Best Pump Paintball Guns of 2020

The shooting games have brought a revolution in the video gaming industry. You are certainly missing out on something if you have not played a paintball game so far. It is thrilling to hold the best pump paintball gun in your hands and feel the excitement of such a competitive game.

Many questions must have crossed your mind if you have never been in a paintball game, you might be wondering what the game is all about.

Paintball game is a competitive shooting sport where the participants hit their opponents with paintballs or dye-filled capsules to eliminating them. It is an entertaining sport, and the only way to excel in it is to choose a top-quality pump paintball gun.

If you think you got what it takes, then you are just on the right page. We will equip you with information about the pump paintball guns and how to choose the right one for your game.

Before you go ahead and start looking for the best pump paintball gun, it is essential to understand these guns and how they work.

How do pump paintball guns work?

Pump paintball guns are the oldest type of guns. While the older version of these guns is still in use, the newer versions are semi-auto. The pump paintball guns have become a lot cheaper.

The most common paintball guns you will come across are the regular ones popularly used for recreational play. These playful guns are fast and fun to use, and the shooter feeds the paintballs in front of the firing assembly. The piston springs forward and flings the cannon of color in the direction aimed by the shooter.

The pump-action shotguns carry a pumping mechanism between each shot and employ CO2 or HPA in the reservoir. So, when you pump the gun, the air gets pulled up from the reservoir and gets released as you press the trigger. Paintballs fire typically at about a lower speed of about three hundred feet per second. There are no risks involved as the participants wear appropriate gear during the game: masks and ear protection.

It is essential to understand the fundamentals of a paintball gun before you play the game.

You are likely to come across Automatic and Semi-Automatic pump paintball guns.

• Semi-Automatic Paintball Guns
The semi-automatic models are the most common, and as the spring resets between each shot, there is less involvement of the shooter. Depending on how fast you can pull the trigger, you can control the rate of attack during the combat zone.

• Automatic Paintball Guns
With an automatic model, you can fire multiple times with just a single trigger press. Simply pulling the trigger launches the firing assembly. Many shooters go for the guns with a motorized hopper, if they want to amplify their rate of fire further.

Two critical questions to ask

If you are an aspiring player, allow these two questions to grill your mind. A lot relies on how much you would want to play and what your budget is. Therefore, before you go ahead and shop for the pump paintball gun, ask yourself these two essential questions:

1. How much will you play?

If you are going to play paintball just once or twice a year, it makes more sense to rent the equipment and gear rather than buy it. You can rent the equipment for $10 to $20 a day. A passionate player, however, tends to play paintball almost every week or month. Such a person cannot help but hon his or her skill by equipping the latest model or the additional equipment.

2. What is your budget?

A complete paintball set can cost from $70 to $120 or even more. You can buy the gun, tank, mask, hopper, and avoid buying the cheaper guns to save on the costs. Always go for the best pump paintball gun that promises high-speed, accuracy, and durability. These guns should make a place on the bucket list for those who love the game and would like to improve their gameplay with a good quality gun.

A good quality paintball gun designed to outpace your opponents on the arena in terms of speed and accuracy can cost you well over $200.

With so many models available, it sure can be overwhelming to choose the best pump paintball gun for yourself. Whether you are a seasoned player or a novice, your performance will rely on what kind of gun you will choose. Every player looks for a paintball gun that eases up handling and takes accurate aims at your opponent when needed.

Keep these factors in mind when looking for the best types of paintball guns.

What to Look for When Buying the Best Pump Paintball Gun

A perfect paintball game comes with the right choice. Especially if you are looking forward to a great experience and fun time, the wrong gun will not only kill your mood but also damage your self-esteem for future games.

Here are the best factors to keep in mind when buying the best pump paintball gun:

• Consider the paintball gun’s manufacturer

Buy the guns from reputed makers who have been in the industry for a while. These manufacturers carry expertise and understand the customers’ needs. They know what you are looking for and craft those guns with the right adjustments and specific fine-tuning.

• Check out the essential features

You will come across various paintball guns, so comparing features and attributes will be mandatory. Go through every aspect of the gun: the firing mechanism, the trig, the weight, and so on. Before you purchase, inspect the firing assembly, the quality of the components, and test the functionality.

The key attributes can control the speed and accuracy of the gun and impact your performance during the game.

• Electrical gun or machine gun?

