Best Paintballs 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Whether your game of paintball turns out to be exceptionally good or bad partly depends – amongst other things – on the type of paintball ammo you use. So in this article, I am going to guide you through the basics of paintballs, factors you should look at while buying one and some amazing paintballs available in the market. This guide is going to help you with your research for your paintballs discussing aspects such as cost, color material, durability, and efficiency.

Using a low-quality paintball will not only affect your game but will also ruin your experience as a paintball player. If the print quality is not good, your experience will be equally as bad. Paintballs have an outer shell made from gelatin and the inside is filled with a dilute paint mixture. If you use quality paintballs, then they will only burst one they hit a target and not inside the firing mechanism of the marker.


If your marker is of good quality, but your paintball isn’t, then the performance of your paintball gun will also be affected. If you take your game of paintball seriously, it is important to use the best paintballs and avoid using low-quality paintball ammo since it can ruin your entire paintballing experience. Paintball pellets of bad quality negatively affect the performance and accuracy of your paintball gun. Sometimes, the paintball refuses to break even when it has hit the target. This could hurt the target a lot and all because you failed to use the best paintballs.

Using good quality paintball will not only improve your paintballing experience but will make the game more fun and exciting for all the players involved. Since using the best woodsball paintballs is vital to the quality and thrill of the game, it is very important that you make an effort to find the best paintballs available in the market these days.

When looking for the best woodsball paintballs or the best paintballs for speedball be sure to purchase one with a tough outer covering so that it does not explode inside the mechanism of your marker. The strength and quality of the gelatin shell of your paintball are indicative of the overall quality of the paintball. A bad paintball will either explode into the firing mechanism of your marker or throw off your aim and accuracy once fired.

Choosing the Best Paintballs: What to Consider?

1. Do Your Research

It is very important that you do all the necessary research before you purchase ammo as without the proper knowledge you might make the wrong choice which may eventually lead you to have a bad game. There are a lot of different types of paintball available on the markets that differ from each other in size and quality.

The first thing to know about is your gun caliber. You can look for it in the instruction manual of your paintball marker. You can always access different forums and ask around about quality markers to see what most people prefer.

2. Cost of the Paintballs

The cost of paintballs differs vastly from one ball to the other. You can get cheap, recreational, as well as the more expensive paintballs used in tournaments, speedball, and various serious paintball competitions.

If you want to practice paintball, you can also buy the reusable paintballs.

3. Recreational Paintballs

These paintballs come with a thicker shell and can be used with almost any paintball gun. These paintballs are very affordable because of the small inconsistencies in its shape. These paintballs are available in a variety of different colors.

4. Tournament Grade Paintballs

Tournament grade paintballs have a firmer but thinner shell. Due to this reason, they tend to break easily and more consistently. These paintballs are designed for use with all the top end paintball guns and are used in professional woodsball or speedball tournaments. These paintballs are of high quality and are a lot more reliable than the paintballs used in leisurely paintball games.

Factors To Consider When Buying Paintballs

When shopping for the best paintballs for speedball, woodsball or whatever another version of paintball you play, there are a few factors you must take into consideration. Whether you are competing in a tournament or playing a recreational game of paintball, you need to figure out the major factors that could cast a serious effect on your game of paintball.

Following is a list of few factors you must keep in mind when buying paintballs.

1. Price

One of the major factors that contribute towards your decision of buying a paintball is the price tag. Everyone wants the best quality paintballs at a cheap price without damaging the actual quality of the paintball. A lot of potential buyers seek quality without having to pay too much. They want paintballs that deliver quality performance on the field. In this case, you really have to carefully check and compare your choices so that you don’t mistake a higher price tag for quality or a lower price tag for a bad quality product.

You must evaluate the features associated with the price of the product. You must carefully narrow down your choices and choose the paintballs that not only fit your budget but also matches your paintball playing skills and overall performance. For your first try, we would advise you to go for a budget-friendly paintball and then you can go for more expensive ones as you master the skill. Eventually, you will come to decide on a paintball that delivers an excellent level of satisfaction in terms of performance, quality, and accuracy.

2. Caliber

Caliber plays a major role in the overall delivery duality of the paintballs. A typical paintball is about 0.68 in caliber. Other calibers that you can access are 0.40 and 0.71. You must also check that the size of your paintball matches the bore of the barrel. This will prevent the difference in size of the paintball which may occur otherwise. The best-fitted size results in quality performance on the field.

