Best Airsoft Guns

Regardless of whether you are a beginner or already have some airsoft experience, the number one piece of equipment that most players invest their time and money in is the gun. This is not to say that guns are the determining factors for a winning game. Still, it sure plays a significant role in the agility level, the comfort, and many other factors that you need to consider if you love this sport.

Airsoft is not just about skill, but also about equipment. Undoubtedly, the abilities of teamwork, coordinated attacks, and creating tactics and strategies can give you the upper hand over your opponents. Still, the equipment you use is equally important and can make the difference between winning or losing. Why? Airsoft guns come in many shapes and sizes and depending on things like materials used and type of weapon, you can gain or lose speed and accuracy. We’ll dive into all the things you will need to consider when buying an airsoft gun just a bit.

Probably the most appealing thing about airsoft guns is that they look like real firearm counterparts. However, you can definitely spot the differences if you buy cheaper airsoft guns. Sometimes, the price can also guarantee that what you are purchasing will look precisely like the real thing. We will explore all kinds of airsoft guns, starting from the most expensive, some under 100 dollars, and even under 20, so you can make the best choice for your needs, wallet, and target.

Understanding airsoft guns

In airsoft, even though you don’t shoot real bullets, you certainly feel like you do. Airsoft guns are made to resemble and sometimes match their real counterparts. Thus, they come in all the shapes and sizes that real firearms do. You have sniper rifles, assault rifles, shotguns, pistols, and everything in between. So, the style of gun is a choice, but other factors come into play as well. Durability, accuracy, power, and looks are the main factors influencing the outcome of the game, and your personal style.

Types of airsoft guns

How can you decide which gun to purchase when there are so many options on the market? You need to know just a few basic things, so let’s put them into categories for an easier approach. We will talk about three basic types of airsoft guns: Spring-powered, Gas-powered, and AEGs

Spring-powered guns

These ones are less popular than their gas-powered or electric counterparts. They have a slower rate of fire, and they require pumping the gun every time you want to shoot. On the other hand, they are easy to handle and pretty lightweight, so even if the range doesn’t compare with the different types of guns, these are good choices as a spare gun. They are also more affordable and suitable for kids and adults when target practicing.

Gas-powered airsoft guns

Gas-powered guns bring more realism to the game. They can work either on CO2 or green gas. These guns allow for fast and repeated shooting. Generally, a CO2 powered airsoft pistol will have a little more power than a green gas one. Another advantage is the fact that you don’t have to pump your piston in between shots. You also get a realistic action, meaning that you get true blowback. The gas-powered airsoft guns make for great action shooters in general due to the mechanical and realistic operation. One disadvantage is that gas-powered airsoft guns will require you to buy the gas separately. They also have a limited power output and can be affected by high or low temperatures. The magazine capacity is also pretty reduced. These guns are also affected by cooldown and tend to lose power when shot quickly or if the gas runs low.

AEGs (Automatic Electric Guns)

These are currently the most popular guns on the market. They are battery-powered, powerful, and accurate. The motor that pulls the string inside the gun allows for faster action. Most guns also have a fully automatic feature that can shoot continuously. This means that these types of weapons have the most consistent power due to the electric motor that applies the same pressure to each BB. As long as your batteries are charged, there’s nothing that can stop these airsoft guns. Another advantage is that they allow the highest capacity magazines, which means that you can have as many as 500 rounds in a magazine. If you are looking for firepower, the AEG is your best option

Now that you have a general idea about the types of guns and their pros and cons, you should consider a few more things when you are looking to purchase the perfect one. Depending on the kind of game you play and the strategy you develop, certain things are more important than others. Let’s see what features you should pay attention to when shopping for airsoft guns.

1. FPS (Feet Per Second)

This is the speed of your airsoft gun or how fast you can shoot. The quicker the projectile, the more chances to hit your target or opponent. While some airsoft guns may vary in FPS, there is a specific limit to avoid injury. However, not all airsoft guns are created equally, so if speed is something you desire, look for those with a higher FPS rate.