The words electrical and mechanical are used to define the firing mechanism. The electric paintball gun uses a battery to fire while the automatic paintball gun employs a trigger mechanism for a faster rate of fire.

Go for a machine gun if you are a beginner and do not take the paintball games so seriously. However, if you are a pro and into highly competitive sports, go for an electronic gun. You can program the electric paintball guns for fire-rate, burst, semi-automatic, or automatic to play competitively.

• Balls per second (BPS)

BPS or balls per second, as the name suggests, is the number of shots that explode from the chamber every second. It is observed that the electronic paintball guns carry a higher BPS than the mechanical paintball guns. Most players never go beyond 7-8 BPS during a game, depending on the field cap.

Some electro-pneumatic guns can shoot up to 15 BPS. Conduct research on the firing and pumping you would prefer before making your decisions. Keep in mind that experts do not recommend faster bursts of fire because it affects the handling speed. Moreover, most players cannot move their fingers fast enough to fire more than 7-8 BPS.

• Feet Per Second (FPS)

Most paintball guns carry FPS of 280, and this is also the maximum allowed velocity for the game. The professional and regulated paintball parks lower the speed to the desired and recommended settings for the younger and newer players. All paintball guns are expected to shoot below 300 feet per second, and before the player enters the arena, his or her gun is checked for FPS and adjusted for 280.

• The additional attachments for customization

As a player, you should look for extra equipment that can enhance your gaming experience. Ask about any accessories that can upgrade the gun and its performance. Study those attachments and how they can improve the gun.

One can add to the versatility of these guns with certain features like adding scopes, fix a new barrel and adjust fire rate, and many more. The latest tech models come with greater customizations, but keep in mind that a high-end gun with more customization options can cost you more.

• Easy to handle and maintain

A serious paintballer cannot help but look for a gun that is easy to assemble and disassemble. It is no surprise that an effortless assemblage and disassembling mean a painless experience for the general maintenance and cleaning of the paintball gun.

Always look for a paintball gun with low maintenance, easy to clean, and repair option. Rely on a professional if you think the gun needs special care. Keep in mind that your paintball gun is going to wear out sooner or later, depending on how often you use it. The parts may wear out, or you may accidentally damage it. It should be easy to get replacement parts from the manufacturer in no time.

• The cost of the paintball gun

A reasonably priced paintball gun is always equipped with the latest upgrades. So, one doesn’t have to spend a fortune on buying the right kind of model. Do your homework and compare the reviews and go for a gun that meets your needs and the budget.

It is a good idea to set a budget for the gun as some of those guns can cost even around $2000. You can quickly get a primary paintball gun of good quality within $200. Keep your budget flexible for other essential gear like a mask, air tank, and a hopper.

When you play a paintball game, you should not only think about carrying the best pump paintball gun but you should also consider your safety. Thus, it is equally important to buy the required attachments and the necessary gear for an enjoyable experience during the game.

Safety rules for paintball players

While the paintball game is a safe and enjoyable activity, but just like any other sport, there are risks of injuries when one is not careful. The following points are some safety rules to be followed by the paintball players.

• The paintball players must understand the rules and comply with them. They should get their guns checked for FPS and ensure that they do not bring in any unauthorized equipment in the field.

• Always wear the safety goggles and wear only the equipment that is specially approved for paintball to keep your eyes protected. The paintballs should be safe to use and bought only from regulated and authorized suppliers.

• Do not shoot at the neutral areas and avoid any blind firing. The players must refrain from any mindless firing in any direction and always aim at their target before shooting.

• Get immediate assistance from the staff in case you find that the barrel covers are needed, and the players should never remove their barrel cover unless told to do so.

• If the players equip the paintball equipment, they should handle it carefully and never try to disassemble it. In case they face any difficulties with their rented equipment, they can contact the concerned authorities and get it changed or replaced.

• Smoking and consuming alcohol are not allowed on the paintball combat area, and any player under the influence will not be allowed to participate in the game. Any misconduct or verbal abuse can incur punishment.

• Any violation of the game or rules may result in a ban from the competition.

Why become a sport spoiler? Hammer down all the above rules and regulations if you want to become a serious paintball player. One is never expected to cross the line.

Nothing gets any better if you have fun-filled shooting experience, the ER2 pump paintball pistol should make a place in your bucket list. Now you can enjoy a smooth pumping action due to the anti-chop technology. Double pump-action and the ball stop system is armed with additional features so that you can feel at the top of your game.

