Best Paintball Gear Bags

Being an agile player in the paintball field means so much more than just being fit. You need a great strategy, you need to foresee what could happen, to organize every move and to anticipate your enemy strategy. To be able to win the game you definitely need good guns, tanks, markers, masks and lots of other items to carry and use every time you play. This is why choosing the best paintball gear bag should be part of your long-term strategy to be a winner. The paintball gear bags are available in all sizes and shapes to meet your desires, but when you look for the best paintball gear bag you need to take into consideration as well the functionality of the bag, thinking about what you need to carry, what are your expectations from the bag and if you will use it extensively or not so much. There are so many other factors to consider before making your decision, like the fabrics, the inside dividers, extra pockets and so on but the most important of all is that you choose a bag that would accommodate all your gear and would take really good care of it at all times.

Why is it important to have the best paintball gear bag?

On the field, while paying, some of your items might get dirty by paint. It is important to keep these items in separate compartments to avoid the moisture and paint to get to the other items. All the items will be placed safely inside as some of the paintball gear bags offer a big variety of pockets and meshes on the inside to keep your equipment in place and to be easy for yourself to find everything you need, at any moment. For extra space to fit more items, some of the bags have more pockets on the outside surface, that are closed with zippers to be safe for your stuff. Once you are all packed and your equipment is stored inside the bag, you will need to make your way to the field, therefore the paintball gear bags should incorporate different types of handles, on the top, on the sides and even a removable shoulder strap would be useful. If you consider moving around a lot with your bag, you can choose a paintball gear bag with wheels that can be dragged on long distances.

What to consider when choosing the best paintball gear bag?

It might seem difficult to make a choice for the best paintball gear bag as you need protection for your equipment but also you need to be mobile and you want to easily travel everywhere you need to go. So, what would be the aspects you should focus on when looking for a suitable gear bag for yourself?


If you want to use just a few items of your gear to the field, then ideally you can choose a small size paintball gear bag. This way you will have a light weighted bag and you will get a lot of mobility is very easy to use and to carry it around. If your gear is more complex, and you need to carry tools, guns, loaders and the list is big, based on your needs you can choose a medium-size or a large paintball gear bag. You might keep in mind that if you want to travel by plane the gear bag should fit in the standard measurements for the handbag that your flight company set for transportation.

Inside storing space

All your items in your equipment are equally important but some of them might break off might get wet or dirty. You know the best from your previous experiences when you had to deal with all kinds of situations like this. This is why it is so important to organize the interior of your paintball gear bag very well, to keep the dirty items separate from the rest of the bag. As well, carrying ID, cash, bank cards and your handset is also important, so you might need an extra pocket or two to fit all these small things inside the bag. Some meshes semi-transparent or some small water-resistant pockets with zippers will do the difficult job of protecting your small items. For some of the paintball gadget bags you can even be creative in deciding on the design of the interior space using the padded adjustable dividers. This way you are in full control but you can be very flexible in changing the storing space as many times you would like.

Color and print

Carrying your paintball gear bag with you all the time might not be ideal once you are on the field, as you will get more tired than usual. Hiding the bag under trees or in the grass might be better to save your energy. This is why the color you are going to choose is as important as any other game strategy. The gear bag will be difficult to be seen and your enemy will not know from where exactly you came from. The design of your bag can easily imitate the military patterns for better coverage. But if hiding your bag is not your biggest concern, then you can also choose for a more classic look and color, such as black, blue or red.


If you want to be more operative you need to think about the fabrics of your paintball gear bag, that should be carried around all year. If in the summer the gear bag should resist the strong sun shines, during the autumn it is more necessary to have a water-proof gear bag. This way you can leave it on the field, while you are playing, in any season of the year, without being afraid that all your items inside the bag will get wet and the moisture will damage the interior. Some of the gear bags might also come with a hard-top cover material, that provides the water-resistant feature and it will also be resistant to scratches.

Top 8 best paintball gear bags:

This paintball gear bag has a locking functionality that stands out, making it appropriate and easy to carry small and large items of your paintball gear. All your equipment will be safe inside due to the EVA formed a protective lid. The bag zips are plate there is a retractable pull handle as well as soft-touch handles. This feature makes the bag easy to hold even if it is full of items, your hands will be able to carry it around. The linen compartments are vented and they are made of water-resistant materials. Even if there would be some liquids or wet items in one of the compartments, due to this water-resistant fabric the moisture would not interact with all the items from the bag.

The gear bag has rugged wheels that would help you carry it or drag it even on harder surfaces, such as stones. The design is the army look that could help you on the filed to easily hide it and make it invisible and the waterproof material will allow you to keep it outside, on the field, the entire day, without getting wet on the inside. The paintball gear bag interiors contain lots of spaces and dividers, that are really useful when you need to fill it in with all kinds of items. It has a separate divider for masks, so you can keep them fit in only one place.

