Best Paintball Guns 2020

Are you looking for a paintball gun? Then you’ve landed on the right site. Purchasing a paintball gun is getting harder day by day, due to the fact that there are so many manufacturers and types of guns to keep in mind. We have selected the best paintball guns which we will present in this article. Enjoy!

It is prudent to mention at this juncture that paintball guns are of different varieties and dimensions based on a number of factors one of which is the level of detail and intricacy. So in essence, if you are a beginner, we should probably make it clear to you that the best paintball gun in the market may not be the most ideal for you in this regard. It is crucial to understand that if you’re a beginner, then you should look for an elementary gun that works using a simple mechanism and does not tend to complete things too much. The same case may be applied to a casual player who does not take it too seriously. You would be much better off getting a simple but effective gun as you can get more enjoyment out of the activity that way.

Best paintball gunIf we think about some of the most elementary or primary factors that should go into choosing the best paintball guns, we should definitely consider whether you’re looking to play competitively or just as a hobby. Another factor that is quite obvious in deciding the best paintball marker for you is your overall budget and how much you are willing to extend it.

Our focus here in this article is to give you the full spectrum of information available in this field to help you choose the best and the most suitable paintball gun for your own exclusive needs and user expectations. Some of these factors which we will discuss in detail as the article progresses are the customizing options for a gun along with how it feels in your hand as well as how the prices compare to other retailers selling same guns. We hope to give you the best and the most authentic information possible by virtue of our own extensive research of this product so that you can get a fair idea of what is and isn’t for you. So let us get into the matter without wasting any more time and see what it takes for a paint gun to be considered worthy of purchase.

Basics Of Research

The first most important aspect to consider is how to go about researching the product that you are looking for and considering alternative options. The first most valuable thing to understand from your perspective as a buyer is to get a fully comprehensive picture of all the different kinds of paintball guns available in the market. If you’re new to paintball shooting, you may not have the best information as to what your choices are so it is important to consult someone who knows a lot more about all this than you do. To get a basic initial idea or a starting point, you can visit your nearest sporting goods store to try and understand what you’re getting into and what are the options you can choose from. It’s also a good choice to start looking at paintball research sites so that you can get a fairly detailed picture of the alternatives at your disposal. In this instance, reading extensive reviews in detail and getting a good idea of what others prefer should be an efficient way to gauge the nature of guns that are most popular and whether or not they fit your expectations as a user.

In the modern market, we are always spoiled for choices and although this is fundamentally a good thing, it can become daunting for a newbie to choose the best amongst different kinds of homogenous products. The paintball gun market is saturated with a wide variety of products spanning across a very wide price range. In this scenario, for a beginner, it is rather fruitless to try and find the “best of the lot”. Instead, the bulk of the focus should be on trying to find a gun that is best suited to the individuals tastes and fits in with his/her usage expectations.

One of the most efficient ways in which customers can know about which gun suits them the best is by going online and reading reviews and other pieces of information regarding guns available on various online shopping forums such as Amazon or eBay. Reading product descriptions will also give them a good base from which to consider their choices in the most effective manner.

Finally, individuals will also hugely benefit from doing research regarding their product in the old fashioned way by visiting their local paintball manufacturer’s sites to try and get a taste of the best variations to form the people who actually know the most about the product in question. This will also present them with the invaluable opportunity to get an in-depth insight into the pros and cons of various guns and which features they require more than others.

Seek Professional Advice

We all know the authenticity and quality of opinions that are provided by professionals in any particular field. The case is the same in case of paintball guns just like any other product. This becomes especially pertinent if you are looking to buy your very first paintball gun and don’t know quite what to expect. The fact of the matter is that if you manage to go somewhere where people pay to play various paintball games, you might actually get some more honest information as they would have nothing to sell to you. So it can be expected that they’ll tell you things as they are up front. Another way to go is to ask some of your friends and close acquaintances who play paintball to try and get some valuable info from them.

