look really cool but cost less as well. However, it’s a decision that you should make yourself. Airsoft is a sport that can become as expensive and as inexpensive that you want it to be. If you take it seriously, if you are passionate about it, you’ll want to grow. In that case, you may just buy a good quality gun to begin with.
However, if you have the money, or if you just want to spend some happy-time on the battlefield, go for it. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t except if you want more out of your airsoft experience.

Is Airsoft An Expensive Hobby?

As we just said, Airsoft can be as expensive as you want it to be. Similarly, if you are not ‘too’ enthusiastic about the game, it can be a highly inexpensive hobby. Just get yourself a gear for $200 and you should be set for months!

Can An Airsoft Gun Kill A Human Being?

Airsoft guns including BB guns or metal pellets guns are not designed to kill humans. They may leave a mark and cause pain, but they’re not intrusive enough to break the skin. However, it’s always better to be careful and well-covered!

Should I Get Into Airsoft? Is It Worth The Money?

Another question that may not be answered by anyone but you. Just see if you have the taste for it. Do you like Battle Royale video games? Are you a PUBG fan? Does the thought of being in an escapade excite you? Do you have the budget for it?
These are a few questions that you should ask yourself. If the answer to two or more questions is yes, we’d say that you do have a taste for the game. We believe it’s worth the money but you should check it out for yourself.