Best Gun Belts 2020

Buying a good and proper gun belt is as important as buying a proper gun that fits your style. Owning a gun belt is your second step to improve your security and experience after you own a gun to protect yourself in hostile situations. Just the way you look for the perfect grip, handling and performance of a gun, it is also important to check the quality of material, stitching and other properties before buying a gun belt for yourself.

If you ask anyone about the one best gun belt, no one can really answer that question to the point. That’s because just like guns, there is a wide range of gun belts available in the market and everyone has a different purpose and features. Only you can choose the perfect gun belt for yourself.

The first important thing while choosing the best gun belt for you is to understand from your perspective as to what kinds of products are available and which one that might suit you.

There are a variety of choices in the market for gun belts and every one of them claims to be the best gun belts and it is true considering one or the other aspect. But for you to choose a belt that should settle with your comfort zone, you need to consider all the factors like width, material, etc.

Here are the factors that you should consider before buying a gun belt.

What To Look For While Buying Best Gun Belt

There are lots of heavy-duty work belts are available in the market, but those belts are made to take the severity of a job site and are not designed to keep your gun secure on your waist.

1. Rigidity and Strength

The Best gun belts can decide the fate in a shooting game. It can be responsible for your victory and defeat. Weak gun belts can cause you to drop your weapon which can be very dangerous in hostile situations.

Traditional belts don’t work because they are too flimsy. A gun belt is also different from regular belts because they have a stiffener inside – kydex, steel or any other metal. Having a rigid belt would make drawing your weapon consistent and it will also add up comfort because it won’t sag and hold the firearm well. T

hat’s why you must wear a strong and sturdy belt that can hold all you gear correctly at all situations. It is important to have a belt of exact fit and which has good retention properties and is also easily accessible to you.

2. Quality of materials and craftsmanship

Quality of workmanship and materials is also important when considering a product that is supposed to carry important gears. Looking into leather belts and their quality is also helpful in the deciding process because this is one of those properties where you can find the difference between manufacturers easily.

3. Stitching and Comfort

Double layer belts can be heavier as compared to single layered belts. The best gun belts made of leather are generally heavier than regular belts. Also, leather cowboy or dress belts may look fancy, but they don’t have the rigidity needed to prevent the weight of a carry pistol from sagging.

Belts that feel good on hand might not always be the best option for your safety purposes. It is also important to pay good attention to the stitching. The stitching should be tight and uniform and not loose or frayed.

4. Materials Used

Leather is the best material for gun belts, which is also very common in dress belts but comes with much more stronghold than standard belts, which gives better protection and good weight distribution. If not leather, then nylon is the second best material which is durable and trustful.

Nylon and leather belts are the most common ones but not all nylon and leather is equal and you must learn about the quality of the material completely before buying it.

Buying a leather belt can be useful in the long run while nylon belts may need to be replaced several times. A leather belt only requires little care to run for more than a lifetime.

5. Proper Fit

You should also consider looking at your gear before buying a belt and make sure that it all fits comfortably to you. Holsters also come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. To make out the best out of your holster, a quality gun belt is also necessary.

You might want to check how well the belt can be adjusted. One gun belt can be used by multiple users like father and son in a family can use the same gun belt. The belt should be able to fit multiple body types and you should consider how easily you can adjust the belt on different people in time of need.

6. Accessibility

If you are considering concealed carry, then you must be thinking of emergency situations. Whether you are preventing a crime or defending yourself and your family, accessibility is a major factor to act just at the right time.

In this guide, you will get a review of one of the best gun belts where we will consider all the important factors of a proper gun belt.

Top 20 Best Gun Belts 2020


Comes with an incredible 100-year warranty, this is one belt that comes with a lot of value. This is a full grain 100% American leather belt that wants to stick to you till the end of time. It is strong and flexible and specially designed for concealed carry.

Also, it is a one-piece material without any fillers which make it more durable. It comes with 14OZ vegetable tanned leather and Hanks Gunner guarantees no sag, rollover or stretches.

This is a really strong belt that Hanks Gunner claims to never break and even if it does, they will replace it without any questions for 100 years. With good reviews and praise for this product, it can be the best choice as a gun belt for CCW any day.

