Best Paintball Pants 2020

Anyone who wishes to enjoy paintball must pay attention to get the proper protective gears and equipments for the game. Paintball pants are one of the most imperative parts of the overall protective gears. Paintball pants are specifically engineered to take the beating of this robust game and also used to as a safety gear during training sessions. Thus, they make it extremely easy for the player to run, crawl, dive or jump.

However, the market offers a vast variety of options. Since there is a heap of choices, how will an individual understand which would be the best paintball pant to suit his/her play style? Frankly, it depends on a number of factors both personal and game-related.

This guide is made to help you know the various key factors that should be kept in mind while buying the best paintball pants.  It will definitely assist to take an informative decision.

Therefore, the choice of the best paintball pants must be made on various factors, ensuring that the ultimate goal is achieved. You have made an ideal decision if the pant enhances performance, is comfortable, has a good fit, and provides apt protection. It should satisfy your personal needs and preferences. They help you to enjoy the game to the fullest.

How To Choose The Best Paintball Pants?

A Good pair of Paintball pants must provide a decent amount of protection on the legs as the player dives, kneels, crawls, slides, runs, and performs various other activities that involve his or her legs when enjoying the game.

best paintball pants

Below mentioned are some key factors that should be carefully considered when choosing the best paintball pants.

1. Paintball Playfield

A paintball player must take into account the playfield for the paintball game as it will have a huge impact on level of thickness of that will be required for the paintball pant he or she chooses. If the game is set to kick off in the backyard, then a pant with a standard thickness will be enough.

But in case the paintball game session is organized at recreation areas like a forest, then the player will require a relatively thicker and stronger pair of paintball pants. In order to provide adequate protection to the knees and various other sensitive areas of the legs, today paintball pants come with in-built padding.

Appropriate paddling helps to avoid injuries and damages to the skin while you’re running, sliding on rough fields. Thus, it is imperative to buy pants that have good paddling to protect all the delicate areas.

2. Pant Material  

Usually, the material used to make the paintball should be such that it doesn’t undergo wear and tear. It should be strong enough to withstand sharp objects to a certain extent and do away with tearing. Besides being robust to tearing and offering good durability, the garment material must also be flexible and stretchy enough at all the needed areas such as the crotch and the hips.

While playing paintball, a player will would do all types of rough and tough activities such as running, crawling, diving, sliding as well as jumping. As such, flexibility in the pants will help the player from not ripping and tearing the pant from the crotch area.

3. Flexibility and Movement

While enjoying the paintball game, the last thing a player would like to do is take tension about the discomfort he or she may experience with the paintball gear/clothing. The main purpose is to precisely strategize and avoid getting hit by other players. In order to achieve victory in the paintball game, a player requires having the right pair of paintball pants along with other gear and equipments.

The individual must make sure that the comfort and flexibility as he or she climbs, crawls, dives, slides and kneels during the game. To top it all, an ideal pair of paintball pants prevents injuries that may be caused as a result of tearing.

Today, most of the paintball pants available in the market are made of good stretch mesh panels. The mesh material enables the player greater flexibility, ease of movement and good breathability. Additionally, this stretch fabric averts any kinds of tears and also contributes to the life span of the pants.

Almost all the pants have all these features the groin and knee area.

4. Breathability and Ventilation

Good Breathability and apt Ventilation is one of the most important factors when choosing the best paintball pant for you. It should be given due importance so as to help you so that you can enjoy the game without feeling any heatstroke.

You must properly check that whether the pant you’re considering buying is perfectly breathable or not. A number of manufactures today are making use of the latest laser perforation technology on the pant material in order to pierce appropriate holes into the fabric for optimum air circulation and exchange.  In simple terms, paintball pants have laser cut holes on the front as well as the back side to provide the appropriate ventilation.

If you wear thick, non-breathable pants during summer then you’re bound to have a pretty bad experience and may not enjoy the game at its fullest.

A player must not feel constricted and uncomfortable with the paintball pants he or she is wearing. Restriction of movement and lack of flexibility will ultimately lead to poor performance.

Thus, if air circulation and comfort are of utmost importance to you, then don’t forget to consider this point as it has an overall impact on your performance and chances of winning the game.

5. Design

Generally, paintball pants are made in a loose fashion and design. But, they must not be very loose but they should neither be too tight. It should be aptly designed in such a manner that it doesn’t become a barrier in free movement.

To get the best of the paintball pants, one should make sure that the waistline of the pants must perfectly match the waist of the player. They should offer maximum comfort while on the ground.

