Best Woodsball Gun

Nowadays people are more and more addicted to social media, mobile phones, virtual games and basically any means that helps connect with other people without actually meeting them in person. It helps you save time, but what happens when you get tired of these impersonal relations and feel the urge to go outside, get some fresh air, meet with friends and exercise at the same time? What great activity actually checks all these requirements of your list and makes you feel happy and accomplished by the end of the day?

I am sure that many actions come to mind, but today we are proposing one that is a little bit nonconformist as it is fun and entertaining: paintball. Not being a new sport anymore, paintball is gaining more and more ground as it provides an authentic and remarkably interesting experience: not only you can teleport yourself into a simulated, yet very believable and crawling with obstacles battlefield, team up with your best friends, compete against your worst enemies, but you get the chance to do all these while wearing an outstanding gear and using a realistic gun hitting with spherical dye-filled gelatin capsules. How cool is that? You can play with friends on weekends, against colleagues in team-buildings or you can take part even in professional tournaments should you become that good.

If you do not feel the rush yet, we strongly recommend that you try woodsball, a type of paintball played in a natural environment such as a forest or urban fields, frequently simulating military actions but at the same time allowing the players to act based on their own script, with infinite possibilities. It is fun and recreational, trains one’s imagination and provides efficient exercise for the muscles.

No matter the scenario, in order to take part in action you need to have a paintball weapon of your own. “Why not rent one?”, one might argue. We are sure that you will become a better player and finally an undisputed champion if you have your personal best woodsball gun because you will certainly feel more comfortable and safe when using an object that you are accustomed with. It is surely a revival feeling to know your weapon like the back of your pocket, with all its strengths and weaknesses.

This article will provide you various options so you can buy the best woodsball paintball gun on the market that caters to your desires. If carrying the right weapon, your adrenaline will certainly pump up, increase your competitive spirit and transform you into a redoubtable enemy.

How do you choose the best woodsball gun for you?

There are many options out there and one might feel overwhelmed, especially if he/she is not familiar with what paintball experience involves. No matter if you are a beginner or a professional player, there is a suitable gun for you out there. Below you can find a list to take into consideration first before choosing the best woodsball marker for you:

• Type of scenery you want to play into: paintball is divided into 2 types of game – Woodsball and Speedball. Both of them are incredibly fun, but maybe one appeals more to your wild senses. Take a look first and decide which scenario you want to jump into.

• Type of paintball gun: would you like a mechanical, electro-pneumatic mechanism (electronic) or a pump mechanism? The mechanical gun is the most popular because it is easy to maintain, affordable and perfect for leisure activity as it shoots only one time when you pull the trigger. It is the best woodsball paintball gun for beginners. The electro-pneumatic marker is valued due to the multi firing modes it provides, from high rates of firing to even full auto firing. It might be the best woodsball gun for an intermediate player. The pump guns are harder to use because they act as an actual shotgun. They represent the best woodsball paintball gun for skilled players as they require speed and power while helping you focus on accuracy.

• Your player level: are you a beginner, an intermediate or a professional player? You should choose the best woodsball gun based on how you grade your previous experience.

• Budget: paintball is a sport well worth every penny as it has numerous advantages, but take into consideration how often will you make time to enjoy it and how much money are you willing to pay for this recreational activity. If you are just getting into it, you might consider that a more pocket-friendly weapon would be the best woodsball paintball gun for you, at least before you convince yourself that this sport caters to your taste. Also you will notice that there are a couple of markers that can simply be upgraded in case you slightly go from beginner to professional.

After reviewing this criteria, below you will find descriptions of our best woodsball guns. In order to ease your decision, by the end of each item you will notice a brief pros and cons list summarizing the main characteristics. Let’s see which ones are the best woodsball paintball guns available on the profile market.