Made in the USA and comes with a lifetime warranty, the manufacturer wants you to put your complete trust in it. A heavy duty option with a subtle look and comfortable to wear, this belt is discreet enough for everyday use.

Easily adjustable and able to hold holsters of various sizes, this belt can be a very good choice. All your gear fits very properly in this belt including an IWB or OWB holster, mag pouches, and flashlights. It weighs 14 OZ and is made of full-grain sturdy leather and has a tough buckle closure.

The belt has a removable buckle and the color, stitching, and the finish are very impressive. It also claims to be the best-reviewed gun belt on Amazon and has good reviews from its users.

A very strong and sturdy belt and thicker than any other leather belt. This is made super thick to support all your gear and perform perfectly with any weapon. Just as its name says, it is completely extreme in toughness and strength.

A versatile option because it can be very easily used in daily activities. It can be used with any kind of holster be it IWB, CCW or OWB. This is also made in the USA and weighs 17 OZ and has a full grain leather.

This comes with a 100-year warranty and if it breaks, you can get a new one from Hanks easily. This belt is surely another good heavy duty option.

This is the choice if you need the best gun holster belt. Everybody knows that when it comes to leather belts, no one is better than Hanks and this stitched gunner belt which comes with a 100-year warranty, is one top choice.

It comes with a strong leather and is very well-made to support your holster. It is 100% full-grain leather without any fillers. Also, the metal buckle is removable because it comes with Chicago screws instead of snaps.

The craftsmanship and finish of this product are impressive and is strong enough to support your gears and extra ammo.

Constructed with strong and tough nylon, this is one of the best non-leather gun belts. It has two layers of nylon webbing and a heavy-duty metal buckle which makes the belt stronger and more durable. It supports IWB and OWB without any rollover or sag.

Even though this belt is made with military-grade materials, it can very easily adapt to everyday use. Also, the belt does not have any holes, instead it can be adjusted freely at any length you need.

This belt comes in four different sizes and is suitable for both men and women. It is one of the best nylon gun belt options available in the market right now.

This is the only nylon gun belt for men, made of two layers of high-quality nylon which prevents any bends or sag. This belt has a mole webbing to support holsters, knife, pouch and other gears.

It also has a quick release buckle which has high tensile strength, which claims to never loose by accident, even when you bend or sit down. This belt too comes without any holes and can be adjusted according to your own comfort at any length.

This belt also comes with a lifetime warranty and an anytime replacement offer, which really shows how much the manufacturers believe in this product.

Stiff but comfortable, this belt comes with Ratchet Technology which helps your belt to fit around you perfectly. This is the only belt in the market to use stainless steel to fasten the buckles instead of pins, which increases the durability and strength of the belt.

The nylon strap is made from a super-high density microfiber material which is an advanced composite of ultra-fine polyester fibers. This belt is strong enough to hold your holster properly.

The belt is light and does not show up its strength just by looking at it. It can be very easily used as an everyday belt. With its amazing innovative design, this belt is truly a different approach to quality gun belts.

A strong and secure gun belt for IWB and OWB holsters, flashlights, pouches and other gears. Made of 100% genuine leather without any filler or cardboard. It has double snaps and a classic roller buckle with nickel plated on it to prevent corrosion and increase its durability.

This belt stays firm and rigid and shows no sign of any sagging or bending. 1.5 inch wide and available in seven different sizes, the edges of these belts are burnished and beveled and each one of them is painted by hand.

Genuine leather, meticulous stitching, and comfortable fitting makes it a deserving must buy product.

This belt is made keeping in mind the concealed carrying concept. This KORE Essentials belt comes with a beautiful and one of a kind design. This belt is made up of quality leather but like most nylon belts, has no holes which gives you the freedom to perfectly set up the size of the belt around your waist.

Also, it claims to be 8 times more adjustable than any other regular belt. The leather is very strong and sturdy providing a good base for holding all your gear easily. It can carry firearm weighing up to 2lbs.

Tested and used by law enforcement and federal agencies, this is the best gun belt for the money. This belt comes with a polymer insert which increases its durability and flexibility. Also, the chance of sagging or rolling over is minimal.

