Best Paintball Guns Under $300 in 2020

Paintball is a sport that has become a worldwide phenomenon and is rising in popularity. Although still not as popular as traditional sports like football and basketball, paintball is still enjoyed by countless people across the globe. The game involves shooting dye-filled gelatine capsules (paintballs) at other players to mark them.

The best paintball guns under 300 are shot using a low energy air weapon known as a paintball marker, which may be powered by CO2 or compressed air (nitrogen). This game was first developed in the 1980s for recreation and training, but since then has spawned many competitive leagues that involve professional teams, top notch markers and professional players.

In addition to recreational use, the best paintball guns are also used in military and police training. In terms of feel and handling, a paintball gun has little in common with an actual firearm, but paintball is still good training for combat situations. Mainly, it lets soldiers and police practice strategy, camouflage, and stealth.

Best paintball gun under 300

If you’re just starting out, however, you may not want to spend too much on your first marker. This guide will help you pick the paintball gun under 300 for the type of game you like to play. 300 is generally a good budget to begin with, as you can get high-quality markers without spending too much on them.

Tips To Choose Best Paintball Gun Under $300

1. Research What Is Available

The first thing to do is to of course look at what kind of paintball guns are in the market and which ones are the most popular and such. You research is probably what led you to this article.

It is always a good idea to understand a paintball marker’s functionality first, and you should familiarize yourself with the various terms used by the paintball marker sellers. You should also research the purpose of various parts like the hopper, the barrel, the scope, etc. to get a good idea of what’s being sold to you.

Researching before you decide to go buy a marker is always important as you should understand what is important to your style of playing and what is not.

2. Talk To The Experts

This is another form of research. If possible, you should talk to the professionals in the field. You can consult the regular players who come to the same field as you, and they’ll be more than happy to give you some advice. Talking to the referee of the paintball arena is also a good idea.

You want to be able to get a good idea of what kind of guns would be suitable for beginners and which guns are at an advantage in the area that you’re playing in. This will help you choose the best paintball gun under 300 for your particular playing style and arena.

The professionals can also advise you about the kind of markers they’re currently using and the advantages and disadvantages of all kinds of markers. This is usually a better form of research than just looking at the specification on the internet, as the source of information is much more reliable. Additionally, professionals have been handling paintball guns for quite a while, and so they know what works and what doesn’t.

3. Set A Budget For The Gun And The Equipment

When we’re talking about the paintball gun under 300 dollars, we’re talking about the price of the gun in most cases. It is ideal if you set your budget, keeping in mind all that you need to buy. If you’re just planning to buy the gun, then your budget will be quite simple to decide. Just pick a price range and look for the best guns.

If you’re just starting out, you may use borrowed gear, although you should check the gear just in case. However, if you want to buy all the other equipment such as a tank, jacket, goggles, mask, etc. then you need to set out the budget for these items as well.

If you do need the other equipment as well, it is a good idea to look for packages. The package deals usually offer a marker, safety equipment, and air tank at a price lower than that of the individual equipment combined. Always make sure what all you need and set a budget accordingly.

4. The Type Of Gun

This is an important thing to consider as well. If you’re more of a casual player, a mechanical gun will suit your needs better. Mechanical guns have fewer parts and don’t require battery power, so they tend to be sturdier. They’re also better for woodsball, as they can take a little wear and tear. They are also less costly, as they tend to be simpler in construction. The downside is that they cannot be programmed because of the lack of an electric circuit.

Electro-pneumatic guns are better for competitive play. These guns come with a circuit board and can be programmed for fire-rate and for semi-automatic, burst, or automatic mode. Due to the electronic parts, this gun may be a little less durable.

Keep the kind of game you’re going to be playing in mind before you choose a marker type.

5. Customization Options With The Gun

One of the things you want to look for in a paintball marker is the customization options. These can significantly improve your performance out on the field. If you want to invest more in your marker later, make sure to get a marker which can use scopes, allows you to adjust the fire rate, change the barrel, etc.

