Best Paintball Masks 2020

Are you a paintball fanatic? Or a beginner, a novice, stepping into the game to enjoy and play safe. Then there are a couple of things that you might want to consider before setting your game up. Paintball is a game which includes hits and smooches of paint from the guns, and you can get hit on your face or near it. It is generally played as an entertainment sport. 

So the very least you can do is ensure that your head and eyes are covered, as eyes being the most sensitive part. This is where you most importantly require a paintball mask to play. Safety comes first and to enjoy playing you should take necessary precautions which do not even hinder the play in terms of performance.

The best paintball mask totally depends on your needs and if you have already been wearing it but on rent, then it is high time that you consider buying one for yourself. It can be a little difficult to exactly know where to start from and that is why we are here to help you.

Time To Make Some Additions To Your Existing Paintball Set

Best paintball mask

Buying and using the right paintball mask increases your chances of winning plus personal safety. A sport like paintball is a safe one if you adhere to the safety rules and regulations, like invest in a good quality paintball gear which is protective and can be customized according to your whims.

There are a lot of funky and advanced paintball masks available at online stores which can meet your requirements and price range. You need to know which kind of game requires what kind of accessories and gear.

For example, speedball players need to dress up light for fast movement, while on the other hand woodsball players require more tactical styles masks and helmet for longer rounds.

This guide will underline why paintball masks are important to your game, features and sundry parts of a paintball mask, factors to look for before choosing one for yourself, 4 different types of paintball masks and finally list some of the most popular and best paintball masks available online.

Why Finding Best Paintball Mask Is Important

Checking out and buying the right paintball mask is key to a safe and great game. Whatever you choose can either hamper or facilitate the results you achieve in the game or in the field. Listed below are some of the reasons which make this product worth buying-

1. Paintball mask vision

best paintball masks are not created to make people look fancy while playing; they are specially created masks to protect the most delicate parts of your body. Anything that gets in the way of your sight is not for you while on the field and the major function of a mask is to provide you with clear and full vision while in play. Many paintball lenses also come with anti-fog features and thermal design lenses to assist you better.

2. Hearing in your paintball mask

while wearing the mask you also need to be sure that you can hear what is happening near you. Different kinds of models affect your hearing levels in different ways. One model can make it easy for you to hear while the other one can be totally opposite. Hearing is affected because paintball masks come with extra padding near the ear area to protect them from any injury if hit.

3. Foam Padding

This is actually a feature which increases comfort so that the mask feels easy around your face as well as helps in protection. Foam padding covers the sensitive areas around the face, like ears and nose. Some masks come with a feature which helps you replace its foam because after a lot of use the foam gets blighted and disfigured mostly due to the constant absorption of sweat. If your mask doesn’t allow for foam replacements then you might have to invest in a new mask after a while. So it is always better to choose the replaceable one.

4. Visors

These are situational but good to have because they help to keep the sun out of your eyes. They also help to keep rain water from going down into the vents (for breathing) on top of your mask and then into your face and mouth. Many models now come with detachable visors and can be used on other models as well.

All these features help to maximize your concentration in the game, keeping away all the hindrances that can negatively affect your play.

Features and Parts Of Paintball Masks

Some of the important features of best paintball masks are listed as follows-

1. Fog Resistance

You are playing on the field, fully investing in the game and then your regular mask fogs up in the middle of it; nothing can be worse than this. Almost all the new professional paintball masks come with anti fog features like the ones which are equipped with thermal lens help to prevent fogging.  

Every time you breathe it fogs up more and that makes it difficult for you to see but anti fogging feature takes care of that.

2. Scratch Resistance

Scratches are a regular thing which can affect your vision if your mask isn’t scratch resistant. Because of increased scratches, one day you might not be able to spot an object or a player near your area. Scratches do affect vision while you are in action. So find a mask which comes with scratch resistant feature so that it looks as good as new even after a lot of use.

3. Sturdiness

If you are a regular paintball player and have been hit by one, then you can understand how fast they move and hit. Usually paintball markers shoot at a speed of 300 feet per second (fps), so you will require a mask that can withstand this amount of force if it hits near your face or head. A sturdy paintball mask is worth investing in because it will not be easily damages by high speed paintballs.