Even though it is designed for concealed carry, this belt has a dress appearance. The belt is strong and sturdy but is very comfortable for wearing for a long time.

The problem with this belt is that the buckle is not removable and hence, you cannot change it. But considering its price, you are getting a great product.

Leather belts are better than nylon ones. This belt by Uncle Mike is here to prove this statement wrong. This belt might look thin to the eye, but is very strong and sturdy and is surely the best nylon gun belt.

The stitching on the belt is very well and it can stand well in intense situations. The polymer reinforcement between the two layers of rigid nylon makes it able to take heavy pistol easily. This belt has a ranger green color which makes it suits a variety of pants, uniforms and tactical gear.

This belt is 1.5” wide and should easily fit with all your pants. The only problem this belt can cause is to the people who are size 36”. This can be a bad fit for them. Other than that, this belt hardly gives any reason to not buy it.

This one is an American made gun belt, made of 100% American Steerhide leather. Very beautifully crafted and has a very good finish. Strong, comfortable and durable, this belt is perfect for all EDC and CCW needs. Made up of 14 OZ leather having a steel buckle and Chicago screws to make buckle swap easy.

This belt is also backed up by a lifetime warranty. Made of full grain leather, this belt is free from any snag, split or breaking chances. This belts are tested in the fields and are very retentive as compared to others.

It is a great choice considering its amazing strength as well as a comfortable product. The color of the belt is also very elegant and even if it might not be a perfect choice, the little imperfections fit naturally in the look of the belt.

Made of 100% full grain leather without any fillers, this belt does not split up like any other cheap belt. It has the strength to take on anything and is made out of pure 100% Italian leather.

As you go on using it, it keeps getting to look better. A thick and sturdy belt that can hold up a good number of gear. It comes with 7 holes, one at every inch to give you a better fit. Made to last a lifetime, this belt comes with a 100-year warranty.

This belt is manufactured with fine leathers that breathe, repel moisture and age gracefully. Buckles are made of zinc alloy to provide a stronger and scratch resistant product.

This is a beautiful 1.5 inch made in the USA, steel core gun belt that comes with a proud lifetime warranty. A strong and secure platform for IWB and OWB holster, mag pouches, flashlight, and any other gear.

It is overhauled to add a spring steel core to bring out the most rugged belt ever. Sturdy and strong enough to not get any sag or rollover, this belt is not only a great gun belt but stylish enough for discreet everyday wear.

You can get a replacement for this belt, whenever you are not satisfied with the quality or if the belt fails to perform. This is a very impressive belt in terms of durability and longevity.

Made in the USA, this belt supports any firearm and guarantees no breaks. Made with full grain 14 OZ extra heavy vegetable tanned leather, which Hanks uses in most of its strongest belts.

It comes with a rugged .060″ thick Kydex stiffener and back it with super rugged high tensile strength Nylon, which makes it strong yet flexible and not very thick. It has a total thickness of about .29″ and supports the weight that can only be provided by a belt double it’s thickness.

This belt also has Chicago screws which makes the removal of the buckle easy.  Plus the screws stay put, unlike snaps which can loosen and start to unsnap without warning. This belt is suitable for any type of carry use including IWB, OWB, Open carry or everyday carry.

This belt comes with a steel core to support your open or concealed carry with legendary support. Made of premium raw materials, full-grain high-quality leather makes this belt a heavy duty suitable product.

Not only strong but also suitable for any occasion, this belt is a stylish platform for you IWB or OWB holster carry. A strip of strong steel is inserted between two layers of fine leather to prevent sagging and rolling.

The buckle is made of stainless steel, which is hand burnished, beveled, and painted by hand. This belt is a durable product and can be an elegant choice.

This belt is made of high strength 1000 D environmental friendly 1.5” nylon material, which is breathable and comfortable. This belt is most suitable for tactical activities. It has a plug-in design where the insertion is locked and can be unlocked easily.

A heavy duty alloy is used to make the buckle, which gives it a military touch to it. This belt can be very appropriate for use in military training and outdoor camping expeditions. Available in black, brown and green colors, it is designed to suit any situation.

