Best Cheap Paintball Guns 2020

Are you tired of renting the paintball equipment yet reluctant to invest in an expensive paintball gun? We feel your pain. And this is why in this article we will focus on finding the best cheap paintball gun for you within your budget. Sounds easy enough, right? Wrong.

Finding the best paintball gun can be quite a daunting task given the number of choices you are faced with in the market. Moreover, there are so many different types of paintball guns available in the market, that it can be tricky to find the one that is best for you. Lucky for you, we are right here with our list of the ten best cheap paintball guns to help you purchase your very own best budget paintball gun and begin your paintballing experience.

It does not matter if you are a beginner or already a pro at paintball; we have the best budget paintball guns for each one of you. This buying guide will take you through each of the features that impact the making and performance of a paintball gun, and then decide on the one that suits you best.

We have compiled a list of the top selling best budget paintball guns that are suitable for buyers at beginner, intermediate, or professional level. We aspire to help you save plenty of time looking for the best cheap paintball guns, and also save you some money by ensuring that you purchase the best cheap paintball gun within your budget.

Before we delve further into the article, you must know that the most expensive paintball gun is not necessarily best suited for you. Sometimes the best paintball guns under 100 bucks can help you to an amazing paintball experience. The paintball guns that have made it into the list below can range from entry-level to pro-quality paintball guns. In this article, we will cover ten of the best budget paintball guns available on the market.

We will cover the key features for each and discuss their pros and cons in detail. By the end of this article, you will know exactly which kind of paintball gun you want to purchase.

Types Of Paintball Guns

There are the following two types of paintball guns:

1) Mechanical

Mechanical paintball guns or markers act like a semi-automatic or pump that make use of the valves and air pressure to set the internal parts of the mechanical paintball gun back into place. As a result of this mechanical process, these markers are a lot slower than their automated electronic parts. Due to the time delay, now most of the high end and expensive markers are electronic and allow you to fire at a faster rate and with more customization.

2) Electronic

Electronic markers have more precision and they use sensors that are accurate in their detection and working. The valves are all electrically controlled and function at extremely accurate timing which makes for a faster rate of firing. This way you can shoot faster and enjoy paintballing without having to wait for reset. Different types of batteries offer different charging time but the charging lasts for hours so you know you are not randomly going to run out of juice.

Best Cheap Paintball Gun Brands

Listed below are some renowned brands that sell the best budget paintball guns.

  • Empire
  • Kingman
  • JT Markers
  • Dye
  • Ego

How To Choose The Best Cheap Paintball Gun?

Following are a few features you must consider when buying a paintball gun.

1) Efficiency

Marker efficiency is a very important point to consider whether you are playing paintball at the beginner’s level or at a more advanced level. You can tune your marker in a way so that it uses less air per shot. This way the ball will face less of an impact which is perfect for brittle tournament paint. Not to mention, you will be able to get more shots per fill of your tank.

2) Durability

Paintball guns need to be strong, sturdy and be able to withstand rough handling. But some paintball guns can be fickle in their build, which is a big no-no in the sport of paintball. You must buy a gun that is durable especially if you are going to be playing on rough terrain.

At the same time, you must pay attention to the maintenance and cleaning of your gun. You should perform some external cleaning after every game, and must always disassemble and clean the internals of your marker if you chop paint or have gotten your gun into something like mud or sand that will interfere with the working of the mechanical parts of the gun.

We have compiled a list of the best budget paintball guns that do not only excel in quality and performance but are also fall within most budgets.

Top 10 Best Cheap Paintball Guns 2020


Tippmann Cronus is one of the more tactical and realistic models of the Tippmann paintball guns. This release by Tippmann is an improvement to all of the previous Tippmann models. It is an excellent choice for most beginners and also accommodates the skill and expertise of intermediate players looking for a sturdily built marker. The user reviews on this best budget paintball gun have been exceptional and many of the users have appraised this Tippmann model for its accuracy and performance.

The Tippmann Cronus is one of the most affordable paintball guns on the market. It is durable, has a long life span, and has a beautiful design. If you are looking for a solid best budget marker, then the Tippmann Cronus is the perfect choice for you.

The Spyder Victor II is one of the beginner level best cheap paintball guns available on the market. Not only is it very similar to its predecessor the Spyder Victor, but there’s little you will find in this paintball gun that is different from the original Spyder Victor except for a few upgrades over the basic model. This marker comes with a lot of customizing potential, but you must not expect anything fancy from the device given it already offers good quality at a very cheap price.