Setting the Right Budget for the Gun and Additional Gear

The price of paintball guns varies across a wide spectrum, starting from a modest 40 dollars to upwards of 2000 dollars. It is therefore important to have a more or less concrete idea of exactly how much you are willing to spend as you can get easily lured into spending more once you begin to understand the range of choices at your disposal. If you are looking for a more or less basic beginners gun, then you should be able to get it within the price range of 150-200 dollars. Having a clear idea of the type of paintball gun you need and also the amount of money you’re willing to spend for it prevents you from overspending and also gives you the option of narrowing down your choices more meticulously.

It is vital to remember that your overall budget should be constructed not only for the gun itself but for some additional gear which is extremely useful and also acts as a safety mechanism. For instance, articles such as an effective headgear, a mask, a CO2 or air tank, and a hopper are extremely useful and highly recommended for newbies. Overall, you should expect to spend somewhere around 70-100 dollars more cumulatively for all of these products.

We hope to make you understand that if you blindly go for the cheapest gun available, you might get an inferior quality product that will not give you the best service over time and hence, you will not get the best value for your money spent. Also, on the other end of the spectrum, most users do not require an absolute top of the line gun as casual paintball players. Both these aspects need to be kept in mind.

Choosing The Right Type Of Gun

As we have mentioned before, buying the best paintball gun doesn’t necessarily mean the one with the most exhaustive features and highest price. It is a lot more nuanced than that and it involves an accurate grasp of the type of tool that is best suited according to your own unique needs.

For instance, a mechanical gun would be great for you if you’re a beginner, as they are largely low-tech and would act as the ideal tool if you’re looking to play casually as opposed to the whole host of highly competitive games. Mechanical guns are generally a lot more simple in terms of construction and also do not require battery power to operate and hence, prove to be much sturdier as compared to battery powered guns. They are also better suited to withstand woodsball where they might get a little bit of mud on their body and be on the receiving end of some tough usage.

In terms of budgetary considerations as well, it is a better choice as their overt simplicity and ease of operations make them a lot more economical by default. If you’re the type of person who is looking to buy a paintball gun to play fun games once or twice a month on a field with some friends, then a mechanical gun is best for you. If you are thinking about a downside, we could come up with only one. And that is, mechanical guns are not programmable so they are a bit lacking when it comes to the question of versatility.

An Electro-Pneumatic Gun is Best For Competitive Play

An electro-pneumatic gun gives you the added advantages of a host of different features that you would no be in a position to expect from a regular ordinary mechanical paintball gun. This is partly because an electro-pneumatic gun is usually used for competitive playing and not so much for casual hobby-based use. These electric guns can be programmed in various ways to your liking as you can customize a range of different aspects such as fire-rate and for semi-automatic, burst, or automatic. In a game of competitive speedball, although a mechanical gun can be used, it will put you at a certain disadvantage. This is the aspect of durability. The electronic parts of guns of this type make them slightly less durable.

It should be mentioned at this juncture that previously, electronic guns used to cost a lot and its prices have come down to quite an extent recently. However, it is probably understandable that since they provide greater capabilities as compared to mechanical guns, they also end up costing more than them.

Still, in spite of inflated prices, electro-pneumatic guns have some significant benefits and because of this they will always be preferred choice for many paintball enthusiasts. One of the major advantages of a gun of this type is that it gives you a much better fire rate and capacity to fire significantly rapidly. You also have the option of programming these types of guns as automatic which essentially means that you can hold the trigger to fire multiple balls rather than one ball per squeeze of the trigger.

Options for Customization

This is another crucial aspect that you should consider while buying a suitable paintball gun that will give you the service you’re looking for. When we talk about the high-end guns available in the market, the customization acts as one of the most alluring features, but for other economical variants, the versatility may not be as pronounced.

There are a host of ways through which you can customize your gun and invest widely to that extent, either while buying the gun itself or by making additions later on. Features such as added scopes, adjustable fire rate, or attaching a new barrel are all very useful when we talk about the best paintball guns for beginners.