3. Durability

Irrespective of the caliber you choose, it is important that it comes with a tough and durable outer gelatin shell. The biggest thing that turns off potential buyers about a paintball is the fact that a lot of them tend to break inside the firing mechanism of the gun while a lot of them even explode mid-air before they have even hit the intended target.

You must make sure that the outer shell of the paintball is thick and tough and will not break from the impact of the bolt. Most of the high priced expensive paintballs are tougher and sturdier in quality and run a lower risk of getting broken inside the marker.

However, this is not to say that you can’t find quality paintballs at lower pricing. A lot of strong and firm paintballs come at a decent pricing range, too and offer the same quality as a lot of expensive paintballs do. What is really necessary is the fact that you take your paintball ammo seriously. If you look for the right factors, you will eventually find the combination of them in one product.

Besides the toughness of the shell, you must also make sure that the paintball you buy are perfectly round and do not have any dimples or swellings, or anything else that could factor into a poor performance.

4. The Quality of the Paint

Another important factor you must take note of regarding your paintballs is that a lot of these paintballs tend to get old pretty quick. This happens because the gelatin that makes up the outer covering of the paintball tends to weaken over time due to environmental factors.
This is also the reason why most paintballs break before they have hit their target. If you use an old pack of paintballs, then their gelatin covering will be weak and will not be able to withstand the hit from the bolt or the speed once it is fired.

The best paintballs are the ones that are fresh. Other factors that can contribute that could contribute to a paintball’s poor performance are humidity and moisture. They can cause the paintball to swell, which will badly affect the performance of the paintball in the field. You must make sure that you are getting only the paintballs that are freshly made. This is the reason why a lot of brands that promise to have fresh packets of paintballs delivered sell better than those which do not include this feature in their adverts.

You can even test the freshness of the paintball prior to use. Testing these paintballs involves taking some paintballs and dropping them from a height of at least 6 feet. Keep dropping the paintball until it eventually breaks. If the paintball breaks before the third drop then it means the paintball is weak and is not good a paintball game. But if it breaks on the sixth or seventh bounce then you can rest assured that the paintball is of good quality and has fresh paint inside it.

5. Color

It is very important to check the color of the paint inside the paintball before you make the purchase. The color of the paintball is also a clear indication of the fact that whether the paintball you are buying is of good quality or not. If you are going to play a game of woodsball with lush green trees and thick foliage around you, then we suggest that you go for bright neon shades of paint.

Some of these bright colors could be orange or a bold shade of red. It is important to use bright neon colors because they tend to contract against camo wear that your opponent will be wearing.

6. Efficiency

Always pay close attention to how far your paintball is going and if it is hitting the target accurately or not. You must assess the shooting efficiency of the ball and if you are a good marksman then you will immediately know the paintball is of bad quality if it veers off the course.
All the best quality paintballs are highly efficient in their shooting efficiency and hit the target right on the mark. Low-quality paintballs often bought at cheap prices usually burst out when you shoot and create a mess of things.

Top 10 Best Paintballs 2020

Looking for reliable paintball ammo? Valken Infinity is your go-to choice. It is one of the top choices for paintballs of professional paintball players. People competing in tournaments and competitions take their paintball games seriously and are not willing to rely on low-quality paintballs with questionable performance.

You must know that the quality of your paintballs holds as much importance in your game as the quality of your paintball marker. The game cannot be played with a quality marker alone. The Valken Infinity paintballs are easily one of the best paintballs for speedball on the market because they promise quality and guarantee good performance. The shell of these paintballs is thicker which is important because the thick gelatin covering extends durability and does not allow the paintball to break easily.

These paintballs are also an excellent choice for entry-level paintball players. They are more affordable than a lot of high-end paintballs with no compromise on the quality of the product. So if you are looking for a good quality paintball but are not willing to pay too much for it, Valken Infinity should be your choice.

The makers of this paintball have prioritized the standard and performance of the paintball above all the other factors including the pricing. Once you begin using these paintballs you will notice another interesting fact about them. These paintball do not deviate in direction once shot from the market. They happen to shoot straight and hit exactly where you intend to hit your target.

