Best Paintball Tanks in 2020: Comprehensive Guide and Reviews

This post seeks to answer all your questions regarding the types of paintball tanks available on the market, how to select the best ones, and, most importantly, it presents comprehensive reviews of some of the best products. So, if you are looking to start playing paintball, or you want to upgrade your game equipment, this guide will help you make the most informed decision.

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Paintball Tanks

Just like any other product you want to buy, there is a wide variety of paintball tanks. Choosing the best one depends on your needs and, of course, on your budget.

Here are a few factors to consider when searching for the best paintball tanks.

A.   Types


The first thing that you have to consider when looking for your next paintball tank is its type. There are two main types to choose from – the CO2 paintball tank and the compressed air tanks.

1.     CO2 Paintball tanks

The CO2 paintball tanks are, by far, the most widely used. There are many reasons why many people prefer them, but the main reason is the ability to get easily refilled (since CO2 is available everywhere) and their cost-effective nature; they are also quite simple to maintain.

One thing that you should know about CO2 paintball tanks is that they are very temperature sensitive. This means that they are prone to freezing up. Whenever you play in cold weather conditions, the pressure inside the tank tends to drop significantly; hence, the gun fails to fire accordingly.

On the other hand, rapid-fire might cause pressure fluctuations, thus preventing your gun from firing accordingly.

2.     Compressed air tanks

Compressed air tanks – also known as high-pressure air (HPA) tanks are not as common as their CO2 counterparts but are becoming popular. These types of tanks are mainly used by professional paintball players as they provide consistent output pressure and a steady performance.

For a regular player, this type of paintball tank is simply the best since it can be a real money-saver because one can easily come across free compressed air refills. Furthermore, this type is not highly sensitive to temperature changes. This means it can hardly freeze, giving it an instant edge over the CO2 tank type.

B. Material Used


Choosing the wrong tank might influence your paintball game, and this is why you have to pick a tank that has been made from the best materials. The material of the paintball tank plays a significant role in determining the quality of the game you’ll play.

Furthermore, it should be noted that each material has the qualities that make it good.

The best paintball tanks are made from the following materials:

 1.     Aluminum

Aluminum paintball tanks are some of the most common types used by both amateur and professional players. Aluminum is lightweight, and tanks constructed from this material can be carried around quite easily.

The popularity of these types of paintball tanks has made finding them quite easier, meaning the price is also lower. With proper protection and care, aluminum paintball tanks can last you a long time, and you will enjoy yourself a lot, running with them in the field.

The most common issue related to aluminum paintball tanks is that they are not as durable as their steel counterparts. Should they come into contact with any accidental impacts or blows, you will surely see a dent created. The tanks are quite prone to damages, and you should handle them carefully.

2.     Steel

Steel is by far the most durable and sturdy material that has been used in the manufacture of various paintball tanks. Its ability to withstand heavy blows might get you thinking that this is the best material for the sport. However, you still might have to reconsider your options.

For starters, steel paintball tanks are a little outdated, and many companies no longer produce such tanks. Steel is a heavy material, and you will get exhausted running around carrying a steel paintball tank while trying to enjoy the game.

Steel is also prone to rust over time.

Even with all the drawbacks, steel paintball tanks are still very good for amateurs as they will hardly get damaged while playing – something that is quite common for starters.

3.     Carbon Fiber

Paintball tanks made from carbon fiber have gained popularity over the last couple of years. This is because manufacturers have taken into consideration the challenges that both the aluminum and steel tanks faced and tried to come with an all-inclusive option.

Carbon fiber is not only lightweight, but it is also highly durable. You can easily run around with a carbon fiber tank. The only downside of these types of paintball tanks is that they are expensive.

C. Tank size and weight

Paintballing is a very interesting sport, and paintball enthusiasts always want to play for as long as possible without having to take frequent refill breaks. One of the things people consider, in this case, is the size of the tank, which ultimately impacts its weight. The bigger the tank is, the more it weighs.

It might not be advisable to get a tank way bigger than you can comfortably carry. The number of shots you can shoot from the tank should also not determine the type of paintball tank to go for.

The golden middle is the perfect choice to go far – something that is neither too big nor too small and one that doesn’t weigh too much, comfortable enough for you to carry around without getting exhausted.