If you are not sure whether to choose a gun for beginners or intermediate players yet, this is the best woodsball paintball gun for you. It is appropriate for both kind of players as it provides high performance and durability in a mil-slim body. This mechanical weapon consists of a good quality sturdy plastic material, which makes it light and therefore allows you to execute flexible and agile moves and shoot 15 paintballs per second. The nude and black colors assure a very efficient camouflage and prevents you from becoming an easy target. It is quite accurate and comes with a couple of accessories (red dot lights, grips) which one might toy around as considered. It is also most appreciated because it involves gentle cleaning and maintenance.
It is applauded as straightforward due to its vertical grip and it can shoot up to 75 feet, making you feel confident while keeping some distance away from your opponent. However, some argue that the long barrel makes it harder to hold to a certain extent and in consequence most likely to miss the target unless you are a professional.
Anyhow, it comes with a couple of user-friendly accessories which allows it to be personalized and become the best woodsball paintball marker even for skilled players, thus offering a good value for money item. It can shoot between a range of 75 to 150 feet if upgraded.


• Simple and easy to use as it is light-weighted and can be carried out without any trouble
• Has an interesting design suitable for efficient camouflage
• Durable in time, easy to maintain
• Easy to customize
• Great for beginners and even advanced players if upgraded
• 2 years guarantee provided by the manufacturer


• Quite hard to uninstall in order to clean
• Not suitable for experienced players if not upgraded
• Might seem difficult to use due to long barrel
• As initially designed for amateurs, the fire rate is quite slow

This gun is considered one of the best woodsball guns available on the market and is highly appreciated in professional paintball circles because it is very fast on account of the built-in air channel, an important feature when trying to shoot without being shot. Perhaps the most interesting aspect this electro-pneumatic gun provides is the multi firing mode that can be adjusted to the player’s needs and desires. This is all possible due to empire relay regulator with ON/OFF lever, making tank removal an easy job. You can actually set up the number of paintballs per second or even choose the fully automatic mode possible with the patented, proprietary slipstream solenoid – trust us, your body will pump up all the existing adrenaline.
Thanks to the push bottom bolt removal system, the cleaning and maintaining process demands no extra effort. It presents integrated break beam anti-chop eyes, another valuable feature because it does not allow the dye balls to break inside the gun, thus throwing them intact and with maximum accuracy, ensuring a certain victory over your opponent while screaming „Bulls eye!”.
Another reason why this item deserves its title as best woodsball paintball gun is its unmatched looks: it comes in various colors from dust/polished red to green or even scarlet. Its basic, yet ergonomic design makes it comfortable and light-weighted, transforming you into a redoubtable enemy. The waterproof sealed battery allows it to be used even on rainy days or humid environment conditions, getting you off the couch for some fun exercise despite weather conditions.


• Comfortable to use
• Easy to clean and maintain
• Meets its target and does so very fast – can fire up to 293 feet
• Versatile: more than one fire mode available
• Long time investment due to its versatility and durability
• Also works for indoor paintball
• Captivating design, stylish structure


• Recommended for professional players
• Some users claimed that its HPA tanks sometimes leak

I guess most of you have heard of the weapon called AK 47. Some of us have even seen it in movies or museums as it seems to be one of the favorite weapons around the world. Well, since you are a paintball player, not a felon, the Tippman A5 is the AK 47 you long for.
Considered one of the best woodsball markers available on the market, it is suitable for both beginners and intermediate players, rating their experience as comfortable and enjoyable thanks to its multiple fire gun possibilities. Depending on your mood or desire to win, this gun offers some mind blowing shooting features, allowing you to fire full-auto without batteries due to its response trigger. Also the Cyclone Feed System loads up 15 balls per second. The two-position external selector switch enables players to change from safe to firing mode in almost no time. Talking about adrenaline, right?
This best woodsball paintball gun is very versatile and can be assembled on spot, even on the field. Due to its body design, you do not have to use any tools, but depending on your skills, it might take about a minute…and we all know how precious a minute is during war.
The grip is adequate to take both single shots and fully automatic fires due to the electronic upgraded trigger, depending on what you opt for. Another important characteristic is the versatile barrel, which is suitable for other paintball guns as well, allowing one to make an upgrade if needed without any difficulties.
This best woodsball marker has won the title of one of the most reliable paintball gun as it is durable and provides a number of customization options. In terms of design, it is highly appreciated as well because if offers some unique body kits able to bring the appearance of your weapon as close to reality as you wish.