6. Aesthetics

The look, feel and overall aesthetics also play a major role in making them the best paintball pants. The pants must aptly blend with the playing environment and venue. The reason behind such dressing is that would become difficult for all the players to spot each other and thus increase the fun in the game.  

It will also help to determine the level of protection needs and which pair of pants will suit the paintball fields.

7. Thickness

A good pair of paintball pants s is one that offers a decent amount of thickness. It should be thick enough to prevent the player from getting hurt. It must also avoid the legs exposure to thorns, rocks, twigs, and other factors that may cause bruises and injure your skin.  

For this, it is also necessary to keep in mind the place where the game is being played as it will directly affect the level of thickness you will require for your paintball pants.

So, choose the thickness as per the game venue and you will never regret the choice. Remember, the ultimate goal or paintball pant is protection and ease of movement.

8. Protective Padding

Most of the best paintball pants offered by reputed manufacturers in the market have integrated paddings in them. These paddings help to provide sufficient protection to sensitive and delicate parts of the legs, knees, crotch area as well as the groin area. It prevents injuries on the skin upon collision to the ground and any other rough surfaces.

Many paintball pants come with some knee padding, however still don’t have this feature and you will need an extra keen pad for protection.  A few of them have groin or cup area padding. While some others also offer decent padding on the hips, but can add to the overall weight making it a little bulky.

As such, taken into consideration what tradeoff is worth for you. While some paintball players prefer extra padding, some others like pants will less padding as it allows a much more freedom in movement. After all, this is completely based on your personal preference and comfort choices.

9. Elasticity

Elasticity of the pants is more or less similar to the concept of the pants’ proper fitting. The pants must provide good flexibility and promote freedom of movement. However, it should be borne in mind that the pants should provide sufficient elasticity to help it prevent from being susceptible to wear and tear. It should neither be more nor be less, just the apt amount that enhances the pants durability.

10. Pockets

There are a number of players that reply on Pockets to be the determining factor for buying a particular paintball pant. It is not only the number of pockets that make a difference, but also the type whether it has extra protection or not that becomes a major deciding factor for many players.  

While some pants offer only a few pockets, or pockets that don’t provide secure closure (zippers) and aren’t resistant to the harmful elements. Such types of pants are expensive.

On the other hand there are some pants that offer plenty of pockets, have secured closures, and are zippered as well as weather-proof. These also come with swab pockets that add to the overall utility of the pants. However, you will have to pay a higher price to avail pants with secured and many pockets. But, regardless to say better pockets offer better protection to your gear and belongings.

11. Sizing and adjustments

Securing the paintball pants is essential for the most obvious and simplistic reasons. You need the pant to fit well and secure on your body. None of us would be comfortable if there is a constant feeling that the pants might fall down anytime and anywhere.

Most of the paintball pants available in the market today look after this and have introduced Velcro adjustment belts to assist with this.

While some have surf short style ties to tie up the pants, others have drawstrings. Many of them either consist of a drawstring or a Velcro strap, or sometimes even both, attached at the ankle.

Securing the pants at the ankle is quite imperative. It helps to keep the leg from sliding down over your foot and also avoids you from tripping on your pants.

Wearing a jumpsuit under a paintball pant is quite a common fashion and it also plays a major role in the pants enforcement. As such, it is recommend choosing pants that complement jumpsuits. If you are wearing a jumpsuit underneath, then you’re merely taking extra care of your body because if the pant tears apart, then the body is protected by the jumpsuit.

Before you decide to enjoy the paintball game, you need to have the proper protective wear and equipment for it. Proper gear is of utmost important because the play can get rugged. Picking the best paintball pants must be based on numerous factors. However, the ultimate aim should be to find a pair gives you a good fit, comfort, and appropriate protection from various elements that may result in skin damages.

It is imperative to bear in mind that choosing a pair of paintball pants should be on the basis of one’s personal requirements and preferences. What may be perfect for one player may not suit another player. Thus, liking and needs should be the top priority. Take into consideration all personal factors when buying the best paintball pants and then compare it with what the product has to offer.

Here is a list of the best paintball pants 2020 with brief reviews of each. The reviews are made keeping in mind key factors that are of utmost importance when buying paintball pants. Factors such as flexibility, breathability, adequate padding and budget are considered when picking the best paintball pants 2020. Each product is explained in detail with all the amazing features that these pants possess making them different from other models in the market.