Made with 12 OZ full grain leather, tough as an American, made in the USA, this belt can even outlast you. Unlike imported processes belts, this is made from quality leather, which is durable and can hold great weights. Just like most Hanks belts, this belt also has a buckle with Chicago screws which makes it easier to remove.

This belt never sags or cracks at the holes. This is a strong and secure belt that does not fail you, no matter what you hang on it. This is a durable and secure choice for the moments where you cannot afford to fail.

This belt is a modern twist on a classic look. This a double prong belt and has the looks that never go out of style. It also has a buckle with screws and unlike snaps, can be removed easily. And because they’re made from a solid piece of full-grain leather, they break in the more you wear them for long-lasting comfort.

Just like any other Hanks belt, this also comes with a 100-year warranty. It is available in two different colors, black and brown and is crafted with steer hide leather. This belt not has a very good finishing to it but is also very comfortable to wear.1

Comes with a lifetime warranty, this is a heavy duty leather made of full grain leather and is one of the toughest belts out there. This is a very comfortable product and you can wear it everytime you go out. Its brute strength can hold up any gear you throw on it.

The leather is run through a process which adds a special wax to the cowhide to give the leather it’s unique rustic finish. Just like your jeans, this belt shows wear as you start using it. This belt can quickly break in to fit you specifically and is amazingly comfortable without losing its strength or durability.


Gun belts focus a lot more on function than flair. Here are the frequently asked questions about gun belts.


The most preferred width for gun belts is 1.5” and most belts come at this size. Although, different sizes can be appropriate for different people. A 1.5” belt is the most versatile option because it can be also used a regular dress belt.


Yes, it does. A good belt’s strength and durability come from its material, craftsmanship and internal stiffener. A regular belt lacks proper materials that make up a gun belt and it does not matter much in terms of support if the manufacturing of the product has been done properly.


Well, the straight answer is no. Any good belt derives its quality from the materials and the manufacturing process. An extra prong does not make the belt any more strong or durable. The only way it’s different is by its look.

Manufacturers can make a general regular belt look like a premium gun belt and it is not easy to differentiate them. It is important that you consider buying your belt from a trusted brand that has experience of producing gun belts and provide a good warranty period.

A wrong gun belt can prove fatal in dangerous situations and hence, must be chosen wisely. Here are a few things to avoid while buying a gun belt.



Leathers are of many types and there is a lot of difference between themselves. How to tell if the leather is of high quality? The best way is to read the specifications of the belt because even bad leather can be made to look good.

Leather comes in different grades. The topmost part is the hardest and as you go deeper, it becomes softer. The two best grades of leather are top-grain and full-grain. Full grain leather has around 70% of the hard part and only 30% part of the soft part, while top grade has a 50-50 hard and soft material leather.


It is important to notice how the buckle is attached to the belt rather than how good the buckle is itself. Snap enclosures are also good but if they open up too easily, then its not probably the right choice.


Stitching is many times, not something people consider while buying belts but it is also a very important factor. If the belt has frays or loose strands, then the belt is not appropriate.

If the belt is starting to come apart even before it is worn, then it is a poor quality belt. Stitches should be as uniform as possible and a good stitch should be able to hold the belt together even if it comes out in one part.


The stiffener creates the main difference between gun belts and other regular belts. Gun belts are made to hold together longer and endure more strain than normal belts.

Kydex or stiff nylon are used as fillers which are quite stiff but they are very brittle. Although, it’s better to always have a belt with stiffener than one without it. The best option is to buy a reinforced belt that has a long-lasting stiffener.


Most of us think about looking good with what we wear and it is to a good degree true for gun belts. If you are not looking forward to wearing it around your waist, then don’t buy it. Most belts come in brown and black colors. If appearance is a serious concern, then you can go with a black belt because it goes with almost anything.


Even after looking through a range of great gun belts, there can be very few that suit you the best and only you can tell which ones. Buying a costly gun belt is not always necessary.

All that matters is the materials that have been used and the workmanship that has been put to manufacture the belt. Size, strength, durability, adjustability, fast-drawing capability and comfort all make up to the best belt for you. You can check the reviews at online stores like Amazon to get an overview of the experience of the belts.