Best Paintball Barrels 2020

It is really great to be young and have the freedom to do whatever you feel like doing. The best part? you get to indulge in stuff that really excites you. Life isn’t all about work and responsibilities, sometimes you genuinely need to slow down and have a good time.

For example, you could simply pick up the best paintball barrel you have and go paintballing with your friends, or pick up that book you have always wanted to read or even travel to that exotic location you have always wanted to visit. You can do whatever you want as long as it brings you happiness and satisfaction.

Talking of fun stuff to do, paintball is pretty great. Think about it. You are put in a simulated environment, and you get to shoot your best friends with balls of paint. What could be more fun than that?

And just in case it helps, neither you nor your friends are going to get hurt because you will be wearing special suits that will absorb most of the pressure so that you can shoot away guilt free. Perhaps this explains why paintball as a leisure activity has been gaining so much traction lately. It is also used as a training activity in the military and sports niche. 

It is being played almost everywhere. And everyone, no matter what age group they belong to, seems to enjoy it. Generally speaking, paintball is played in teams, wherein you form a team of four or five members each and then depending on the number of teams there are, you each get a different location to start from.

After that, it just gets purely wild as you’re free to shoot the members of the other teams with your specially designed paintball gun while also at the same time saving yourself from getting shot. The one team that remains standing even after all the other teams have been knocked out, is quite obviously the winner. It doesn’t matter who you play with, you are going to end up having fun nonetheless. It is simply that enjoyable of an activity.

best paintball barrelNow talking of paintball guns, there is actually a lot of science that goes into them. You might think that it is just a barrel which shoots out balls of paint, but the truth is somewhat different. The best paintball barrels are actually made quite intricately, and there is a lot of thought that goes into making them. If you are planning to buy one for yourself, we advise you not to blindly go and get one that looks fancy.

Instead, what you need to do is put some thought into it, and collect a bit of background information about the products, as that could potentially save you from a disastrous purchase. If you know what you’re looking for and whether or not is going to satisfy your needs, you will be able to make a more effective purchase. On the other hand, if you randomly pick up any barrel you find in the market, chances are you will have trouble actually operating it.

To solve this particular problem, what you need is a little guidance. You need something which can tell you exactly what you need to look for in a paintball barrel and where to look for such products. Fortunately for you, this article aims to do just that.

We plan on introducing you to some key factors which heavily influence the fact of whether or not a paintball barrel is worth your money. Also, if that does not do it for you, then we will also be listing below ten of the best paintball barrels available in the market right now so that your search becomes much easier and narrowed down.

Best Paintball Barrels: What to Look For

So a paintball barrel, as the name clearly suggests is simply that part of the paintball gun which shoots out paintballs. There are various properties associated with it which factor into how good of a shot can you make from it, and we plan to list some of them below.

Also note that there are not just one but multiple kinds of barrels available in the market today, all of which slightly differ in characteristics from one another. Now the one you are going to choose purely depends on your personal preference but we shall certainly help you make that decision.

1. Barrel Length

Now one obvious property that you will find differing among different paintball barrels is their length. While some may be quite short as compared to others, others will have a length that may just be too uncomfortable for you. Statistically, barrel length ranges from about 8 inches to 20 inches.

Anything lower or greater than that will simply be overkill and not contribute in any way to the accuracy of the gun. Furthermore, the length of the barrel that you want will depend more or less on your personal preference.

How does the paintball gun feel in your hand? Do you feel comfortable or perhaps you could use some extra distance between yourself and the nozzle? It is all up to you. However, logistically speaking, a barrel of length 14 inches should be the most accurate as it lies right in the middle of the long range and should have benefitting properties from both the extremes.

We suggest you try and hold the barrel in your hand and get a good grip on how it is going to feel. That will and should help you make a good decision.

2. Barrel Material

While building paintball barrels, another aspect the manufacturers heavily concentrate on is the material used in building it. This is because the players have to constantly hold the gun in their hands while playing or shooting, and therefore it must feel just right.

