Best Paintball Guns Under $200 In 2020

Paintball has evolved to be a very popular entertainment sport in recent times. The best part being it is suited for all ages and non-lethal in nature. However, choosing the best paintball gun under 200 is not easy. Especially for college goers, spending more than 200 bucks doesn’t make economical sense. 

There are many pro players who spend thousands of dollars on the best paintball gun for training. Finding a good gun that can fit into your play isn’t an easy task but take note that if you are on a budget, you do not have to force yourself to spend more money than you have to. There are quite a lot of paintball guns that come at very low costs and finding the best paintball guns under 200 is not easy and we aim to make it easy through this article. All you need is to dig down and ask the right questions.

The assortment of paintball guns one would find today is beyond belief. This is a game that requires good strategy and dexterity, no matter whether you play solo or in a group. Even though this is just a game, you need to have real strategic skills to win the game.

Just like you need to have a good understanding of things before you buy a real gun, paintball also needs you to have a good look at what fits you the best. Gandering at some goods’ stores or consulting a professional might help. If you are new to the game, it is possible that you don’t know what you are really looking for.

That is when you should consider asking a friend or asking people at a place where they play paintball but don’t buy guns. That can be very helpful in understanding what suits you the best.

Here is a list of the things that you need to look out for before buying a paintball gun:

Factors To Look For When Buying Best Paintball Gun Under $200

You may have borrowed or rented a gun before,t it is important that you know which one to choose. Before looking for a gun, ask yourself some basic questions. More than knowing the factors that make you find the right fit, you need to know what you really want from a gun and how they warm up to you.

best paintball guns under 200

1. How much are you going to play?

Many stores rent guns for as much as $10 to $20 for an entire day. If you are going to use a gun only once or twice a year, it would be better for you consider renting them. If you play on a regular basis or like five-six times a year, it would be worth buying.

Most places that let you play paintball let you rent a gun and it isn’t a bad thing to not have your own equipment. Also, if you are a new player, renting a few times can help you decide what fits you better.

Once you have decided whether you really need to buy a gun, you can go ahead and look at how guns differ and what you are looking for.

2. Style of guns

Paintball markers come in different working forms – namely, Mechanical, electronic and ones that utilize pumps. As the terms would suggest, mechanical markers don’t need electricity, whereas electronic markers run on the fundamental building blocks of batteries and circuit boards.

Mechanical markers are very easy to use and maintain and their designs range from basic ones like actual firearms to sophisticated styles used in professional leagues. . Most of them come with compressed gases like CO2. These guns operate on a feature known as blow-back because the pressure entailed by the gas released reiterates the entire procedure with every new shot.  

Electronic guns are new and high-tech products that push the game up to a new level. These were initially high-priced, but with advancement in technology, they have become cheaper.

The best paintball guns under 200 also operate with compressed gas and to add to this: electric control is implemented with the introduction of a circuit board which in turn opens gateways to new firing modes that include full-auto and 3-round bursts.

Pump guns were once alone in the market and became a thing of the past very soon after the advancement of technology and the introduction of new types of guns. But in recent years, they have made a comeback and there are reasons why. These guns also use a similar compressed gas operation like the other two types, maintaining the accuracy and precision of the guns. But where it differs is the fact that pump markers are single-shot guns.

Now it is obvious for you to ask why anyone would want a single-shot gun. The reason is that of its limitation, one can improve their skills by increasing accuracy. Other styles of guns can shoot as fast as your fingers can move, but pump markers limit you in time, thus demanding the development of your effective shooting.

3. Gas Systems

As you read above, different guns use different gases and it is important to know which to use. If you use a gun with a gas that isn’t made to use that, it can be damaged just after a few shots.

The main reason why most guns use carbon dioxide lies in its cost. You can spend an entire day with your gun on just $5! Once you have the proper equipment, CO2 makes playing a lot cheaper.

But the drawback with this gas is that it cools very fast. The faster the gun fires, the colder the CO2 gets. The colder CO2, then, causes the pressure to drop resulting in an extreme loss of velocity.

HPA or High-Pressure Air is made using pure nitrogen. Many refer to it as nitro and they are usually pressurized to 3000 psi and then regulated down to 850 psi before entering the gun.

This gas really covers the drawbacks of carbon dioxide and no matter how fast you shoot, there is no problem caused by HPA  to mess up your gun.

Another benefit of HPA is its ability to refill without having to empty the tank. This gives room for better flexibility between games and doesn’t require you to carry any backup tanks.

4. Barrel

When it comes to precision and accuracy of the gun, the barrel is one of the most important integral parts of the gun. It is quite complicated to understand which barrel is better for you when it comes to considering the barrel porting and length and the material used to make it.

