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If you are a gun collector or someone who has bought a gun for home protection and personal safety, then how do you think you are going to store your guns? Keeping guns openly at home or at your office might not be the best option. Guns demand a safe place for gun storage, especially if not regularly put to use.

You need to be sure who has access to your guns for safety reasons. Robbers are not the only ones who pose a threat but you need to make sure that your firearms are not in reach of children, visitors, house-maids, friends etc. there are many more reasons to buy the best gun safe other than just gun safety.

In this guide we’ll be briefing you with reasons on why you need to own the best gun safe, highlight the important factors to consider when buying a gun safe, and reviewing some of the best gun safes available online.

It is the ultimate guide to give you all the information you can possibly gather about gun safes. If you are still not convinced about the necessity of owning a gun safe (especially as a new gun owner), then we are here to convince you on that.

Best Gun Safes: Why Do We Need One?

1. Gun safety

Protecting your gun from theft is probably the most obvious reason to keep it in a gun safe. Robbers can get to your place and use the firearm for illegal activities. Various kinds of protection are required and it all depends on who you are trying to block access to.

If you consider purchasing a glass-front cabinet, then it will not be a great option to avoid burglars, as they might try to break the glass to get what they want.

On the other hand children are not inclined towards breaking a cabinet just to get access to guns/gun. All this apart, while being a source of protection, your gun is also a precious investment which you can’t afford to lose. If you are a gun collector then it can be worse. You must learn that the best pistol safe is not just a case.

It has features like biometrics, locking system, steel construction, etc to secure your gun from burglars and others you don’t want to have access to your firearm.

2. Protect Your Rights

It is usually believed that guns are a threat to public safety. Law makers have attempted to make laws which gun owners must obey, even if you own a gun for personal safety.

Accidents involving the illegal use of guns are exploited by media to a large extent. So it is better to always lock up your gun or keep it in a secure gun safe to protect your 2nd Amendment rights by exhibiting responsible gun ownership.

You must try your best to evade getting caught up in state laws just because of bad safety habits. Investing in the best gun cabinet is a long-term investment and it is worth it. Some states require gun owners to lock up their firearms to prevent access to children, even if you don’t have children living at your place.

The penalties for allowing children access to gun differ in various states, but still you might face criminal liability for careless storage, even if the child has not caused any harm. It is always better to check the local laws of the state you live in.

3. Protection From Fire

Accidents can happen at any time, without you even getting a hint. We usually store all our valuables like cash and jewels in safe lockers to protect them from thieves or getting lost.

You must consider your firearms as valuable investments too and ensure their protection from harmful incidents like fire.

For this, you need to look for the best gun safe for the money which comes with multiple layers of insulation to prevent any damage due to fire. Some of the best gun safes have a good fire rating and fire resistance as much as 1800 degrees Fahrenheit.  Always look for safes which have good insulation capabilities.

4. Speedy Access to Your Firearm

In case of any emergency, when you immediately need a gun for self-protection, a lot of your time may be lost in reaching the particular place where you had hidden the firearm. It can be very risky. You never know when a would robber breaks into your house or your office.

Searching frantically for your gun at that moment is not the right way to deal with such situations. Quick access to your weapon is a must. This is why gun safes are important, if your firearms are securely stored in a safe then you can access it easily, without wasting any time.

They can be placed anywhere in the house, can be opened in a few seconds the best gun safes now come with biometric features. If you don’t have a safe then you might even have to keep switching places to keep your gun in order to not let anyone know.

In this case, if in an emergency situation arises, it might be difficult for you to recall where you had kept it the last time. Gun safe owners can access their weapon quicker than those who don’t own one.

5. Helps you Carry Guns in a Concealed way

Buying a gun safe not only provides you quick access to your firearm when but it is a great investment to help you carry your gun in a secure and concealed manner. In USA, various states have various laws with regards to gun ownership.

For example, laws differ in different states on how a firearm can be left in a vehicle. Any policeman can question where you are permitted to park on with a firearm inside your car.

Even if you carry all the legal documents while traveling then also there is a risk. But if you own a portable gun safe, then you may carry your firearm in your vehicle anywhere you want because you are following the rules properly.