Any kind of discomfort experienced by the players will immediately be translated upon their game, and thus will subsequently affect sales. To prevent this, big brands make sure that they use only the best materials for building the paintball barrels. First of all, the barrel should feel smooth and easy on the skin. Any kind of irritability and it will all go to waste.

Secondly, the material must be lightweight. For a sport like Paintball, you cannot have a heavy gun: one that can’t be lifted easily by players, as ninety percent of the game depends on how quick you are at using it. If you fail to react in time due to the gun being heavy, then there is a good chance that you will be spending most of your time getting shot at rather than actually shooting at others. Since different players will quite likely have different tendencies and comfort zones, it is quite natural that paintball barrels are also available in a number of materials.

Having said that, there are some which are certainly more popular than the others. For example, Aluminium is a metal that is used quite extensively to manufacture paintball guns, and that is because it has some wonderful properties that make it perfect for the job.

First of all, it is lightweight and can easily be carried by most people without any discomfort. Secondly, it is quite inexpensive. What that means is that brands don’t need to spend the big bucks on barrels and can thus redirect those resources to other parts of the gun so that they turn out high on quality.

It is due to this very money saving reason that most brands prefer to use Aluminium in their paintball barrels. Aluminum is also quite easy to machine, which means it can easily be molded and shaped in the guise of a paintball barrel.

Now although Aluminum is as great as it is, other materials are also commonly used for the same purpose. For example, one common metal is stainless steel which, although slightly heavier than aluminum, is also quite sturdy and thus widely used.

Another material which is now quite extensively being used and rapidly gaining popularity is carbon fiber. Barrels made out of carbon fiber often turn out amazing and pretty much as sturdy as they can be. It is also amazingly lightweight and could arguably be the best and most suitable material for building paintball barrels.

The only problem for this though, is that it is generally quite expensive and therefore takes the overall cost of the paintball gun way up.

3. One Piece or Two

Over time, everything gets to improve a little. While some things experience small improvements that don’t matter much, others undergo some pretty large scale upgrades that are a lot more noticeable. When it comes to paintball, there were considerable upgrades as well. And one of the most noticeable of them was the introduction of two piece barrels.

When paintball was still in its initial phase, and not many people were familiar with the game, one piece barrels were all there were in use. Over time though, they began to develop two piece barrels that awarded greater accuracy to the player. Due to the heightened simplicity and greater precision of playing with a two piece barrel, they often gained popularity and are now used almost everywhere, even replacing single piece barrels in a lot of places.

Two piece barrels are designed in a way that allows the player to actively choose different pieces for the front and back of their barrel. They could if they want to choose a longer piece or simply keep it short as well. The choice is entirely in their hands. The pieces mostly differ in sizes and the inclusion of another extra piece gives the barrel a personalization that wouldn’t have been possible with single piece barrels.

While the front piece of the barrel is chosen based on how long you need the gun to be and how comfortable you are with using it, the back piece is majorly dependent on the size of the balls you want to shoot and whether or not it can accommodate those balls.

4. Bore

The bore refers to the diameter of the inside of the barrel from where the balls are shot. The reason why the bore is so important is that this is where you shoot the balls from and if any kind of measurement falls wrong, that could instantly impact the accuracy of your shot and spoil your game.

To give you a little idea, bore ranges from .698 all the way down to .674, while the most common size is .689. The reason why the .689 is so popular is that it lies in that sweet spot where the barrel is just the perfect size and manages to shoot up paintballs with stunning accuracy and precision.

It is important to note that if the barrel of the paintball gun is made too tight, that would mean that the balls break from the pressure right inside the barrel without even coming out of it. On the other hand, if the barrel is designed too wide, that would naturally mean that your shot would get all wobbly and it would be virtually impossible for you to get a perfect aim.

5. Kits

Now another specification or variant that you will find when it comes to paintball barrels is that of kits. Kits are basically a group of components which you normally get separately, sold together for the convenience of the buyer. If you buy a kit, you get to perfectly customize your front and back pieces depending on the game you are playing and your comfort level.

The best part about kits is their customizability and that you get to perfectly match it with your specific needs. These kits generally include various backs and fronts, insert systems or one front and numerous backs. The one that is most popular these days is the carbon fiber kit which provides you with a front and back piece to suit your game.

