Best Handguns Under 400 in 2019

Best handguns under 400

Everyone considers personal safety and self-defense to be an area of great concern. All of us take some, or the other form of vital steps to maintain our safety. We set up alarm systems, learn self-defense, employ security services – all of which protect us, our families and our homes from danger. Yet, in some cases, even having all of these measures don’t guarantee your protection.

Thus, in the modern world, it is advisable to invest in a handgun for a personalized sense of safety. In this guide, we will equip you with all the relevant information you would require to purchase some of the best handguns under 400.

Handguns are a specific type of small-sized, compact and short barrelled firearm. It is designed in a way that allows you to operate, fire and carries it with only one arm. Owing to these aforementioned properties of the tool, handguns are considered to be a very widely held and recommended personal safety and self-defense weapon – not only for the police and military personnel, but also for civilians.


Types of Handguns

Currently, there are five categories of handguns in the market. Each one of them boasts of having unique structures in relation to the speed of firing, the loading structure, the capacity of the magazine and the caliber of the bullet used in it. These five types are:

Single shot pistols

Single shot pistols are the oldest kind of handguns and are therefore considered as the most rudimentary variety of a contemporary handgun. This type of weapon can be best labeled as a tiny hand-held canon that releases a solitary round of bullet after which a physical refill is necessary. These guns are tremendously small and thus, very effortless to hide. As these firearms are outdated compared to contemporary guns, they are not recommended for self-defense purposes. In this day and age, the single shot pistols are only accessible to and used for large game hunting.

Multi-barrelled pistols

Multi-barrelled handguns are an evolutionized arrangement of the single shot pistol and were produced shortly afterward that. These were made so as to permit operators to fire multiple shots at a time, without requiring continuous manual reloads. Although these handguns are more advanced than the single shot ones, they still are short of the superiority and ease necessitated by a handgun used for self-preservation and personal security purposes.


Best handguns under 400Revolvers are handguns that are skilled in multi-loading the ammunition compartment in it through a revolving cartridge packed piston. Depending upon the variety and style of the firearm, this firearm can house from five to eight rounds of shots. Each time the trigger is pushed; the cartridge piston will revolve and fill the compartment with a renewed round of shot. This is why a revolver is a more precise and potent handgun, as equated to added categories of pistols. Revolvers are additionally characterized into two diverse assortments: single action and double action. Being a Western-tailored firearm, a single action revolver involves a thumb cock in advance of the weapon being fired up. On the other hand, a double action revolver has a firmer trigger depression, consequently, letting following shots to be fired up minus a halt.

Semi-automatic handguns

Semi-automatic handguns are a kind of weapon that employs the energy released from the discharging action of the gun to impulsively fill-up the gunshot section for a succeeding shot. They can be either power-driven by gas or recoil energy to replenish the following gunfire.

Automatic handguns

Automatic handguns have the capability of quick and continuous gunfire with a meek tick of the trigger. This is a pretty intricate and challenging firearm to handle, for the reason that the unit is lightweight and requires great ability to fire properly.

Out of all the five assortments of handguns, only revolvers and semi-automatic firearms are endorsed to be used for self-preservation and protection tenacities, especially for those using or purchasing a handgun for the first time.

The single shot pistols and multi-barrelled pistol are deliberated as a far too rudimentary weapon to be used for self-defense purposes. Thus, they are only used for hunting purposes or bought by collectors. On the other hand, fully automatic handguns are, to a huge extent, not lawfully acceptable to be acquired and/or to be used.

Benefits of Handguns

You may ask why should you invest in a handgun and what are the benefits of it? In this guide, we also elaborate on the various benefits of gun ownership, that may convince you to consider purchasing a handgun.

Imbibes Personal Responsibility

One of the most important benefits taught and preserved by a gun in its owner is that of personal responsibility. Possessing a firearm is an implementation of being in the present and being answerable. You have no room for a “mental vacation.” This means, that when you own weapon, you are required to consider where your firearm is stored, in what way it is sheltered, who all have contact to it, what place will you stockpile the bullets, what category of resident license or certificate must you obtain and preserve in addition to roughly a dozen of other significant concerns.


