Best Electronic Paintball Gun

Paintball is more than just a hobby for you. You dedicate your time to create strategies and to find the best way to win the game whenever you play it. You are an achiever, and you should be able to rely on the best tools on the market to get the results you want. Choosing the best electronic paintball gun might be a challenge even for a professional user like you. There are so many differences between digital paintball guns, and there are many features that make your decision difficult to take. In a world of high-tech devices and ongoing innovations, choosing the best electronic paintball gun will influence your experience. Think about this as the only chance you have to stand out and eliminate your competition during the game.

But how can you make sure that having a very light and smooth raffle with a unique design that offers you a real feel of a combat weapon is not going to compromise the accuracy and the capacity of the barrel? And how do you make sure that you are going to have the best bolt system and the most user-friendly operating system at once? Continue reading to find out how to choose the best electronic paintball gun.

Why buy an electronic paintball gun?

There are lots of pros and cons for mechanical paintball guns that we are not going to cover in this article. However, we will present to you the advantages of the electronic paintball guns over the mechanical markers.
Most of the digital paintball guns are more accurate than mechanical ones; they are more consistent and offer a higher firing speed. The improved technology used to create the electronic paintball markers made it possible to lower the pressure they are operating, transforming them into quieter, smaller, and lighter devices, with more shots per tank. In general, the electronic paintball guns are performing higher due to their circuit boards, solenoid valves, and micro-switches valves. These devices rely upon battery power and a circuit board, with a trigger-activated by the circuit card. The weapons have regulatory authorities that are considering variable atmospheric pressure for the regular shooting. You can program your digital gun with different firing modes, such as semi-automatic, fully automatic, or ramping mode. The digital markers can be customized in settings and accessorized to your needs. For some of these products, the software can be very quickly updated using a UBD card that comes together with the product.

Factors to consider when choosing an electronic paintball gun:

To help you select a device that will make you a pro while having fun, we took into account a few aspects of digital paintball guns in terms of functionality. Here are our recommendations:

The real feel of the weapon

Before looking into how operative your device is, you might like to consider its design and the physical touch while you are holding it. Some players prefer a marker that looks like a real rifle and also would act like a real one. Digital paintball guns are constructed from very light materials, such as aluminum and carbon, and they might have inserts of microfiber and other light materials with no-slip protection to add more adherence and to make them easy to maneuver. Holding it in your hands for extended periods should be easy; therefore, the weight and shape are equally important.

How easy it is to customize your device

Whenever you choose a digital paintball marker, you need to consider how you will be able to customize your weapon to adapt it to your needs. An electronic paintball gun operating system provides multiple functions and options. If you want to be in control, you can choose a marker that will give you the possibility of adapting the functionality of the system whenever you need it. The easiest way of being on top of things would be with the help of a USB card that would make the updating part very smooth and easy. But this is just a part of the customization for your weapon. There are plenty of accessories you can buy to upgrade your device. You just need to research and see what extras can add value to your digital gun.

An operating system based on your needs

A more sophisticated operating system integrated into your electronic paintball gun requires more knowledge to operate. If you are a big fan of technology, this will not be a big challenge. But, in case you are not a tech person, then you might want to consider the device’s system. A high-tech device with lots of customization options will not be operating to its full potential if you will not get used and discover all the adjustments. You might have a great product in your hands, but you will access a limited range of functions, and you will be unhappy with the device performance if you don’t know how to use it.

Your expertise

It might sound strange, but this is an essential aspect to consider when you choose the best electronic paintball gun for yourself. If you are playing paintball as a regular hobby and you did not take it to the next level, then any weapon might be just fine for you. If you already spend hours on the field and don’t mind investing in innovative products, then it is worth considering the electro-pneumatic guns. These devices are designed for competitive players, adding different features that are not available elsewhere, such as the ability to change the programming types of shooting in semi-automatic, burst, and automatic. The electro-pneumatic devices have a better fire rate and the capacity of firing rapidly or having the option of firing multiple balls or one per squeeze of the trigger, a huge advantage you would like to have against the others.

Dye M3+ is an electronic marker that offers a high-tech operational system and features to help you get the best speed and the precision you need. This product is developed based on the users’ feedback and innovative ideas gathered based on their experiences.
One of the outstanding features of Dye M3+ is the FL-21 Bolt System with 2-Stage Face Bolt Tip. The tip ensures the bolt speed through the bolt cycle in 2 stages, one soft for the paint handling and a second stage with increased speed to maximize the valve lift operation. The Eye pipe System is an excellent feature of this weapon as it can accommodate a wide range of paint sizes but also small paint. The bolt tip O-ring cleans the polycarbonate pipe on every cycle.
The BWing21 Mag-reach Trigger Blade can get higher speed by promoting a lower perch on the trigger that creates greater leverage. Dye M3+ uses MOSAir has a very advanced paintball electronic system that features five players profiles, three training modes, seven pay screens options, storage for three custom boot screens, pad charging, cable-free. The device comes with a USB card for an update, which is very easy to use. The operational system is very advanced and allows you to customize the Dye M3+ to your wishes, getting unrestricted access to different options of precision tuning and high performance.