This version of the Spyder Victor is simply just the basic Spyder Victor model with a few small changes made to the device. The first change is that it has a gas through foregrip and front expansion chamber coupled with a second generation Venturi bolt.

This best budget paintball gun can be easily compared to its predecessor in terms of performance. The front expansion chamber of the Spyder Victor II increases the reliability of the device, but as per customer reviews, no real difference has been noticed even if the atmospheric temperature is very cold.

The Venturi bolt on the marker enables the device to shoot faster and consistently and minimizes breaks by blocking the air behind the paintball. As per our personal experience, we believe that despite the claims, the second generation Venturi bolts do little to make a real difference to the performance of the marker in game situations.

If you are looking for a minimal amount of breaks, we would advise you to purchase good quality paint. There is little to do for the device in terms of quality and maintenance. You have to regularly clean the device is to apply some oil for smooth functioning. This is one of the best paintball guns under $100.

The Tippmann A5 is another remarkable release by Tippmann. It is quite similar to the 98 custom. This marker offers high customizability. Through different options for realistic looking body kits, your Tippmann A5 can be customized to look a lot like AK-47, tactical HK-417, or a Spec Ops MP5-SD, or whichever gun is your favorite. There are multiple combinations with a large number of stocks, barrels, magazines, grips, and barrels.

The gun comes with a fire selector on the grip for safety and enables the device to fire up to about fifteen paintballs within a span of a second. As with all the devices being automated these days, you can swap out the grip of the paintball gun for an upgraded electronic trigger that not only supports full auto but also supports single shot fire modes.

Another amazing feature of this best budget paintball gun is the A5 threaded barrel which when coupled with the exclusive range of other paintball guns makes it easy to be swapped out. The Tippmann A5 comes with the Cyclone loading system which makes for smooth loading of the gun and prevents chopping paint.

The Tippmann A5 is one of most versatile best cheap paintball guns on the market and makes for an excellent and compelling package for any paintball lover whether they are a beginner, intermediate, or an expert at paintballing. For scenario players, the Tippmann A5 is one of the most promising markers currently available on the market.

If you are looking to have the best paintball you can buy under $200, we would recommend the Tippmann A5 to you. It provides a remarkable balance between price and performance of the paintball gun and has plenty of accessories available for customization of the marker.

The Tippmann Project Salvo is one of the best looking guns you will see on the market. Personally, it is one of our favorite paintball guns and fall just under the $200 budget. This is the best choice of a paintball for woodsball and indoor rec-ball games. If you are looking for a realistic looking gun and like to play simulation games, then the Tippmann US Army Project Salvo Sniper Paintball Gun is one of the best budget paintball guns for you. This gun looks fantastic, professional, and never fails to get you a slew of compliments from other players.

This is a very versatile paintball gun that you will find bundled with a red dot sight, a collapsible rear stock, and front grip to support whichever game type you are looking to play. The outstanding cyclone feed system makes this device one of the most exceptional paintball markers that dominate the market of today.

The accessories that accompany this best budget paintball gun give it some extra weight and add to the simulation element. Owing to the long barrel, this marker offers remarkable accuracy. This marker may not be able to compare to the high-end paintball guns like the high-end Dye or Empire paintball guns, but it does provide excellent accuracy for non-tournament gaming. Looking for the best budget paintball gun that can kick some ass? The Tippmann US Army Project Salvo Sniper Paintball Gun is our best recommendation. This device is the perfect choice for beginner and intermediate players looking for a fun, high quality, and exceptional game of paintball.

The Spyder MR100 has a design that is very similar to the Tippmann Cronus. This device has a long barrel and comes with a strong stock that adds to the accuracy of the marker. The all-black design of this paintball marker gives it a sophisticated look, and the entire paintball gun is made from excellent quality materials that can take hard handling and a few hits and throws. This paintball gun is sporting a default double tap trigger which makes this device very versatile. Whether you use it for a speedball or a woodsball, you will not be disappointed with its range.

Spyder Sonix by Kingman is one of the latest releases of the esteemed Sonix, and the design is more or less pretty much the same. Give or take a few updates, if you have had or used the Spyder Victor, you will realize that not much has changed when it comes to the basics of the device. The Spyder Sonix comes with a bottom line, standard ASA, double trigger, a vertical feed tube, and a light rail.

