Top 10 Best Handguns for Women 2018

Guns have been a major part of our civilization for a very long time now. We have used it mainly for hunting and wars but with as time progressed and we have somewhat achieved world peace, guns are now being designed for safety too. Earlier, it wasn’t easy for the common man to possess a gun but with the change in laws and the increase in crime rate, a gun has become a very important security equipment.

It’s easy to buy a gun, all you need is a permit and for that, you need some training on a shooting range. Although women make almost 50% of the world’s human population, there weren’t many options available for them in terms of guns until recently. The manufacturers used to focus more on the opposite gender due to the existing patriarchy. Now, the scene is different. With the rise of gender equality and top-quality education, women are rising. And so is the concern for their safety.

It is no hidden fact the world isn’t safe if you aren’t strong. So, just to be extra strong, it’s not a bad idea for a woman to carry a handgun when she is outside.

Now, deciding to carry a gun isn’t the toughest nut to crack. Choosing one which is perfect for you is. You may ask yourself what is the best handgun for women? And you will get so many types, options, varieties that you will definitely get confused. All you need to do is consider a few factors before you chose the best handgun for a woman.

Although there are a lot of factors that you can consider before buying a gun, it only makes the job tiring going through all of them. You aren’t going to go to a war with that gun, all you need that gun is for your own safety. So, instead of considering all the factors, let’s focus on a few important ones. These factors will definitely help you to narrow your choice down.


Factors to Look for

What are you going to use the gun for?

This is the most basic question you should ask yourself before buying the best gun for women. What am I going to use it for? You may just use it for safety or you may want to increase the functions to hunting too. Take your time to think and then decide. This will go a long way in helping you to choose the best gun for a woman.

Price factor

Most people just ignore making a budget and just buy the first product they see. This isn’t a very good decision as they can get a lot of the features of an expensive model very easily in a lower end model if they just do their research thoroughly. Yes, it will take some important minutes of your life but it will definitely save you a lot of your hard-earned money and will definitely help you to know your gun just a little bit better. So, decide on the budget as earlier as possible.


Now, this is an industry which believes in the concept of “more the dough, better you get”. The quality of a gun definitely increases with the budget. The smart choice is to go a gun which has most of your preferred features in your already defined budget. This will reduce confusion and you will get what you pay for. Invest a little time into understanding the quality standard set by the gun manufacturers already. This will help you in deciding what features are necessary for you when you buy a gun.

Does size matter?

Yes, size matters a lot in this industry. No, I am not implying “the bigger the better” logic here. Size matters as the gun should fit in your hand properly. Most women have smaller hands as compared to their male counterparts. So, guns designed for a woman is a small handgun or a small pistol in most of the cases. Don’t go for a big gun as it won’t be easy for you to carry around. Look out for the best gun for small hands, which is suitable for the size of your hands and can be concealed easily, and fits your budget


The grip is important and it’s one of those factors for which you actually need to hold a gun. It fits right when it fits right. You can’t research online for this factor but can definitely try out a few ammunition stores. Keep in mind that you can replace the backstrap and the grip of your gun and get a new one too just to improve the grip when it wears off. This will keep your grip on your gun. Ladies with large hands may find it difficult to find a small handgun that fits so it’s a good option for them to try out a few guns at the ammunition store first. This will help them to find which gun fits their hand properly really easily.

Gun safety

Knowing how to remove the safety latch and put it back on should be the first thing you should know about a gun. The safety latch comes in two varieties these days. The first one is the manual thumb safety, which, as the name suggests, involves you putting the whole latch manually. The other option is the trigger safety. Both these options are equally safe. The manual thumb safety is a bit easier but consumes a bit more time. The trigger safety is very crucial but can be difficult to understand for a lot of people. It all depends on the gun holder’s comfort so it’s a good option to try both these varieties out at a gun range before you decide to actually go for one.

Magazine capacity

This depends on what you chose for the first factor. If you only need a gun for your own personal safety, go for a small gun with a small magazine. If hunting was your choice, go for a gun with a larger magazine. It all depends on what all things you want to do with your gun.


Gun cleaning isn’t just wiping the dust off the gun. You need to understand the mechanism of the gun first, and if it’s your first firearm, go for one with a very easy opening mechanism as cleaning a gun is very important. It increases the life of your gun and helps in maintaining the quality. You can also buy a gun cleaning kit to clean your gun easily. They come with proper instructions and other useful tips too and are easily available online on any e-commerce website.

