Best Airsoft Mask

Airsoft is the closest thing to a real-life battle, so it’s no wonder why so many people have come to love it so much. Although it’s similar to paintball, players usually don’t like this comparison. Why? Because paintball markers don’t look like “real guns”, they say. Although airsoft guns are indeed inspired by genuine firearms, looking like the real deal, the game rules and even the different types of games are the same.
Another noticeable difference between paintball and airsoft is that airsoft players can invest in realistic military gear. They take it very seriously. After all, they’re going to war, right?

This sport has gained a lot of popularity, and for good reasons. With many game options, strategies, and the honesty and teamwork involved, although it might feel like a rough sport, airsoft can really teach you some valuable life lessons. Did we say honesty? Yes, we did. Unlike paintball, when you get shot, there’s no paint mark, so it comes down to the player to call themselves out.

Of course, when you want to get involved in this kind of sport, the first thing you need to look up is protection. Safety comes first because otherwise, it can hurt. After carefully choosing your favorite gun, it’s time to put on some protective gear, especially if you’re thinking of involving yourself in this sport long-term. Some places offer rental equipment, but if you don’t want to share it with anyone else, you would eventually have to buy your own.

There are all types of protective gear essentials out there, and you should consider researching a bit before buying them. Today, we are going to discuss one of the most essential parts you should protect: your face. Face and eye protection are vital for a flawless and hassle-free airsoft game. Considering that your eyes and face are the most vulnerable spots on your body, airsoft masks are mandatory, and a good starting point if you are new to this sport.

There are mainly two types of airsoft masks that you will find: the half-face mask used with goggles, and the full-face mask that covers your entire face. Both of them have advantages and disadvantages, taking into account the materials, of course. Most full-face masks are made out of plastic with some kind of mesh protection in the eye area. They can offer greater protection, but they can also lack breathability due to the plastic materials and the large covering surface. If you are not a fan of full-face masks, but you still want an essential layer of protection, there are half-face masks made out of steel mesh that can be worn with goggles and additional balaclava protection. Some players prefer this second option for greater visibility.

If you are new to airsoft, don’t be shocked when you find full-face masks that look like they’ve been made for a Halloween costume party. From skull-shaped masks to some that look like your favorite superheroes, military-inspired masks, and everything in between. That being said, you are in luck, especially if you want to spice up your airsoft game.

Regardless of what mask style you choose, you should explore some key features before making your buying decision. The best airsoft mask for you is the one that fits your requirements and checks all the boxes. We made a shortlist of what you need to know before buying your own, so you can be adequately prepared to pick one that will serve you for many matches.

Strap system

The most important thing, especially when you buy a full-face airsoft mask, is comfort. You will be playing for hours on end, so your mask should hug you in all the right places. There are no two faces that are the same, so the adjustability is crucial. Usually, a higher number of straps ensures a better fit, so look for face masks with multiple straps. The closing system is also essential, as you need something that will keep your mask in place without failure. Buckles, elastic materials, and high-end Velcro should definitely be on your list.


For full-face masks, it is harder to offer proper ventilation because they are made of plastic, and they cover a large surface. However, some masks feature vents to prevent fogging, overheating, and sweating. Proper ventilation is crucial when you are engaged in the game. Even with your full face covered, you should be able to communicate and stay as dry as possible to avoid discomfort. For better breathability, you can also go with an airsoft mesh mask, in conjunction with other protective accessories for your eyes and ears.

Eye protection

This one is a must-have in terms of protection. Your skin on the body can get bruised or cut during the game, but it eventually heals. We can’t say it goes the same for your eyes, though. Many airsoft players spend a lot on fancy riffles but skip on the most essential piece of equipment. Make sure that even if you opt for a half-face mask, you also buy special goggles for your eyes. You can also find 2-in-1 packages that include basic goggles, so you don’t have to spend extra.


Most full-face masks are made of plastic, but you can also find metal mesh materials, like carbon steel. In terms of eye protection, you will also find hard materials like plastic or metal mesh for high protection. We’ve talked about the importance of materials and how they can affect ventilation. As a rule of thumb, regardless of the materials you choose, make sure they are high-quality to last a long time. Ventilation is hey, so even if you decide to go with plastics, make sure your mask offers proper breathability.