6. Insurance Coverage

Many insurance companies have now made mandatory to store your gun in a gun safe in order to be eligible to claim the insurance. Well you might think of keeping your firearms in any case or a locker, but it is better to secure them in a certified safe.

The best handgun safe is one which comes with an alarm and is fire safe due to insulating layers. Purchasing a safe with certification helps insurance companies to enable fats recovery of loses in case of damage or theft.

Insurance coverage also depends on the number and types of firearms you own. You might need an extra rider or whole separate policy to be fully covered. After a certain time when your gun collection reaches a certain value, your insurance company may require you to keep your firearms in a specific gun safe, often with an alarm feature.

You need to learn all this before you buy a safe, as any safe certification that your insurance needs will possibly be more than your average “gun safe”.

In some cases, your insurance specifications may ask you to divide your gun collection and put them in different safes. It is to reduce the chances of all the firearms getting stolen in one go. This may strictly apply to Federal Firearms License (FFL) holders who carry that much inventory to get insurance company’s attention.

7. Insurance Discount

You should check with your insurance agent if there are any discounts available for having a gun safe. Usually some insurance companies do offer a discount if you own a gun safe, best safe lock, fire-rated safe, best safe vault, or any other security device to store your firearm.

But it is recommended to first check the requirements mentioned by the insurance companies before buying a safe. As certain requirements can exceed an average gun safe you might be planning to buy or already own.

So make a wise decision as you don’t probably want to spend money on a safe that doesn’t give you a discount. A better gun safe can save you money from insurance premiums.

This is a benefit of buying a particular gun safe, as it not only helps to keep our gun secure but can even land you a reasonable discount if you are planning to insure your firearm.

8. Helps you Avoid Unwanted Lawsuit

If a burglar happens to break into your house or your personal office and steals your firearm to engage in illegal or criminal activities, then a lawsuit can be filed against you. The authorities may come after you in such a case, even though you aren’t responsible for the act. But owning a gun safe can help you evade such unfortunate situations.

First of all it gets difficult to crack the codes of a gun safe or to break it easily as they come with such advanced technologies nowadays and are made of solid materials. The other thing is that it shows to the law that if you own a firearm, you have also been a responsible citizen as to keep it securely in a safe.

9. Protection From Lawyers

A gun safe offers protection in insurance claim disputes or legal situations. As mentioned previously that having a proper safe to secure a gun helps prevent any robbery.

But even after such precautions a thief successfully breaks in, you can always justify yourself to the lawmakers that on your part you took the necessary security measures.

There can be times when someone might get an access to your house/ office; you forget to lock the doors and your neighbor or a colleague walks in to get some documents, or for other reasons. Suppose that in such a case someone comes to know that you own a gun and steals it.

The person who has stolen the weapon uses it for criminal activities, police or other authorities involved in the case will probably come to know about the real owner of the firearm and might find out that you improperly stored your firearm.

This can lead to a lawsuit against you, even if your guns are totally legal, still, you might have to shell out a lot of money to defend yourself in such a case.

Under such circumstances, lawyers tend to assign blame on the owner. But the chances of a lawsuit are reduced if you own some sort of gun safe. It even depends on the laws in your state, if you don’t have any proof that you had your guns locked then it may make you an easy legal target.

This is true if someone commits an illegal act with your firearm and according to a survey most of the robberies are committed by people who are known to the victim.

Many people who have had an insurance coverage for their gun and gone through a situation that demanded an insurance claim agree that some insurance companies would do almost anything to get out of paying a claim.

So to make your case a strong one, owning a gun safe is the best option, as has been discussed in previous points. Being capable of explaining that you had taken the necessary steps to protect your firearms makes your life easier and quicker in getting paid back for your loss.

10. Protecting Other Valuables

Some of the best gun safes you get in the market are sure made for securing guns but who says that other valuables can’t be stored in them? Cash, jewelry, property documents, keys etc can also be stored inside the safe to protect from theft and fire.

Even the smallest of safes have enough gun space to store extra items and many people use them to store legal papers, gold, silver, bonds, passports, tax records etc.

