Best Handguns Under $300 (2019)

best handgunds under 300

Suppose you’re walking alone at night on a desolate street. Suddenly someone steps in front of you with a knife drawn and threatens you. He asks you to give him whatever valuables you have and there’s no point resisting because he can easily harm you.

What do you do?

Well in situations like these you wish that you would have carried a firearm, probably a pistol, to defend yourself.  When it comes to personal safety nothing can be compromised. In a world full of unpredictability the best option one has is to carry a handgun.

best handgunds under 300

Firearms can be an expensive deal but if you could get the best handgun under 300 then it is definitely not a poor bargain. This guide will list some of the most popular and best handguns under 300 for self-defense and will cover in detail six important factors that need to be considered before buying a handgun.

What are handguns?

It is a compact, short-barreled firearm, devised to be held and fired with one hand. The two types of handguns which are the most popular today are revolvers and semi-automatic pistols. Due to their small size, they are advised for personal safety and for self-defense purposes.

Factors To Keep In Mind While Looking For Best Handguns Under $300


Learn the valid gun laws in your state and know the ethics of owning a firearm


Every region has different laws by which the place is regulated, same goes with the ownership of firearms. Gun laws vary from country to country and state to state. It is highly advisable to visit your state or local Municipal Corporation’s office or their website before making a purchase, so that you are clearly familiar with the firearm licensing laws. Then you also need to think about the morals and responsibilities associated with owning a firearm, even if it is bought for self-defense. You need to understand what it means to shoot when a certain situation demands it and how to save yourself and your loved ones. It is even important to secure your firearm once you have bought it so that you qualify as a responsible owner.


Consider the purpose and type of the gun you want to buy


Asking yourself the purpose of the gun before buying it is an important task. Like do you need it for personal safety? If yes, then will you be carrying it daily and with precautions? If you know the purpose of your purchase then the next step automatically becomes easy; the type of gun you should buy. Even handguns have different types and each type comes with its own features, like dimensions, cartridge size, reliability, accuracy etc. Different people have distinct demands when it comes to owning a firearm, to some, it is about the how smooth the trigger is, for some it is about how easily they will be able to handle the gun and to some only what fits their budget matters the most. This is why this guide deals with just the best guns under 300, so that beginners can get a good handgun for an affordable price.


Do your research!


It is very much suggested that you thoroughly research all the brands that manufacture handguns before shortlisting for yourself. After you have a list of all the guns that fit your conditions, then research more about them. Like the technical features of the gun, the material it is built of, the durability and accuracy of the gun. You should be well aware of all the websites which offer the same firearm or the same model. Some websites can offer different rates for the same model, so beware of any low-quality manufacturers. It is better if you don’t compromise on quality because you can get the best pistol under 300 if you know what you want. You may even go through all the necessary gun accessories, like the holsters, bullets, cleaning and maintaining kits, etc. always try to gather as much information you can, go through the reviews of various guns but only from credible sources.


Sign up for some training course and try your gun before you purchase


It is better if you sign up for a short training course or go to a gun range to test your shooting skills before making the purchase. It is highly advisable that you learn all the ways to safely handle, control and fire the handgun. If you are beginner then you must apply for a course, check all the institutions that provide professional training courses or personal trainers. Get the reviews of those institutes and the cost of the courses, then compare and evaluate. Knowing the basics of handguns and various shooting techniques will help you try your gun that you are considering to buy. Even in the long run, a training course will help you know the basics of shooting and will permit you to buy a gun worth the price.


Clean and maintain your firearm on a regular basis


Any handgun you buy, comes with a manual or a guide which lists all the details regarding how to store the gun if not in use, how to clean and maintain it. If you lose the manual then you can always visit the manufacturer’s website to get all the detailed information. Every firearm has its own maintenance requirements so you got to learn all of these thoroughly. A gun cleaning kit is advisable because it helps to retain the gun’s efficiency and accuracy. A properly cleaned and maintained firearm always pays well.

Consider the caliber

For beginners buying their first handgun, it is important to know ergonomics play a crucial role when it is about how easily one can shoot and also to consider the caliber of the gun. Most people directly jump off to pick their favorite gun without giving a thought to the caliber. Beginners or novice shooters first need to know what they intended the gun to do. For example, a firearm most suitable for self-defense, has certain criteria to meet. A shooter looking for a gun to add to his or her collection or for other purposes has to look for different caliber handgun.

Considering guns which have the equal caliber to those used by policemen, is a good choice because they are easy to fire and work smoothly. Those guns are huge and have great caliber but handguns which are compact and fixed in a huge caliber are not smooth to fire.