Revolvers or Pistols

Another important and somewhat confusing factor. This may end up confusing some of our new firearms users as they don’t know the difference between the two. The two of them look similar and the size and the weight is also almost similar. So, all you need to know is that a revolver is a smooth and more reliable option as it can shoot for at a larger projectile with relative ease. The only plus point of a pistol over a revolver is that it is comparatively cheaper and has a bigger magazine capacity. We have covered some of the best revolvers for women in our list.


Another never-ending debate is the size of the caliber. Although this factor also depends on the first factor mentioned above, there’s more to it before you decide on one. Before all this, you should know what is important to stop your assailant or assailants using your gun. Two factors that come into play now are good shot placement and good penetration. You need both of them to kill an assailant using a gun.

You can’t defend yourself easily without these two factors being perfect. If you get a decent shot, the assailant may still die but he or she can easily hurt you in the time taken for them to bleed out because of the poor penetration. Keeping all these factors in mind, if you are looking for a handgun for your personal safety, in terms of calibers, 9mm is your best option. .45 and .40 are also some good options but as I mentioned earlier, nothing beats a 9mm in terms of handguns.

You should do a bit more research in terms of calibers as they are one of the most important factors that you should consider before you buy a gun. Here’s a list of the most commonly used calibers and the difference between them.

Difference between calibers

.22 long rifle:

This is one of the easiest calibers to operate if you are new to shooting. Both revolvers and semi-automatic pistols are laced with .22. The recoil is very low and that makes it fun for the ladies to shoot. The damage done by .22 isn’t that great and hence, this isn’t a reliable option if you want to hurt your assailant. However, if you just want to scare your assailant, this is a good option.   

.380 ACP

This is another caliber variant which is ideally suitable for women. The recoil is low on this one too but the damage is a bit greater than the .22 long rifle. This is widely available in semi-automatic pistols but a few compact and full-sized pistols are also available under the segment of best pistol for women.

.38 special

This is one of those calibers which comes off in the middle of the scale. The recoil isn’t that much and the damage is good enough to hurt but not kill the assailant. This caliber is one of the best options for ladies looking for the best handguns for women’s self-defense.


As mentioned earlier, this is the personal favorite for a lot of shooters. 9mm is not that expensive and you can easily train with it too. The recoil is not very hard and after a few hours of practice, you won’t even feel it much.

The damage is great and it can hurt the assailant easily. It is definitely the go-to option for a self-defense concealed carry weapon for women. It is only available in semi-automatic and is the most suitable caliber in this category.

.40 S&W

Another popular choice in semi-automatic pistols, the .40 S&W is very similar to the 9mm. .40 is probably the second best caliber available and goes hand to hand with the 9mm in terms of demographic usage. The recoil is slightly higher than the 9mm. The damage is good and if one perfectly places the shot, it is enough to kill the assailant. The price is slightly higher for this caliber as compared to the 9mm.

.45 ACP

Another popular choice in semi-automatic pistols, the .45 is second only to 9mm and .40. With great damage, the recoil depends on the weight of the firearm but is more than that of 9mm and .40

After you have considered all these factors, you need to know that a handgun should be a very reliable tool. It should be easy to operate. It should be so easy to operate that even your grandma should be able to fire it. It should be the best handgun for a 20-year old woman as well as the best handgun for grandma too.

Operating a revolver isn’t child’s play and you should go proper training before you buy one for yourself. This is important as it will ensure your safety as well as the safety of the people around you.

The market has changed and there are a lot of varieties of handguns that are specifically made for women. Here’s a well-researched list of one of the best handguns available in the market for women.

Top 10 Best Handguns for Women 2018

1. Browning Buck Mark Camper

One of the best handguns for women who are starters in this field, the Browning Buck Mark Camper is an easy to use .22 long rifle caliber handgun. It is easy to carry and is suitable for women with small hands as the gun is small and is easy to conceal. The handgun is not heavy and can be carried and held easily. It weighs 34 oz, which indicates how light it is to carry. The length of the barrel is 5 ½ inches. The overall length of the handgun is 9 ½ inches. It can fire 10 bullets in one round as the magazine capacity is 10.

It has a sight radius of 8 inches. The barrel finish is matte black and the receiver finish is matte black too. The front sight is TruGlo Fiber Optic and the rear sight is pro target. It has checkering textured grip panels and the barrel material is stainless steel. The receiver is made up of aluminum alloy. It has a gold-plated trigger finish which adds to the look of the material. The trigger guard has a matte black finish and it has a single stack magazine type.