If you are an excellent marksman, then there is no way you could lose with Valken Infinity paintballs. Valken Infinity Paintballs are the best woodsball paintballs that deliver quality and ensure a good game on the field. The overall structure of the paintball is impressive and looks sturdy and firm on the very first impression of the ball. When fired, these paintballs come out perfectly without any dented or fractured parts. The thick film of the shell makes this paintball makes it one of the most versatile paintballs in the industry. These paintballs are compatible with both hopper-fed and mag fed paintball guns.

Even the markers that have been harsher and rough in their handling of paintballs can work just fine with the Valken Infinity paintballs. The reason why this brand has excelled in quality as compared to other brands is that the Valken brand has put great emphasis on quality control and great consistency and accuracy. The brand abides by its promise of quality and accuracy at competitive pricing religiously and provides up to 2,000 paintballs.

One of the cons of this product would be the packaging. Even though it does not impact the performance of the paintballs, the packaging is usually the first impression of the product and should be neat and of good quality.

Looking for another impressive line of nontoxic quality paintballs? RPS Empire Marbalizer is the answer. This paintball shoots straight and only breaks on impact. With the RPS Empire Marbalizer you will not have to worry about the paintball breaking inside the marker or breaking prior to impact.

It is one of the best paintballs especially designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions like humidity. A lot of the professional woodsball players prefer to use RPS Empire Marbalizer in their games for its quality and exceptional performance as one of the best woodsball paintballs on the market.

The outer shell of the RPS Empire Marbalizer is green and black in color with neon colored paint on the inside that stands out when it hits the target. If you are playing in a dark setting, then the neon paint will work extremely well for you. A lot of paintball players refer to these RPS Empire paintballs as the perfect choice for outdoor style games. It does not matter whether you are an entry level player or an intermediate one; these are the best paintballs for an average woodsball player.

One set of RPS Empire Marbalizer contains 2,000 balls all made from excellent quality material and with full potential to be used in competitive games of woodsball.

May Vary brand offers quality paintballs at an affordable price. If you want quality paintballs but are not willing to spend too much on them, then May Vary Paintball pellets are the perfect choice for you. These best paintballs are known for their quality and the fact that they do not break easily until they have hit their target. These paintballs are affordable and very suitable for people who are new to the game of paintball. These paintball pellets are excellent performers on the field, and you can even use these paintballs with a slingshot.

For people who like their paintball in several colors, Mary Vary also offers color choices for them so you can have your pick. These paintballs are firm and sturdy and do not come out dimpled or damaged. They do not break mid-air and only splinter once they’ve hit their target which is exactly the kind of quality most paintball players are looking for in the best paintballs.

The pricing is also a lot less than what other brands charge their customers for the same quality of paintballs. This is perhaps one of the major reasons why Mary Vary has gained such immense success. They do not compromise on quality just to have their product in a low pricing range. This is the main reason why a lot of people who are operating on a budget go for Mary Vary paintball pellets.

These best paintballs suit the right caliber perfectly and provide hundreds of hits at affordable pricing. The Mary Vary paintballs are currently a major hit in the market due to this very reason.

A lot of paintball players think that these paintballs are perfect for recreation and leisurely games of paintball. As per my experience, the reason why I love Mary Vary paintballs so much is that they are easy to wipe off and clean. So if you get your clothes dirty during paintball, washing off the paint is fairly easy.

With Mary Vary best paintballs, the subpar packaging is what puts off most of the customers. This packaging offers little in terms of protection for the content inside and is very poorly done.

These GI paintballs are impressive and the most impressive thing about them is that they are nontoxic paintballs. These paintballs are truly safe to use on the field and even if they reach the sensitive parts of your body, you can wash them off and you are good to go. The nontoxic nature of the paintball prevents it to cause reactions on any part of your body even if they get into your eyes or mouth. These are 0.50caliber paintballs that are low impact and biodegradable. These paintballs are safe for the environment which cannot be said for many paintballs on this list or on the market.

The paintballs have a nice and consistent round shape and the thick gelatin shell prevents breakage. The paint inside is bright colored and stands out in a dark setting. Another important feature of these paintballs is that the paint in them can be easily cleaned. So if the paint comes in contact with your clothes during the game, you can wash it off easily with just water. You don’t even need the detergent!
The packaging is very proper and carefully protected. If you shop for these paintballs online they always arrive undamaged and in proper condition without any breakage unlike a lot of other paintballs.

What I love about these paintballs is that you can simply store them in a box and keep them in an area at room temperature without having to worry about the leaking paint or the paintball sticking together.