D. Built-in features

All paintball tanks are not built the same way, so you have to look for in-built features that make that particular brand stand out from the rest. These features vary from one brand to another, so it would be better to compare them all before settling on one.

Some of the other features to consider include the pressure ratings as well as the standard features mentioned, such as the weight, the type, the size, and of course, the brand itself.

The Best Paintball Tanks

The Tippmann Empire Basics is one of the best entry-level paintball tanks. This is an easy-to-operate tank that comes handy for those who wish to switch to an HPA model and under a tight budget.

The tank is made from aluminum, which is a relatively lightweight option making it easy for you to carry it around without straining much. The material used is also not that expensive, making it an ideal product for those that are just starting and don’t want to invest too much in their first paintball tank.

It has a 3000 PSI capacity, which is ideal for taking up to 500 shots. However, the number of shots taken solely depends on what marker has been used. This paintball tank has a regulator fitted by the manufacturer, so you don’t have to go looking for one. It offers an 800 PSI output, which is universally compatible and it also comes with a user-replaceable bonnet.


  • HPA paintball tank with 800 PSI output for universal compatibility
  • 3000 PSI capacity to get you 500 shots
  • Affordable
  • Best for beginners


  • The tank is lightweight, but some players got exhausted during long games.

The Maddog aluminum paintball tank is another investment you will not regret. It is one of the best CO2 paintball tanks due to its wide array of features. It is made from aluminum, which is a lightweight but sturdy material.

This tank provides the user with up to a thousand shots for every fill used — the 20-oz. Capacity is a really good option for professional players.

CO2 air is considered to be a readily available and inexpensive commodity, which makes this product easy to maintain. You get a constant supply of carbon dioxide with this tank and the 20-oz. capacity ensures that you may not require a refill during a game.


  • High-quality & lightweight aluminum material used
  • Provides between 800 to 1000 shots for every fill
  • 20-oz. capacity
  • Affordable


  • The pin valve might easily leak

This HPA tank from Ninja easily takes its spot in the list for the best carbon fiber paintball tanks as it is a big step up from the entry-level aluminum tanks. Such tanks, unlike the aluminum ones, are lighter, have a better-rated pressure value of 4500 psi, and generally have a smaller profile.

The Ninja carbon fiber paintball tank comes in four sizes and color options. One can opt for the 45 ci, the 50 ci, the 68 ci, and the 90 ci. Even with the biggest size, the product is still notably lighter than the aluminum models.

These carbon fiber tanks are designed to accommodate 4500 psi of compressed air. The higher-pressure rating, by default, means a bigger shot capacity. Unlike in the case for aluminum tanks where you can get approximately ten shots per cubic inch, you can get up to 15 shots with this product.

The adjustable Ninja regulator is by far one of the best paintball tank regulators on the market. The output pressure can be adjusted, depending on your needs, between 450 psi and 850 psi.


  • Bigger shot capacity
  • Pretty light
  • Adjustable Ninja regulator


  • It is quite expensive.

If weight is a key factor that influences your decision, then the Ninja SL HPA air tank is the best choice for you. This product is lighter and more compact compared to its competitors, giving it a higher edge. The tank has a bigger shot capacity of 4500 psi, making it a perfect option not only for the professionals but also for beginners.

The adjustable regulator has been a feature many high-end paintball tanks should come fitted with. The Ninja paintball compressed air tank is no different as it also comes with one, allowing all its users to adjust the amount of output they wish to have. You can easily choose a psi of between 450 to 850.

Other than the price, there is nothing much to complain about this product.


  • It has a regulator
  • It is very light
  • Adjustable pressure output of between 450 psi and 850 psi
  • It has a compact profile


  • Relatively pricey

The Empire Ultra HPA Carbon Tank does not disappoint in terms of performance and convenience. It is one of the best paintball tanks that you ought to add to your bucket list if you are a serious painter.

The ultra-lightness found in this US-made product is impressive. This is made possible by the carbon fiber material used, which is usually about 30% lighter compared to other materials. A cylinder that is about 80 cubic inches is also available on this product, thus increasing its total capacity.