It is important to find a balance when choosing a marker. You don’t want to end up buying a low-end gun with no customization options that you can only use for so long or buy a high-end gun that you never really attach anything to. The 300 dollar point is usually a good one, as most guns in this range are of high quality as well as not too expensive. Most guns in this range will deliver good performance combined with user-friendly features that are essential for a beginner.

6. Judge How It Feels And Handles

Before selecting a paintball marker, it is ideal if you can possibly test out the gun. The specifications of a certain marker may look good on paper, but you will not understand how well it works for you, until you go out and test in on the field. Whenever possible, rent out the marker you intend to buy and test it in the field.

It is important that the gun feels right in your hands. It should allow you to shoot comfortably, move quickly and easily and suit your style of shooting and playing. All of this simply cannot be judged without actually practising with the gun. The best marker for you will not be the one with grand specifications, but one that handles well and works with you when you use it.

When testing the weight of the gun, make sure you’re taking into account the added weight of the tank and the hopper. Check if the position of the trigger and scope feels comfortable with you. The marker’s looks may be appealing, but the way it feels in your hands is much more important during a match.

7. Consider How Often You’ll Be Playing

Again, this is an important factor in choosing the right gun for your playing style. If you’re going to be playing more than once a month, you would want to go for a durable gun that can last for a lot of games. If you’re playing a little less frequently, it is a good idea to get a marker that is easy to maintain, as you will have to work to keep it in good condition between each game.

However, if you’re only going to be playing a few times a year, you may want to consider whether it is worth buying a paintball marker. Chances are, the marker will be outdated before you can use it to its full capacity.

Always consider how frequently you’ll be playing before buying a paintball marker. This will give you a good estimate of what kind of a marker will you require, and whether it is worth investing in your own paintball marker in the first place.

8. Replacing Parts And Repairing

Another important thing to consider before selecting a paintball marker is whether the gun has replaceable parts. In a lot of low end guns, replacing a particular part like the barrel or the feedneck can be costly, so it is always a better option to just buy a new gun.

When checking for replaceable parts, it is also a good idea to check if the gun is compatible with parts that are easily available and mass produced. It can be difficult to repair a marker that is compatible with only a certain barrel type or tank from a specific manufacturer.

Another thing you should check is how easy are the parts to detach and attach. This can save you quite a bit of money in the future, as you’ll be able to fix your own marker and replace the parts. If the parts are easy and quick to remove and replace, then it is a great advantage.

9. Consider The Paintball Games You’re Interested In

The type of games you’re interested in playing can also be a great factor in the type of gun that’s ideal for you. Every type of game has a certain requirement from the gun. Some types demand rapid firing guns, while other types of games demand silent and accurate guns.

For example, if you’re more into playing woodsball, then a durable marker will better meet your needs. Woodsball arenas also tend to be much bigger, which means you’ll need guns that are accurate at long distances as well. Woodsball teams also have positions like a tactical unit, so you want a gun that is suitable to the position you’re playing in.

However, in speedball, the opponent is usually not much farther 15 meters, so the range of the gun is not as important. As the name suggests, the more important factor is the speed. You will need a gun that can fire and reload quickly. Also, speedball games usually allow only certain settings, which are found more often in electro-pneumatic markers specifically.

Consider the types of games you’ll be playing before you decide to buy a gun. The right gun can give you a significant advantage and the wrong one can be quite a setback.

10. Consider Buying Used Equipment

If you’re fine with using pre-loved equipment, it can be a great way to save even more money for attachments. However, test the market carefully if you’re planning to buy a used one. Check the marker’s condition. A little bit of superficial wear and tear is fine, but if there are any obvious cracks or signs of damage, think carefully before purchasing the marker.

While buying used equipment, always verify the source of the purchase. Make sure it is a trusted or reliable shop. You can always ask around in communities about the best places to buy used paintball equipment. Be careful, and you may get the best paintball gun under 300 at an even lower price.

11. The Kind Of Tank Used

This can also affect the choice of your gun when you are selecting your marker. The tank is the source of the gun’s power while firing. When choosing a marker, make sure it’s compatible with the type of tank you intend to use.