As we already stated above, there are tons of superhero masks and cool designs to choose from. We know it’s tempting to click “add to cart” based on the appearance but consider all the points that we discussed here beforehand. Maybe this feels self-explanatory to you, but we also know that aesthetics plays a significant role in your buying decision. The way a product makes you feel can definitely affect how you perceive yourself, but safety should always come first. This is not to say that you should not buy an Iron Man airsoft mask, but make sure that it checks the safety boxes first.

Now, let’s explore some of the best airsoft masks on the market that you can order.

If you are looking for full-face protection, this mask offers both protection and a pretty intimidating look. It comes in four designs, all of them looking equally intimidating, fun, and creative.

In terms of protection, you are covered, literally. This is a full-face mask designed to cover the whole face, except for the years. The inside of the mask is lined with foam padding on the forehead, which helps it stay a bit further from your face, so you won’t get sweaty and uncomfortable. Simultaneously, in the event of being hit by a plastic pellet or a BB, the protective padding will definitely soften the impact.

Your eyes will be safe with the mesh eye protection this mask features, and the visibility is also good for a full-face mask. However, you have limited peripheral vision due to the mask’s construction.

The six elastic straps on the back come in handy when it comes to the perfect fit. You can adjust it to your liking, and you can even slide a pair of goggles underneath for extra protection if you need to. If you don’t want to squeeze something extra underneath and decide to wear it like it is, it has a significant advantage. Hint: there is no fogging involved.

Breathability is improved due to the perforated mouth and nose. Of course, it is still a full-face mask, so long hours of running around will eventually cause some sweat. Customers are very satisfied with this mask, especially for the excellent price point and quality. The manufacturer is also providing one year of warranty, so we think this is a great product overall. We think you should try it for yourself.


• Great price point
• Six adjustable elastic straps for a secure fit
• Padding on the forehead (inside)
• Perforated mouth and nose for optimal breathing
• Four cool designs to choose from
• You can fit a balaclava and safety goggles underneath if you need to
• Solid construction
• Mesh eye protection
• Good visibility


• The peripheral vision is not great due to the construction

If you are looking for more breathability and less plastic, this mask is fantastic. This is a half-face mesh mask that is extremely lightweight, portable, and foldable, so you can easily take it with you everywhere. It fits almost every bag, and even a bigger pocket.

When purchasing a half-face airsoft mesh mask, don’t forget to use it in conjunction with a sturdy piece of goggles.

Another pleasant surprise is that this one also has ear protection. A metal mesh is covering your ears so they can be protected in the event of getting hit. We like this addition, as most players have to buy some form of ear protection anyway.

You do have adjustable straps, but unfortunately, this product doesn’t come in multiple sizes. It is a one-size-fits-most, so keep that in mind if you are a female because it can often run large, even with the adjustable straps.

Another great thing about this half-face airsoft mask is that it features soft padded nylon fabric on the cheek area. This offers comfort when you are wearing it for a more extended period and when you are aiming your gun.

It offers excellent ventilation, as it doesn’t cover the whole face and is not made of plastic. It also fits very well under helmets. It feels sturdy and durable, which most users tend to agree with, and the price point is low, so you get a high-quality mask for a fair price.

Overall, we like this airsoft mesh mask a lot. We definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a lightweight but efficient face and ears protection.


• Lightweight
• Foldable and portable
• Highly breathable
• Comfortable to wear for longer
• Mesh ear protection
• Adjustable straps for excellent fit
• Soft padded fabric for the cheek area
• Strong, durable, and tested in high and low temperatures
• It fits well under helmets


• The straps tend to slip through the fastenings sometimes
• One-size-fits-most. No size choices.

For those who don’t want to invest in airsoft gear but still need reliable protection, this inexpensive mask will do the job. However, although it is a full-face mask, it doesn’t cover the top part of your head completely, so keep that in mind.