4. Paintball Mask Profile

the mask profile can be low or high; small or large in simple terms. It depends on the type of game you usually engage in. For example, in a speedball game you will need a smaller profile mask as your head is amongst those few body parts which are exposed.

But note that a small profile mask can be of no use if it can’t protect you well. In woodsball game or other games you can choose a high profile one. One thing to be sure of is that the mask profile should not risk your safety in any way.

Different Parts Of Paintball Mask

It is crucial that you learn about the different parts of a paintball mask and each part’s role so that you can pick the best paintball mask for yourself.

1. Bottoms

As the name suggests, it refers to the lower section of the mask which covers the part of the face below the eyes. Some masks have lower sections which extend as long as the neck. But some models may not provide any safety or protection to your neck.

While buying the best paintball mask make sure of how well the mask protects and covers your jaw-line. Bottoms are mainly responsible to cover the nose and the mouth area, the vents in the mask allow you to breathe while playing and are angled in a way which help to prevent any direct contact with a paintball.

2. Paintball Mask lens

This part helps to protect your eyes from any injury caused due to a hit by the opponent players. The best paintball masks now available in the market are equipped with thermal lenses which prevent fogging (which disrupts vision).

Many models even offer scratch resistant lens to assist better vision, some come with replaceable lenses, removable lenses for cleaning purposes and sundry colors and finishing etc.

3. Paintball Mask Straps

The most important thing after buying and wearing a mask is to check whether it can stay fixed on your head because paintball games usually require you to move and act swiftly and quickly. In this game of motion and action straps are crucial to keep your paintball mask in place.

Straps even enhance the look of your mask; many people add them to make their paintball gear look funkier.  Straps are available online in varied designs and cool colors to match your style. You can either choose a single or a double strap set up according to what you like and find comfortable.

4. Ears

Ears are also very important and delicate part of your head which need to be well protected. Protective covers for the ears come in varied shapes and sizes, with extra foam padding near the area and other protective shields.

A lot of foam padding can hinder your hearing capacities but many new models now come with features that make sure that you are able to hear easily. Paintball masks include soft ears versus hard ears and each of these features provides safety but you need to check which one to choose according to your taste.

These are the basic features and parts of a best paintball mask, but make sure that you do not confuse them with all the factors important to consider before buying a paintball mask because we will be diving into more details while dealing with that portion.

Important Factors To Consider Before Buying Best Paintball Mask

Reading up these factors will help you decide what kind of mask will best suit you and help you prioritize what features you most specifically want your mask to have; in the end you can form your budget accordingly. Listed below are few factors to note before purchasing the best paintball mask.

1. Always invest in a High Quality Mask

Many novice or beginner paintball players invest more in the paintball marker rather than investing well in the best paintball mask. Instead if you don’t have a lavish budget then it is highly recommended that you invest in a high quality mask first.

Some people even end up buying a low quality mask and a marker just to complete their paintball gear, which can serve no good purpose. Investing in a good mask is crucial because a comfortable and durable model will help you improve your paintball experience.

A good quality buy also offers ample foam padding for sturdy protection, as the parts that a paintball mask covers and protects, are the most delicate parts of your body which demand utmost safety. You may as well invest in a less expensive basic paintball gun and still have all the fun and perform well, but risking an injury due to a cheap mask is not a good idea.

Low quality masks can be uncomfortable, hinder your play experience, they can break or wear off easily so that you will again have to invest in a paintball mask or buy replacements, if at all available. In the long rung you may end up spending more on such cheap masks as compared to your investment in a good quality mask.

Another reason to buy advanced and better masks is that you can easily find their replacement parts in the market. So if eventually your mask wears off but some parts of it are still in a good condition, then you can fix those bugs by buying replacement pieces instead of again buying a brand new mask.

Usually the best paintball masks which come with anti-fogging feature and ample foam padding cost about $10-$20. So can check some of the products that we’ll be listing in this guide ahead and plan your budget accordingly.