There are two kinds of tanks in use today. The first kind is CO2 tank. Nearly all guns were initially powered by the CO2 tank. It works as the tank contains liquid CO2, which expands on escaping the tank and propels the paintball forward. One of the reasons for the popularity of this kind of tank is the low cost of this kind of tank. It has other advantages, such as the lower cost of filling up the tank and the comparatively lower weight which makes the marker lighter.

However, this type of tank comes with some serious disadvantages. The pressure in the tank fluctuates due to temperature, elevation, and other variables. This causes sputtering and an uneven performance.

Another major issue is tank and gun chilling. This happens because as the gas is expanding it is also cooling down, and the faster it expands, the colder it gets. Hence the faster you shoot, the colder the gun gets. If it gets too cold the vacuum created in the gun can draw up the liquid CO2 and damage the gun permanently.

To deal with the drawbacks of using CO2, compressed air tanks were introduced. These usually come at different pressures and capacities. They are also ideal for electronic markers, as they will not damage the circuitry, unlike the issues caused by CO2 tanks. They deliver consistent pressure and your accuracy will consequently improve. The drawback is that they cannot be filled anywhere but a pro shop, as they’re heavier than CO2 tanks, and more expensive.

Consider the type of tank you want to use as well before choosing a gun. Try and go for a compressed air system if you can.

12. You Playing Area’s Rules And Guidelines

These are also important to consider before buying a marker. Some paintball fields may not allow you to bring your own markers on regular days. This is because they want to ensure a fair and equal playing field for all the participants.

However, in this case, they have certain “walk on” days where they allow you to bring your own marker. The paintballs are also usually cheaper on this day and they may refill your tank for free.

On the walk-on days, you can use your own gun and enjoy playing with other frequent players. However, some fields do allow you to bring your own marker all days, except with certain restrictions to make the game fair. Do enquire at your paintball field about their arrangement before buying a marker.

Also, make sure they provide refills for the type of tank you’re using. You don’t want to end up driving around the city searching for a refill before your game.

Make sure to take into consideration the field you’ll be playing at, before buying a marker.

13. The Position You’ll be Playing In

This is also an important factor to consider before buying a paintball marker. There are several positions in a woodsball team, and in speedball, there are the players who play closer up front and the ones in the back. No matter what kind of paintball you choose to play, there will be a position you play in more frequently.

When selecting a paintball gun, keep in mind the position you’ll be playing in. The snipers usually require guns that can fire at a long arrange and accurately, whereas scouting positions will require more silent and lighter guns to be able to move quickly and quietly. The abilities required from the marker will change depending on the position you’re playing in. Always take it into consideration before selecting a marker.

14. Compare The Prices Of Various Sellers

Once you’ve selected which gun you want, it is a good idea to go online and compare the price of the gun on various websites. Do be careful of fraudulent websites; however, always try to use trusted shopping websites like Amazon while ordering these guns. When the gun is received, check it well for integrity. Incidents like an exploding CO2 tank have taken place, so make sure your marker is in top condition when it arrives.

But don’t just limit your search to the online world. Visit you local retailer and paintball specialty store. When comparing prices, always take into consideration the extras offered by the shops or websites. Check whether the gun comes with the hopper, tank or strap. Finding a good gun in your budget is good, but it’s even better if you get the best price you possibly can for the gun.

Now that you know what factors you want to consider before buying a paintball marker, we have selected a list of 10 best paintball markers under 300.

Top 10 Best Paintball Guns Under $300 In 2020


The first gun on our list, the Tippmann Cronus paintball marker gun is manufactured by the reputed paintball company Tippmann. It is available in three colours: Basic Black/Tan, Tactical Olive/Black, and Tactical Black/Tan. It is a high-quality paintball marker that comes as a component of an attractive paintball package.

The package includes Tippmann Cronus .68 Caliber Paintball Marker, GenX Stealth Anti Fog Paintball Mask, 200 Round Gravity Fed Loader, Maddog 20 Oz. CO2 tank, 6+1 Paintball Harness and 6 Standard 140 Round Paintball Pods. This is a comprehensive package providing you with everything you’ll need for a good game.

The gun features an in-line bolt system, high impact composite body and a soft moulded rubber grip to give you the best shooting experience. The package also comes with 1 ounce Gold Cup oil and an orange squeegee to maintain your gun and keep it in excellent condition. The gun is designed to give you a premium shooting experience.