What I do not love about these paintballs though is the fact that they are very pricey. A lot of buyers including myself are of the opinion that the brand overcharges its customers for JT GI Splatmaster paintballs. The pricing puts off a lot of potential buyers of the JT GI Splatmaster paintballs.

The Valken Graffiti Paintballs are very impressive in the sense that they possess the excellent top-shelf ability. These best paintballs possess exceptional accuracy and marking capabilities which have earned them a spot on our list.

Another impressive feature of these paintballs is their ability to break upon contact with the target in a very reliable way. They do not break before they have hit the intended target. Unlike some paintballs that fail to break even after they have hit their target, the Valken Graffiti paintballs are sensitive to impact and break upon contact not before or after that. All these qualities combined, make these paintballs one of the best paintballs on the market and very popular amongst paintball players. These paintballs are also referred to as the best paintballs for speedball and woodsball.

Moreover, the paintballs are fresh and do not carry any sort of rancid or unpleasant odor with them. These paintballs are constructed and delivered on a weekly basis which means that they really are fresh and hence rid you of any worries.

The Valken brand practices strict quality control and all their paintballs are in top-notch quality. When you get the package delivered, rest assured that there will be no broken or damaged paintballs in your delivery package. The brand ensures that by checking the deliveries and shipment packages before they are sent out to make sure that they are not sending damaged pieces to the customers.

Also, these paintballs come in rounded circular shapes. They are thick, but not really brittle, so even if you drop them on a hard surface they won’t break up into pieces. But when these paintballs are fired from your marker and hut the target they instantly break upon impact, fresh paint splatters all over your target. These best paintballs do not curve when they are shot from the paintball gun. They fly straight towards the target, and if you are a good marksman, hit right where you intend to strike your target.

Wondering if there is a con to this wonderful product? There is. The pricing is way too much for nonprofessionals to consider buying these expensive paintballs. These paintballs line with the most expensive paintballs on the market and are not affordable for everyone.

Wrek Elite Premium Paintballs from Elite are high quality best paintballs that deliver enhanced performance and an excellent woodsball playing experience. These paintballs come in a pack of 1000 paintballs and you are guaranteed to never run out of them when out on the field. These paintballs are of top-notch quality and never disappoint you when you are out on the field.

These paintballs can be delivered with perfect accuracy and hit the target exactly where you intend to hit them. The shell used to form a cover for these paintballs is sturdy and an attractive red and silver color. The paint inside is a bright yellow color. It is a viscous mixture and does not smell rancid or unpleasant.

What many woodsball players love about these best woodsball paintballs is that they are easy to clean up and you do not have to worry if they make contact with your clothes or other parts of your body. Moreover, these paintballs hold up well in any kind of weather. You do not have to worry about them leaking or sticking to each other if the weather is too hot. These paintballs are strong enough to withstand extreme weather conditions and no effect the quality of the game.

The Elite Premium Paintballs are excellent performers on the field. They do not explode inside the firing mechanism of your paintball gun and neither do they explode mid-air. They only break once they have hit the target. With Elite Premium Paintballs you no longer have to worry about chopped balls or disappointing on-field performance.

These paintballs are swiftly shot from the barrel of your paintball marker and hit your target right where you intend to shoot it. What most paintball players do not like about this particular paintballs is the fact is that it is quite expensive as compared to other paintballs that deliver a very similar quality of performance. Still, a lot of people prefer to use these paintballs because of their guarantee quality performance and because they trust Wrek Elite Premium Paintballs to always deliver the best.

If you buy the GXG Rubber Reusable Paintballs, you are guaranteed to enjoy your game of paintball more than ever before. These paintballs are constructed in such a firm and sturdy manner that they hardly ever disappoint their users. The on-field performance of these best woodsball paintballs will never disappoint or embarrass you in front of other paintball players. The reason why we have these paintballs on our list of the best paintballs is all because of their class construction and performance.

These paintballs have a rubber-like feel to them and are constructed as 0.68 caliber paintballs. These paintballs come in especially handy during target practice and are perfect for use during recreational games of paintball.

These paintballs work well without wasting a lot of paint. They are safe to use with hoppers, guns, and barrels. Each pack of the GXG Rubber Reusable paintballs consists of 100 rounds of paintballs which is fair given the pricing of these paintballs. These paintballs are super impressive in the sense that you can simply rinse them and clean them with water especially when they get too dirty.