Top 10 Best Paintball Pants 2020

Survival Tactical Gear Men’s Airsoft Wargame Tactical Pants have improvised and reached a new benchmark from some of the older models offered by the brand. These pants are engineered in a simplistic manner without any complications. They are very streamlined, extremely efficient, and very comfortable.

The tactical pants are aptly padded nicely with a velcro and a zipper. It comprises of a mesh material on the inside that extends to the thighs. In the crotch area, it has a super-stretchy material that prevents it from not making a hole your bottoms even when you put umpteen stress on it. It particularly proves to be a boon when you’re crawling or sitting upon a single leg.

The zipper pockets attached on the sides are water and mud resistant, thus saving it from all the various weather conditions. Inside the right pocket, there is microfiber that allows you to clean your glasses or any other paintball equipment.

Additionally, it comes with adjustable velcro belt straps that help you to manage the fitting and tighten your pants when as per your requirements. The pant carries laser cut holes in the thigh area for adequate ventilation. The pants also have perfectly designed stretch zones at the thighs, crotch area and the hip area

The Padding in the pants are extremely soothing. They are neither too bulky nor too light, just the apt amount for flexible and easy movement. It has pockets on both the sides for swabs

All in all, the Survival Tactical Gear Men’s Airsoft Wargame Tactical Pants are very light in weight, extremely comfortable and well designed with a soft and breathable material.

The Exalt Paintball T4 Pants come with a large and wide knee pad area. Thus, it is going to protect almost the entire front half of your leg up to the back of your thigh.  Since, it is so big, it is not merely a kneed pad, but can be called as a massive as whole thigh pad.

It has a protective material attached on the hips. So, if you’re someone who enjoys sliding, then this is going to be very useful as you will be safe from hurting or causing any harm to your hips now.

A number of men will love this product, because it understands their concern and provides apt padding in the crotch area.  It has good padding in over the crotch to keep the sensitive area safe from any harm.

The pants have some drawstrings also that ensure it fits right and it’s adequately tight.  Additionally, also have multiple belt loops, so you can adjust according to your size and convenience.

The pant also offers pockets with zippers that add the extra pinch of likeness. So, you can keep your important things in these pockets without the fear of losing them when you’re sliding down.

On the back, it has many more pockets that are wide enough to occupy all your paintball accessories conveniently. However, though there are multiple pockets scattered around everywhere on the pants, zippers are provided only to the ones on the side of the pants. Thus, make sure that if you wish to carry anything valuable, make use only of the side pockets.

It has drawstrings attached at the bottom to ensure that you don’t trip on anything, saving you from any kind of embarrassments.

Furthermore, it comprises of a mesh on the back of the leg for breathability and keeping your legs cool. So, if you’re out there in the hot sun, this mesh is going to protect you from the heat and sunburns.

Lastly, the pants have a relatively stretchy material on the whole of the crotch growing area of the pants. While other pants usually pants rip from this area while you’re playing paintball, with the Exalt Paintball T4 Pants you don’t have to worry about such a situation.

This model is quite nice and stretchy. Also, the stretchy material is also present between some of the padding parts and entirely across the back covering most of the butt area.

Overall, it is aptly stretchable on almost areas that are going to bear the brunt of your stretching while running, sliding, jumping, and more.

The Exalt Paintball T4 Pants are made of high- quality material. They have everything you need in the best paintball pants such as protection, breathability, and flexibility.

The Valken Fate II Pants are aptly designed with the power of technology and high-quality material.  These pants are known for their advanced and innovative padding design that aptly fits the curvature of knees.

The fly area is aptly padded to provide adequate protection. Since, it is a sensitive area; it requires to be protected as none would like to get shot here, so extra padding in the fly area always an added advantage.  It consists of 2 snaps at the top of the fly along with a velcro and a zipper to help open it up.

These pants are not made of mesh on the inside. However, it has a good quality material without any layer of meshing, making it light and easy to carry.

On the top, the pants have adjustable straps attached on both the side along with Velcro. The Velcro isn’t available all the way around. So there are multiple choices for sizing to make it loose of tight as per your liking.  In case you don’t want use the adjustable straps, then you can make use of a normal belt as it has belt loops for better convenience.

On the back it comprises of 2 pockets. These pockets don’t have any zipper. So they are mere open pockets with no closure on them. Also, it consists of 2 more pockets more, one on each side of the pant for barrel swabs.

The crotch area is full of a high-quality stretchy material. It not only enhances the breathability but also the flexibility in movement.

Since it is stretchy, you are going to face no ripping problem when you’re diving, crawling, sliding etc.