That is pretty much about it when it comes to specifications in paintball barrels that you need to look for. Keep in mind that even though these are just some of the recommendations we have laid out for you, you are free to explore to your heart’s content as there is always something or the other new to learn and discover with these products.

Also, while we have mentioned some desired or popular variants of the barrel above, it falls entirely up to you to see for yourself if it suits you the way you would want it to. Similar to any other product, the end decision is always yours and depends upon your personal preferences.

However, if the points above didn’t really make the cut and you still aren’t sure about the kind of product you want to buy for yourself, then read on. What follows is a list of ten of the best paintball barrel products available in the market right now. It doesn’t matter which variant or specification you are looking for, for we will be covering pretty much all of them.

You would be free to take your pick from any of the below products as all of them fall under the coveted category of being totally worth your money.

Top 10 Best Paintball Barrels 2020

When it comes to paintball barrels, you can’t compromise unless you want to get yourself pummeled by your friends. You want a barrel that is precise, accurate and fast. Unless your barrel has all of these qualities, we can guarantee you will spend most of your time losing and making up excuses rather than actually shooting some balls.

And in order to make sure that does not happen, what you need is Eclipse Shaft FR Back Kits which are pretty much top of the line when it comes to barrels.

You get them in the Freak Ready format, that is they can easily be combined with Freak inserts. The design on the barrel is beautifully complemented by the Design Shaft and thus you won’t just be shooting some great paintballs, but you will also manage to look good while doing that.

The Pro Barrel Tip of the Eclipse Shaft is also compatible with Shaft 3,4 tips giving you lots of options and an amazing amount of customizability. Another great feature that makes this a must buy is that of Cocker Quick threads and altogether this barrel is simply the one you need to make your paintball adventures even more awesome than before.

If you want to feel like a true professional and are looking forward to winning that game of paintball you have all planned with your friends, then this is the barrel you are looking for. All you need to do is purchase the Custom Products 14″ Paintball Barrel and you will be making perfect shots in no time. It lets you aim with perfect accuracy and is quite fast and lightweight too.

The material is amazing and the great amount of work that has been done on the barrel really shows. Some of its primary features are that it is well Machined, honed, and anodized making it making one of the most versatile and sought-after barrels in the market. We suggest you get it before they run out of stock since you can be sure that all your friends are really looking forward to buying this one.

This is a tournament level barrel and one that can be used for all kinds of paintball fights since it is quite adaptive and will be suitable in all terrains. Also, there is the fact that it belongs to the two-piece category making it even more suitable for high accuracy shots and taking aims that seem difficult. As we had detailed earlier, two piece barrels generally end up having a higher degree of accuracy due to the increased customizability and personalization.

If all of these amazing features are not enough, there is also the fact that you can get this barrel for a very affordable price that is hard to beat at this time in the market. Also, when you are in a high-stress situation or point in the game, you wouldn’t want your shots to make too much noise, create much of a ruckus or go off with a bang as something like that could easily alert your remaining enemies.

Fortunately, the Custom Products paintball barrel is distinguished at being not just accurate, but fantastically quiet as well. Finally, the one feature that really steals the deal in favor of this barrel is the fact that it comes with a lifetime warranty. What this means is that you can use it for as long as you want and in case of any damages, you can easily get it repaired or looked at, at any of their stores.

As we had mentioned before, carbon fiber happens to be the most popular kind of paintball barrels selling right now. They are strong and sturdy. They do not break easily, and they are delightfully lightweight so you will be able to carry them around without feeling any of the weight. With the extra weight pulling you down, your shots would get much easier and your shooting will get much before.

Naturally, GOG’s Carbon Fiber Break In Line barrel gun is exactly what you need to take your game to the next level. As for the construction and durability, you will be pleased to know that it comes with full carbon weave composite with durable aluminum threads which make it immensely tough to crack or break.

It has also been proven in tournaments and certified fit for professional paintball so that you know that you are putting your money in the right place. It also comes with All-American spiral porting and ports which are much larger and more effective than most of the other barrels in the market.