The updates made over the Spyder Victor include a gas through foregrip as well as a front expansion chamber located right under the barrel. The Spyder Sonix comes in a multitude of colors and most of the reviewers claim that this paintball gun is probably one of the best they have at this price range. The Spyder Sonix is the best paintball gun under $100 and comes with a top cocking Delrin bolt.
Given the fact that it costs less than 100 bucks, we would say that the performance isn’t half bad. The gun fires as soon as you pull the trigger. The trigger, however, is kind of stiff and difficult to pull so you must not expect fast rate firing. The trigger is not really consistent with the pulls either, so the shots are fired with variable velocity.

In spite of this, the Spyder Sonix has good aim and accuracy if you go for good quality and decent paintballs. The upgrades over the original Spyder Victor do not seem to contribute much when it comes to the performance of the device, but the bottom line remains: it all comes down to the budget and your preference. For someone – especially beginners – looking for the best paintball gun under $100, we would suggest them to go for the Spyder Sonix.

When it comes to paintball guns and their accessories, Spyder is undoubtedly way ahead in the game. The brand is known for its exceptional quality products, durability, and a wide range of paintball guns and accessories for both beginners and advanced level paintball players.

The Spyder M1 paintball marker is one of the best products you will find for amateur paintball players. The marker has an excellent level of efficiency, is very easy to use, and offers reliability and military sturdiness like no other. The gun can withstand extreme climatic changes and works just fine under any weather conditions.

It is also rust proof so you can work it in any terrain. The marker comes with a double finger trigger paired with a curved grip for easy handling. The device offers maximum stability and functionality and allows you to maintain focus on your paintball game without having to worry about adjustments.

This best budget paintball gun is an excellent product for beginners. It is definitely affordable and would be within most people’s budgets, and serves the purpose of a testing marker for people who are new to the game of paintball. Amateur users can easily assemble this gun without much hassle and start their game right away.

The level of precision on this gun is remarkable. This may be due to the pull pin that you can slide out a couple with a field strip friendly bolt and a full-length barrel that give the device such incredible accuracy. This military level paintball gun is made from aluminum with an anodized black finish and the rustproof quality offers extra durability to the marker.

The Spyder MR1 is low maintenance both on and off the field. You can easily dismantle the gun once you are done playing. Cleaning is equally easy. What’s more, is that you can easily field strip the gun without any tools which means you can enjoy your game of paintball without interruptions. This best cheap paintball gun is semi-automatic and functions without batteries.

The components on this marker are all mechanical so you do not have to worry about the batteries dying out and constantly checking on them during the game. This feature of the Spyder MR1 makes it one of the most reliable markers on the market. Even though the marker possesses an aluminum structure, the device also has many plastic components.

So the problem is that some parts of the Spyder MR1 may wear off faster than others, which means that you will constantly have to repair and replace the parts of the marker. The number of repairs then will depend on how much you actually use the gun. The more you play paintball with the Spyder NR1 the faster the replacements will have to be made.

From short distances, this marker offers fine accuracy, but when shooting from long distances, the stock barrel contributes to poor accuracy of the marker. This means the stock barrel will have to be upgraded to a snipe or perhaps a fourteen plus inch barrel to achieve an accuracy of the target from a distance.

Since this marker is not entirely automatic, we believe it was not built for fast release. So if you try to shoot too fast with the Spyder MR1, it may chop paint. For those of you, who like playing speedball, we would say that this gun is a bit slow and not exactly our prime recommendation for speedball players.

To add to this, the marker is also comparatively heavier than a lot of other guns in this category. Similarly, when compared to other guns in this category, the Spyder MR1 offers little accessories and upgrades. So if you are looking for a customizable market, then you are likely to have issues with the Spyder MR1. But we believe the availability of a few options and the lack of accessories comes with the low price tag.

The 98 Custom is definitely one of the most popular paintball markers on the market right now. It is reliable and has done exceptionally well in terms of performance, too. The price is within most people’s budget which makes this marker attractive to a lot of the first time buyers who have just started playing paintball. The Tippmann 98 Custom is reliable, durable, easy to use, and very much in demand by paintball players of all levels. This Tippmann paintball gun makes all the difference when compared to a cheap paintball gun bought from a Walmart.