2. Accuracy

The accuracy of your gun is tied to the FPS, but not entirely dependent on it. The sight of your gun is equally as important. Long-range targets need a calibrated scope. A gun that allows quick aiming plus a longer inner barrel is your best bet when it comes to accuracy.

3. Type of gun

Big weapons might not help you in every situation. Choose your gun based on the environment in which you will be playing. Long-range rifles, DMRs, or snipers are more suitable for the forest, while indoors, you might want to look at guns with shorter barrels like SMGs and even pistols.

4. Accessories

The best type of airsoft guns are those that come with rail systems. Rails allow you to add all sorts of useful accessories, like a microdot, red-green dot sights, scopes, grips or bipods, and other tactical accessories. Although they are not must-haves, these accessories could be useful during an airsoft game. They could definitely give you the upper hand in a battle.

Let’s take a look at some of the best airsoft guns that you can find, including the best airsoft Let’s take a look at some of the best airsoft guns that you can find, including the best airsoft guns under 100 dollars and the best under 20 dollars. We have researched hundreds of products to provide a wide variety of airsoft guns for every pocket, so let’s explore them.

If you want to go all-in and get something with a realistic feel, this airsoft gun is for you. Although it’s a bit expensive, it has many advantages. The weight and blowback action are just like the real deal, so if you are a fan of real firearms, and want to experience that in real life, this rifle is definitely worth your attention.

It is powered by CO2 cartridges, and it can shoot up to 1400 rounds per minute. The speed is also incredible and can go up to 430 FPS. So far, it looks very promising. It also has some weight to it, so it can feel like a real rifle, but it’s not too over the top, weighing just 6.21 pounds.

The magazine has a 25-round dropout, and it is compatible with 4.5 mm steel BBs. You also get adjustable stock (6 positions), a removable pop-up sight, and an adjustable rear sight to stay on target.

The best thing is the full-auto mode. Even though it eats up the CO2, it’s worth to try it, as it can instantly put a smile on your face. Moreover, this airsoft rifle is surprisingly accurate. At this price point, you can’t go wrong choosing this one. It is perfect for training, fun, skill development, and target practice.

Customers seem to like it a lot, and we can see why. The only things that might turn off the excitement for some are the fact that it’s loud and that the rear sight is a bit reflective. In terms of loudness, yes, it’s not a good idea to practice in your backyard, but otherwise, it’s excellent, as it even sounds like a real weapon.


• It feels like a real firearm
• Up to 1400 rounds/minute
• Up to 430 FPS
• Adjustable stock (6 positions)
• Removable pop-up sight
• Adjustable rear sight
• Blowback action
• Full-auto mode
• Accurate


• It might be pricy for some people
• It is loud
• The sight is reflective

If you like spring-powered guns, specifically sniper rifles, this one is fantastic and comes at a great price. This airsoft rifle has excellent built quality, it is sturdy and incredibly realistic. The weight (around 6 pounds) and construction, and the detailed finish look like the firearm counterpart.

Yes, it is a spring-powered rifle, but it has some advantages that are worth looking into. First, it is a long-range rifle. It goes up to 450 FPS with 0.20g BBs, so it’s perfect for long-distance shooting. It is stable and very precise, and it’s quick to reload.

Another great thing about it’s the sound. It is not loud at all, so you can even try it in your backyard hassle-free. Customers love its sturdy construction and the speed loader that lets them quickly reload without losing precious time.

The price is excellent, making this one a budget-friendly sniper. This is a good option for beginners in particular, as it charges smoothly, and it can help you in your long-distance shot training. For a spring-powered sniper rifle, it is also accurate. You can also add a bipod for stability if you need to. The one thing that users are complaining about is the scope not being the best quality. However, it is removable, so you can change it and adjust it to your liking.