11. An Investment Which is Worth it

Everything aside, an investment in a gun safe is long term and totally worth it. It offers the best protection form unfortunate incidents like robbery, theft or unauthorized use so you can stay worry free all the time.

Important Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Gun Safe

Now you already know why buying a gun safe is important as there a lot many reasons for that. You need to know how to choose the right gun safe for storing your firearms. You can get one of the best gun safes for your money as a variety of products are available both online and in stores, but choosing the best one for you can be quite a task. Some guidelines to keep in mind when choosing your safe include-

1. Do Consider Your Needs

Before you buy any other product for your home, say a refrigerator, you always consider how much storage space you need or how much cooling temperature will be needed according to the area’s climatic conditions.

Same goes for buying the best gun vault, you need to think about the number of firearms you own and how much space they will take up in the safe.

Consider whether or not you will be storing other valuable items in the safe with your guns. The next step is to think about where you will be keeping the safe.

If you are considering buying a small and compact safe, then it will easily fit into your closet or your garage cupboard. But you shall make sure that there is some additional space in case your gun collection increases.

That way, you would not have to go out to buy another safe every other time you buy a new firearm. If you are going to purchase a big safe that will take up much space, figure out already where you will be keeping it in the house, as safes are not like display items that can be simply placed in the living room.  

2. The Material of the Safe is Important

Gun safes as the name suggests, are all about safety or for that matter any kind of safe. This makes the material used for the construction of the safe is an important criteria for its selection. You probably would want the best material for your guns to be kept securely.

Many people agree that steel is the best material for a gun safe. You need to look for a minimum of 1o gauge steel to ensure that you safe can easily withstand the force of common power tools used by robbers to break it.

An additional thing to make sure of is to check the fire rating of the safe, as many safes come with multiple layers of insulation to protect it from unfortunate incidents concerning fire. Usually, a fire rating of at least 60 minutes at 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit is more than enough.  

3. Always go for a Trusted Brand

You need to make sure that you buy a safe from a manufacturer with good brand recognition and reputation. Ensure that the gun safe comes with a reasonable amount of warranty period.

You can compare your selected item’s warranty period and price online to get the best deal and the best gun safe manufactured by a renowned brand. There are many best gun safe brands that offer great product within a great price, a few of them will be discussed ahead in this guide.

4. Make Sure you Choose the Right Locking Mechanism

There are a variety of locking mechanisms available in the market now. Manufacturers produce all sorts of advanced locking systems to make sure that the valuables stored in the safe and totally secure.

Older models built of solid steel material have a simple lock and key, other models have a passcode or dial combinations, and some advanced models come with biometric locking system or rely on facial or voice recognition for locking the safe. Out of all these, you can choose whichever fits your budget and feels right to use.

5. Ensure That it can be Secured

It is always good to make sure that your gun safe can be secured or fixed to the floor or a wall. This is not particularly a necessary thing but if you don’t own a place and rent it then this might not be a good option to consider.

If you own your home or have a personal office, bolting the safe to the floor or wall adds to an extra layer of security. But some prefer a compact safe, maybe because they have a small collection or need to carry it in their vehicles, then securing it to your home is not an option at all.

6. Size, Weight and Storage Capacity

The size and weight of the safe depend on your personal needs; how much guns you won, the size of the guns, etc. Knowing the dimensions is eminent to find an appropriate place to bolt it or keep it in your home or office.

The size and weight play a crucial role in overall cost and transportation logistics. It is highly recommended that you research different sizes and weights of safe models you are interested to purchase.

The storage capacity determines what all you will be able to fir in the safe at a particular time. For storing handsguns, documents, cash etc, you might not need the volume of a large gun vault.

If you are an enthusiastic gun collector with a huge and varied gun collection, then to store your large rifles you will need to consider buying a safe which is at least equal to the size of a regular closet.

7. Safety Features

The crucial features which make a safe a secure device to store your valuables are something you cannot ignore. One of the best gun safe brands offer the best quality doors, handles, locking systems, security layers, etc.

While buying the best gun safe 2020 you should look for bolting locks, electronic locks, re-lockers, reinforced lock protecting steel layers and construction of door frame.