This mask is made of plastic, and it features mouth and ear protection as well. It comes with incorporated goggles. The goggles can be replaced, or you can choose to wear additional eye protection underneath, as these integrated lenses can withstand a shot (BBS) within five meters. Still, the construction is pretty sturdy, given the ABS material.

In terms of breathability, this mask offers excellent airflow. You have ventilation in the mouth area, the years, and at the top of your head. It even has a shade for sun protection. The visibility is also good, and customers say that it doesn’t fog like other full-face plastic airsoft masks.

You get one adjustable belt, but the mask comes in a standard, predefined size. With no sizing options, make sure you pay attention to the measurements and read the reviews thoroughly. It has padding for the eyes and years underneath, so it should offer a comfortable fit.

For the price, it’s a good option if you are a beginner or you don’t want to break the bank to buy expensive protection gear. Even with its minuses, this mask is worth your attention.

Overall, we like the shading, the breathability, the incorporated eye protection, and the fact that, at this price, it’s still a full-face protection mask. If you are looking for decent protection at a great price, you should definitely give it a try.


• Good price point
• Padding for comfort
• Incorporated goggles
• Lightweight
• Little to no fogging
• Added shade for protection


• No sizing options
• It might not have a secure fit due to the single strap

If you like 2-in1 products, this set is for you. This airsoft steel mesh mask covers your lower face well. In this pack, you will also find a pair of useful goggles. If you are new to this sport and don’t already own several goggles, you will be happy about this combo.

The 2-in1 pack comes at a very affordable price. In fact, for this small price, you can expect more than decent protection. The mesh mask is lightweight and foldable. Moreover, if it doesn’t quite fit right in all the places, you can bend it to fit your face correctly. With the mask and goggles, your face is almost entirely covered. Of course, you might want to consider ear protection, because this pack doesn’t include it.

You can choose between four colors, and each mask comes with two adjustable straps, so, in terms of fit, customers say the mask performs and fits very well. The goggles, however, are not top-quality. They are ok, but they get foggy easily, and they don’t fit over prescription glasses. Otherwise, they are decent for a beginner level, and the fact that you even get this combination of masks and goggles at this low price is excellent. On a positive note, they offer a great field of view.

All in all, we think this pack is perfect for beginners or people who want to invest as little as possible into protective gear.


• 2-in-1 pack
• Low price
• Four color options
• Two adjustable elastic straps on the mask
• Lightweight and foldable mask
• The mask can be bent to fit any face
• Great breathability
• Great field of view (goggles)


• The goggles tend to fog easily
• The goggles don’t fit over glasses

Last but not least, this inexpensive full-face mask is excellent as a starter kit for anyone who wants to try airsoft and even paintball.

This is a hard-plastic mask that feels like it can take some hits. Its sturdy construction should make you feel well protected, at least when it comes to the face. It features single lens goggles that are easily replaceable through a smart system. If you need to clean them or completely replace them, you can do it quickly. They also fit over glasses.

The mask has padding underneath to ensure that the hard plastic doesn’t rub against your face. However, some customers said it needs more padding around the nose area. It starts to get uncomfortable after a while.

It doesn’t fog up quickly, and it features excellent ventilation. It’s a breathable mask due to the head, mouth, nose, and side ventilation areas.

It only has one head strap, so in terms of adjustability, it’s not the greatest out there. Some users say that it fits the narrower faces, so keep that in mind if you’re thinking of giving it a try. Overall, this is a great starting point for anyone looking to get involved into the airsoft sport. There are still many things to like about this airsoft mask, so if you are looking to spend a low amount of money on face protection, start with this one.


• Low-priced
• Hard plastic, sturdy construction
• Very good ventilation system
• It doesn’t fog easily
• It allows glasses underneath
• Easy goggles replacement system
• Great visibility


• Not enough padding inside. It can get uncomfortable to wear for a long period.
• One-size-fits-most. Customers say it runs a bit small.
• Single head strap


Regardless of what style of mask you choose, we hope you are more aware of face protection in general. The best airsoft mask is the one that makes you feel comfortable and doesn’t restrict your movement or vision. That being said, no matter what you decide to buy, read the reviews and specifications to ensure that you’ve made the best buying choice.