Overall, this is one of the best airsoft guns under 100 dollars, and you certainly can’t go wrong with it. We like that it feels like a real firearm, although not many spring-powered guns have that quality. Most of them are cheap looking, but not this one.


• Great price point
• Realistic look and feel
• Long-distance shooting
• Up to 450 FPS
• Added stability and precision
• Fast loading
• Realistic bolt action
• Sturdy construction
• Not loud


• The scope is not the best

If you are into World War pistols, this is the holy grail. This airsoft CO2-powered pistol is an exact replica of the famous Broomhandle Mauser C96. When you’re first unboxing it, you cannot tell the difference between this one and the real gun back in the days.

It is powered by CO2 cartridges, and it’s pretty powerful. The best aspect design-wise is the construction and the material. This is a metal beast that has some weight to it, but it will make you feel like you are holding a real firearm.

This 18-shot pistol has some features that got its users falling in love with it. The semi-automatic and most of all full-auto function is a lot of fun, although it can quickly deplete CO2 cartridges. However, it’s worth it, considering that you can buy your CO2 refills in bulk for a great price.

This distinctive German replica has an adjustable rear sight for elevation and fixed front sight.
The bolt doesn’t lock back. Thus, there’s no way to tell when the magazine is empty, as it shoots “blank”. However, this is not an inconvenience for most users.

At the end of the day, if you decide to get this pistol, you will purchase it for the flawless design, and realistic feel, and not so much for the impressive performance. However, it is powerful, and it performs excellently.


• Great design
• Full metal
• Distinctive German replica of Broomhandle Mauser C96
• Sturdy and well-made
• Adjustable rear sight


• A bit pricy
• A bit heavy
• You can’t tell when the cartridge is empty (the bolt doesn’t lock back).

If you are on a budget and looking for an airsoft gun under 100 dollars, you might want to look at this one. Of course, when it comes to AEGs, the more expensive ones usually perform better, especially in an outdoor environment. However, for an indoor game, when you are a beginner or want to practice target shooting in your backyard, this real-life replica performs well and comes at a great price point.

First, this is a full-scale replica of the real steel rifle, except it’s made out of sturdy plastic. The only thing that gives it away is the orange muzzle. Other than that, you couldn’t tell the difference between a real firearm and this airsoft rifle. It even has the right weight to it.

It is compatible with 6mm BBs, and it works on rechargeable batteries. You also get up to 45 BBs in one clip, and in terms of speed, up to 200-250 FPS. The adjustable rear makes it easy to handle. Another plus is that you get a lot of accessories in the package. You will find a broomstick, a red dot scope, and a tactical flashlight. It also has a tactical rail system for other accessories. You are advised to use the 6mm BBs, as otherwise, it can get less accurate when shooting.

At this price point, this AEG rifle is an excellent idea if you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on pro gear. This one has semi-automatic and full-auto modes that you can have fun with. It’s effortless to use; just point and shoot. Although it feels sturdy in the hands, the accessories are not so high-quality, so be careful when you are screwing in the suppressor or muzzle, as they can break.

Overall, we think this is one of the best airsoft guns under 100 dollars. It is definitely worth a try, especially if you are a beginner.


• Full-scale replica of a real steel rifle
• Semi-auto and full-auto modes
• Up to 200-250 FPS
• Up to 45 BBs in a clip
• Adjustable rear
• It comes with multiple accessories
• Great price point. Affordable.
• Tactical rail system
• Great for indoors and beginners


• The shots can get inaccurate and inconsistent if you use different BBs (different sizes versus the recommended ones)
• The suppressor can break when screwed in. Handle with care.

Another great airsoft gun under 100 dollars is actually a CO2-powered pistol. If you like to keep it simple, don’t want to break the bank, but still want a reliable gun both for shooting targets and on the field, this one is for you.