2. Look for a Mask with a Sturdier Exterior if you are a Beginner

Different paintball masks come in various designs, built of different materials. Some are built of a tougher plastic material while others can be composed of soft rubber. We suggest that for beginners it is better to invest in a sturdy and strong model which is built of a tough material from the outside.

As beginners are still not adept at handling paintball hits and targeting the opponent players, in the initial process of playing and learning, they might have to take a lot of hits and that is why it is better to choose a sturdy one to completely protect them from direct hits and injuries.

3. Look out for Better Ventilation

As mentioned earlier that the best paintball masks come with foam padding and that foam over the time soaks a lot of sweat, making it difficult for you to breathe while in the field. Therefore ventilation is important; you need to ensure there is good ventilation throughout the mask not just the area near your mouth because excessive sweat accumulation can cause irritation near the eyes, nose, neck etc.

Ventilation near the mouth is necessary to circulate breathing, ventilation near the sides and back is crucial to help prevent fogging, therefore to aid hearing too. But make sure to purchase a mask which has small ventilation holes so to prevent any shell making it through the ventilating holes. A good paintball mask will help to maximize ventilation and at the same time prevent any paint fragments from getting in after being hit.

4. Single pane or Dual pane lens

There are two different types of lens available but you not indulge in thinking that a dual pane lens is the better one, because this is a false judgment many make. These two lenses basically differ in regards to performance, durability, maintenance, vision, replacement costs, etc.

Single pane lens generally have anti-fogging coating placed onto them, but depending on certain environment conditions they might not do a great job in preventing fogging. But they are for sure easy to maintain and clean. If you buy good quality single pane lens then they will offer durability and some are even cheaper to replace if need be.

On the other side, dual pane lens or thermal lenses are the best ones to prevent fogging but they require more care and maintenance as they are more delicate. The inner portion of the dual pane lens can get damaged due to scratches and therefore you need to regularly clean them: wipe and dip in water.

They require some amount of time and effort for their keep. They are even more expensive as compared to single pane lens but the perk is that they are very durable and last longer.

5. Consider how Much Space you Need on the Inside

Do note that not all kinds of mask offer the same amount of space on the inside; between the lens and your face. Some may be roomier, more comfortable, while others can be designed in a way so that the lens sits on your face without any extra space.

Some people tend to wear glasses underneath the paintball masks while playing paintball and if you do the same then it is better to check for that extra space by wearing your glasses while trying and testing new models.

If the lens sits too close to the face then it might make you feel uncomfortable and suffocated (even if there is good ventilation), if the lens leaves too much space then it might distort your view a little.

Many people prefer something in the middle; not too close and not too far. It is also believed that for speedball many prefer streamlined close masks, and for woodsball people prefer comfort more than anything. Keep this in mind before buying the best paintball mask.

6. Comfort and Focus

Comfort is a very personal thing, after you have decided on your budget and have short listed a few items, then you shall try testing out the comfort level provided by the masks. You may refer to detailed reviews while buying online but please don’t think of it as something not as important as other features.

One of the best paintball masks not only serve to provide utmost protection, but help to enhance your paintball experience and that can only be done if you are comfortable while playing or while in the field. If a mask does not fit properly then instead of using it and getting distracted while playing you should just go for another one to give your best performance.

7. How Much Coverage do you Need?

Coverage is also a very personal choice but it can also depend on the age. Many paintball play areas allow those who are under 18 to enter wearing full coverage masks. But if you are over 18, a beginner or a professional, it depends on you with regards to how much covering you want. Some prefer streamlined designs that cover the face starting from above the eyebrows down to the jaw and ears.

Other design is a mask that provides full coverage like a helmet, including the skull, face, jaw and neck. Usually beginners or novice payers do demand more coverage rather than less. It also depends on what kind of paintball game you play, for example a woodsball player might need a model with full coverage because a streamlined design may not serve the purpose as it does in speedball.

But we suggest that a full coverage mask does provide more benefits and does not even affect or disrupt your performance in any way.

8. Extra features

Quality of vision and UV protection is a must, because an unobstructed view from your mask is essential if you want to perform well and win more. Your mask should be well equipped with UV protection features and shock absorption features to maximize the play experience. Ears are also very important.