The Picatinny rail system on the Tippmann 98 Custom adds an optical feature like the red dot sight to the marker for accuracy and sharp target acquisition. This Tippmann marker has proved itself to be one of the best paintball markers for new players. The Tippmann marker is quite possibly one of the best markers for amateur paintball players.

The integrated rail system guarantees an upgrade. So if you are a more experienced paintball player then you can make upgrades to the device depending on your preferences. You can even add the remarkably popular flatline barrel to the marker for extended range and sharp accuracy. The Tippmann 98 Custom is definitely one of the most popular paintball guns in the world.

Even when a lot of players advance to more complex and expensive paintball guns, they never really give up the 98 Custom. They always keep it as backup or loan it to their friends to get them to join them in paintball.

This Tippmann marker is one the best budget paintball guns for beginner players who are looking for a quality starter gun with lots of accessories and the liberty to upgrade upon their advancement in the game so they could make small changes and enhancements to the performance of the device.

The DS3 marker from the D3FY Sports is an acquired taste for a lot of paintball players. The reason for this is that even though the device falls in the beginner’s pricing range, it does not possess the designs and features compatible with a beginner paintball player.
The fourteen-inch barrel on the gun and the barrel bore size make D3S look like a device that would be found on a shelf catering devices costing more than $1000. To top it off, the Micro SQ board with four modes of fire and some serious accessory and equipment packed in a lightweight body of only 2.1 lbs. has made D3S a contradiction in terms of pricing and features.

The thing is if you are looking for a top shelf marker to get your hands on; there are no shortcuts to it. And that is exactly D3FY has done with this marker. It isn’t the fact that the device is entirely high end with low-end pricing. The problem lies in the fact that it has some features of a high-end marker but others that are not quite up to par with a marker of good caliber.

This creates an imbalance between the components of the marker and makes for a somewhat sketchy performance. The cons of this marker would include small things like the feeling of the marker’s fore grips, the amount kickback, and D3S’s inability to work with a 9V battery are enough to dissuade a lot of advanced players from purchasing this device.

Having discussed all of that, we are inclined to appreciate what the D3FY has done with the model of this marker. They have given it the highest quality of features possible at this price range when at the same time they have sacrificed some smaller and comparatively less significant aspects of the marker.

Overall, this is a top quality marker that caters to the needs of professional players as well as intermediate paintball players. Top level paintball players may not exactly find this device up to par with their standards for a paintball gun but given the price, this device is a truly remarkable achievement for paintballs who are looking for upgrades at a low price.

The Azodin Kaos is a semi-auto paintball gun and is one of the best paintball guns under $100. This device has been manufactured to the highest possible standards given the pricing of the device. The Azodin Kaos is a high-quality gun that works really well at a very reasonable price. The device has remarkable technology paired with high standard features. This best budget paintball gun is outstanding in its performance and is sure to give you a competitive advantage over your opponents. This brand of paintball guns is relatively new in the paintball industry and already they have released one of the highly appreciated and well-acclaimed paintball guns on the market.

This marker is quickly becoming popular among paintball players especially the beginners who have recently joined the sport of paintball. One reason why this marker has gained such tremendous success in the industry is that it offers high-quality features at a very affordable price which is exactly what most beginners are looking for.

This is an ideal marker for amateur paintball players. The device is lightweight and compact which enables ease of movement and is well capable of shooting with remarkable accuracy even from a respectable distance.

The cleaning and maintenance of this best budget paintball gun are very easy owing to the easily removable Delrin bolt made from strong plastic composite. The device also features are the double trigger that makes for a quick fire and twelve-inch upgradeable auto-cocker threaded stock barrel that makes for sharp accuracy and excellent range. The marker is fast, reliable, and very durable. This paintball gun is an affordable choice not only for beginners but also for intermediate paintball players.



Paintball, like every other sport, demands skill and strategy. To be able to play paintball, you must have incredible mental skills as well as athletic abilities. During a paintball battle, you must be able to maneuver, reload, aim and fire in the midst of keeping track of your opponents while trying to keep being detected by other players.

Paintball depends heavily on strategy, a lot like chess, but with a physical aspect to it. When it comes to organized paintball, the most basic strategy is the most simple. You must keep a thorough eye on your perimeter, and keep control of the corners of the field, which is also referred to as the wires.

Good luck with your purchase of the best paintball gun with our list of the best budget paintball guns and have an exceptional paintball experience.