It has mesh on the outside. As such, these super- breathable pants help you to get the hot air out and keep yourself cool and calm.

Overall, the Padding in these pants is nice and thick. It is not thicker or less thick, just the exact amount you’d desire your best paintball pants to be.

The Men Military Airsoft Hunting BDU Tactical Pants have appropriate Padding in the groin and knees. It also has a unique removable hip padding. The padding on the knees is more or less thick for extra protection. The fly consists of two snaps, a Velcro and a zipper. It also has a Velcro waist adjustment for a snug fit. It features a mesh lining for venting. It has an overall thick padding to safeguard you in all circumstances.

It has a belt loop. Also, on the back the belt can be threaded entirely under the back side in order to avoid any interference by the belt with your pack. It has rubberized lumbar support on the back for extra support that helps to hold your pack. The pants have stretch panels on the groin and knees. Each side of the pant also comprise of Barrel swab pockets. It has Small zippered pocket for ID, keys and more. However, only the front pockets don’t contain any zippers. It has drawstrings and Velcro cinchers on the ankles.

All in all, if you prefer slightly extra padding, then the Men Military Airsoft Hunting BDU Tactical Pants are the best paintball pants you can get. They have it all, good padding in addition to proper ventilation and ease of movement.

The KYhao Military Paintball Camo Tactical Combat Trousers have an aptly padded fly to protect sensitive areas. The fly comprises of an easy open tab with two snaps and is made of Velcro. It has a Mesh lining that runs straight up to the thigh, thus it doesn’t create any interference with the knee pads.

It has several mesh sections for better and wider ventilation. It has two front zippered pockets that are precisely covered to be moisture, dust and water resistant. The pocket has an in-built cloth to clean your glares. It also comprises of an adjustable waist band and ankle straps.

The groin is hard and solid. But there is a lacks of a stretchable fabric around the groin and knee. The knee pads are big and wide, but are relatively thinner as compared to other models. Thus, you will need to wear extra pads to protect yourself.  The pants offer super micro-perforated venting and have drawstring close to the ankles. It has a Stretch material in the bottom.

All in all, these paintball pants from KYhao are Well vented and one of the most comfortable with minimal knee padding.

The Bunker Kings V2 Supreme Paintball Pants are precisely designed to be extremely lightweight and flexible. It helps to keep the entire load off when you are running and sliding. With these pants, you can move quickly and can gain more agility to be able to flex. They are engineered to withstand all the pressure that is exerted during the paintball session.

The material used to make these pants is of high-quality absorbs sweat or water, thus keeping you dry and free from any irritation. It has pockets for storing your swab and your microfiber. These pockets are lined to keep them waterproof, keeping your valuables safe and dry. These paintball pants are manufactured from an extremely strong and durable material. It has a crotch area that is aptly padded and is quite stretchable.

In all, if you’re searching for paintball pants that are light in weight, offer good durability and have some amazing extraordinary features, then these pants are an apt choice for you.

Planet Eclipse elite pants are is a good combination of good durability and flexibility. The most admired feature of these pants that help it stand out of the crowd is that they are easily cleanable.

It is made up of a type of tablecloth material from the outside. It is slightly slick on the outside that is a boon when playing paintball as it is easier to clean.  All you need to do is wash the paint off with water.

The material isn’t very porous or absorbent. As such, it doesn’t suck the paint in and doesn’t hold it inside, thus cleaning is going to be easy and fast.

The crotch area of the pants is nicely padded. So, you will not have to wear an extra groin protector cup separately. It is quite flexible at the crotch area and keeps the pants from ripping apart while you slide, roll, crawl and more.

It comes with removable knee pads. It has 5 belt loops, so if you wish to wear your normal belts with these pants, you can easily do so. The belt straps are quite adjustable and you can alter it according to your preferences.

On the back side of the pants, it has a strip for modular attachment or a molly section that allows you to accessorize your pants with the molly accessories.

Additionally, inside the leg side, the material used is lightweight, breathable and transfers heat.

All in all, the Planet Eclipse Elite Pants  are a perfect companion in all occasions.

The HK Army Freeline Paintball Pants are extremely light in weight, super breathable, and very comfortable. These pants offer a perfect balance of hip and knee protection. There isn’t more padding, but exactly an appropriate amount.  Thus the pants are much more breathable and extremely flexible.

The pants are made up of a very thin but strong and extremely durable material. It has adjustable belts and an aptly padded fly area. They have mesh only at the top of the pants that helps you to remain cool and dry.