It also features multiple Picatinny rails that allow you to mount a scope, a sight, a laser aiming module, night mode devices, etc. So you have full control over your experience and can optimize the gun to the situation you’re playing in. It also has an excellent vertical grip, optimal performance ported barrel and a striking Mock silencer with the front sight.

The gun is easy to carry, a pleasure to operate, and is of high quality. It is also a great value for money and durable, and comes with an amazing package. It is truly one of the best paintball guns under 300 dollars, for beginners as well as experienced players.

Another gun by the reputed company, the Tippmann TMC MAGFED Paintball Marker is known for its versatility and reliability. This marker’s unique feature is that it allows you to choose between a magazine fed setting or a hopper fed setting. This is a great advantage, as you can choose between magazines or hoppers depending on the game you’re playing.

This gun is also notable for its easily replaceable parts. If your gun is damaged, the spare parts are available nearly everywhere. It also comes with a quad rail for customization options. Whether you need to attach a flashlight, a scope, or any extras, this gun allows you to do it all.

The gun is of top-notch quality in addition to its affordability. It also has an ergonomic design, and is a delight to hold and handle, due to its soft rubberized grip. It also features a collapsible stock that you can adjust to make your shooting experience as comfortable as possible.

This pneumatic marker is definitely here to leave a mark in the paintball industry. It comes with a high-performing in-line bolt system as well, and can give you the best performance. This full pneumatic is definitely a great choice, if you’re looking for a versatile and highly customizable gun.

The Empire Paintball Mini GS Marker is one of the best paintball guns under 300 because of its excellent build, reliability, and easy-to-fix design. It is a low pressure electronic marker which means it has all the modes and settings you would need in a game. It is also very steady while firing, and has a great build quality.

The paintball marker is built with solid aluminium, which feels great in your hands. The build quality definitely makes it a reliable gun, and it is an excellent entry level marker for tournaments. It comes at a reasonable price, and features everything you’d need in a tournament.

Another advantageous feature of the gun happens to be the lever feed neck, which allows you to remove and attach the hopper quickly and easily. This maker is build for more speedball style games.

It also comes with on/off ASA, so turning your air off and replacing or refilling your tank is very easy. This gun features a higher level of accuracy and a better design than its previous version.

The built-in foregrip is positioned to protect the engine and other parts from paintballs. It significantly increases your strength and assurance on the paintball field. The gun is also one of the lightest in the range, and is built for speed and dexterity. The easy to use design makes it suitable for beginners.

The gun does require a battery, which some may consider a disadvantage. However, the gun’s build, speed, and weight make it a great choice for anyone looking for easy manoeuvrability and speed.

This gun comes as a part of a remarkable kit that gives you everything you need for a game of paintball. The kit includes a red dot sight, carry handle, a 20 ounce CO2 tank, 4+1 Paintball

Harness, four 140 Round Paintball Pods, GXG 200 Round Loader, Action Village Pull Through Squeegee, and a GXG XVSN Paintball Mask in black color. This package truly features the best accessories to go with your gun.

This is a semi-automatic paintball gun that is again manufactured by the leading paintball marker company Tippmann. It is one of the more powerful paintball markers in this price range.

You’ll find that your gun is quite easy to clean and maintain, and the provided package includes a Squeegee to help you clean out your gun quickly and efficiently. It is also highly accurate, and the red dot sight provided with the gun will enhance your accuracy greatly.

The gun is also very aesthetically pleasing to look at, and is good for military simulation games. This is an excellent marker for you if you prefer a complete starter kit and a user-friendly gun.

This is one of the best-known guns in paintball history and for good reason. The Tippmann A5 is known to be reliable, durable, easy to fix, and upgradeable. The cyclone hopper is a great advantage, as it guarantees you won’t have any skipped shots or jams. The hopper also works off air, so you won’t have to worry about batteries, or maintenance as much.

This gun features push pins, so you can easily take off the frame or replace parts quickly, as and when needed. The gun’s body is made of aluminum, making it durable and able to take a bit of rough play. The gun is also highly customizable. You can use various components and switch out certain parts with ease, tailoring it to your needs.

