Best .357 Magnum Revolvers 2018

In the current world, finding anything that you want is no less than a Herculean task. We say so because of the huge number of options available for every single product. The same is the case with the best revolvers in 2018. There are various types of guns available and for every type of revolvers, there are numerous models with differing specifications.  

To make matters even more confusing, the choice between purchasing the guns online or from shops is a tough one to make. A lot of people get overwhelmed by the number of options in front of them. This usually results in a bad choice of a gun being bought.

However, by doing ample research on the type of revolver one wants to buy, one can ensure that they make the best choice for themselves. This article is aimed at answering the popular question: who makes the best revolvers?

From detailed reviews of the best revolvers to features that you must keep in mind before buying a gun, this article will help you find the best revolver 357.

Let’s start by knowing the basics about revolvers.

Revolvers basics

A revolver is a reiterating handgun that has a revolving cylinder, multiple chambers and at least one barrel for firing. Revolvers can be considered as a type of pistol or as a subset of handguns – different from pistols (known as handguns with a single chamber).

The best revolvers of all time allow the person to shoot uninterruptedly by firing multiple rounds removing the annoying hassle of reloading after every shot. After a round is fired, the hammer is cocked and the next chamber in the cylinder is aligned with the barrel by the shooter either manually pulling the hammer back or by the movement of the trigger.

Let’s move on to discuss a special type of revolvers:


The .357 Magnum is a revolver cartridge with a 0.357 inches bullet diameter. It is based on Smith and Wilson’s earlier .38 special cartridges.  This cartridge is stated as the “magnum era” of the handgun ammunition. For instance, if you compare the .357 and .38 cartridges, you will notice that the 0.357 ammo is a bit taller and slim than the latter.

When the minute design of the .357 comes is noticed carefully, one can understand why the mentioned has more cartridge performance. It is because of the well thought out design that the same can hold much more gunpowder. Due to the extra length, the cylinder of the revolver is prevented from clocking and locking into place when it is used in 0.38 revolvers. Thus, it became impossible to use them in other handguns. In the latter part of the article, we have covered some of the best revolver 357 available in the current market.


FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover received the first .357 magnum on April 8, 1935. It was the most powerful handgun cartridge in the world. Recent statistics have shown that it has the highest probability of one-shot stoppages in defensive situations compared to any other cartridge that has been used enough to develop statistics.

Post becoming a favorite among the law enforcement teams, it also became very popular for self-defense and outdoorsman crowds. The .44 magnum came years later and was handed the title of “the most powerful handgun”, but not once was it able to overshadow the sale of magnum .357 and never did it really match the utilization level of it either.


Instead of horses or carriages, we have airplanes, trains, and cars as the fastest means of transportation today. The Internet is a new generation of a vast library an information center. The point is that we have left the ancient technologies behind, so why do we keep using the ancient .357 magnum revolvers? Why do the manufacturers continue to introduce newer models of the same? In the age of semi-automatic pistols, is .357 magnum really the right choice?

Do you ever stop to wonder why hasn’t this revolver been a talk of the old age even after all these years? Why is it still so actively manufactured? A simple answer to this would be because the revolver still has a high demand amongst the masses.

The .357 magnum revolver has its own market, and as we already know demand is directly proportional to supply, hence giving you the answer of why is it still being manufactured. The ease of use, inherent safety, self-contained design that does not leave behind any messes, the usage of the powerful .357 cartridge can probably be categorized under those proofs. All these attributes make it the best revolver for beginners.

With the semi-automatic pistols having annoying hassles like a magazine to reload, racks to slide, de-cock levers, these revolvers are the easiest to keep since no such tedious activities are required in them. All you need to do is manually load or unload the revolver and shoot tension free.

Also, it does not leave behind any unwanted bullet shell or empty cases – unless obviously, you want to.  These are not the best guns for the newcomers to handle since the first time experience might be a bit harsh. However, with dedicated practice over time, one can easily master the skill of using the .357 Magnum Revolvers with precision. These are probably the best revolvers of all time.

Factors to consider before buying the best revolver

There can be various reasons which differentiate the best revolver from the rest, but how do you decide which one is the best for you? Before you go to the market and finally decide on the revolver you want for yourself, here are some factors that you must keep in mind to find the best revolver.