You should research all these features before finalizing a gun safe for your firearms. Every other safe available in the market by different brands offers different sorts of features, some safes might accommodate all the features that you desire, while others may not. In the end, what you want from a gun safe is the highest level of security.

8. Warranty Duration

Another one of the important aspect to look for when buying the best gun cabinet is to check the warranty period offered by the brand manufacturers. If you are a person with a huge gun collection and are thus looking for a large safe then look for a lifetime warranty.

Many safes now come with a repair warranty period or lifetime replacement, which cover break-ins, fir incidents, floods and other unfortunate accidents at no change.

Gun safes bought from quality brands are made to withstand such types of accidents but still, it is always better to have a backup option. You can be relaxed when you know that you repair or replace your gun safe if any sort of damage happens.

These are some of the factors important to consider before buying a gun safe. Make sure you are aware of the warranty period it comes with, fire protection, safety features, dimensions, and storage capacity before you make the final purchase. Up ahead in this guide, we will be reviewing some of the best gun safes available online.

After describing all the factors important to consider before buying a gun safe and listing all the valid reasons to buy one, now this guide will look upon some of the best gun safes available online.

This list will review in detail 15 different gun safes, offered by different brands, to give you an idea so that you can buy the best pistol safe for yourself.

Top 15 Best Gun Safes 2020


This handgun safe by Vaultek , a brand which has a good reputation in the market for its advanced gun safes. This particular model has an upgraded anti-theft protection; it is equipped with anti-pry bars, two-point anti-impact latches, interior hinges, and NEW interior security brackets for maximum protection and security against break-ins by robbers.

It is a very tough and rugged product, one of the best gun lock which has 16 gauge carbon-steel constructions with a durable powder coat finish. Such a finish helps to prevent corrosion and makes sure that your valuables are protected very well for all the years to come.

This handgun safe allows a quick access to your valuables and handguns as it has an automatic opening door. We have earlier discussed the importance of speedy access a firearm in the case of emergency and this safe stands as an exemplary model.

If you want a rather quicker access in emergency situations then it is quite possible because it has rapid fire backlit keypad and biometric fingerprint scanner to make it more accessible in such situations.

It offers smart safe technology, which means that you can easily operate it through your smartphone. You can toggle off/ on using the available hotkeys if required and still maintain all other safety functions.

It comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery; which helps to provide power up to 4 months and charges in 2.5 hours with the included micro-USB charging kit. The responsive LED lighting it comes with aids in low light situations so that you can locate your safe quite easily with the backlit keypad and view your safe contents with an adjustable interior LED light.

This gun safe by Stack-on is a huge gun cabinet, totally different from the model reviewed earlier. We know that different gun owners require different gun safes according to their collection, the size of the guns and personal demands. The black colored convertible cabinet holds up to 18 rifles or shotguns up to 54” tall.

It can be converted to hold 9 guns with adjustable shelving. Even with all the shelving in place, there is still space for 3 long guns to be stored in the front of the cabinet. This information can pretty much help you to get a clear idea of its capacity.

This is a very flexible gun safe in the sense that the shelves it comes with can be installed or removed based on your personal needs. Same goes for the steel center partition it comes with, as that too can be removed or placed back to its position as per the requirements of the individual user.

The shelves can be moved towards the left side or the right side of the cabinet and are adjustable every 4”. It comes with the brands’ patented gun barrel rests and patented standoffs for scoped guns. Mounting hardware is included in the whole set. The steep top shelf can be used separately or used with the shelving system or can be totally removed.

The interior structure of the cabinet is such that the shelf is positioned towards the front of the cabinet so taller guns can be positioned behind the shelf. One additional feature is that it comes with foam padding for all shelves and the bottom of the cabinet.

The cabinet has a black, epoxy paint finishing, plus it has silver accents on the cabinet door. If you are looking for the best gun cabinet to store your huge gun collection then this is a great model to choose.

Yet another gun safe from a renowned brand; BARSKA, this locker is equipped with an advanced biometric system for ultimate protection of your firearms. It comes with smart biometric technology; it can retain up to 120 fingerprints, secures firearms away from kids and deters theft.