This gun also perfectly suits scenario based plays and woodsball. The gun takes pride in the high-quality barrel, around 8.5 inches in size. The hopper is low profile, and the gun boasts several other unique features such as the cyclone feed system mentioned earlier.

Although it is a mechanical marker, it can shoot an astounding 15 balls every second. It has a smart mechanism that allows it to withstand the high velocity. All in all, it is a great tried-and-tested product in an affordable range.

This is one of the best options available for paintball lovers. It performs excellently and displays amazing reliability and effectiveness, all while under the price of $300. The gun is built for efficiency, the streamlined design allowing you to fire without any distractions. The sleek design also ensures that the gun is quite comfortable to use and hold, allowing you to last longer in the game.

The gun is also one of the most lightweight guns available, adding to the comfort and speed of operating the gun. It weighs in at only 2.05 pounds, and this makes it a great option for anyone playing games where speed of the player is important. Additionally, the gun does not compromise on durability for reduced weight. The frame is made of Nylon reinforced composite, which allows the frame to take a lot of punishment without bending or breaking.

The gun comes with user-friendly features, and the testament of millions of users goes to show the dedication put into optimizing the end user experience with this paintball marker. The marker receives a constant supply of air from the steel hose, the feather regulator is one of the best in quality, and the screw lock feedneck is inconspicuous and allows for some maneuvers. These are examples of features designed while keeping the user in mind.

The gun is also remarkably quiet, despite the punch it packs. This allows you to sneak up and take out your competition quickly and quietly. All in all, this is one of the best electronic markers under $300, for all kinds of games.

This is the ideal paintball marker for military simulations. It is said to mimic real life guns used by Marines. It certainly performs well, and the electronic grip frame allows you to fire quickly and take out the competition with ease.

This marker is considered to be one of the best for a game of wood and scenario play. The authentic styling of this gun will definitely fit right in with woodsball. The gun also features a slice higher body system that opens for easy maintenance.

This is also a great paintball marker, in case you want to take part in close quarter battles. This is because it doesn’t require any tools for field stripping. The folding stock also allows you to adjust the handling of the gun according to what’s the most comfortable position for you. The gun also features a top-notch Picatinny rail, which allows you to carry the gun with ease.

This gun also comes with several other features, like the adjustable trajectory barrel, force-feed loader, and mode grip frame. It is a truly amazing paintball marker for military simulation. However, do note that this gun is more on the heavier side, so you might want to give it a skip, if maneuverability is more important to you.

This is another gun that comes as a part of a comprehensive set to give you everything you need to start a game on the paintball field. The package includes the GOG eNMEy Paintball Gun, GXG XVSN Mask with Visor & Anti Fog Lens, 200 Round Black Hopper, 20 oz CO2 Tank with Pin Valve, 6+1 Deluxe Paintball Harness, six 140 Round Heavy Duty Ultimate Paintball Clear Tubes, 21″ Orange Jerk Squeegee, and 0.5 ounces Gold Cup Final Solution Grease.

The spool valve design is a known benefit to tournament players everywhere. The GOG eNMEy paintball marker gun brings tournament level technology into the price range of a novice paintball player. The pneumatic trigger is designed to give you a quick, clean, and comfortable pull, so the gun shoots smoothly. This gun performs quite swiftly for a marker that is not electronic.

The mechanical marker is also very easy to clean, and the supplies for this purpose come with the comprehensive package. It is also on the lighter end of the spectrum, making it ideal forlong games, as you’re not tiring yourself out just trying to carry the gun around.

The package deal that the gun comes as a part of is a great package to get you out on the field. The gun is overall a great entry level gun and performs very well in all sorts of conditions. However, if you’re an experienced player with all the necessary equipment on hand already, it is a better decision to buy the gun separately. The gun also features plenty of upgrading options, so is still quite a good choice for experienced players as well.

This pump paintball gun by Azodin is quite an impressive gun because of its efficiency, accuracy and overall performance. The Azodin KP3 Kaos Pump Paintball Gun is a pump paintball gun, which means you have to physically pump the gun before every shot. This gun is known for its smooth and speedy pump actions, owing to its dual pump and cocking rods.