They offer wide stretchable zones in the front, at the crotch that runs all the way in the back to the hips. The Crotch area is super-stretchy, well-ventilated, and helps in a lot of air exchange.

The Padding starts at the thigh area and is aptly padded until the mid-shin area. It comes with adjustable ankle cuffs at the bottom that helps you to keep the pants from dragging on the ground.

On the back side, these paintball Pants have ample amount of hip padding. It also has a slot for barrel swabs on each side. Additionally, they have a good ventilated fabric that extends to the inner side of the pants from top to bottom ensuring good breathability.

Altogether, the HK Army Freeline Paintball Pants are amazing. They offer good padding and with freedom of movement, agility, comfort and weight reduction.

As the name suggests, the Dye Ultralite Paintball Pants are extremely light in weight and technologically advanced. In simple terms, they are free-flowing pants. They offer great flexibility, breathability and are also light-weighted.

The material used to manufacture these pants is pure (100%) polyester. So, you need to understand how to aptly maintain and clean them. The pants shouldn’t be heated or ironed, as it may burn. Don’t use any harmful bleaches and softeners. Also, they should never be dry-cleaned as you will ruin these pants.

On the front side of the pant, exactly over the fly, there is a cover for the zipper without any additional padding on it. It comes with a pair of drawstrings and an in-built belt that helps you to tighten the pants if need arises. However, it doesn’t have any belt loops, thus you will not be able to wear normal bets with it.

It has an extremely stretchable material throughout the crotch area that runs up to the thigh area. This helps to prevent any ripping and tearing the crotch area. Additionally, it comprises of a good mesh material that keeps everything cool and calm. Thus, the overall pant is quite flexible and breathable.

It consists of average-sized zipper pockets on the front side. However, it lacks any extra weather protection that tops the zipper to protect them from dirt, sand, mud, and water. It also comprises of a Velcro on the bottom to keep them clean and tidy from ankles. It is super stretchable from the hips, thus you don’t can slide and dive without any worry.

All in all, these Dye Ultralite Paintball Pants are extremely comfortable with apt padding and breathability. For extra protection, it is advisable to f wear knee pads or crotch padding separately.

Planet Eclipse has introduced the uniquely designed program pants that aptly hit the mark of becoming the best paintball pants 2020. It is a perfect blend of good functionality, excellent performance, decent agility and appropriate protection. These paintball pants are completely different from all the pants mentioned in this list. All thanks to its plain look.

Yes, these are simple looking plain black pants that add the elegance to your paintball session attire. They don’t look dull and drab, rather improvise your look.

These pants are made of good quality non-abrasive material that is soothing, comfortable and extremely soft. The fly area of these pants comprise of two snap buttons, velcro on the side and the top and also a zipper.

Unlike other paintball pants that have a lot of stitching and stuff on the inside, these Planet- Eclipse program pants have attached mesh net on the inside. This mesh net serves a variety of useful purposes.

Basically, it is for protecting your body to not rub against the starchy seams, as such the inner material is chosen to be soft and cottony. The mesh material in the inner layers of the pants is super-smooth and comfortable.

It comprises of well -designed pockets that have loops attached inside the pocket. Thus, these unique engineered pockets will keep your valuable belongings safe and you wouldn’t lose them while enjoying your paintball session.

The entire front panel of these pants can freely move in all directions. It is absolutely stretchable at the crotch area rolling around throughout the area up to the back. Thus, it will not rip it off from crotch area while you are crawling, sliding or even stretching your legs.

The knee pads attached provide apt protection and are thick enough. They aren’t too thick and not overdone at all. The padding is flexible, formable and extremely comfortable. At the bottom, it has drawstrings that allow the user to tighten the pants from the ankles. It also has ample of pockets on the back.

Additionally, it has zipper pockets on the back on both sides with a flap over the zipper to safeguard it from mud, water and any other elements causing harm.

The material at the bottom is super thin, breathable and extremely comfortable. All in all, the Planet Eclipse Program Pants are quite amazing. They are pretty functional and helps you get away from all the unwanted mess.


Final Word

Now that all the best paintball pants 2020 have been aptly discussed with brief reviews, the ball lies in your court to select the pants that suit your needs and pocket. A good pair of paintball pants must possess all the good qualities like durability, breathability, and light-weight.

They should be adequately padded to deliver utmost protection and should be suitable to wear even in the hot climate.

Remember the ultimate aim of buying the best paintball pants is get a product that is comfortable, flexible, durable, and protective. It should be suitable for use in various playfields and should have features that make it a value for your money.