We will discuss the materials used down below:

The lightest barrels would be the ones made out of Aluminum. This is a choice for most beginner players because it is the easiest to use and comparatively affordable.

The only drawback is that Aluminium is not a very strong and sturdy material, which can lead to bends and deformations.

Ceramic barrels are also as light as aluminum ones, but they are generally fragile. Although many players prefer these because they are self-cleaning; which means that if you have a paintball broken in your barrel, it will be cleaned up by the next shot.

Stainless steel barrels are durable but add quite some weight to the gun. If you can handle the weight, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t opt for it. Most players turn to stainless steel because it still feels new and strong even after using many times.

Finally, carbon fiber barrels have come to be known as the finest barrels in the market. They are not only very lightweight but durable and easy to maintain. If polished to an extent, they can be smoothened to the point where no friction is offered to the paintballs hence, letting them retain more speeds.

Now coming to the length of the barrel, it depends mostly on your style of play. Short markers increase maneuverability in close-combat scenarios. However, shorter barrels also tend to be less accurate. Whereas longer barrels are good for long distance shots, they take away from the stealth of the gun.

The length of paintball gun barrels is decided mostly based on how long the paintball remains in the barrel to reach its maximum velocity. The longer the barrel, the higher  its speed and accuracy.

Porting or the term ‘ported’ on a barrel refers to the tiny holes drilled on the end of the barrel. These holes serve two purposes. Firstly, they allow the shooting to be quieter by expelling some pressure before the paintball comes out.

Secondly, there are a second set of holes in the middle of the barrel that helps in adding backspin to the paintball, thus increasing its accuracy.

Standard paintballs have a caliber of 0.680 and high standard ones go up to 0.697. If you try to use a 0.697 caliber paintball on a barrel that is bored to the size of 0.680,  you are going to break every shot and eventually damage your gun. So, make sure you use the right caliber paintballs with the right bore-size barrels.

5. Hopper

It is often missed by beginners to see where the manufacturers put the hopper on the gun. They can be placed in two areas: Center-fed or Offset. Center-fed guns have the hopper situated in the middle of the marker, allowing for the shooter to aim from either side of the weapon. Offset, however, limits the line of sight if you attempt to aim from the side the hopper is on.

If you are going to be in a close-combat style of play or if you want the ability to aim around either side of an obstacle, then hopper placement is a very important thing to take into consideration.

A wrongly placed hopper can lead to decrease in your accuracy and you might also get shot easily and faster by exposing more of your body.

Ultimately, the four things that you should look for in a gun are its weight, performance, ergonomics and return on investment.

Whether you hold a gun for just a few minutes or hours, it is not a good feeling holding something you hate. To really understand what suits you, consider going to a paintball store and hold a few guns to see how the factors match you. There are things that differ for different individuals like the distance between the regulator and the grip makes it more comfortable for some and for others, it’s uncomfortable.

Not all guns work properly at all kinds of weather conditions as we discussed above and hence, it is important that you consider a gun work decently in almost all weather conditions.

Return on investment is something you should consider before buying anything. What you get in return against what you pay initially and later for the product are good to know before.

Now that we have discussed the factors that matter while you choose a gun, let us look at some of the best paintball guns for the money.

Top 10 Best Paintball Guns Under $200 In 2020


Tippmann has brought the best features to this gun for you to improve in your game. With top-notch quality and durable construction, will be able to improve your accuracy significantly. The key features of this gun include dual feed option with Magfed or even a traditional loader, in-line bolt system, two 20 round spring driven magazines, easy-pull trigger, rubber grip and the internal gas line made up of stainless steel.

The body is made of good and strong material and is suitable for rough usage. Also, if you are a beginner, this product is going to give you absolute satisfaction on the field. The pros of this gun is surely its unique design and lightweight. It also comes with two magazines. The only con to it is that the carbon-dioxide tank of the gun often gets loose. With all the features for a reasonable price this is one of the top best paintball gun under 200.

The best feature of this gun has to be its dependability. This gun has a solid frame build on a nylon reinforced composition which makes it the perfect fit for battlegrounds.

This feature is a very important part of a gun because many surroundings can prove challenging. The Blitz 3 also has a lightweight feature to it and it only weighs 2.05 pounds, which means that you never have to get tired on the ground by just carrying your own weapon.

Hence, it lets you carry more gear or load up on more paintballs which give you a tactical advantage over your opponents. For the power this gun provides, the sound is remarkably quiet and once again, gives you an edge to sneak around your enemies on the field. Azodin has surely a great job in making of this gun.

This is a gun that can be customized with several upgrades to fit your style of play. This is a perfect fit for both beginners who want to enjoy the game without having to spend a lot of their fortune as well as experienced players who can upgrade and utilize its advanced features.