As mentioned earlier, look out for the best paintball mask which provides full protection even to the ears, as some come with extra foam padding near the ears to keep them safe from direct hit injuries. You might also check out for strap and adjustable quality.

These were some of the most important factors to look for before buying the best paintball mask. You can refer to reviews of the products you have shirt listed, check upon these factors in more detailed manner if you want and satisfy yourself before the purchase. Ahead we will be dealing with different types of masks that are available online.

Types Of Paintball Masks That You Can Buy

1. Basic Mask

They are most inexpensive models you can find in the stores as well as online. They employ rubber gasket for the inner lining instead of using foam padding. By using rubber instead of using foam, it makes them great for rental as the rubber part is easy to clean as the sweat is not accumulated as it does in foam pads.

They usually come with single pane lens and the ventilation is not that good. The ventilation is mostly focused on the front side; near the mouth area instead of back and sides. Basic masks do not come with any advance features and that is why we recommend that you look for one of the other three models.

The cons of using basic model is that the rubber will start annoying you after a while because it will rub against your nose, plus poor ventilation and single pane lens will not be able to prevent fogging.

2. Intermediate Mask

These masks are similar to basic masks as they share a few common features. But the main difference is that they have foam padding in the interior instead of rubber. The similarity is that these masks also come with a poor ventilation system and single pane lens.

If you are a professional or a beginner who plans on playing for a long period then you might want to buy a better mask. These are still better in comfort as compared to the basic ones but not the best paintball masks for sure.

3. Advanced Masks

Advanced masks are much better than the previously discussed two models. They come with great amount of features which help to maximize comfort. They come equipped with much softer and thicker foam padding, provide better ventilation and dual pane lenses.

As discussed earlier that dual pane lenses can be a little tough to clean and maintain, but they do better job at preventing fog. They are even roomier and spacious on the inside so you don’t feel suffocated or restricted at any point while on the field.

The lens does not sit streamlined so if you are a person who wears glasses underneath, advanced masks can be the best option for you.

4. Premium Masks

These masks are the best paintball masks because their ultimate goal is to provide maximum comfort while playing.

You just need to buy the right size and fit. They have a great foam padding, come equipped with dual lens, are light weight which can make you forget that you are even wearing a mask, have great ventilation throughout, never fog up, have wide lens for better view so nobody can sneak up on you and hit you.

They do cost a lot as compared to the other three models but with these many features they are worth the prize. You can probably even get most of the parts of these masks as replacement pieces because they are the premium designs.

All the above mentioned four types of paintball masks come in different prize ranges, so now you know each of theirs features and can select one for you according to what your pocket allows. And to help you with that selection and to make up your mind, we have further up, a list of one of the best paintball masks available online.

Top 15 Best Paintball Masks 2020


This model by DYE is somewhat similar to Empire Event in designing but what makes it different than the rest is that it comes with a huge visor, which allows for greater field of view. Plus a special coating that helps to keep the lens fog free and ultimately promotes a clear vision.

It has a very easy system to remove lens, which makes replacement procedure quite effortless. The ventilation it provides is also up to the mark; will keep you cool and won’t affect your voice.

It is available on Amazon in various colors, funky designs and styles. It is equipped with thermal anti fog dual lenses which make this product a little expensive because it provides all top notch features.

Now you have DYE 15 in the market, but this model is cheaper compared with that and just as good, so you don’t have to compromise. You even have the choice to buy extra lenses separately and can trade off. The interchangeable feature makes it a good option for paintball players who would love customized paintball masks.

As this one comes in the category of not so cheap models, most of the parts are available for exchange and replacements after they wear out. This is for sure that you will never regret this buy because DYE never compromises on quality and comfort.

This is the best paintball mask for those players who want one premium features, like anti fig lenses and better ventilation, as well as greater customization choices.

One of the best paintball masks by G.I. Sportz, V-Force Grill comes in sundry funky and colorful styles. The colors and the crisp lines foregrounding the lower profile design can make a player feel nothing less than a Power Ranger.

That is not all; this mask is lightweight which makes it ideal for speedball players and all its parts are easily replaceable as well as the option to customize your mask is available.

