Girls With Guns Calendars

Guns are often considered to be macho instruments of destructions and when you picture a gun, you often think of a man holding it. However, the fairer sex does not lag behind when it comes to handling the various types of guns. Every now and then, we see many models and gun enthusiasts who are women, and they are often featured on the various calendars which are available in the market. In the market, there are calendars with many beautiful models, each holding a different type of weapon. The smoldering looks that are given by the women in the calendars make them quite appealing to add the guns to the shopping list.

One of the most famous calendars that is available in the market is the Tac Girls, which features some of the most beautiful girls all equipped with .50 BMG Precision Rifle, Kel-Tec KSG-25 Bullpup Shotgun, and the DRD Tactical Semi-Auto .338 Lapua Magnum. All the guns display a wide range of variety and each month you can look at girls with carbines, battle rifles, machine guns, pistols, and sniper rifles. The 13 women that are featured in the calendar will surely peak your interest in guns if you are already not a gun-person.

Another calendar which is quite famous is the “Guns and Girls”. The wall calendar features beautiful girls with the most popular guns that are available in the market today. The size of the calendar is 17”x28” and you can hang it up on the wall to look at whenever you please. It is the perfect gift that you can give to a member of the Armed Services, the Police Force, or just any guy or girl who is a big fan of guns – even paintball guns enthusiasts love them. What makes this calendar quite special is the bonus 12-month poster that is included inside it, giving you the pleasure of 24 months inside a single package.