This gives the GOG Carbon Fiber Freak In-Line .689 a much definitive edge over the rest of the competition. It comes with Bore Matching Freak Insert and is available in sizes of 14 inches and 16 inches.

What if we told you that you could chance upon a paintball barrel that will help you make your shots with almost perfect accuracy? What if there was a barrel that was stunningly fast and just the perfect length for you to make great shots? Fortunately, that is exactly the kind of barrel we are going to introduce you to now.

The Empire Apex 2 Paintball Barrel is what you would call the undisputed overachiever when it comes to barrels. It is not just great looking but works even better. If you want to become the king of the arena, this is certainly an instrument you will need in your conquest.

While this has numerous features, and almost all of them never fail to impress, we will try and list a few of them down here for you. First of all, it comes with an Adjustable ramp switch which could be used for setting your desired level of curve.

Imagine you are shooting at a player who is hiding behind a hill and you do not exactly have him in your field of vision. Well, now there is no reason to give up on that shot because Empire Apex 2 will make sure that you score.

Just set a suitable curve and you will be good to go. If that is not enough, then it has some even more features to help you perfect that aim and nail that shot. Spin is a nifty little property that is a little hard to master but factors wonderfully into making sure that you get the perfect shot. With this barrel, spin isn’t so hard after all.

All you need to do is choose from the nine different adjustment spin positions, all of which make subtle changes to your aim and one of which will definitely help you ace the shot. You need to choose. Now that we’ve got technique out of the way, let us talk a bit about the construction of this thing. It is made of high-grade durable aluminum which makes it immensely tough to break or crack.

As far as maintenance is concerned, you don’t need to worry at all since it offers solutions for that too. It actually lets you have toolless disassembly so that maintenance becomes very much less of a pain. Finally, as one of its most coveted and pretty much amazing features, the barrel will let you make different shots like the left and right hook, drop shot, and long flat trajectory with simply a twist.

Planet Eclipse is another great brand when it comes to paintball barrels. The barrels they make are not just smooth and agile when it comes to shooting but also pretty durable in the sense that they won’t break easily. You can use them for as long as you want and they would not fail you.

Another great feature that makes them shine through is the fact that they are super lightweight making them pretty easy to carry around and get the jump on your friends in the arena whenever you need to. If you are a fan of winning, then a winner console is what you need, and that is what Planet Eclipse promises to be.

The composition of the barrel is pure of carbon fiber and aluminum, which is why the end product turns out to be really lightweight and with a build that won’t give in easily. It is highly compatible with Shaft FL Barrel Backs and once assembled, it has a total length of 14.5 inches including the tip and the back.

It comes with a reverse thread tip to back interface so that the user faces absolutely no problems in assembling or disassembling the product while in order to use the barrel you will need either Shaft FL Inserts or Backs.

Deadlywind is a brand that doesn’t just mess around when it comes to paintball barrels. They take their products seriously and come up with barrels that are pretty much top of the line in all of the departments. While Deadlywind barrels are durable to the fullest, you will also find them to be extremely agile and quick to take shots with.

Furthermore, another amazing quality that comes hand in hand with these barrels is that you can carry them and run around or dodge opponent fires without feeling the weight at all. Only premium grade materials are used in the construction of these barrels while the primary constituent happens to be carbon fiber which, although slightly expensive, promises a superior quality paintball barrel that you won’t get elsewhere.

The Deadlywind Fibur X8 Carbon Fiber Main Barrel comes with an 8 inches Freak XL insert version and a 0.697 inches post-bore with quad porting. In order to gain the best and most optimum results, the barrel must be used with a Fibur-X Threaded Adapter and Freak XL 8″ insert.

Deadlywind Null is a brand that is great not just in terms of the products they endorse and market but also in terms of customer satisfaction. These guys know exactly what the customer wants and how to deliver it to them. The paintball barrels they manufacture tick off every single desirable quality that you could ask for, and sometimes even more.