While there are many various caliber choices available, the most highly recommended one is a handgun with a caliber of .22 if you are a beginner. A handgun with a caliber of 9mm is great to use for personal safety.  Two things are necessary if you’re attacked by an animal or a man and want to save yourself- (a) first is the shot placement and the other is (b) penetration. If you use a 0.45 caliber gun in such situations then you might have a good penetration but a bad shot placement. Usually, it takes about 15 seconds for any creature or human being to start bleeding after getting hit by a bullet. So even if you have both penetrations and shot placement right, then too within that span of 15 seconds you can be harmed by the attacker.

After considering all these factors you can gather more information, and then decide what you want. If you are tight on your budget and want a handgun for a reasonable price then reading this guide will help you a lot, as up ahead we have listed some of the best handguns under 300 so that you don’t shell out much money from your pockets and still be totally satisfied with your purchase.

Top 10 Best Handguns Under $300 in 2019

This is a list of some of the most popular models of handguns available online and the best part is that they all cost somewhere between $200-300.


1. The Ruger LCP 380


Beginning with Ruger LCP 380 which comes from a top and reliable brand is one of the most popular concealed carry pistols. This one is a semi-automatic pistol which costs $300 but is worth every penny. With this pistol, you not only receive Ruger brand’s renowned name in durability and reliability, but also a lifetime warranty period. It is extremely compact in size which makes it very much suitable for concealing and carrying purposes.

Its sub-compact size will make it fit into many kinds of gun holsters which you can fit into your pocket or purpose while carrying regularly to the office or any other place. This is a model which comes in a variety of finishes like different types of colors. One of the funky colors this model comes in is pink, which is a popular design. The functionality and performance of the gun are brilliant due to its checkered grip frame which provides a secure and comfortable grip. It even includes fingertip extension floorplate to add more to the comfort.  It has a rugged construction with through-hardened steel slide and one-piece, high-performance, glass-filled nylon grip frame. 380 ACP packs plenty of stopping power when it comes to self-defense.



2. Smith and Wesson M&P Bodyguard 380


Coming from another reputable brand, this Smith and Wesson model is a cheaper and more affordable version of the brand’s more expensive guns. It is backed by lifetime warranty and outstanding R&D for the most avid shooters. M&P is an abbreviation for Military and Police. One of the most popular features of this gun is that it comes with a thump safety feature.

M&P Bodyguard 380 will fit very nicely in your hand and is of a compact size. The tiny size of the handgun makes it portable to carry around with you. The compact design of the gun is such that it fits in majority of the gun holsters available in the market. It has a very long trigger pull and is also available with a Crimson Trace that is seamlessly built right into the frame. It is lightweight and features a high-strength polymer frame with a black, matte-coated stainless-steel slide and barrel.



3. Bersa Thunder 380


Bersa’s Thunder 380 is yet another gun which always makes its way into the list of best pistols under 300. One of the best features of it is that it gives the characteristic of lowest felt recoil when shooting, a good feature when you are trying hard to put multiple rounds on target. The quality of this product is unmatched when it comes to its alloy frame and steel slide. Considering its affordable price and great quality, it is highly recommended checking this model and adding it to your list of selected handguns.

Another special feature is that the gun flaunts an ambidextrous design, which manes that both left and right-handed shooters can easily handle it. Bersa aims to provide a long-lasting handgun within an affordable price range so that you get the best possible strength, durability, and balance. The handgun has a 15 round magazine capacity which qualifies it as a gun which offers the highest number of rounds within a low price range. It also features a 3-dot sight system which allows you to have the most accurate sight of your intended target. It is lightweight, small-framed and compact semi-automatic gun.



4. Taurus 738 TCP 380


The Taurus 738 TCP 380 is a classic example of another top-notch performer and reliable pistol available under $300. It is moderately lightweight with its polymer frame and steel side. It has a unique contoured grip which minimizes the felt recoil compared to other models as well. It weighs about 10.32 ounce, is semi-automatic and a small framed revolver. It offers 6 plus 1 shot of .380 ACP.

This handgun boasts of a big and strong grip to easily handle and operate the set. The durable polymer frame of the gun gives it a stylish and an aesthetically pleasing finish, made so to make the gun highly resistant to scratches. Last but not least, this handgun has been designed to have low profile fixed sights, which aid you to easily and smoothly pinpoint the exact location of your intended target, while shooting. Alongside this ease and comfort of pinpointing, the fixed sights also allow you to fit your gun into your holster with the least effort.