Teaches Physical Discipline


An accountable and dedicated gun owner will take a while to carefully absorb the physicality of gun shooting. From learning and honing your fine motor abilities to concentrating on your eye-hand synchronization – the physical discipline learned via shooting activities intensify an individual’s knowledge and capability and can deliver a constructive channel for other activities.


Boosts Confidence


Shooting, being a very simple yet intense activity, gives an immense confidence boost to almost everyone. This activity can be a petrifying idea to somebody who has never fired a gun previously. Hence, it is of vital importance to make certain that their foremost experience is one that is enjoyable and reassuring.

To ensure you get the best experience, learn and practice at a top-tier gun range. Once you’ve practiced for a while at the range, you’ll discover that learning to fire and carrying out increasingly more progressive handguns training will increase your personal assurance.


Provides Stress Relief


Firing a gun is always an adrenaline-charged skill, but in some ways, it merges the enhanced adrenaline with a sense of tranquillity, peace, and single-mindedness that can only be understood if you do it yourself.

Firing releases adrenaline in your body, which activates your liver to break down and consume glycogen. Glycogen, further fires up the muscles in your system. At the same time, the physical and mental discipline needed to shoot in a mindful and responsible way generates a sense of calmness that helps counterbalance even the utmost nerve-wracking of times.

Take Pride in Gun Ownership

Gun owners today, can and should take pride in possessing a handgun without neglecting the responsibility and accountability of owning a gun. Having a handgun today is not just about defense, but about a whole lot more. Guns can be appreciated for their related entertaining and stress releasing activities such as competing in shooting competitions.

Possessing and learning to efficiently fire your pistol could save your and your loved one’s life someday. Though we hope that that day never comes to be in your life, you must be prepared for all possible situations.

In the meantime, you need to learn all the nuances, safety procedures and workings of a handgun along with enjoying all the positive profits of gun proprietorship. This way you can understand in what way having and firing your gun can make an actual and long-lasting impression on your life.

To help you shortlist and find the best guns under $400, we have compiled a list of the best pistols under $400 in 2018.

Top 10 Best Handguns under $400 in 2019


1. Smith & Wesson SD9VE


Coming from a very known and reputable brand, the Smith and Wesson SD9VE is a cheaper and more affordable version of the brand’s more expensive guns. The handgun has been designed in a way, that it has a strong frame with a stamped sheet metal slide release and plastic guide rod.

The set has the basic styling with just a black chrome finish along with a comfortable, strong-grip, textured design on the grips and well-finished metal surfaces. This particular design as given in the model, gives you the best possible grip while shooting and helps you to control the handgun when it recoils after shooting.

The design of the gun is such that it has all the essentials for making a pistol easy to use and handle. The gun boasts of the great placement of its magazine release as well as its slide release – making the gun effortless to use.

The gun has very simple and easy to understand controls and mechanisms. You simply have to point at your intended target and shoot without any unnecessary fidgeting.

The gun also has the added advantage of being easily disassembled to its basics and being built right back up. The whole set comes with a guide that instructs you on how to disassemble and reassemble. This particular feature makes the gun very easy to clean, maintain and store safely.

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KAHR Arms is a high profile and quality gun producing company that has provided dependable firearms to shooters for decades. The Kahr CW9 is also one such product from the company that is dependable to the core. The 9mm semi-automatic pistol can be considered as the best handgun under $400.

The handgun is a slim, lightweight and compact firearm designed to allow easy concealment. The gun is designed to be a combat style pistol. This is why it has a very controllable recoil designed by the provision of the lock breech and the Browning tupe recoil lug.

The pistol has eight rounds of shots in a magazine, which is more than enough for an individual intending to use the gun for self-defense. The frame of the weapon is such that the bullet compartment and magazine placement makes the gun much more efficient and safer with fewer chances of damage. The one thing you need to keep in mind is that practice is the key to be efficient with this type of a gun.