Their products are durable, in the sense that you could use them for as long as you want without fearing a break or a defect. Unless and until you use them a bit too roughly, they won’t fail. Also, when it comes to playing with your friends, these barrels will help you win matches easily due to the amazing shooting prowess they carry. Without wasting any amount of time, this barrel fires paintballs in a flurry and will suit you best while you are in the arena.

It is also easy to carry around and run while carrying as it comes in a pretty lightweight structure particularly optimized for such situations. The total length of the barrel after assembly is a good 14 inches while the primary constituent used while building it is carbon fiber.

Carbon fiber is, in fact, the very substance that grants the barrel its lightweight properties while also being the reason for its strength. It is pure black in color and looks great when actually being used. It fits DLX Luxe, NXT, Ion XE, eXTCy and is just about one of the best products you can find in the market right now when it comes to paintball barrels.

GOG has always been a fan favorite brand when it comes to paintball barrels. The best part about them is that they know exactly what the customer wants and make sure he gets it. With amazing marketing strategies and even better products, it isn’t too much of a stretch to say that they are currently one of the leading brands when it comes to paintball.

Talking of barrels, GOG barrels manage to do exactly as advertised and turn out to be the best in the arena when it comes to shooting. This particular variant is a Freak Inline One Piece Barrel that is just as effective as any of the other top products in the market right now. If you are looking for a rapid shooting but smooth barrel, then this is the one for you.

In addition to being extremely smooth, this one is also delightfully lightweight which means you can easily carry it around in the field and not get exhausted from the burden. This gives you an obvious advantage right from the beginning as while your accuracy is almost doubled, your efforts are effectively halved. The length of the barrel spans  14 inches – which is just about perfect for all kinds of users and is actually the best in terms of shooting accuracy and precision.

Another great brand when it comes to paintball barrels is Empire Paintball. Their products are amazing and so is their service. This one is a two piece which, as mentioned earlier is great for improved accuracy and precision.

Additionally, it also boasts of being lightweight enough to be carried around effortlessly, thus giving you an extra advantage in the arena. It has a standard bore size of .688. Please note that while this is the standard bore size, too much deviation from it could lead to problems for your shooting. For example, with too thin barrels, the paintball could burst within the gun itself while on the other hand if the barrel is too broad, then there is a high chance of your shot going haywire or completely missing the mark.

There is a 7.5” Control bore and spiral porting for an excellent ball on ball accuracy. It is cross -compatible with Pipe barrel backs while pipe backs are available in .678, .683 and .693 sizes. The overall length of the barrel is a balanced 14 inches.

We all know that Empire Paintball is a great brand for paintball barrels due to their terrific products and great marketing. With spot-on features and classy looks, they have managed to effectively position themselves firmly in the market as one of the top names in the business. However, the question you need to ask yourself before you buy this product is this.

Do you consider yourself good at paintball? Would you call yourself, in the truest sense, an elite player? If yes, then this is definitely the barrel for you. This is the equipment of choice for winners in the arena and the features it comes with are just a testimony to that.

It has an extremely reduced sound signature so that your enemies won’t even know when you sneak up behind them or ambush their teammates while in play. It has a 7.5” Control bore which is sized .688 and delivers unparalleled ball accuracy the likes of which we are sure you have never seen before.

There are mirror honed internals for a precision surface while there are as many five different ring colors available including black, silver, gold, red and lime.


Power up Your Paintball Gun With the Best Barrel

Paintball is a sport that is as fun as it is beneficial. When you play it with your friends in the field, you are bound to experience qualities like teamwork, leadership and coordination firsthand, and subsequently learn from them. In addition, since paintball is an all-out physical game, it will keep you fit and energized as well. There is simply no reason not to play paintball. And whether you are already a fan of the sport or not, we urge you to give it a go.

But having said that – while it is extremely fun to play, it can get slightly confusing for the newcomer owning to the abundance of rules and new concepts. And even if they manage to get past all of that, what they can’t avoid is acquiring the recommended gear you need to play. Without all of that, a paintball game just isn’t possible.

Fortunately, that is an area we can help with. If you are stuck and confused and can’t figure out what to buy and where to buy it from, especially when it comes to the best paintball barrels, simply consult the guide above and you should find all the answers you are looking for.