Most paintball guns are endowed with the feature of attachable options, such as hoppers and change of barrels, but here are certain high-tech ones which allow you a lot more depending upon the amount of money you are willing to spend.

For beginners especially, an understanding of the degree of balance, in this case, is of paramount importance. An extremely low-end gun that allows you to make virtually no changes whatsoever is not ideal. On the other end of the spectrum, a highly expensive high-end gun with a host of different attachable options also may not be the answer as you may end up adding very little to it ultimately in the name of customization.

Another important factor to consider is the availability of customizable options for the gun you are choosing. For instance, paintball guns which have mass-produced and interchangeable parts are always a better choice as they give you a much wider range of options to add to your gun and is also better in terms of the ease of availability and replacement.

Getting the Physical Feel Of The Gun

This point holds true for a number of products that are mechanical or electronic. All the research in the world is not enough to substitute the actual feel of your tool when you hold it in your hand and gauge the level of comfort you can come to expect while using it. In this respect, the best and most ideal gun for an individual should ultimately be based upon how the gun feels in the person’s hand and how comfortable the person feels while wielding it.

According to many experts, this factor is actually a lot more fundamental and important than specifications or a plethora of options for added customization. A number of aspects become clear once you have the chance to hold the gun in your hand. For instance, questions of the convenience of weight and length of the gun along with the added weight of the air tank, hopper, and any sights you might add, all give you a great indication of how the gun might perform in your hands’ overtime.

The look and feel of the gun are also important if you’re someone who values aesthetics and there is no reason as to why you should not. Even if you are looking to buy the gun from an online retailer, it is still prudent to visit a few local paintball guns shops to try and find the one that you are looking for so that you can get an authentic hands-on experience of how it feels when you hold it. We encourage you to do extensive research online, but we also ask you to acknowledge the fact that seeing the image of a gun on the screen will never give you the complete picture.

The Ease of Operations and Adjustability of the Gun

The simplicity of use is crucial for any type of tool especially for a beginner let alone a gun that is used to fire paintballs. Things such as the ease of squeezing the trigger and how firm it is, along with checking the safety mechanism by switching it on and off gives you a good indication of the smoothness of the gun and how convenient it would be for you to use. You should also try out the cocking mechanism and you should make sure that all of these things are exactly to your liking so that you can get the best experience from the gun that you are purchasing.

Our team of experts recommends you to try and convince the seller to let you add and remove a barrel so that you get a fair picture of how easily that can be achieved. This way you can get a decent idea of how adjustable the parts are and how the gun might respond to occasional changes. If you can manage to check the responsiveness of the gun while removing or adding a barrel, hopper, and air tank, you are undoubtedly in a much better position to make a decision regarding whether its worthy of investment or not.

It’s better to not buy a gun that does not allow you to easily change parts as that may become a requirement for you at some point during the course of your usage.

Compare various alternative guns of the same price range as well the different prices of the same gun from different sellers

Finally, we come to the question of comparison and comparative analysis to ultimately determine which gun is the best at a particular price range. We should also try and undertake a detailed analysis of whether the gun you are choosing is available at any lower prices from different sellers. It is in no way inconceivable that your local paintball shop may be able to sell a particular product at a lower price as compared to many other retail outlets.

In conducting this check, we ask you to be thorough and extensive to make sure that while making the comparisons, you are carefully double checking that it’s the exact same model and whether or not the price includes any extras. These may include additional tools and accessory devices such as hopper, strap, or tank.

Another great way of minimizing your budget further is to consider a particular model of a paintball gun and try to check the prices for the second-hand variant of the product. This may act as a great way of making your pockets less light, provided you do the right amount of research about the seller and also inspect the product physically if possible. The overbearing importance in this regard is to make sure that the seller is reliable and has a good track record.

If it is more convenient for you to buy online or if you do not have good paintball guns in your local store, by all means, go for an online purchase as that might even turn out to be cheaper and you actually end up getting your preferred gun at a lower original price. But make sure you are well in the know about any kind of additional charges such as shipping or packaging costs.