This is one of the best products available on the market and you will never come across any problems when using these paintballs. What I personally didn’t like about these paintballs and have the consensus of many other GXG Rubber Reusable Paintball users on is the fact that they are a bit too small in size. Especially when you use these paintballs with stock barrels sold by one of the major makers of paintball guns: Tippmann.

DXS Basic Training Paintballs provide a good value of their value. You can make the most of your paintballing experience with DXS basic training paintballs. It performs well on the field and you receive four bags in one case.

Each bag has about 500 paintballs so you receive a total of 2,000 pieces of paintballs from this product. The balls are of high quality and are strongly recommended for recreational games. These paintballs serve as excellent practice balls and can be used in tournaments where they serve as the best paintballs for speedball.

Another favorable advantage of using DXS Basic Training Paintballs is that they work brilliantly in all sorts of weather conditions. You do not have to worry about them breaking and sticking to each other in extremely hot weather or getting damaged in cold climatic conditions. No matter how harsh the weather is, you do not have to worry about these best paintballs breaking down.

The paint filled in these paintballs is eco-friendly which means its non-toxic nature will not harm you even if it enters the sensitive parts of your body like your eyes, ears, or mouth. These paintballs fit the standard 0.68 calibers and you can be assured that the shell of these paintballs is firm and sturdy. This way you no longer have to worry about it breaking in the firing mechanism of your gun. The paintball will only break once it has hit the target with complete accuracy.

In case of a few customers, a few dents and dimples were noticeable in these balls. But these were the rare few cases. Most of the times, these balls are dimple free and ready to be used out on the field.

Looking for color options in paintballs? Veska Paintballs is your number one choice. Veska paintball guarantees its customers quality and a choice in colors and quantity. The Veska brand is one of the best paintball makers on the market these days. You can pick your set of paintballs ranging from 500, 1000, and 2000.

The color options available for Veska paintballs are pink, orange, and yellow. The colors are bright and easily noticeable. You must realize that these paintballs are constructed for 0.68 calibers and the strong shell makes these paintballs firm and durable while matching the standard skills of entry-level paintball players.

The Veska paintballs are the best woodsball paintballs and the perfect choice for recreational play. It shoots straight and only breaks upon contact with the target. The paintball does not come out dented or damaged and can hit the target with perfect accuracy.

One of the reasons why paintball players prefer using Veska paintballs is because they do not smell of the rancid paint scent. They have a fresh feel and odor to them. They do not have any unwanted odor and always guarantee freshness. These paintballs come with clean and smooth seams that improve the aim and accuracy of the paintballs.

With Veska paintballs, the only thing most customers and potential buyers complain about is the high pricing. The paintballs gave their quality and performance also have a price tag to match which puts off a lot of buyers.

The Tiberius Arms First Strike Paintball is at the top of our list of the best paintballs, and for good reason. No matter what level of skill you possess, Tiberius Arms First Strike Paintball will deliver quality and support what skill you do have. These paintballs are used in tournaments all of the United States and this is why they are of the finest quality, made from the best quality material and deliver exceptional performance.

Tiberius Arms uses a patented technology that makes their paintball firm, gives them an aerodynamic quality that improves the accuracy of your shots, and gives your game some stability. This technology also provides your game with some good speed once it is fired out from your paintball gun.

As compared to other cheaper paintballs, this paintball can be shot fifty percent farther and aimed with excellent accuracy. Unlike a lot of other paintballs on the market, the Tiberius Arms first strike paintball exceeds the 0.68 calibers. This can come in very handy during the game when you have to shoot your target from awkward and uncomfortable angles. These paintballs are versatile and tough enough for every kind of situation.

The self-rifling ability of the Tiberius Arms paintballs gives you a leg up in the game, too. If you’ve been playing woodsball or speedball for quite some time and have had experience with cheap paintballs, you will be familiar with the pain of watching your paintballs break mid-air before they even reach their target. With the Tiberius Arms first strike paintball, you no longer have to worry about that. The ball with not break inside the firing mechanism of your marker or in mid-air and will hit its target with perfect accuracy. These paintballs will only break when they are in contact with the intended target.

The paint inside these paintballs is viscous and you can easily tell whether the opponent has been struck with the paintball or not. Tiberius Arms is the top brand of paintball and paintball markers available on the market and only delivers quality and exceptional performance to its customers.