By now you all must know how crucial it is to keep to keep a firearm away from the reach of a child, this model helps you secure it from children. It offers an instant home defense.

In emergency situations, one needs quick access to firearms and no one can afford even a single careless mistake at that time. This model comes with a reliable 2.5-sec biometric scan, gives a speedy access to your firearm in a matter of seconds.

What can be better than this? It has DOJ- approved security as it is built with solid steel material, has 3 steel deadbolts, and protective edges. This biometric device resists any kind of tampering and prying with the fingerprint scanning.

It is a compact and mountable model. The biometric fingerprint safe fits possibly anywhere for unmatched convenience and stores handguns, plus up to 4 rifles. This gun safe can be the best option for those who need to carry their guns in their vehicles, as it will not only provide ultimate protection but also offers the maximum capacity to carry guns of most sorts.

The long slender shape of the safe makes it easy to fit inside the trunk of a car. One last feature is that it comes with a backup access. You can unlock the safe with the included keys and hidden keyhole or plug in the emergency battery pack when the battery runs low.

This gun safe is by a highly reputed brand, GunVault which has been an expert in manufacturing gun safes. This particular model boasts a very unique shape as compared to other gun safes which usually come in rectangular shape. It is regarded as the number one best sellers among other gun safes by this brand.

In case of emergencies quick access to the firearm is a must to protect oneself at the right time; therefore this locker comes with a quick access digital keypad. The battery usage of this gun safe is 1-9 V.

It even comes with a fast activation drop down drawer for quick access. It is built of solid steel to provide ultimate protection against robberies and illegal break-ins.

The 18-gauge steel construction helps to keep your precious firearms totally secure. It is equipped with protective foam lined interior so that if you need  to carry the safe with you, the guns and rifles stored in the case do not get damaged due to motion of the vehicle. It offers multiple mounting options, hardware is included with it.

Backup override key is also included in the whole set. The exterior product dimensions are 6.5*3.5*13 inches (including keypad and lock) and the interior product dimensions are 2.25*5.75*8.5 inches.

This one of the classic models and comes with a huge capacity to store firearms. It is 2 hour fire safe and can sustain up to 1880 degrees Fahrenheit, which is more than the ideal temperature a gun cabinet should be able to sustain.

It comes with a 20 bolt locking system to keep your stored firearms totally secure. To add more to the safety features, it is equipped with advanced locking technology and thicker steel, 5” door- made of ¼” plate steel.

It meets and exceeds National security standards for theft and fire. It has a 1/8” steel body. It come with a pyro- blocker X- type fire insulation, this is one of the best gun safes in matters of protection against unfortunate fire incidents.

It has a UL-listed group II lock, plus it has interior lighting to spot your weapon even in the dark and easy out interiors.

It has class IV 120 minute 2 hour fire certification; it should be fair to say that it can even protect papers or important documents. The firewall which protects it against such incidents is made of 4 solid insulating layers, plus one layer of steel.

It has 3 strong external hinges with caps, 5 point- handle, and a 4- way positive deadlock locking mechanism. It is equipped with an alarm system and premium relocking system.

This gun safe is one classy model by Steelwater which has a great resistance to fire. It is a new and improved model by the brand with free door organizer. The interior of the case has automatic LWS lights to assist vision even if it is placed in the dark.

Coming to the locking system and security this case provides; it has locking bolts of 1.5” approximately, comes with EMP Prof Electronic lock system with high security double bitted bypass key so you possibly can never be locked out of your safe.

It is great for protection against any incidents involving fire as it is 60 minute fire rated at 1875 degrees Fahrenheit, which is more than the ideal resistance temperature.

Maximum security is provided to your firearms due to its solid steel locking bolts and thick door-drill/ballistic resistant hard plate.

The capacity of the case is huge as it can accommodate at a time up to 16 long guns and the average capacity is 8-10 long guns. For all those gun collectors looking out for a new case to purchase, this might be a great option to get a best safe for the money.

This is yet another classic gun case by Stack-on. The most amazing feature about this case is its price. It is available in less than $200 at Amazon. It has a great capacity; can hold up to 10 rifles or shotguns up to 52” tall. It comes with a removable steel top shell. The shelf can be installed or removed by you as per your needs.