Get out and jump right in the middle of the action within this fantastic 68 caliber paintball pistol that comes with 50 paintballs. Pose like James Bond because this paintball pistol weighs just 2.8 pounds and you will feel a lot more confident and comfortable. Great for beginners as well as kids!

• Smooth firing handle.
• Great for target shooting.
• Lightweight and comfortable.

• Single shot.
• Needs to be pumped every time.

Let your personality shine bright like a diamond when you carry Empire Paintball gun. The auto cocker design will make you feel like a sniper. You can look forward to a rugged and robust build, as well as optimal performance in this cool-looking pump marker.

The paint gun features Aluminium 2-piece 14″ barrel plus 3 Barrel inserts .675, .680, .685. Enjoy low-pressure operations plus an auto-trigger for rapid firing. This paintball gun surprisingly weighs just 3.52 pounds, which makes it both reliable and accurate. Customers love the paint gun that works flawlessly and consistent in performance. Moreover, the user can pump the paintballs all day and still save a lot on the paint amount.

• Sturdy and rugged built.
• Excellent performance.
• Plenty of paint.

• A barrel upgrade needed.

Azodin KP3.5 Paintball Marker features a horde of improvements over its predecessor. The latest model in the KP line, this paintball gun flaunts the latest technologies and shows how to take your game to a whole new level. Thanks to the superior design and improved features, you can look forward to much better performance and precision.

KP3.5 Pump Paintball gun carries a half-block design with a Delrin pump handle and dual pump rod, with an operating pressure to 230 psi, the gun is now much more precise and quieter. Other features that have improved a great deal are accuracy and efficiency, which include an acoustic bolt and integrated zero assemblies. The pump marker is indeed fun to shoot and a clap-worthy product.

• Increased accuracy.
• Better ergonomics.
• Various colors.

• ASA can sometimes leak.

The rugged Azodin KPC pump marker is a beloved classic hailed for higher durability, low maintenance, and affordable maintenance. The KPC blends the half-block body style with the Feather Regulator, and what you get is a sleek looking paint gun that excels in looks and performance.

Compatible with CO2 and HPA, other features include a 14’’ Single Piece barrel, Stainless Steel Pump Rod, and a reversible Hitman Plate. This paint gun runs at about 350 psi, indeed quieter and costs much lower.

• Modern rugged look.
• Excels in performance.
• Available in 5 colors.
• A great budget pump gun.

• Rolls out if the gun is shaken too hard.


1. What is the difference between a paintball gun and paintball marker?

Paintball guns and markers mean the same thing: a shooting device for the paintballs. The word tag was created to avoid intimidating connotation for some parents. Some producers believe that the general public would be more receptive to the idea of buying a paintball marker, rather than the paintball gun. So, do not get confused when people use those terms when discussing the game.

2. Is the paintball game and gun safe for the children?

Although the paintball games are suitable for children, still, the parents need to know the nature of the paintball game. They need to make sure if their child is old enough to participate in the game. The child needs to be at least eight years old to participate in the paintball games.

Contact the organizers of the game and gather more information about the paintball. It is a good idea to watch some sessions and try to understand the game and its rules. With the right quality of paint guns and approved safety equipment, the paintball game and gun are safe for the children.

3. How should the players prepare for the game?

Apart from buying one of the best pump paintball guns, the players should wear comfortable clothing and suitable footwear. It is essential to feel comfortable and safe when playing paintball. Safety equipment also includes specially designed goggles for paintball play.

4. How do I take primary care of the paintball gun?

The paintball guns need maintenance as they are made of several parts that will move at high speed. It is prone to more wear and tear happen due to a poor reassembling of the gun. Use a paintball gun oil to keep the moving parts well lubricated and avoid any rough handling of the gun like throwing it away or dropping it against a hard floor.


If reading this article has made it easier for you to search for the best pump paintball gun, keep the above guidelines in mind. In a nutshell, the gun you pick should be simple to use and light to carry and, most of all, make you feel like a champion. The frame and grip, along with the ergonomic handle, make a paint gun feel comfortable. Also, the designs and features play a significant role in how you perform in the combat zone and outwit your opponents.

Look for an efficient gun at an affordable price and unleash the pro-shooter within you.