It comes equipped with thick and comfortable foam padding, does not fit tight or streamlined on the face, rather allows for more room so that it gets easy for a player to breathe and talk while in the field.

This particular model does not provide full coverage like that of a helmet so we suggest that you wear an extra head gear like a bandanna or a beanie with it to follow every safety measure before playing paintball.

Like the previously listed model this one too has similar features; thermal anti-fog and anti scratch lenses and good ventilation, but offers softer foam and more comfort. The sleek spherical lenses come with a sunglass inspired 3D lens shape which allows for unhindered peripheral vision.

The full- flex progrill and soft rubber area at the centre help to maximize bounce. We highly recommend this model for novice and beginner players because of its lightweight and great field of view.

This paintball mask by Virtue Paintball is available in 8 different patterns on Amazon. It is another renowned brand in paintball industry which manufactures one of the best paintball masks.

It comes with a mirrored lens which provides an absolutely large field of view plus it offers high level of comfort. Virtue has always focused on maintaining high quality in the market and this is what makes this the best paintball mask.

The top-notch design and pattern mean that it can cost a lot. It does come in the category of premium masks and is worth its prize with all the features it boasts.

It is available in a variety of colors, with added internal foam to maximize comfort. It has anti-fogging features, is lightweight, stylish and one of the most popular choices among all professional players.

The huge lenses help to offer a large field of view, it allows for greater airflow for players to breathe easy while playing paintball. It allows for no amount of echoing so that a person can hear clearly while the mask is on, plus allows for more and more venting to not affect your voice levels.

It is the most customizable item available online now and we highly recommend it for professional players looking for variety of designs to suit their play styles.

This is amongst one of the best paintball masks by Empire which comes in a really funky design. The E-Flex is a lightweight model which makes it ideal for beginners and speedball players. It has good enough space for ventilation as it offers a soft face cover and a reduced profile.

It has all the high end features like quick lens swapping system similar to the Empire Event mask, dual layer thermal treated anti fog and anti scratch lens. There are other patterns also available like all the other recommendations on this list.

The foam padding is soft and thick to maximize comfort and ease while playing. The region near the ears is also filled with foam padding to protect that area from any injury caused due to direct hits. Due to all these features, this paintball mask might be on the higher end in matters of cost but it is definitely worth the buy.

It has been tested already to prove that it is anti-fogging, offers solid ventilation and evades overheating in hot and humid climate. Those who are professional paintball players and demand high quality comfortable masks that can stand out from the crowd, might not mind spending a little more on their paintball equipment.

Another model from this renowned brand which produces the most high-end gear, Empire E-Vent is moderately priced and a highly durable paintball mask. It comes with quick release lens which aid to clean and maintain them easily. It has dual pane thermal anti-fog lenses. Other sorts of rental masks might fog up very easily once the players start to play and break into a little sweat, but not this one by Empire.

It is also equipped with soft, flexible foam mesh material and silicone ear protection that is easily removable if you want to remove. The strap of the mask is also has silicone beading that helps to keep it tight and increased the firm grip. It is ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and is available in a number of colors to choose from.

It is a low profile design but if you are looking for premium mask like features within a low price range then this model is for sure built for you. A durable mask from a great brand at a highly affordable price makes it a good choice for both beginners and professional paintball players.

This paintball mask by JT is equipped with thermal lens and provides full head protection. This model is great for those looking for anti-fogging goggles and all the premium paintball mask features.

The spectra lens or the visor offers 260 degrees field of vision that is far advanced as compared to other simple rental masks. It has a dual layer venting system to allow for greater ventilation which in turn keeps you cool and keeps out paint from our mouth (which can enter due to direct hits near the face).

The JT Spectra is an ideal mask for woodsball players as woodsball requires players to fully cover their heads and this paintball mask provides full coverage, similar to a paintball helmet. It does sun like a 2 n 1 product with high quality features.

The visor of the mask is removable plus the spectra is amongst the most comfortable in the present market. It has a smaller profile to support deflections and bounces as well as a dual fusion C0-molding technology which helps to create a special venting system. To sum up, it is a great choice for wodsball players looking for full head protection.