Top 12 Best Paintball Guns 2020

The first paintball gun on this list to kick things off is the .68Cal Paintball Kit from JT Outkast. Considered to be one of the most celebrated producers of paintball guns in modern times, JT Outkast has made a habit of producing some of the best most easily usable and highly functional paintball guns available in the market. It has managed to use smart and efficient production techniques to successfully minimize their costs and thereby reduce prices to the maximum.

This 68 calibers semi-auto paintball marker comes in a perfect condition for you to start playing your favorite paintball games immediately with your loved ones. When we talk about the best choice of a paintball gun, especially for beginners, this model is right up there along with some of the others on this list. This paintball gun is great for newbies because of its lightweight construction and ease and simplicity of use. Additionally, the lightweight polymer construction with multiple Picatinny rails is ideal for mounting accessories to get the best out of your gun and use it to the maximum.

Included in this kit along with the paintball gun itself is a Guardian paintball goggle which will be instrumental in protecting you from any possible injuries or accidents. You will also get a disposable CO2 tank with a capacity of 90 grams. This ensures that the marker is capable of handling operations on Co2 or high-pressure air. Furthermore, this gun has a capacity to fire 50 paintballs consecutively before you have to make changes. Looking at this kit, you should immediately be able to realize that it is constructed in such a way that players of all skill levels will be in a position of enjoying its fruits. Rarely is it seen that a product of such good quality is available at such a modest price and that makes this deal a highly attractive proposition?

We have always encouraged our readers to invest their valuable hard-earned money on the right products and brands that have a significantly good record when it comes to producing the best and most economical paintball guns. Our best model for Tippmann Cronus is exactly that. Based on the perfect blend of style and heightened efficiency, this fine gun is as suitable for a relative beginner as it is for a master of the paintball trade.

This highly efficient and functional .68 Caliber Paintball Marker Package is arguably one of the best of its kinds when it comes to giving uninterrupted service and the best quality at a very manageable price. The Cronus is responsible for conducting a seamless combination of high performance with incredible durability in a MilSim body. This reinforces its position as one of the highly rated paintball markers in the market. The deal is further sweetened as you will also get a GenX stealth anti-fog paintball mask which gives you all the protection you need while firing paintballs while also helping your vision in a variety of different lighting conditions. Weighing in at a modest 12.5 pounds, this gun makes it incredibly convenient for you to fire consecutive rounds with the utmost ease.

Additionally, also included in this deal with the gun is a 200 Round Gravity Fed Loader along with a MadDog 20 Oz. CO2 tank. You have the choice of using compressed air inside the tank in place of co2 if you feel that its performance is somewhat better that way. You will get an FPs rate of around 300 which is easily in line with some of the best paintball markers available in the market at this price range. A host of impressive features and a star-studded record in terms of performance is what gives this paintball gun a worthy place on our list and definitely worthy of your investment.

Tippmann is one of those giants of the paintball industry and is one of the most trusted and widely respected makers of paintball markers of our times. Undoubtedly, its efficiency and loyalty is a product of high-quality service and consistency of performance that is exemplified by the number of products it has on this list.

The Cronus tactical gun is commonly known for being the perfect blend of stylish design and sturdy rock solid performance. Tippmann’s inline bolt system is ingrained into this fancy gun and makes it work like clockwork helping you achieve the best and most complete range of shooting options. Everything with this gun is made much simpler and therefore your overall experience and fun of playing paintball games are magnified to a much greater degree. The composite body is a work of art and is geared and designed to sustain as well as give-out high impact damage that can transform your paintball shooting experience making a lot more intense and engaging.

You will also get the added advantage of a first-class vertical grip along with a mock Silencer with the front sight, 6 positions collapsible Stock and a carry handle which is also equipped with the added feature of an integrated sight. Considering the price of this product and the range of facilities it will give you, the price of this product is quite remarkable and makes it a must-have.

Coming in at number four on our list is the Paintball Mini GS Marker from Empire which is another celebrated name in the field of paintball gun makers and has been attracting customers thanks to its highly consistent guns and economical prices.