The key features of this gun would be its light weight of only 3.7 pounds, a 150 feet effective range, the HPA capability, its semi-auto firing modes and the high-impact composite build. This gun has a 9-inch stock barrel, a gravity feed unit and an open-bolt for blowback.

Also, it comes with Tippmann’s two-year warranty which speaks for itself. Talking about performance, the vertical grip and two-piece handle design make it very comfortable and easy to hold and the best part- is surely its low recoil.

With its simplicity and efficiency packed in one product, Tippmann surely stuns us with an amazing price. To list down the cons of this gun, it can cause some difficulties in assembling it and also, has a lower fire rate than most other paintball markers. To conclude, it is a high-quality marker with a very reasonable price.

At just over $100, it would really be a challenge to find guns more robust than the Tippmann Cronus Tactical edition. It not wrong that the “tactical edition” is only a cosmetic makeup in the sense that you get a carry handle, fore-grip and stock but it completely changes the visuals on the gun, making it look like an M-16 rather than the bare-bones Cronus.

Many paintball venues use this as a rental gun proving its abilities in terms of durability. With this gun, you can easily group your shots on targets that are upto 75 feet away, which is something you can only begin to say of guns that cost $200 and more.

But beyond 75 feet, you are going to need a barrel upgrade if you want accuracy. The Cronus also features a reliable in-line bolt system in a high-impact composite body with soft over molded rubber grips.

If you want to take on targets that are upto 120-150 feet away, then a good barrel upgrade can be given by the  16′ J&J Ceramic Barrel which is just for $40. This is a very good fit for the Cronus and increases accuracy at all ranges.

When it comes to this marker, users love its durability, reliability and accuracy. Tippmann has not only taken all the best features out of the precedent 98 model, but also improved the performance and accuracy and the end- resulting in a revolutionary marker called Tippmann 98 Custom.

One of the major features that attracts most players are the customizing options and with all the upgrade possibilities, this marker is one of the most versatile beginner’s paintball guns that you can find.

The key features of this gun are its 11 rps cycle rate, an effective range of 150 feet, the friendly semi-auto marker that provides reliability and excellent performance, its split receiver design so you can quickly access the internal components and the vertical front grip to ensure stability and comfort.

You are also given to choose whether you use CO2 or compressed air and the gun is able to fire-off around 8 shots per second, which is more than enough for any paintball player. Fall, crawl, roll or jump, this gun will behave like nothing has ever happened.

Made with top quality metal and comfortable design, you can carry this gun for hours without feeling encumbered. But this gun too has problems in disassembling it and this is not the fastest gun, with some users reporting of high recoil.

The main selling point of this gun is its ability to upgrade to your style and fit you easily. In conclusion, this is a great entry-level gun.

This is one of the best entry-level paintball guns that money could buy. Not very sophisticated, but a gun that works just fine. If you are a beginner,  you should consider one feature more than any other and that is reliability.

There can be nothing worse than being in the battlefield and getting stuck with the gun. You might not have good experience and by the time you troubleshoot, you might just get coloured. This is where this gun makes the cut. Just set in a tank and hopper and play paintball. The Kaos 2 starts at around $100 and is built to endure lots of roughness.

Standard features include a 12” single piece barrel, screw lock feedneck, 45 degree gas thru grip, stainless steel hose, and a new slimmed down ASA. These new additions drastically improve the appearance and make it a real eye-catcher.

Though better performance and shot consistency is achieved through the use of a compressed air tank, you also have the option of running CO2 on the Kaos 2. These features have been implemented very well by Azodin.

The marker is also extremely easy to maintain and clean, with most parts and areas of the marker being easily accessible.

Whether you are a newbie or an experienced paintball pro, you always want a gun that is of good quality and performs well in the battlefield, and this gun is not easy to refuse.

This is surely one of the most stylish products on this list and the sleek of it is just enough to make it stand out as compared to others. Also, the weight of the gun is only 2 pounds, again proving the quality build. Carrying it around all day while on the playing field will never be an issue and you will be able to carry more gear giving you the advantage.

As mentioned with all products, reliability is a very important factor and with its very well-made body, the Fenix won’t disappoint you. Another reason this marker is so reliable is because of its patent-pending Eko Valve that helps keep the gun going strong even during heavy firing.

This valve system also increases the efficiency of the gun making it possible to shoot up to 1600 balls using just 20 OZ of CO2 . This gun also gives you the ability to sneak around your enemies because it uses less air pressure and hence, is very quiet. Spyder always stands by their customers and this gun comes with no exception.

It gets a full one-year warranty and because this gun has been in the field for many years now, you can barely find an alternative better than this. There is no reason why you should not consider getting your hands on this. The price does not break the bank and it outperforms many higher priced markers.