This Empire Helix mask/goggle is available in two spunky designs on Amazon and in two most popular evergreen colors; grey and black. It falls in the moderately expensive prize range so is ideal buy for beginners as well as professional paintball players. It is equipped with removable soft ear pieces and low profile faceplate which make it one of the best paintball masks.

Other advanced features include an optically correct lens, a clear thermal cured anti-fog and anti scratch dual pain lens, and a high quality strap with silicone beading which helps to keep the mask firmly in place. It also comes with a quick release lens system so that you can replace it or remove it whenever you want.

This paintball mask by Sly carries all the demands of the modern paintball players in one stylish, funky, durable system. The lens design of this mask is distinct from any other and boasts a positive locking lever for no-slip lens retention, still allows for easy and quick lens change or removal.

It has distinct velvet lined eye and ear foam which offers a lavish fit and feel. It has a double strap design as well as a padded chinstrap which makes Sky Profit one of the best paintball masks for staying in place on your face with no slippage or misplacement.

It provides the most accurate fit and the low profile design reduces target area, plus the soft interior rubber maximizes comfort and bounce. Other feature is the multiple ventilation locations it has which help to move warm air away from your face for better comfort.

Extra features include a durable nylon frame with soft TOR lower for increased protection while at the same time maintaining bounce potential. It has a quick, patent-pending lens retention system, 3M engineered sealed thermal seal to protect against moisture and paint seepage between lens layers.

The foam earpieces help to muffle your own screaming and instead allow for excellent directional hearing. It provides UV protection too, because it features gradient chromed lenses for sunny and bright days as well as clear downward vision area for LCD screens and cell phones.

And at last, it offers a velour anti-scratch mask bag to store it when not in use. In all, this paintball mask is an ultimate package for those looking for the most premium features with high durability and quality.

If you are tired of all the previously listed premium category paintball masks and are looking for masks that come under your limited budget then JT Raptor is sure the best option for you. It is the best choice for paintballing on a budget. It features all the basic features required to get out on the paintball field and play safe.

First up it provides 180 degrees field of vision. The one-piece molded mask fits to your face comfortably as well as it rolls up easily to be able to fit the gear sack containing all your other paintball equipments. The integral visor it is equipped with aids to keep the bright sunny rays out of your eyes and rainwater outside of your lens.

It flaunts an adjustable chinstrap with fast release buckle and a no-slip goggle strap so that the mask stays fixed on your face when you are in action on the paintball field. This fog resistant clear vision mask, suitable to play in all weather conditions for sure provides the best paintball mask in a low price range so that you can enjoy a flexible structure and a comfortable fit all at the same time.

Yet again an expensive premium category paintball mask by VForce which is priced above $100 for those who d not like to compromise on quality and comfort. It comes with dual thermal anti-fog lens and allows for quick change of lenses so that you do not waste any extra time in replacing the lenses during timeouts.

It is extremely lightweight and termed as comfort ultra- lightweight design for unhindered swift movements. It has a comfortable chinstrap for increased stability during fast action games which require more movement and running. It has a built-in V-Flector in the shape of a bounce-panel for extra face and lens protection.

VForce thermal SE Zebra is a limited production model which is innovative, solid and unique. it is the first choice for mostly all pro paintball players in the gamers world. The mask is high end and loaded with top notch features like spherical 3D contoured lens, foam swap and quick lens change system as mentioned earlier.

It has a sunglass inspired 3D lens shape which promotes unrestricted peripheral vision. It provides maximum bounce and deflection due to the full-flex ProGrill and has a center face soft rubber portion to help the same.

It doesn’t absorb or accumulate sweat due to its dry foam system so that even after a number of rounds and runs the foam remains fresh. Considering all these features it is safe to say that VForce Grill Goggles do qualify as the best paintball mask of the year.

This is yet another model by V-Force that comes with dual pane thermal lens for super-quick interchangeability. This mask weighs extremely light and is equipped with a pro visor which helps to offer protection in bright sunny or rainy conditions.

This ultra-lightweight construction has a full flex centre dace soft rubber portion to increase bounce and deflection factor. It has 280 degrees of enhanced field of vision for unhindered view of every angle.