Equipped with superior pressure controlled poppet engine, it is built exclusively for outstanding performance. The team at Empire has managed to consistently improve its product quality every year and the Mini GS is a proof of a highly functional next-gen paintball gun that also comes with full wrap-around rubber foregrip that helps you maintain decent grip strength as well as to secure protection from. It also comes with an On/Off ASA that makes it incredibly convenient for you to remove tanks with the utmost smoothness. The ASA and Foregrip attachment points are a testament to the fact that Empire has managed to significantly expand the quality of durability of this paintball marker. Further considering the modest price of this gun, it is easy to see why so many have opted for it as their preferred choice.

Tippman is arguably the most sought-after brand in the market when it comes to the question of paintball guns. This latest model from Tippmann is another feather in its cap in terms of the production of efficient value for money paintball guns that will give you a fantastic experience and good performance for an extended period of time.

The MagFed Extremely Authentic ARStyled Tactical Carbine Marker is a fantastic choice for both beginners as well as veterans of the game to enjoy various kinds of paintball activities either just for casual fun or even for competitive paintball games. This efficient gun is equipped with the dual feed option of either Go MagFed or Traditional Loader.

Additionally, you will also get the benefits of a full pneumatic marker and the confidence of a proven track record of a high performing inline bolt system. The design of this gun is also eye-catching in many respects with its military-style shroud with built-in 4 sided Picatinny rails. It is very rare to find such an all-encompassing paintball marker at such a pocket-friendly price and therefore, it is no surprise that this has been receiving wide acclaim from all across the consumer market.

The Kaos 2 form Azodin is another one of those paintball guns on this list that have managed to strike the perfect balance between elegance and functionality. Upon first impression, this gun will dazzle your eyes and you will definitely feel the temptation to purchase it. We should also inform you that the Kaos 2 is basically a modern more upgraded rendition of Azodin’s Kaos series.

The most significant highlight of this paintball gun is that it is a lot more refined in terms of ergonomic considerations and its sleek body construction makes it incredibly easy to hold and fire with convenience. Moreover, although it has made significant strides in regards to the style and visual aesthetics of this new model, the pre-existing focus on durability has not been compromised. Over the years, Azodin has managed to create a very impressive following because of the simplicity of operations that have come to be associated with its paintball markers.

The Kaos 2 also comes with a much-strengthened receiver that further enhances its desirability. The streamlined receiver is great in more ways than one because not only has it made the overall weight of the gun much lighter than before, but it has also managed to give the shooter a better degree of accuracy while sighting potential targets. You will also get the added advantage of having a new 45-degree gas-thru grip that is responsible for offering you much-improved handling during exhaustive firefights. To bump the effectiveness if this gun even further, we should also mention that the Kaos 2 features Azodin’s latest parts which include a screw-lock feedback, the new slim dovetail ASA, and a 12” multiphase honed barrel.

From all of these discussions above, it is clear to see that the Kaos2 is very much a paintball gun of the modern mold with multiple features that make it stand out from others in the same price range. And it manages to achieve all this by conducting a seamless blend of aesthetics and proven reliability.

As we have already discussed quite a few times before, when we talk about the best paintball gun brand, Tippmann is right up there with the very best and it is probably no surprise to see that it has so many products on our list. Tippmann has created so many quality products and made them available at such a small budget price that it’s popularity has grown at a breakneck pace and it is now one of the most prominent names in the paintball marker industry.

The all new Tippmann Cronus PowerPack Paintball Gun is celebrated for its hugely successful task of creating a durable and solid product but also ensuring that quality is not compromised in that strength and long-term stability. Essentially, what it has done is to combine the twin aspects of high performance with incredible durability in a MilSim body. Everything about this paintball gun oozes class and is favored by many as one of the most impressive paintball markers of our generation.