This model also makes use of the brand’s regulator, which ensures that it remains consistent and stable in the field. The Empire Ultra HPA Carbon Tank is a great paintball component you should not lack. Apart from the convenience it provides, you also get to enjoy playing several rounds before the next refill.


  • Lightweight
  • Has reliable and sturdy carbon fiber
  • 8-cubic inch cylinder present
  • The brand’s regulator has been used



  • Very expensive

Ninja paintball company is renowned for manufacturing some of the best, durable, and reliable paintball tanks. This compressed HPA air tank has not failed to deliver as it includes some of the best features most modern, high-end paintball tanks have.

The carbon fiber construction finds the right balance because it is both light and sturdy. With this paintball tank, you can never worry much about it slowing down. It is a bigger HPA tank meaning that you get more gas supplied to you – this means value for your money.

The only drawback a user might experience more often while using this product is that it is prone to dents, especially after long rough use.



  • Made of sturdy yet lightweight carbon fiber material
  • Bigger size supplies you with more gas
  • Helps beginners to fire accurate shots
  • Lasts for multiple rounds before needing a refill


  • Prone to dents

The Empire Paintball Basic Carbon Fiber Air System is another highly affordable option for those that wish to upgrade to an HPA paintball tank. The product is constructed from high-quality carbon fiber, which is designed to perform, as far as durability and weight are concerned.

A regulator that is made out of pure aluminum helps the user to experience maximum convenience when using the product. The steady reliability and performance of this air-fiber system is one you shouldn’t miss out on. The pure energy technology regulators provide one with stable pressure output and assist in the level of efficiency.

The built-in low and high-pressure disks ensure complete safety to the user. The 4500 psi fill capacity and the 800 psi output pressure meet all the standards in the paintball industry.


  • Made from high-quality carbon fiber
  • Features an aluminum regulator
  • Provides stable output and flow
  • It has safety features


  • It is quite heavy compared to competing brands.

This is one of the best CO2 paintball tanks which meet all the industry regulations, meaning it is safe for use right off the box. There are three sizes you can choose from (9 oz., 12 oz., and the 20 oz. models), making it easier for you to pick the right one based on convenience.

Other features that are quite helpful in the Tippmann aluminum CO2 paintball tank are the pin lock adapter and regulator. All in all, this is one paintball tank you should take into consideration.


  • Highly durable thanks to its aluminum construction
  • Choice of three sizes
  • Comes with a pin lock adapter and regulator
  • Refilling CO2 tanks is inexpensive


  • A little bulkier than other brands

Another product that earns its place on this list is from First Strike, the New Hero Guerrilla compressed air HPA paintball tank. It is one of the best-compressed air paintball tanks on the market.

The aluminum construction provides it with more damage-resist capabilities. However, this product has a compact structure, which makes it comfortable. It is also easier to balance the paintball marker with it.


  • Durable aluminum construction
  • Inexpensive
  • ideal for those that love a compressed air tank
  • Compact


  • Prone to scratches

The last product on our list of the top 10 best paintball tanks is the Tippmann Aluminum HPA tank. This product provides you with a choice of three 3000 psi tanks in 13, 26, and 48 cubic inches.

The bigger tanks, such as the 48 cubic-inch ones, provide the user with more shots, approximately 400 to 600, whereas the 13 cubic-inch ones have fewer shots, giving you at least 150 shots.

The product is bulky – this is the major drawback associated with it. However, this is what you get when you sacrifice weight but gain in affordability. The compressed air system also contributes to the weight, as it is not as light as CO2.


  • Consistent in terms of pressure
  • Affordable
  • Made from sturdy materials


  • Quite heavy


Making the right choice when picking the best paintball tanks will now be easier for you, taking into consideration our comprehensive guide. The products on this list have been extensively researched on, tried, and tested to ensure that we offer you the best information so you can make an informed decision.

Go through it and pick the product that best works for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is a regulator in a paintball tank important?

A: Regulators control the amount of air released after a shot has been fired, hence, it helps with the accuracy.

Q: How does a CO2 paintball tank work?

A: Carbon dioxide is changed to gas, and the pressure created fires the shot.

Q: What is the ideal paintball tank size?

A: The ideal size is decided while on the field. However, to be safe, when you hold the gun in your hand, the best-size tank should stop at your elbow’s crease.