  1. THE FIT OF THE GUN: How well does the handgun fit in your hand? It does not matter how advanced the gun is if it is not fitting perfectly and comfortably in your hand – it is simply useless. How can one ensure that the handgun they’re buying fits in their hand perfectly? The criteria should be that you must be able to reach and manipulate the controls of the firearm easily. Thus before buying it, you must take the handgun in your hands and test it out by holding it in both your hands.
  2. PURPOSE OF USE: Why do you need the best revolver? Why are you thinking of buying one? What is the purpose? This factor should be one of the prime ones to be considered because the purpose is a deciding factor in the size and type of revolver.
    If for instance, the purpose is to defend oneself? A compact gun must be preferred. Looking for buying one for a competition? A long slide model will serve for the purpose perfectly. Multipurpose? A full-size revolver might just be what you are looking for. Determining the purpose of buying a revolver can provide half the clarity on the specifications to seek in your revolver.
  3. QUALITY AND PRICE OF THE REVOLVER: The relation between the quality and the price of anything seems to be quite obvious. We would personally recommend you to buy the best revolver in the world so that it does not bail out on you in any given circumstance. If by any chance you are using a handgun for self-defense, selecting one of an average or poor quality might prove fatal if it bails out on you in the nick of the moment. Thus, paying a good amount of money for a quality gun is a clever investment. Do not compromise on this factor even if you are looking for the best revolver for the money.
  4. SUPPORT: One of the factors to consider is the market of the handgun you are going to buy. How easily will the spare parts be available in the market if needed? Large numbers of equipment, both small as well as big are assembled together by highly trained engineers to manufacture a handgun. This equipment usually wears out over time. In a situation like this, buying a gun which has a limited market for its equipment or is a limited edition, might cause you to face problems in the future. However, possessing a handgun whose parts are readily available ensures that you never face a helpless situation.
  5. POWER AND CAPACITY OF THE HANDGUN: When you are going to buy a gun, make yourself familiar with the power and capacity of the revolver beforehand. The range till where it can shoot bullets, the caliber of the gun, the diameter of the bullets – the length and design of the same are certain things to get proper information on before deciding on which gun to buy. Sometimes, the power and capacity of the gun you like and want to buy might not align with the purpose you want it for.
  6. VARIOUS BRANDS OF AMMUNITIONS: We recommend you to try various ammunition brands. Sometimes, the purchased set of ammunition is not fully compatible with the revolver you want to purchase. So in order to avoid a situation where your ammunitions fail you, the best step would try one many of them so as to make sure you buy the one that suits your revolver the most.
  7. TRAINING: Before going to buy a revolver, one of the most necessary steps is to get your firearm training. It is highly essential because it will help you learn the correct and best techniques for handling your gun and shooting with precision. Without training, having a gun in your hand might prove to be dangerous to yourself as well as others around you. The right training is very much necessary even if you have the best revolver of all time.

Top 13 Best .357 Magnum Revolvers 2018


This revolver has an all-metal body construction, which can make holding it very satisfactory for its owner. One of the major reasons that this handgun is preferred over various other types of new and advanced pistols might be because it feels good in your hands.

Maintenance – Maintaining a handgun does take a bit of work. The manufacturers provide you with a manual that shows you and explains to you the breakdown process of the gun along with the instructions that you need to follow. Following it will make sure that you can service your revolver in the best way possible, thus resulting in high durability as well.

Lubrication – You do not have to dismantle this gun in order to lubricate it, you will just have to add a few drops of oil in the frame openings. This will allow the oil to get into the inner parts with ease.        

Firing & Reliability – When it comes to firing this gun, you will never have to worry that it will fail you. It will always fire a bullet when the trigger is clicked – granted there is a bullet in the gun. This is one of the main reasons people are in love with this gun, due to its high reliability.

The only shortcoming is that this handgun is quite heavy, heavy in a way that it feels like you are holding a block of steel in your hands. However, on the other hand, you will see that this model is much better in terms of reducing the recoil.  