The Cronus features Tippmann’s most celebrated and reliable in-line bolt system in a high-impact composite body with soft over molded rubber grips. This is what gives the twin qualities of firmness and smoothness to this gun and has allowed it to acquire a significant reputation. Weighing in at a modest 9 pounds, it is extremely easy to use as well as carry over longer distances. It is highly compact and transportable as well. All of these highly attractive features are available to you at a very economical price based upon current market standards.

Continuing our list of the best and the most highly sought after paintball markers in the market is the Action Village Kingman Spyder Epic Paintball Gun Package Kit that has been setting the market ablaze in recent months due to the sheer reliability and effectiveness it provides to various paintball enthusiasts.

The Action Village Epic Paintball Kit is perfect for you if you’re looking for a gun to hit the local fields with your mates and enjoy a game of paintball. Also, this kit in its entirety gives you everything you need by bundling the best paintball guns with excellent accessories. The accessories included in this package include a Kingman Spyder Victor, an Action Village 20 oz CO2 Tank, Action Village 4+1 Paintball Harness in Black, four 140 Round Paintball Pods in Smoke, GXG 200 Round Loader in Black, assorted color Action Village Pull Through Squeegee, GXG XVSN Paintball Mask in Black, and an assorted Color Play Paintball Wrist Band.

This package has everything in place to give you the best possible experience while playing paintball games with your favorite people on a weekend. The highlighting feature of this deal is the extremely economical price and that has undoubtedly contributed to its glowing reputation.

At number nine on this list, we have one of the most flexible and comprehensive paintball guns available in the market. Tippmann US Army Alpha Elite Marker could easily be misconceived as a proper machine gun used by defense personnel! It certainly looks and feels the part as it will give you a unique feeling due to its outstanding design and cutting-edge outlook.

For starters, this gun gives you a unique additional feature as it is equipped with a red dot sight. This is great for improving accuracy to a great extent and that will add a degree of realism to your gameplay, ultimately making it a lot more fun and exciting. It also comes with a 20-ounce CO2 tank as well as a folding drip mechanism. Overall, this package will give you many accessories apart from the gun itself including a carry handle, Action Village 4+1 Paintball Harness in Black, four 140 Round Paintball Pods in Smoke, GXG 200 Round Loader in Black, assorted color Action Village Pull Through Squeegee, GXG XVSN Paintball Mask in Black, and an assorted Color Play Paintball Wrist Band.

This gun is also extremely easy to use and cleaning it does not require any kind of hassle whatsoever. All of these tools and accessories will be immensely helpful in some form or the other and will ultimately make the price of the product look rather modest. Considering the array of features provided to you by this exquisite gun, its price will feel like a bargain and thus you should definitely consider this deal as worthy of your hard earned money.

This is our second Azodin product on this list and it should be clear to our readers based upon the first that any review of a paintball gun makers would be incomplete without them and their classy products. The Azodin Kaos 2 .68 Caliber Paintball Marker and its complementary Maddog Silver Package are one of the most sophisticated and complete instrument sets when it comes to the world of paintball guns.

The silver package is filled with a host of important accessories and equipment such as a 20 oz. CO2 Tank, 200 Round Paintball Hopper, and an anti-fog mask. The anti-fog mask is great for allowing you to get that added level of protection so that you don’t’ have to worry about getting injured or suffering an accident while being engrossed in your game. You will also get other accessory tools as a part of this deal. These include Maddog Deluxe 4+1 Paintball Harness, (4) 140 Round Pods & Jerk Barrel Squeegee.

In terms of features, this marker gives you all the essential safeguards and mechanisms of operation so that you can have an unlimited amount of fun. Additionally, you will also get a few features which are entirely exclusive to the Kaos 2 model of paintball guns. Those are a Screw-Lock Feedneck, a slim Dovetail ASA, 12″ Multiphase Honed Autococker Barrel to help you conduct accurate and effective shots in different kinds of environments.

This particular paintball gun has become a recent favorite of the market owing to its fantastic combination of stylish aesthetics and putting that up alongside an extremely lightweight and flexible design and reliability of operations. It is quite fascinating to think that such a high-quality product is available at such a modest price and it is, therefore, no surprise that it is being sold like hotcakes in the market.