• Very efficient
• Provides multiple firing modes
• It is durable, flexible and reliable
• Its design is perfect in balance, making it easy to use, carry and handle
• Light-weighted
• Comes with multiple body kits
• Easy to load, clean and maintain
• Can be upgraded
• Does not need batteries so it is always ready to play
• Due to its popularity, you can easily find spare parts if needed


• Recommended only for pros
• Can be quite difficult to assembly on spot

The Tippmann U.S. Army marker might be seen as one the best woodsball paintball gun as it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor paintball matches and is greatly recommended for entry or intermediate level players, sometimes even for advanced ones depending on their tastes or desires to make an upgrade. It has a little bit for everyone because some of its components are compatible with other types of guns. One might say that it makes the whole experience more authentic as it has a chic design, very similar to an actual shotgun, somehow imprinting the feeling that the player is transported into virtual reality, when he is actually just playing in the woods – Counterstrike does not sound so cool anymore, does it? Your enemies will surely be intimated when seeing you with this realistic weapon, while your friends will compliment or even feel a little bit envious.
First, it has a collapsible and folding stock which truthfully implies easy storage.

Second, a feature that makes it a great purchase is the stainless steel material which is not only durable, but also allows you to play on rainy days or humid environment. You never know when despite the bad weather you feel the rush to be active, so this keeps your gun safe from damaging or rusting.
Furthermore, this might be one of the best woodsball paintball guns as it is equipped with a custom series response trigger. The marker has an AR style magazine proving to be the perfect storage compartment for you to reload while acting on the battlefield. This feature is quite important as it ensures speed, crucial and useful skill in this particular sport.
Depending on how you choose to accessorize it, this woodsball paintball marker can be lighter or heavier, but this should not be an issue if your sole goal is winning. This gun is fitted out with a long barrel, providing accuracy and making sure your enemy is defeated.


• Attractive and fine design, very close to reality
• Speed, accuracy
• Provided with extra accessories for a better experience
• Might be suitable for all types of players and all types of environment
• Durable material


• Needs upgrade in order to be proper for professionals
• Some players have complaint that negatives might differ in colors from the originals, damaging the design to a certain extent

The Azodin Blitz 3 is the best woodsball paintball gun a beginner can dream when he is not sure whether to get into this game or not. It is a successful electronic marker which uses both compressed air and CO2 and can shoot about 20 paintballs per second, pumping enough adrenaline into your spirit to convince one that paintball is the perfect game for any adventurous soul.
In order to allow flexibility and speed in moves, this paintball marker was designed as a light-weighted weapon (can be carried as a riffle), easy to assemble, thus providing the possibility to shoot fast in four modes depending on your personal style and preference: semi-auto, PSP ramp, millennium ramp and CFOA semi-auto mode. Furthermore, it was constructed by keeping in mind the safety of the beginners and wishing to encourage their spirits so it is equipped with a safe mode option which prevents one from accidentally shooting himself. Moreover, the coated steel airline allows you to quickly move the gun from one hand to another in case the enemy tries to bring you down from both sides.
Upon other features mentioned above, this weapon might be considered one of the best woodsball guns due to its chic outline: whether you are a lady or a gentleman or simply want to show off, you have multiple options such as black, black and blue, orange and red color-design.


• Perfect for beginners, very convincing
• Offers 4 firing styles depending on your preference
• Provides fast and efficient firing
• Very light in weight
• Easy to assemble
• Comes in various colors


• Very loud, can be silent if upgraded with a Zero Coil Operating System (absolutely necessary if you do not want to blow your cover)
• Some users claim that it is not so durable


Remember: most of us feel secure only in our homes and with our personal things. We like to juggle around with the items we are already familiarized with and when we go outside and get involved in such fierce competitions like paintball, we need to surround ourselves with the same safety feeling and encouraging spirit. Whether you are a professional longing for another day of pure adrenaline, a casual player needing some weekend fun, a manager who thinks of something entertaining and stress-free activity to involve colleagues and increase rivalry during a team-building, playing with your best woodsball gun instead of a rental one will assure relief and lastly fulminant victory.

I really hope that this article has shed some light over the subject and purchasing the best woodsball paintball gun will not seem like a daunting task anymore. So what’s it going to be, paintball lovers? Do you feel the need of taking your own riffle and getting out there? I trust that you most certainly do!