This revolver model does not come with a safety manual but it does come with a transfer bar safety system instead. The system in this handgun prevents the hammers from hitting the firing pin without having to pull the trigger all the way back. In case it is accidentally is dropped, the fire will not go off, thus making it a lot safer compared to other handguns. This feature-rich gun could be claimed as the best revolver ever made.



This model of the revolver has a rugged and tough look to it. While some people might find it a little too extravagant for their taste, it has such perfect construction that it assures the users of its quality and durability. It is definitely not a handgun that will break down easily. Being made of stainless steel ensures high durability for this revolver making it the best revolver among the many options available.

Safety – This model of the magnum revolvers contains a transfer bar for the safety purposes. This safety mechanism works by having a plate that extends up between the firing pin and hammer when the gun is fired. This form of safety is common and might also be familiar to many people.

Trigger Pull & Noise – The trigger pull in this handgun is considered great. Many people find the pull to be crisp so that you can fire with ease. You might also notice that it has a small overtravel which is a matter of concern for many users. Along with this, this model also makes quite some loud noise when the bullet is fired. It can be quite startling for the novices but getting firearm training before would definitely help get accustomed to this.

Recoil – Recoil is also an important topic to discuss along with the firing. Although, one does not really have to worry about the recoil with this revolver. The recoil of this magnum model is not small in any way but is still very manageable.

Sights – The model also comes with sights to help you aim towards your target with a high level of accuracy. The sights include the fixed front sight and the adjustable rear sight. You shouldn’t have a problem adjusting the rear sight so that you can aim to the target with ease and accuracy.

The use of the wood for stock materials is a great added benefit and helps in keeping the weight down. The handgun weighs moderately around 3.1 pounds – handy for many people. A lightweight revolver also provides the added advantage of letting its owner make quick and swift movements.

3. TAURUS 608 .357 MAGNUM

Body – This model of the Taurus 608 .357 magnum handgun is a dream for any person who is an experienced shooter. It is said to impress you the moment you pick it up in your hands. You can use it daily at a shooting range without having the worry of the span of its lifetime. The body of this model is completely made of stainless steel thus increasing it’s durability by decades.

Design & Comfort – The hammer copied design and hand fitted actions are also beautifully integrated in the model. This makes sure that the handgun never disappoints, both in the performance as well as the style. The comfortable and form-fitting rubber grip works great for almost all users. The feel of the grip is loved by many for being so comfortable in the hands. Shooting with this revolver is also be relatively easy while using it.

Safety And Security – The Taurus security system is also one of the important features which are not to be neglected. It is a an advanced security option that helps you lock the revolver and prevent it from firing by using a key. Since the mechanism is incorporated in the handgun, you do not have to worry about it getting lost.

This amazing model has an 8-round capacity but is still compact and slim with regards to it’s design, construction and looks. You can be very sure for it to have enough fire capacity to fire towards the target. The model offers you quite a level of accuracy and reliability.


For a long period of time, this model of Taurus magnum has been very popular among the handgun enthusiasts and novices alike. A large number of people would not be constantly conversing about a handgun if it were not the absolute best at its performance. It will be one of the best revolvers for you if you are looking for a handgun with the absolute best performance with high efficiency and durability alike.

Capacity and Performance – This model of the .357 handgun holds the capacity of seven rounds. This implies that you can have great fun while using it for various reasons. Reloading it is very easy, fast and convenient. Easiest reloading is one of the many reasons you will find this handgun to be used by many people as performance revolvers.

Safety – In order to assure the topmost level of security for the handgun as well as it’s owner, it also comes with the Taurus security system. It is the kind of system which keeps the gun from firing after it is engaged. This system is activated by a key which is provided to you while buying the handgun. The system can even lock the manual safety, making it impossible to fire. Thus, the likelihood of a dangerous mishap is minimized to a high extent.

The system is often liked for keeping the handgun from being used by the people who most likely should not be using it. This model also features the transfer bar as an additional safety feature. You might remember seeing this in other models. It has the same function here also – to keep the hammer from striking the firing pin unless the trigger is pulled to the rear.

Also, due to the presence of a comfortable grip, you will always love how the gun feels in your hand.  



This is one of the top revolver keeping in mind the reputation of the company which produces them.  This model of Taurus magnum weighs 19.75 ounces. With this weight, it will give you the freedom to walk around with it daily.