Being a double action only semi-auto pistol with a combat style design, the gun has various combat features. The major combat feature is the one which requires you to pull the trigger each time to cock and fire the pistol. This makes the unintentional or accidental firing of the pistol very scarce.

The only disadvantage of the KAHR CW9 is that it does not have a magazine disconnect. This means that the weapon can be fired if the magazine is not present in the grip.

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All the guns from KelTec are cutting edge with their out of the box designs and features. Coming from the same brand, the KEL-TEC PF-9 9mm semi-auto pistol is an extremely dependable and top notch quality pistol.

The frame of the gun is pretty small, making the gun light in weight as well as a very compact and pocket-friendly gun. This handgun is pretty much described as a gun without malfunctions.

The PF-9 pistol comes with a seven-bullet magazine. This means that at any given time you have eight bullets in the gun, including the one in the chamber. The pistol also boasts a DAO system with a five-pound trigger pull.

The one major advantage of owning a PF-9 handgun is that even with its small and compact lightweight frame, there is no compromise on the recoil management system by the gun. This means that the recoil of the handgun is pretty less for its size as compared to other guns of the similar weight and compactness.

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4. Sarsilmaz CM9

The Sarsilmaz CM9 is a full-sized, polymer-framed pistol with a black metallic finish. With an ambidextrous manual safety, adjustable sights and a 17-round capacity, the handgun is no less than the best pistol under $400.

The handgun has a pretty compact slide length along with a full-size grip for the maximum capacity. This is because a compact slide length is easier to unholster and allows you to draw your gun quickly in a fight.

Other than that, the handgun has finger grooves that have a very subtle texture. In fact, this texture looks more like a swirled fingerprint pattern. Along with that, the slide on the gun also helps you get a better grip, owing to the refined slide serrations. The Sarsilmaz CM9 ask hosts a typical 3-dot steel sight system. The rear sight is adjustable and can be adjusted using the company supplied sight adjustment tool.

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5. FMK 9C1 G2

The FMK 9C1 is a polymer-framed semi-automatic handgun. The gun provides an amazing balance of shootability along with the ease of concealment.

The matte-black, carbon-steel slide of the handgun is shaped to give the gun a smaller profile. This slide is topped with a low profile three-dot sight system. Other than that, the gun has five additional rear sights and two more front sights included in the case. These sights can easily be changed to permit shooters to adjust sight, height, and windage.

This particular handgun also features two unique safety features, which are not commonly seen. The first one is the magazine safety, which prevents the pistol from firing when the magazine is removed. The second one is the red plastic loaded chamber indicator located at the rear of the slide. This provides a visible and tactile indication when the gun is loaded.

The FMK also has amazing ergonomics: it has two channels running from the front to the back of the frame, instead of the classic dimples for grips. The result is a noticeable narrowing of the grip for both the thumb and trigger finger, giving a better control of the firearm.

Along with that, the front of the grip has slightly textured finger grooves, while the sides of the grip are lightly textured and indented. These indentations provide a more intuitive resting place for the pads of the middle, ring and little finger. The indentation and texturing extend to the floor plate of the magazine.

Last but not least, the 9C1 arrives with two magazines in a rugged, lockable, foam-lined hard case with a partitioned storage compartment for extra magazines or cleaning supplies.

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6. KelTec P11

The KelTec P11 is one of the tiniest and lightest guns ever made. This polymer-based subcompact handgun does not compromise on its reliability and accuracy for its size.

The small build of the P-11 makes it an ideal gun for concealed carrying. It also allows a quick draw and an even quicker shot. This allows you to keep the weapon hidden from sight and use it when the time is right.

Magazine extension of the handgun sticks out a little, but that doesn’t cost the handgun its concealment property. In fact, it gives a good and tighter grip, which also cuts down the recoil factor a bit.

The only disadvantage of the P-11 is that its recoil is pretty noticeable as compared to other handguns. Though you will feel quite a bit of recoil while firing this weapon, training and practice will help you manage that recoil in the long run.