This marker comes with an on/off ASA, so detaching your tank is easy and quick. A lever feed neck helps keep your hopper stable, and thumb wheels allow for micro adjustments to give you the best performance possible. The simple pump gun is user-friendly and can freely be used by beginners, while still delivering the performance desired by many experienced players.

Aesthetics-wise, the gun is available in quite a few colour schemes and you can choose the one that fits you the best. The overall design is quite ergonomic so handling the marker is quite easy and comfortable for extended periods of playing.

The gun also features a ZeRO assembly system that allows you to lower the operating pressure. This guarantees precision and quietness, allowing you to take out the competition with ease. This is the one of the best pump paintball markers, and if you’re looking to play with a pump gun that will enhance your performance, this is the right choice.

The Dye Precision Proto Rize is an electronic paintball marker that is greatly recommended as an entry level paintball gun under 300 dollars. Like all electric markers, it comes with different modes that can be used depending on the game being played. This marker features 4 modes, and works very well for tourneys and tournaments. The spool valve technology allows this gun to fire quietly and smoothly, making it a pleasure to shoot with.

The gun also has very little kick back, adding to its precision and stability. It is also capable of shooting higher end fragile tournament paintballs with ease. The gun also features an adjustable feed neck, so you can position your hopper comfortably. The Proto Rize is also known to have one of the best stock barrels in the price range.

It is also a fairly lightweight gun, allowing you to move quickly and handle it easily. The gun also features DYE Sticky Grips, which make the handle fit comfortably in your hands. The only problem you may have is the plastic feedneck, as the material is not as durable as some others. However, you can rest assured that it can’t greatly influence your overall performance, particularly when you’re in battle.




Make sure you always have your barrel guard on, when off the playing field. Set your gun to shoot at no more than 300 fps, as higher velocities can cause broken skin and cause welts. Some fields have pre-game checks for the velocity to check if your marker is firing at an acceptable speed. Another precaution to take is to always check your gun before a game. It matters if you recently adjusted its settings. Always make sure you know that your marker meets the standards set by the field and is in good condition.


Never remove your mask on the field for any reason, even if you think no one else is around. If you see that someone has lost their mask on the field, don’t shoot. Yell “blind man” so other players are aware and don’t shoot at that individual as it can cause serious physical injury. Always use barrel plugs after play, and keep your mask on until all barrel plugs are in place, and the referee signals the break or end of the match.


Always respect your teammates and opponents. Do not push, shove, hit, or make any physical contact at all with anyone. It is considered  foul in most games, and more importantly it is not sporting of anyone to do so. Also, do not mark a player with more paintballs than necessary. Shooting repeatedly can be very painful, and be considered a form of abuse.


Always try to make sure that all your team members get to participate equally. Don’t try to hog the entire field for yourself. Remember, good teamwork will always win you the game better than individual performance. Winning as the part of a team, is much more fulfilling than individual glory.


Never go in blind . Unless you can clearly see the target and tell where are you approximately shooting, do not shoot. If you decide to shoot at any moving bodies, you could accidently hit a player at a vulnerable spot like at the back of the head, which could cause injury and pain, if it’s not well protected. Even worse, you could end up hitting the referee or local wildlife. Be especially careful when playing woodsball or scenario.


When you’re hit, admit it. Don’t wipe off the paint and keep playing, as this is cheating and bad sportsmanship. There will usually be certain rules as what counts as a hit, so listen carefully to the rules beforehand. If you’re unsure, signal the referee or yell “paint check”.

Now that you know some basic rules and etiquette involved in the game, let’s look at some tips to choose the right marker.


These were the top 10 best paintball markers under 300. Before selecting a marker, do consider the given points. Be sure to go with a gun that feels right to you, instead of just the one that has the most specifications. Always buy your gun from a trusted store, so that you end up with defective pieces or imitations of reputed brands.

Be respectful of the rules set by the referees while playing. Always follow the safety procedures to make sure that no one gets hurt. And most of all, remember to have fun!