5. SCCY CPX-3 380


Yet another popular model which falls into our list of the best handgun under 300 is SCCY’S CPX series of 9mm and .380 pistols. SCCY brings one of the revolutionary design changes to the earlier brilliant models. These handguns have been designed in a way that the shooter never has to compromise on comfort and accuracy. It delivers the legendary durability and quality of SCCY firearms and that too at a highly reasonable price. It is an ideal handgun for users who like to conceal and carry their handguns due to its portable design.

This pistol is designed and constructed in Daytona Beach, Florida which is another fine choice of American craftsmanship. One of the special features of the producers at SCCY industries is that they make one thing very clear when marketing their firearms; they make them available in literally any color combination the customer desires.



6. North American Arms .22 Long Rifle


This is the most popular Mini-Revolver ever produced. It comes with many types of accessories and is versatile for many kinds of applications. This mini- revolver by North American arms is the standard by which other mini-revolvers in the market are judged. The best part is that it costs $210- $250 which makes it the greatest compact handgun to qualify our list of the best guns under 300. As with every other NAA mini-revolver, the hammer need not rest on an empty chamber. It is equipped with the original half-way notch cylinder; the hammer may rest securely and safely without any chances of incidental discharge from the firearm.

The mini size of the revolver makes it easily portable revolver which is ideal to conceal as a self-defense weapon. Along with its pocket – friendly price, this revolver has an added benefit of being able to fit in almost any gun holster currently available in the market or online.



7. Kel-Tec P-32


The Kel-Tec P-32 is one of the best handgun under 300 due to it short recoil principle of operation. It is a semi-automatic and sub-compact pistol which is ideal to carry for personal safety and self-defense as it is easy to conceal. It is chambered in .32 ACP and designed by Swedish firearm designers which have earlier designed for one of the best brands of firearms like Grendel and Intratec. All edges of the gun are rounded and smoothed perfectly so that nothing protrudes from the gun to get caught on clothing.

The small grip size and light trigger pull of the firearm make it smoother to shoot. The p-32 has a chamber for .32 auto cartridge, a double action firing mechanism, and a seven-round firing capacity.



8. Glock 37 Gen 3, Semi-Automatic, .45 GAP, 4.5″ Barrel, 10+1 Rounds


Another one which makes it to our list of top 10 handguns under $300 is the Glock 37 Gen 3. It not only comes from a renowned brand but also the pricing is quite affordable. Glock guns have a reputation in the market for their great quality and what can be better than a personal handgun from the brand which costs less than $300. This gun comes with all the necessary features which qualify it as an easy to carry and conceal gun. It is the best gun to use for personal safety because it is simple to operate and delivers high levels of accuracy. The low bore axis which the gun is equipped with, is the reason behind the increased accuracy, this feature even helps to reduce muzzle flip and recoil.

Coming to the caliber, this gun boasts a 9mm caliber, ideal for beginners and delivers a 0.45 punch. It has an innovative design, a well thought out body, and polymer frame. The polygonal barrel rifling it is equipped with aids in lowering down the barrel residue and producing high bullet velocity. An additional feature like night sights makes it an ideal buy for beginners.



9. Taurus G2C, Semi-Automatic, 9mm, 3.2″ Barrel, 12+1 Rounds-


This is another handgun by Taurus which comes under the price range of $300. what makes this gun best to use for self-protection is its weight; it weighs only about 22-oz. not to mention that this feature makes it easy to conceal and carry at all times. the lightweight frame is supported by a thin profile and melted edges.

It offers quick targeting due to its high profile sights and fits comfortably well in the hand because of its polymer frame. It has a caliber of 9mm, best suited for beginners looking a gun for self-defense.



10. Heritage Rough Rider, Revolver, .22LR, Rimfire, 4.75″ Barrel, 6 Rounds


The last handgun which qualifies our list of top 10 handguns under 300 is a revolver by Heritage. heritage Rough Rider is based on the look of the ultimate and classic Colt Single Action Army Revolver. This brand is known to deliver accuracy and durability and considering the price range of this revolver, it is a great buy.

Extra protection is delivered by a hammer block fixed in the recoil shield of the gun. It is usually bought by shooters who engage in plinking, hunting or cowboy shooting. The cylinder lock up the revolver is equipped with, helps to deliver high accuracy while firing a shot. it has a cocobolo grip and a 6-Ib trigger pull. It is one of the best handguns under 300 if you’re looking both for a fully functioning and a handsome model to show off at the shooting range.



You may be looking for the best pistols under 300 either for collective purposes or for self-protection, whatever may be the case, we are sure that this article will help you greatly through the purchasing process.