It is designed especially for professional paintball players who like to compete in international spheres. Like the other listed models, it also comes with silicone strap for increased stability and low profile design ensures super tight play so that the mask doesn’t become a hindrance instead while you are playing in the paintball field.

The lenses have an anti-scratch coating which in turn offers unmatched distortion free optics. To sum up, this paintball mask by VForce is another best paintball mask in the list of the most popular paintball masks of all time.

We highly recommend it for regular paintball players who require all the advanced features to give a smooth performance in the play area, in any weather condition.

DYE i5 Paintball goggle is another model by Dye that has garnered a place in this list of the best paintball masks. The best part about this model and what makes it distinct from others is that it comes with wireless audio connection between the i5 and M2 MOS Air.

It not only promises compatibility and durability but also provides maximum comfort, precise tension control and unrivalled safety by equally distributing force over your head. Another added feature is the GSR pro strap which is a total change in the game; it is a patent pending ratchet system. It is an advanced goggle strap technology offering the most comfort and unmatched performance.

It also has multi-directional venting, patented blade angling and enhanced vent design, and they all help to dissipate heat and moisture quite quick and at the same time promote unhindered communication. Both hearing and voice are not at all affected due to the mask.

It is also equipped with heads-up POV Mount, so that you can safely attach your POV camera and do not miss a single moment of the action. Other features include a quick release foam kit, rapid lens change so that you save the maximum time and energy. This gear promises the best foam padding and the most comfortable lens option.

This paintball mask by Valken is another reasonably priced product which provides all the features required by a professional player and can be used by a beginner too. It comes equipped with all the necessary features and is available at Amazon in two different soothing and evergreen shades; tan and olive.

It is double-paned; has a thermal lens system with hard coat lens treatment. It is also fog and scratch resistant with polycarbonate construction. It has a patented quick-change lens-release system like the few previously listed models have.

It has extreme vision-ultimate visibility, 160 degrees vertical and 260 degrees horizontal vision. With all these top-notch features it is the best paintball mask to spend your money on.

It is yet another model by the renowned brand, Virtue paintball. It available in 8-10 different colors, patterns and designs on Amazon, plus is the most customizable mask ever as compared to other popular models.

It is available online in all sorts of bright and funky colors and combinations, like neon green, pink, red and blue, etc. Quite similar to the previous model, this also provides a large field of view and can cost anywhere between $80 and $100.

It provides for the maximum amount of airflow so that the player can breathe easily while in action and greater ventilation helps to not affect the voice levels of the player while playing. Ventilation also helps to restrict any kind of echoing which can affect hearing.

This one also comes equipped with anti fog and anti scratch dual pane thermal lenses. Though more on the higher side in matters of price, this model will not disappoint you in matters of quality plus it provides all the high end features required by a pro level player.

It does not actually matter from what angle the ball is approaching from or in what speed level, because JT Premise Headshield is fully equipped to tackle the attack and soften its impact effectively. It won’t fog up in any weather condition, heat or cold, and is specially designed to accommodate all sorts of different head sizes and shapes.

The features include elastic straps for easy and comfortable adjustment and fit, sleek attractive and stylish appearance. It can come apart without any complications so that you can clean it on a regular basis. It offers removable full head coverage and protection.

It has anti fog lens, accepts all JT spectra aftermarket lenses to promote easy replacement. It has pro-change lens and foam quick release system to save your extra time while you are busy playing paintball in the field.


Ensure the Safety with Best Paintball Mask

We would like to recommend considering your paintball headgear, goggles or mask as an investment and not only as a device to protect your vision but in general also high-quality masks promote better performance without any hindrance.

Rental masks are not suggested because they have to be continuously replaced, wear out soon because everybody uses them, and some are filthy to use because sweat of other players accumulates in the foam.

If now you spend a little more and increase your mask budget then in matters quality and durability it will not fail you at all. High-quality mask usually last longer and you even have the option to replace their parts. Expensive high-end models also give a choice to customize your mask to suit your style.

Remember all the points mentioned in the guide before selecting or shot listing the best paintball masks for yourselves. In the end it all comes down to smart buy and the money you are able to spend on the product. In many ways a paintball mask is an important piece of paintball equipment, so choose wisely!