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The SCCY CPX-2 is a smart and stylishly framed gun which is built for the sole purpose of personal safety and self-defense. The handgun showcases a cost-effective design, without compromising on the durability, reliability, and accuracy of the gun.

The handgun also has an ergonomic design with an integrated Re-Coil backstrap cushion and a finger-grooved polymer grip.

The small size of the handgun allows an easy concealed carrying. The handgun boasts of an encapsulated steel recoil spring assembly system.

The magazine of the pistol has 10 rounds double stack steel magazines, which come with pre-installed ½” finger extensions. These finger extensions give the gun some added control and ergonomics.

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8. Bersa Thunder 380

The Bersa Thunder 380 is a one of a kind blowback-operated semi-automatic handgun which offers several different finishes and grip options, including the rubber-gripped duo-tone matte black steel slide with the silver nickel aluminum frame model being the most famous one. Also, the handgun has a slide that features a rounded muzzle for easy holstering, a 3-dot sight system and rear cocking serrations.

In the handgun, both the trigger and the slide cycle smoothly right out of the box. The external controls of the gun consist of a slide catch, round magazine release button and combination thumb safety/decocker. All of these are placed on the left side of the frame with the takedown lever located on the right side.

Along with that, an integral lock is found on the left side of the frame just in front of the magazine release button which aims to disable the trigger when required.

The handgun also flaunts a safety lever that automatically decocks the exposed hammer when it is pressed down into the “Safe” position. This results in a double-action trigger pull for the first shot. This gun has a trigger so smooth that it travels consistently throughout the arc of travel.

The Bersa Thunder requires an eight-round magazine that ships with an extended finger rest to ensure a firm three-finger grip. Along with that, it is utterly reliable, durable and accurate. All of the controls of the firearm work properly. The slide is easy to cycle manually and the slide catch needs just a light touch to release the slide when it locked open.

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9. Rock Island Armory M206

The Rock Island Armory M206 pistol has a configuration that showcases a mix of the best features of some of the top guns in this list. This small, lightweight and compact handgun is designed for the sole purpose of concealed carry for self-defense.

The handgun has a fixed front sight and a squared off ejector shroud, which is pinned to the frame. Also, the handgun has a unique feature in the form of a low-mounted, spade-shaped hammer spur of the double-action model.

The trigger of the M206 is deeply curved and smooth-faced and is housed in a rounded trigger guard. It also has a transfer bar safety that prevents the revolver from firing if bumped or dropped by mistake.

Other than that, the handgun has a cylindrical chamber that drops open smoothly with no binding in the yoke or ejector star. It also spins pretty freely when in the open position. The ejector of the gun moves back and forth easily and snaps back into place when released. Also, a very less amount of pressure is required to push the cylinder in and out of the frame.

Last but not the least, the trigger of the handgun is smooth throughout its arch of travel. The spurred hammer of the double-action revolver is free of any roughness. It swings back into the cocked position with a distinctive click using a comfortable level of effort.

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10. Walther PPS 9mm

The Walther PPS 9mm is one of the best pistols in the market, especially for left-handed shooters. Though it is the cheapest out of all the pistols on this list, it boasts features which are lacking in the most expensive of pistols!

The pistol has very precise dimensions that make it small, light in weight, compact and very easy to conceal. This, in fact, makes it a favorite among customers who value the concealment property of the gun above all others.

The gun has a minimum magazine capacity of around 6 rounds. This magazine can be extended to 8 rounds, without hindering the accuracy and performance of the gun. This is one of the features that make the gun uniquely a Walther production.

The pistol also boasts about an ambidextrous magazine release latch beneath the trigger, instead of the usual interchangeable magazine release buttons on the pistol’s grip. This allows you to speedily and deftly release the magazine from the gun.

The last refreshing and unique feature of the handgun is that of the chamber slot indicator. This is present in the gun to let you know if there is a bullet round in the chamber or not. When the round is loaded, the back baseplate of the round can be seen, while an unloaded slot shows nothing. Also, the striker pin on the rear is slightly raised when a chamber is actively loaded.

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