Straight off the military – as the name would suggest – this a six position collapsible and foldable stock, an AR-15 style shroud with four built-in Picatinny rails and a new AR-15 style magazine that doubles as a helpful toolkit.

It’s enhanced with a Picatinny rail built which makes it ideal for players who want to quickly scope, handle, or add a variety of other customizations. More so, this Salvo Sniper Paintball Marker can easily be augmented several upgrades from the platinum series including the likes of Response Trigger, Cyclone Feed System, and Flatline Barrel.

To list its features, it has 11” quick thread barrel, a stainless steel gas-line which means it won’t rust or break, an all aluminum die cast Tippmann project Salvo receiver and removable and adjustable front and rear sights. The design is very realistic and it comes with a NcStar Tactical Red Dot Sight Scope and a NcStar Airsoft folding foregrip weaver.

Though it does not come with a hopper, it fits almost all standard paintball feeders. This gun has a very good feedback from users and the pricing is very reasonable. If you are a paintball enthusiast, this will surely satisfy your play.

Out of the so many gun reviews, the Tippmann Gryphon is one of the fastest and the most reliable guns ever. The biggest advantage of this gun is that the body structure is a very basic one and indeed very helpful for beginners to start with. It comes with a high quality ported barrel, which increases its accuracy.

Also, owing to its internal gas line, it has a sleek look. This is one of the lightest guns ever made and is very easy to use for long periods. The frame of the gun is very sturdy and can take heavy beatings, meaning you will not have to break down in between a battle.

This gun operates on low pressure and hence, does not use much of the gas at once making it one of the very efficient models. Using the center feed design, it is built to operate well without any sound.

Coming to the lifetime, it comes with a 2-year warranty which is a very stunning offer for a paintball gun. The only problem that players have ever reported while using this gun is the long trigger pull, which might lead to slower firing efficiency. Considering its low price, this gun has a lot to offer.

As Tippmann describes, this is truly an entry level marker. This is also a very basic gun with a simplified design that makes the gun more easily understandable, especially for beginners. Also, the gun does not need much maintenance.

This gun comes with a 20 Oz CO2 tank and is fitted with a 200 round paintball hopper. For those who are new to the game, this gun can help them experience what levels of durability and efficiency a paintball marker can provide. The price of the gun is very low as compared to the numerous premium features that Tippmann is giving away in this. It is designed by an expert paintball marker designer who has developed several top-performing products.

This is a 68 caliber gun, which is powered by air-assisted blow and can be operated on either carbon dioxide and nitrogen. The effective range of the gun reaches almost 150 feet and is adjustable. The hopper capacity is 200 balls and is one of the most affordable products in this list.




Before spending all your money on buying a gun that suits you the best, you should strictly consider what other things you need to make the gun function properly.  A gravity fed hopper is a poor augmentation for a super-fast electro-pneumatic gun.

By understanding what you would want to play, you would get a better idea of what you will need to spend in total. Factoring in this price with the price of the gun can be beneficial in choosing the proper gun.


If you are on a budget, this can be a great option to save a good amount of money. But before you decide on that, make sure you are ready to accept equipment that might show some signs of wear and may need adjustments. They may not be what you expect.

But if you are willing, you can check out eBay-style auction sites, and your local paintball shops to see if you can find a some at a bargain price.


Paintball is not a dangerous sport and there are hardly any accidents. But yes, there are accidents and most of them are not caused by markers but due to sprained ankles.

Barrel covers, also sometimes referred to as barrel sleeves or barrel condoms, cover the end of your marker’s barrel so as to prevent an errant round from being fired during unintended use. It is important that a barrel cover must be on your barrel when you are not using it.

Barrel plugs are also available as an alternative but they might fall out and hence, are not as apt as barrel covers. Most commercial fields will disqualify you off the game if your marker does not come equipped with a barrel cover, needless to say -it is an essential piece of equipment.


Buying a paintball gun for the first time is a difficult task and it can easily make you turn away. The only way to make the process easy is to do good research and look at every aspect of different guns.

Once you put some time to observe and understand the benefits of different features, you will find it very rewarding and it would be easier for you to buy a gun that satisfies your style.

The looks of the gun are not more important than the overall features. The looks can be modified but the features cannot be changed and misusing the gun without following proper precaution can lead to damage; not only ones to the gun, but to your own security.

To make sure you do not end up hating a product that you pay for, you should literally know about every feature of the gun and how they function before you buy it.

As it has been mentioned, again and again, it would be best to visit a local store and get your hands on some guns to get a proper feel as to how each feature makes a difference to its abilities.

Test them out and see how you two work out together. Make sure you get yourself a product that lets you follow the most important rule of the game: which is to have fun.