This particular model is however not made of stainless steel or metal. In this case, the gun is completely made of polymer frame construction. Being made of polymer lets the gun feel light in your hand. A lightweight gun gives the shooter an advantage of making swift movements. Overall, you can control the way it fires with this frame. This handgun is good for durability because of polymer – which is enforced. It also comes in with a number of applications.

It is not the best pick if you want to carry the handgun in your back pocket or ankle carry.  The handgun is quite huge in size and that is the reason it is often carried on shoulder holster or the belt holster.

The stock of this model is made up of the rubber material – giving you the opportunity to enjoy this more often than not. The grip of this particular handgun is very good.

Recoiling power – One of the best things to look for in a gun has to be its recoil power. With nearly 20 ounces of weight, this handgun should have great recoil power, but you are going to love that the recoil is felt almost next to none. That is a feature you definitely want in a handgun.

Even though the size of the gun is small and compact, it comes with an impressive shooting capability. The accuracy provided by the gun is to die for. The trigger, although a little on the heavy side – always gets the work done with extreme precision



If you are looking for a high-performance revolver, this is where your search ends. Each time you will use the Charter Arms Mag Plug, you will get a feeling that the money was most certainly worth it.

The first thing to like about this gun has to be its trigger. The complete and overall functionality of the trigger gives you what you need – a perfectly smooth performance. The shots can be delivered with so much ease because the trigger pulling is crisp and clean. You can deliver shots one after the other with so much ease.

Now, on to the next important point – affordability. This handgun is very affordable compared to the other unnecessarily expensive handguns in the market.

The design and the look of the handgun are quite appealing too. It comes with a 2.2 inches barrel and full-size grip. The grip will allow you to take the complete control of your handgun. Even the new learners and novices can use the gun easily due to the grip.

Weighing 23 ounces is an appeal factor too. It doesn’t make you feel that it is wearing you down in terms of weight. Add the stainless steel body to the mix and it is going to last for years to come.



Ruger SP101 Magnum Stainless 5RD is one of the best revolver you can buy right now.  It will give you the best and the kind of performance you have always wanted.

The easiest part about the maintenance of this handgun has to be the cleaning. Whenever you need to clean it, all you have to do is to disassemble it. You can take the parts away fairly easily and then clean all of them, later putting them back together.

The cushioned rubber grip will help you in the best way possible. It is something that always works for people who have comfort as their top priority. Other than comfort, the grip is also good for helping you control the handgun. You can get back to the target easily despite all those recoils and muzzle movements.

The transfer bar mechanism (patent) is good for having access towards better security.  The bar will keep the handgun from firing accidentally, thus making it a great choice of handgun.

The grip frame that comes along with this model is one of the best to accommodate a variety of grip types.


8. ROSSI 972 357 MAGNUM

Right after holding it in your hands for the first time, you will realize that this is the perfect handgun for you. It comes with an eye captivating design and the model is built on a medium frame. This will make it feel perfectly balanced in your hand and shooting will not only be easier but also much better.

This particular model comes with a rubber grip that usually fits very well and gives a great grip. The grip helps you to hold the gun with confidence letting you know that it will work exceptionally brilliantly. Another thing to be noticed is the finger grooves around the grip. These give an additional amazing feel to this revolver.

The trigger on the model is wide and very smooth. The combination of these two features makes the usage of the handgun even. The trigger resets fast so that you can continue to shoot.

The trigger guard is large enough to accommodate even those who wear gloves. This model has a high level of precision and accuracy. All you have to do is aim and shoot.

It also fits in the waist holsters easily implying thus making it quite portable.



The first thing to notice about this handgun has to be its beautiful design. You will take a note that a lot of craftsmanship was used in making this design. The frame and barrel both are beautifully polished. Even the letters written on the frame are exceptionally aligned. Also, as a part of the superior design, you get a matte design for the handgun so as to minimize its glare

This model also offers the option of switching its barrel.

The maintenance of the handgun is also quite easy considering that you can swap some of the parts.