• Lots of compartments, even a clear paper size pocket and a separate pocket for masks
• Good quality wheels
• Double zipper opening
• Super waterproof
• Doesn’t get dirty easily

• It doesn’t fit like a handbag for flights
• The green small rubber on the zipper peels off

This bag can be customized by choosing the color you would like. The variety is big, from Estar Retro Black/Grey, Fighter Blue, Fighter Green, Fighter Red, Grit Grey, Sugar Skull Black to Titan Black/Grey. The bag is tough and it has EVA protective lids.
The paintball gear bag has a big capacity for all your paintball gear you would like to have with you while playing. The robust bag has dimensions of 13.4×32.3×14.2 Inches and a weight of 5.7kg (12.6lb)/6.3kg (13.9lb) with inserts.

The looking zipper pullers are very easy to locate and open/close due to very high visibility. They have a layer of green rubber for all the bags in every color.


• Extremely well made
• Very roomy
• A lot of space
• Variety of colors


• Not easy to be carried

The HK Army Expand has microfiber linen Goggle compartments adding extra safety for your items carried inside. The lower compartment can be expanded so you get an extra volume for your gear. Also, if you don’t need to travel with lots of items, you can as well make the gear bag smaller. This is a good advantage if you want to go on the field and take your gear out but also you would like to carry your bag on the field to make sure you will not lose it.
The gear bag has 2 ergonomic padded backpack shoulders straps that would make it very convenient to be carried on your back. The waterproof zippers will allow you to carry the bag in all weather conditions, avoiding the moisture to get them rusted. This is important as the bag has pockets on 4 sides and one big zipper on top that you will open and close very often. The extra pockets provide you more space for your paintball equipment and also for some more personal stuff in case you need to carry it around with you. On the inside the space is as well very generous, the bag is solid and had hard walls compartment as well as a big semi-transparent mesh closed with a zipper in front. This pocket is ideal to keep small or bigger items that you might need very quickly and instead of looking for them in the bag you can just see and grab them from this compartment.


• Easy to use it when traveling by plane
• Spacious, fit lots of gear and useful items
• Extra space of the pockets


• The quality of the zippers

The Mercury Tactical Gear Mini Monster Deployment Bag has a little pocket on the side that can be zipped off offering you the possibility to carry it around as a small accessories bag. Once you attached it to the bag it can be carried just like a normal extra pocket.
This ger bag looks like a real army bag, especially when you opt-in for a camouflage print. There are other colors available, such as: black, blue, brown or red. The fabric of the bag 100% Polyester which makes it very light weighted and easy to be carried.
The bag has 13″ high and 17″ wide providing enough space for lots of items from four paintball equipment. It comes with 2 reinforced handles for transportation but also it has another reinforced handle on each side for when you would like to hold it on the vertical and drag it as the gear bag has 3 wheels in the back for making it easy to move around.
On the inside there is a large main packing compartment with a padded divider that can be moved and adjusted the was you like. There is as well an interior mesh pocket that keeps small or fragile items safe.


• Detachable bag and the divider inside
• Great quality
• Easy to fit lots of stuff
• Bag size is fit for traveling by plane


• The bag itself is heavy
• Wheels cover area is very thin

The gear bag is made of Polyester for use and on the inside it has 2 large pockets compartment, 2 zipped compartment flaps. On 3 sides there are zipped strap systems, adding a lot of extra small pockets to this bag. There is a big zipper rounded around the top of the bag to easily fill it in with your equipment.


• Overall material and straps are heavy-duty
• A lot of different compartments to keep all of his stuff separated
• Great quality and perfect size if you carry around a lot of gear
• Great duffel bag. Huge, and durable.

• Zippers don’t have a string to open or close

This bag has a fold-flat construction that can be used as a work surface. The bag has a rigid cover that will make it more resistant to shocks, scratches, paint, water and so on.
Interior dimensions are 10″x10″ but the case provides ample pockets closed with zippers for your items and tools. The inside layers wilt Velcro can be as well detached from the case if you would like to bigger volume items. The microfiber materials from the inside help preventing moisture as well as scratches.


• Excellent product
• Great material
• All exalt cases for everything


• Overall the size is small

This bag is ideal for outdoor activities and travelling and due to the PVC water-resistant material lining all the items you store in it will be safe at all times, no matter the weather conditions.. It is suitable for carrying your paintball gadget on the field and making it difficult to be recognized by the enemy.
With a 26″(Width) x 13″(Height) x 11″(Depth) it offers a big storing capacity with a design with lots of pockets and compartments. The outside pockets are closed with zippers and there are two reinforced handles as well as a shoulder strap to be easy carry. The bag has Molle style straps and On the top of the bag there is a Heavy duty U-zipper.


• A great amount of storage
• Great bag, many pockets
• Material and overall quality
• Ample pockets and well built


• Thin wall material
• No pockets protection

This gear bag has multiple pockets on the outside, each side of the gas has a small compartment closed with a zipper, as well as a handle. On the front side there is another small compartment with Velcro to keep your ID, bank cards, photos or other small and flat items. On one side there is a bigger compartment closed with zipper and lining with waterproof material for all your wet tools or equipment. Sorting them in this separate compartment will prevent the humidity and moisture to get to the other items from the bag.
The inside of this paintball gear bag is one big open storing space, with only one small pocket on the inside closed with a zipper. The bag has 2 handles on the side, 2 on the top as well as a removable shoulder strap.


• Perfect size
• Fits lots of paintball gear


• No dividers for the inside storing space