The trigger guard and the trigger both are made up of the same alloy. It is a good option for ladies who want a good self-defense handgun for women. The handgun has a good grip, thanks to the extensively molded Ultragrip FX ambidextrous grips, and is really easy to figure out for anyone.

2. Glock 26

The Glock 26 is a powerful handgun that is specifically designed for concealed carry usage. It is a sub-compact semi-automatic pistol, designed for women with small hands. it has a powerful 9mm cartridge and is a very reliable handgun. Built using the same technology as the larger Glock models, the handgun is laced with dual recoil spring assembly. The recoil is manageable even for users with a comparatively not so strong shoulder.

The main frame of the Glock is made up of high strength polymer which is resistant to shock, caustic liquids and extreme temperature conditions. The barrel has a matte black tenifer finish which ensures resistance against corrosion and general wear and tear. The checkering on the main frame on the front and back straps provides a non-slippery surface, finger groove on the front strap and a finger rest on the front of the trigger guard aid in fire control.

The safe action trigger system makes it infallible to shoot in stressed situations which makes it one of the best safety handguns for women. The gun is impervious to corrosion. The gun sports a white dot front sight and a white bracket rear sight. It comes with two magazine rounds and is a really good handgun for women with small hands. Technically speaking, this handgun has a 9mm cartridge and sports a double action mechanism. This is considered to among the best pistols for women.

3.42 inches. Each magazine can hold 10 plus 1 round. The gun weighs 3.15 lbs. this is a really great option for those women users who have a budget of anything under $600.

3. Kimber Pro Carry II

If you prefer the .45 ACP caliber over the other available variants, then the Kimber Pro Carry II is one of the best pistol for a woman that you can buy. It is also available in 9mm cartridges too. Weighing 22 ounces, the gun has a barrel length of 4 inches which makes it suitable for women with big hands. the magazine has a capacity of 7 rounds and the recoil springs measures 22 pounds.

The frame is made up of aluminum and the finish is of satin silver. The slide is made up of steel and the gun has a matte black brush polished finish. The barrel is made up of stainless steel and the handgun features a fixed low profile sight with a radius of 5.7 inches. The gun has a strong grip owing to the smooth, checkered rosewood grip.

The trigger is made up aluminum too, with three hole standard factory setting. This handgun is a good choice for the ladies who want a classy and sturdy handgun under a budget of $900 or below


4. Ruger LC9s

Another popular choice amongst the ladies, the Ruger LC9s is a subcompact lethal handgun. The small size of the handgun makes it a strong contender for one of the best conceal carry weapon. Available in 9mm cartridges, the Ruger has a strong grip owing to the checkered grip panels. The magazine is smooth with a round capacity of 7 plus 1. The best feature about this handgun is the recoil. The recoil is so smooth that you won’t feel a thing. A great handgun for target practice and conceal and carry usage, the barrel length is 3 inches with a matte black finish on the mainframe. The trigger is aluminum and is smooth. A really great option for users with a budget between $500 to $900.


5. SIG Sauer P320

Now, this is a handgun that needs no introduction. Recently selected as the handgun for the US army, the SIG Sauer P320 is a relatively new handgun in the market. One of the biggest features that this handgun sport is a separate grip module in different sizes for different hands instead of interchangeable inserts and panels to change grip size. The size of the handgun is really small; hence, it is ideal for women with small hands.

This is a sub-compact model with a 9mm Luger cartridge and has a total length of 6.7 inches and the barrel length of this handgun is 3.6 inches. The safety features for this handgun includes a safety striker switch and a disconnect safety. It sports removable magazine and each magazine has a capacity of 12 plus 1 round.  It comes with 2 magazines round and the reloading speed is quite good too. This handgun can be used as a concealed carry weapon and also as a target practice handgun too as its relatively inexpensive as compared to other makeshift models. One of the best gun for a woman in this segment, this is a really good option for those users who have a budget of $450 or below.


6. Smith & Wesson Model 638

One of the most underrated handguns in this segment, the Smith & Wesson M 638 is a real treat. It is not to heavy to hurt your hand after a few rounds of shooting and not too light weighted to feel like a toy gun. The streamlined design and light weightiness make the Smith & Wesson M 638 a perfect conceal carry the weapon for women with shorthands.