When we come to talk about shooting, you will absolutely love this handgun because of its accuracy. It is also endorsed with a smooth trigger that works every time without fail. Then, there are also sights that allow you to narrow down your target with ease. The shooter can always achieve the best results from this handgun model. This is one of the best models to ensure that you end up with a fast and accurate handgun.



The design is the foremost captivating attribute of this model. It provides you with a beautiful and clean design. It also delivers an impressive performance.

A nice feature to this gun is its slim profile. It gives you access to use it with various types of holsters. While other handguns require holsters of a particular kind, the worry of a special holster can be eliminated from your mind for this particular handgun.

You will take notice that this comes with a hexagonal cylinder instead of the traditional round one. This makes the reloading of bullets in this model extremely easy.

The model features a slightly longer length and fiber optics. Such types of sights are great for transmitting more light. You can be always sure to have a clear view of the target, thus letting you shoot with extreme precision.


11. RUGER GP100

Ruger definitely isn’t the oldest player (manufacturer) in the game but some of the Ruger .357 revolvers are now classics. This particular Ruger GP100 model is one of the most customizable revolvers in the market and also comes at a reasonable price.

The Ruger GP100 is designed for competitive use and comes with some standard features that will improve your shooting skills. It comes with swappable sights – a rare feature in the current revolver world. It also features a six-inch barrel which provides marvelous accuracy at competition ranges and reduces the muzzle flip for more controlled follow-up shots.

This handgun model is equipped with a seven round cylinder that helps in minimizing reloads where it is needed to shoot or count faster. However, the GP100 inclines a bit on the heavy side which makes the follow-up shots flat and the grips tighter.

The grip is made up of a comfortable rubber compound. The grip is very comfortable and helpful which is good because this model wasn’t exactly made with keeping a comfortable grip in mind. It also makes the shooting very comfortable along with the swift trigger.



The Smith and Wesson model 686 plus is one of the classic Smith and Wesson models of revolvers.  It is known to be the part of K frame lineup. The bodice of this particular handgun is made up of stainless steel, known to be extremely durable. Smith and Wesson use the normal grips in order to make the gun easier to handle with soft recoils and slippery hands.

The features that make this model an ideal choice for home defense are the cylinder and the sights. The sights in this model have an adjustable rear notch and a high visibility front blade for faster sight alignment and better low light visibility.  

This model is also equipped with an oversized cylinder that holds seven rounds. It can be categorized as decent ammunition capacity for the handgun and also minimizes the chances of needing to perform a complex revolver reload during a dynamic critical incident.

The barrel of the Smith and Wesson’s 686 plus is made up of stainless steel and is 4.125 inches long which guarantees exceptional accuracy and durability.


13. ROSSI R972

Rossi .357 developers provide inexpensive quality for those on a budget. The Rossi R972 is an excellent option if you are looking for a home defense or recreational option at a very reasonable price. This model is even good enough for casual shooting competitions.

It features a construction of stainless steel with exceptionally beautiful looks. Unlike many other manufacturers that use a brushed up finish, Rossi gave the model a high shine finish.

This model features a 6-inch barrel making it an exceptional choice for home defense and shooting competitions. However, this length can be a bit too much for carrying if you are looking for a concealed carrying handgun.

Rossi includes a nice high visibility front post and an adjustable rear notch on the model. However, the fixing of sights directly implies limited customization. On the other hand, though, the grips of the said model can be easily changed, making it a good option for those looking for smaller grips or grips without grooves.

As for the rest of the features, they are pretty standard. Moderate weight, enough to take the backlash of recoiling but not too much, cylinder holding six rounds. Experienced competition shooters will find R972 easier to control than other guns but will need to reload it more often compared to the other guns.


Considering the huge range of options available, there is the best revolver for everyone.  There are great options for those who want marvelous reliability and power from their defensive guns as well as competition shooters who enjoy the challenge of the low ammo capacity and difficult reload.

The list above has been prepared after carefully researching and reviewing some of the best revolvers in the current revolver market. After going through the detailed reviews of some of the highly recommended revolvers given in the list above, it should be easy for you to pick the best .357 magnum revolver.

As mentioned initially at the beginning of this article, by properly researching about the gun, the brand, the place to buy it from beforehand, one can ensure that they are buying the best revolver for the money. Good luck with your shopping!