The Walther pistol resembles a real-life pistol due to the beautiful finish. It features an inner brass barrel and a hard plastic on the outside. The metal parts make this pistol feel like the real thing, adding just the right weight. This pistol can shoot up to 320 FPS, which is quite impressive for a small CO2 gun. It is compatible with 6mm .20g BBs and has a realistic and satisfying blowback. In the magazine’s capacity is 15-round BBs.

This airsoft gun has a double action and a rail system for multiple accessories. You get a fixed front and rear sight, and a paddle-style release system for the magazine. The CO2 piercing knob is hidden under the grip, making it very comfortable to recharge, and leak-free.

It has a sturdy construction, and it is as accurate as a CO2 airsoft gun can be. We think this is an excellent purchase for beginners and the more experienced alike. You can practice target shooting, or you can take it on the field. Either way, for this price, you get a high-quality airsoft pistol that feels and performs great.

All in all, we couldn’t recommend it more. It is an excellent buy considering the quality and features versus the price. It can be used by any airsoft enthusiast.


• Brass inner barrel
• Great price point
• Up to 320 FPS
• 15-round BB magazine
• Rail system
• Double action
• Front and rear sights
• Paddle style release system for the magazine
• CO2 piercing know under the grip
• Great weight and feel
• It doesn’t leak gas


• No adjustable hop-up

This one is truly one of the best airsoft guns under 20 dollars you can get. If you are looking for something simple in terms of use and maintenance, this is a good option.

With this airsoft pistol, nothing is more complicated than it needs to be. It is spring-loaded, so no need for gas refills or recharging batteries. You get a single shot, and then you have to cock it to use it again, but it’s fairly easy. Once you get the hang of it, you will master it in no time. It’s made of durable ABS plastic with a metal barrel and a magazine that holds 15 BBs.
In all honesty, even though it’s under 20 dollars, it doesn’t look cheap. In fact, it almost looks like the real thing.

This airsoft pistol is also pretty powerful, reaching up to 300 FPS, so it’s perfect for indoor games and target practice. It also comes with a silencer, but users say it doesn’t do much. However, for this low price, you can’t go wrong with it. It is a sturdy and durable pistol that will serve you for a long time, it’s low maintenance, and it has a great look.

Overall, this is the perfect pistol to buy if you are looking for an inexpensive alternative to those AEGs that can quickly go over 100 dollars.


• Sturdy and durable materials
• Easy to use and maintain
• Low priced
• Comes with a silencer
• Up to 300 FPS
• Well weighted, just like a real gun
• Great look
• 15 BBs magazine


• Single shot. You have to cock the gun every time you want to shoot.
• The silencer doesn’t do much


You can choose your own favorite airsoft gun from this list, or you can do your own research to find the one you like. Either way, we hope that you learned a bit about the different types of guns and how to use them. In case you have more questions, here are some answers that we thought might help.


Green gas has a lower pressure than CO2. Still, it has the advantage of being cost-efficient, easier on the gun, and it’s often easier to keep the magazine full. Green Gas is propane mixed with some silicon oil, and it is pressurized at about 300 psi. At the same time, CO2 is straight air (carbon dioxide), pressurized at around 12.000 psi. Thus, CO2 provides a harder kick, so you will shoot faster, and it works better in colder temperatures.


Ideally, you want to look at cheaper models, no matter what type of gun you choose. You don’t want to make an investment before making sure that you will get some use out of it. You can select a pistol if you want to play indoors or start with target shooting, and work your way towards more accurate, fast, and qualitative guns. Spring-powered guns are ideal for beginners, but you can experiment with a gas-powered gun if you want a more realistic feel.


Owning an airsoft gun is a responsibility, not to mention that it is somewhat dangerous is you are not well equipped. Shooting round projectiles at high velocities can do some damage. A twelve-year-old might be ready for this sport if you start with a “springer” and purchase adequate protective equipment. As long as you teach them about safety, treating the gun like a potentially dangerous object, and being supervised when shooting, this sport can prove to be beneficial.