Another shelf is positioned at the back on the cabinet so longer guns can be stored in the front of the cabinet with ease. The interior of the cabinet has a foam padded bottom to provide your firearms with the maximum amount of security when they are stored in the safe. The foam padding prevents the guns from any damage.

If you are looking for a best gun safe 2020 then this easy to program safe is just what you need. This is a large gun safe which comes already assembles so all you need to do is just insert the batteries and set the key pad.

It functions on easy-to-follow instructions; that is why it can be easily programmed. It comes with emergency keys in case the batteries die.

This rifle cabinet can be used to store shotgun, rifles with scope, other firearms etc. It meets almost all standards, the security design is brilliant and it features a small lock box which is placed inside the case. That small lock box can accommodate 3 to 4 handguns easily. It has a durable structure as it is made of high quality steel.

It is made of reliable material and is sturdy enough to last long. It comes with 2 pre-drilled mounting holes in the back and 2 holes in the bottom, these allow for easy bolting to the floor or wall.

The whole package includes 4* AA batteries, 2  spare keys for gun safe, 2 keys for inside safe-box and 4 bolts for floor and wall mount.

This gun safe is manufactured by a brand called Sentinel. It is a sleek model, rectangular and tall in shape. The best feature about this safe is that you can get it under $200 at Amazon. So for all the gun safe novice buyers looking for a cheap and reasonable deal, this is a good option to add to your list.

It can easily hold up to 10 rifles or shotguns up to 52” tall. It comes with a removable steel top shelf for additional storage. You may remove the shelf or install it according to your personal requirements. The stack on 10 gun security cabinet features a foam padded bottom and barrel rests so that your firearms are safely stored inside the case.

The foam padding and barrel rests help the most when you need to move the case from one room to the other, or if you have to carry your case in a vehicle. Such features prevent any damage that can be caused due to the vehicles’ motion.

The total dimensions of the gun storage cabinet are 17”W* 13-1/2”D* 53”H. This best gun cabinet is equipped with a 3- point locking system with key coded, double-bitted lock.

This is a compact yet a very strong gun safe by STEALTH. It is for storing handguns and shot pistols, can hold 3 handguns at the ready position. It even allows additional storage of 2 handguns flat.

It features a illuminated blue electronic keypad with audible feedback and an optional silent mode, you will just have to press change combination button 6 times. It allows for quick access due to its spring loaded drop down door. It has a 3/8” thick 2- piece solid steel recessed door and a speed reducer feature for quiet entry.

This safe with tactical black finish features a red interior light and interior line with high density foam. Rods are coated in a smooth, scratch resistant sleeve. It provides maximum security to firearms stored inside due to its high strength locking hatch, four bolt down holes and high strength security cable.

It has an internal battery compartment, anti-pry tabs and CA DOJ approved fire safety. The construction of the device is solid and sturdy as it is made of steel and is straw/pick proof.

This is another gun case by Steelwaer which provides ultimate protection t your firearms due to its EMP proof digital keypad and double bitted bypass key. You will never be locked out of your safe. The interior of the case has LED automatic lights fixed into it.

It is a great case for protection against fire because it is 60 minute fire rated and has a resistance of about 1875 degrees Fahrenheit. Te ideal resistance temperature is 1800 degrees Fahrenheit and it surpasses that limit that is why it is good as a fire resistant.

It has a double sided U-channel steel reinforced top long shelf to prevent any sort of breakage and warping. The whole set comes with a Logo’d Door organizer kit- which includes high quality UL listed outlet, 11o Volt A/C plugs and 2 USB ports.

It is a sturdy model as comes with solid steel locking bolts, steel resistant hard plate and group II combination dial. The total dimensions of the product are- height 59”, width 30” and depth 24”.

It is equipped with a gear drive system and extra strong bolt down holes for maximum protection. This is nevertheless among one of the best gun safes for the money.

Best Choice Products is a renowned  manufacturing brand which produces toys, electronic devices, home appliances etc. It will be fair to say that this is one of the best gun safe brands in the market.