• The stock barrel is the high end
• Carbon fiber freak drops FPS
• Ergonomics good match for grip and hands


• USB port

The Dye DSR Paintball Marker has a quiet and accurate shot that is very gentle on paint due to the two-stage bolt acceleration, air spring, and impact bumpers. It uses a very low 115 psi operating pressure that ensures the quietness of this weapon. The ARC Bolt is one remarkable feature of the gun that makes this product excellent. The operational device system is Dye’s Method Operating System and offers to the users the 5-Way Control Joystick and micro-USB operations for the software updates.
It is worth mentioning the Edge 1 Roller bearing trigger that improves the reaction time and the speed of the shot and better control on the trigger. The Hyper 6 regulator provides an efficient airflow path and turns the regulator into a very reliable and consistent component. The marker has a single coil spring and top load. If you want to avoid air trapping in the gun when degassed, there is a bleed-off feature integrated with this device.
Dye DSR Paintball Marker has a UL Frame hourglass design and Sticky Grips full wrapped in microfiber texture for better adherence and maneuverability. This design is a plus for players in constant movement as it can help you have better control of the gun.


• The gun is very light and easy to handle
• The firepower is amazing
• The adjustable trigger which has four points of adjustment
• Efficient


• Trigger frame is sharp
• LCD interface a little confusing to navigate

Planet Eclipse GTEK 170R is a very reliable paintball marker that it can be functional in extreme weather conditions as the production tests indicated. This device has a Gamma Core Drivetrain, and one of the most important features is the breach sensing tech with Spool Valve Operation and Quick-Release Bolt Mechanism. When you are firing this device, this technology allows you to trap up to 30 PSI of Co2 pressure. This detail makes the weapon very strong and precise when in usage.
This gun is ideal if you would like to conserve the air while you are playing. The closure sensing technology of Planet Eclipse GTEK 170R covers the firing chamber in mid-shot, making it possible to save lots of precious air. The marker is lightweight made by aluminum and composite, offering a weight of 2.05lbs.
Planet Eclipse GTEK 170R has a 135PSI operating pressure and is at the same time very strong and also very quiet. Due to its durability, this weapon is suitable for very experienced players who would like to use it extensively with no expense to its performance. But, at the same time, it is an excellent tool for beginners as well, due to its robust construction and practicality.


• Very reliable
• Great gun
• Great value for the money


• Stiff pops

One distinctive feature of SP Shocker XLS Paintball Marker is the lightweight as the product has a concept that eliminates the heavy components without compromising on functionality. The lightweight adds a significant advantage for carrying the gun for hours during the games.
The marker has a Lever feed neck, OLED screen, On/Off ASA, Hose-less design. One big plus is the freak barrel kit that is very popular on the market, and the SP Shocker XLS comes with it. The device has an electronic pneumatic solenoid shuttling the air around. A great addition if you are looking for more precise snappier shoots. Controlling the cycle rate of the gun is also possible due to the adjustable solenoid. The user will have, therefore, the option of speeding and slowing the cycle times.

• Easy to go through models and setting with OLED board.
• The gun comes with the case.
• Very durable

• Grip handles

Empire Axe 2.0 Paintball Gun offers to the users an outstanding air efficiency, effortless maintenance, and durability with a lighter design and lots of attractive features.
Empire Axe 2.0 Paintball Gun is a versatile weapon as the shockwave board offers multiple firing modes to choose form. PSP Ramping, Semi-Automatic, Millennium Ramping, and NXL. While you are holding a very smooth and lightweight device, you can quickly make your decisions on the field, and change the firing mode to better suit the weather, speed, game, and environmental conditions.
The gun has an On/Off ASA Anti-Chop Eye system and a Relay venting ASA regulator with an On/Off Lever. The main body construction of the device contains aluminum, but the foregrip is wrap-around with micro-fiber texture for non-slip protection from the elements. The device comes with a Driver XX two-piece barrel, and it offers a low-pressure operation that would make the gun gentle of the fragile paint.


• Accurate, smooth and slick finish
• Lightweight, stable, efficient,
• Very comfortable in hands


• Batteries drain quickly