We have already inducted the Tippmann Cronus Paintball Marker Gun Player Package in this list and now it is time for its closest cousin to be a part of this sit of the best and most impressive paintball guns found in the market today. Like many of the others on this site, this starter package from Tippmann undertakes the task of putting together high-quality materials at a very modest price with great expertise. The gun is a fine example of a perfect blend of style, aesthetics, and functionality. Like many of its other cousins, the Tippmann Cronus Paintball Marker Gun Starter Package definitely has the potential to give you a fully nuanced experience of a paintball shooting game with your friends and family.

The all new Tippmann Cronus makes a perfect synthesis of high-quality performance delivered on a regular consistent basis with the best level of durability that this market can boast of. Certain highlighting features include in-line bolt design, Internal gas line, High-impact composite body that is built to account for rough and tough use for an extended period of time. It also gives you other important additions such as Multiple Picatinny rails, High-performance ported barrel and a highly storing and efficient vertical grip. The complete starter package includes the following accessory items along with the gun itself: Standard 20 oz. CO2 Tank, 200 Round Paintball Hopper, and an anti-paintball mask. You will also get Deluxe 4+1 Paintball Harness, (4) 140 Round Pods, & Jerk Barrel Squeegee.

As far as features are concerned, this highly functional and stylish gun provides you with Front sight, 6 Position Collapsible Stock, Vertical Grip & Carry Handle w/ Integrated Sight. The front sight and integrated sight are great for acquiring additional lethality as it magnifies our vision effectively and allows you to improve the accuracy of your shot by quite a margin. With all these aspects in mind, the entire package weighs a modest 12 pounds which means that you can carry this setup virtually anywhere without having to worry about transportability issues. The final nail on the coffin for this product comes in the form of its highly economical price which definitely makes this product as must have for all paintball enthusiast.

Our final product on this list is another highly efficient and effective paintball marker form Azodin. Continuing the large success of the Maddog series, the Azodin Blitz 3 is another fine example of a modern paintball gun that is technically very sound while also being extremely easy to operate at the same time.

The highlighting features of this highly recommended paintball gun with a proven track record is how it manages to conduct a magnificent interplay of aesthetics and performance. The things which have attracted attention as far as this model is concerned are aspects such as streamline design, durability in terms of construction and a new feather regulator all of which make for a highly engaging and thoroughly enjoyable game of paintball.

It is an extremely user-friendly tool to operate as the mechanical operation is very simple and straightforward. This paintball gun comes with a 12 Oz. CO2 Tank along with a Jerk Barrel Squeegee. The design and construction of this gun are such that it helps you to play your game without any kind of interruptions due to issues such as distracting hoses, fittings, or pieces digging into your wrists. It also comes with a clean line which is incredibly helpful in helping you to get a better focus on your target and laying down fire for teammates. The overall design of this product has been exclusively based on making it as comfortable as possible to hold and use. The same can be said about the mode of operations this paintball gun requires. Additionally, the new Feather Regulator, which is combined with the stainless steel hose is responsible for providing a constant supply of clean air to the tank.

Considering all of these features along with its hugely pocket-friendly price, it is easy to see why this product has been so widely favored by people in the market.



In this article, we have endeavored to discuss in detail, the various aspects that go into making a paintball gun. In our quest for the most comprehensive paintball gun review, we have talked about a multitude of factors that should be in your mind while you’re making a decision regarding the best most suitable paintball marker for your unique personal needs.

We have also tried to stress the fact that the most expensive one, in this case, may not always be the better option and it largely depends upon how you plan to use the gun. For instance, if you are looking for a gun to play casual games with your loved ones, then your requirements might be different from someone who is looking to play competitive paintball games on a regular basis.

Finally, we have ended the discussion with a list of the twelve best paintball guns that are available on a budget and that have been successful in the market owing to their quality features and modest pricing. We hope you have learned all that you wanted to know about paintball guns from this review so that you can go on to make a confident choice regarding which paintball marker will suit your needs the best.