This particular model is available at Amazon under $200, nothing can be better than a sturdy gun safe form a known brand and that too available at a reasonable rate.

One of the best features this gun safe boasts is that the user can program his or her pass-code with the digital keypad or manually lock or unlock it with keys. It provides great security to your firearms due to its heavy-duty steel construction.

It comes with sleeve anchors to securely bolt it to the wall or floor. For those gun owners who do not prefer to take the case with them in their vehicles’ trunk, it is always better to bolt the gun case for safety purposes.

The interior lock box it comes with is perfect for storing ammo or other small valuables like cash, small jewels, documents, etc. It is equipped with a built-in rifle rack which provides storage space for up to 5 rifles, with a padded interior floor to prevent any scratches on firearms.

It is a slim and sleek design, will take up less space and can be used to store long rifles and shotguns.

This gun safe by SentrySafe is a biometric locker which provides secure storage for one standard handgun. It is pistol safe and is equipped with fingerprint scanner for advanced protection.

The pistol safe features a gas strut to instantly and quietly open safe door for single-handed access to your handgun. This feature really helps in cases of emergency when one needs a speedy access to the firearm.

As it has just enough capacity to store one handgun at a time, this is ideal for those gun owners who own a pistol for self protection and personal safety, rather than for those who are enthusiastic collectors of firearms. It is ideal to use as a bedside gun safe.

This best handgun safe is constructed with solid steel and a pry resistant door for strength and handgun security. It comes with a manual keypad and override key for back up entry.

It is also California DOJ certified gun safe. It weighs about 12 pounds, is compact and thus perfect for carrying it wherever you need it. 4 AA batteries are required for it to run which are not included with the case. High quality Alkaline AA batteries are highly recommended which can work up to 8-10 years.

This one is a very sleek design by Paragon Lock and Safe. It is equipped with electronic code machine in which the codes can be altered or changed infinite times. It includes a separate interior locking cabinet for storage of handguns or ammunition. It is very easy to operate and program, this is what makes it the best gun vault.

It is built with solid steel and is larger and robust. To open it you will need to use secret PIN code or use included keys as it comes with 2 free keys as a backup option. The door and the body of the safe have been constructed using the best quality steel to provide ultimate protection to your stored firearms.

Last but not the least is a  gun safe by another popular brand VIVREAL and this model comes with a variety of features. It comes with advanced biological fingerprint identification technology and decent capacity.

This gun safe has employed the most sophisticated and reliable biometric sensor chip which can collect more than 25000 fingerprint points for each fingerprint.

An interesting feature is that for achieving greater security as compared to a keypad, this 1 cubic feet handgun safe can save up to 100 various fingerprints of multiple people. It is ideal for storing your handguns, jewels, cash, crucial documents and other compact electronic devices.

It boasts leading-edge Electronic lock which provides easy access and quick entry in emergency situations or otherwise. It has adopted latest fingerprint lock and auto-open door.

The biometric gun safe creates an easy and secure opening system that is coupled with a red and blue light pattern, to help achieve a brilliant match speed of less than one second. It has additional 2 unique override keys which offer back up entry. All this adds to advanced protection for your home and personal defense needs.

Now shedding light on its construction, it is built of solid steel and has a scratch resistant finish to prevent corrosion and ensure long lasting protection of your guns and valuables for years to come.

The gun safe is also attached with a foam padded interior for increased protection and the plush interior upholstery aids to protect your handguns from any sort of damage. It is upgraded with anti-theft design. The 38.5 inches steel cable of this case provides extra security when anchored to a stationary object.

It comes in a portable and compact size, wall mounted and 5 years of reliable warranty period. The safe includes pre-drilled mounting holes and hardware for floor and wall mounting.

The compact size makes it easy to carry in any vehicle. It is equipped with a low battery warning system, the biometric safe is perfect for any office or home to store your valuables against damage and disasters. It can no doubt be considered as the best handgun safe available in the market.


We hope that after reading all the detailed reviews about the best gun safes available online, you have a better idea about what to look for while buying a gun case for your collection. Be it a handgun or a long rifle or a huge gun collection, one must never take the risk and invest wisely in a high quality gun safe.