Smith & Wesson M 638 is a double action revolver. It features a shrouded hammer which eliminates the risk of getting the hammer snagged on your holster or purse when you are drawing it in a sudden situation requiring the use of your self-defense handgun. The handgun is smooth and fast and easy to reload too. A mechanism so simple, that even your grandma can pull the trigger easily, all you need to do is point and shoot properly.

The recoil won’t hurt your hands and it’s a really great target practice weapon too. The ramp front sight and the fixed rear sight are also a great addition to the list of features for this stunning handgun. The handgun can fire in single and double action mode. The grip is good and strong, owing to the latest black synthetic grips. Suitable for women with big hands, the barrel length of this handgun is 2 inches and it weighs 15.1 oz.

The weapon is compact and easy to conceal and carry. The .38 caliber is a special +P rated caliber and each magazine for this handgun can hold 5 rounds. A really great option for users with a budget of $500, the M 638 can prove to be of great help when it comes to stressful self-defense situations.


7. Smith & Wesson M&P Shield

A really great firearm for those who want a carry everyday firearm, the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield is small enough to conceal easily but big enough to hurt your assailant. Smith & Wesson M&P Shield is also available in different caliber options. The 9mm cartridge variant has a different feel to it. Available only in black, the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9mm is a semi-automatic handgun and is suitable for women with big hands and small hands alike.

Suitable more for right-handed users, the 9mm variant has a perfect black finish, with a magazine round capacity of 7 plus 1. The gun weighs 9 oz and hence, is easy to carry around anywhere in your purse or your holster. The other two caliber variants are the .40 and the .45, which are both semi-automatic too. The 9mm and the .40, both have a barrel length of 3.1 inches, whereas the .45 comes off with a barrel length of 3.3 inches. The .45 is a bit heavier than the other variants, weighing 20.5 oz.

The .45 is also the only variant to feature a thumb safety option. The magazine capacity also varies for each variant. The 9mm and .45, both guns feature a 7 plus 1 magazine round whereas, the .40 features a magazine with 6 plus 1 capacity. Smith & Wesson M&P Shield features a striker fired action which eliminates the external hammer. It also has a two piece trigger and white dot rear and front sights. A really good buy for users with a budget of $550, this is definitely one of the best guns for women’s protection on the market at the moment.


8. Springfield XD

A smooth and reliable handgun, the Springfield XD is available in a variety of calibers. A popular choice amongst experienced shooters, this handgun is a dream to shoot with. The 9mm cartridge variant is one of the best handgun for woman available in the market for concealing and carrying. It comes with an ultra safety assurance trigger, which makes the handgun safe to carry and safe for a house with children.

The grip is sturdy and fits a lady’s hands like a dream. The recoil is a bit harsh though and you may want to take a break after a few rounds of target practice. The gun weighs 30 oz. and the barrel length is 5 inches. The Springfield XD is a really great conceal and carry the weapon for self-defense and one of the best guns for females. Ideal for those users who want to buy a superb conceal carry-weapon for a budget of anything between $450 to $700.


9. Walther CCP

One of the latest models available in the market at the moment, the Walther CCP is a strong conceal and carry pistol. Available in 9mm cartridge size, the pistol is very comfortable to shoot with. The small size makes it a really great asset as it can be concealed easily and the 9mm caliber provides a fatal damage shot if the placement is done properly. The recoil is minimal and won’t hurt your hands even after hours of target practice.

The soft recoil is due to the SOFTCOIL™ gas-delayed blowback system. The pistol weighs 23 oz and feels solid when you hold it. The magazine has a capacity of 8 plus 1 round and a gun is a superb option for users who have a budget of anything between $400 to $500.


10. Ruger LCR

Another popular choice amongst the ladies, the Ruger LCR is a subcompact lethal handgun. The small size of the handgun makes it a strong contender for one of the best conceal carry weapon. Available in 9mm cartridges, the Ruger has a strong grip owing to the checkered grip panels. The magazine is smooth with a round capacity of 7 plus 1.

The best feature about this handgun is the recoil. The recoil is so smooth that you won’t feel a thing. A great handgun for target practice and conceal and carry usage, the barrel length is 3 inches with a matte black finish on the mainframe. The trigger is aluminum and is smooth. A really great option for users with a budget between $500 to $900.



We hope that with this article you are informed of the best handguns for women’s self-defense. If you are wondering what is the best gun for a woman among the one’s on the list, the answer depends on your requirements. We have covered some of the best handguns for a woman to carry so that one can be prepared to face any type of untoward situation.