Best Handguns for Self Defense

In this world of uncertainties and accidents, what can one do to protect oneself? One of the initial and crucial steps that anyone can take is to buy a handgun for self-defense and personal security.

In this guide, we will give you a general idea about the various types of handguns and list the best handguns for self-defense covering important factors that you need to consider before buying one for yourself and discuss in detail some popular models presently available in the market. It is to help find beginners the right gun within the right price so that you don’t end up buying an overpriced gun and regret spending more than necessary.

Even handguns come with different features like to some people caliber and the punch matter the most, while others prefer a handgun which is easy for them to handle, and for someone else, it is all about what fits their own budget. We don’t want you to spend your money and regret it after your first buy, we rather help you make the most out of your purchase.

What is a handgun?

A handgun or a pistol is a short-barreled weapon which is created to be fired with only one hand. These are short-barreled firearms majorly advised to keep for personal safety and self-defense. The two types of handguns which are generally used today are semi-automatic pistols and revolvers. Not all handguns have gained the status of a self-defense weapon, which is to be used by police officers or military personnel, or officers working in the naval services. But in many places, civilians also use them for self-defense purposes.

We will further highlight different types of handguns which are accepted as self-defense weapons.

Types of handguns

There are five broad types of handguns which are the most popular and flaunt distinct features of their own. They differ in terms of how much is the capacity of the magazine, the speed to firing or the caliber of the bullet, etc. The five types are:

Single shot pistols

Out of all the five single shot pistols are the oldest models of handguns and are very compact therefore easy to conceal.

Multi-barreled pistols

These pistols are what allow users to fire more than one shot at a time. A multi-barreled pistol has more than one barrel, usually to increase the rate of hitting possibility and to decrease overheating of the barrel.


Revolver can contain up to eight rounds of bullets at a time. It has a cylindrical cartridge which spins every time the trigger is pressed and the chamber is filled with a new bullet. It is further available in two types; single action and double action.

Semi-automatic guns

These guns use up all the energy released in the process of discharging a bullet to refill the compartment for another consecutive shot, only if cartridges remain in the firearm’s feed device. Semi-automatic guns are also known as self-loading firearm.

Automatic handguns

These guns supply smooth and quick firing, a bit more complex to use compared to other handguns. An automatic handgun continuously fires bullets as long as the trigger is pulled back, only if there is ammunition in the magazine.

Usually, people think about buying a handgun because of major safety or self-defense reasons. If a person lives in the outskirts of a city or feels unsafe in a specific environment where he or she has to go every day, then it becomes important to think about one’s own safety.

This guide will help to clear all your doubts regarding handguns and how to choose the best guns when you opt to buy them online. We will also be reflecting on the uses of guns for various purposes, dealing with what to look for while buying a handgun. In the end, we will list some of the best handguns 2018 available on distinct sites online.

Buying the best guns for home defense or other firearms requires one to think about how much one wants to spend on it and what particular model one prefers to others. Handguns can cost a reasonable amount of money and no customer wants to be disappointed with what they spend their sum on. Skimming through the discussed factors will fill you with the useful information necessary for buying this firearm. Some of the things to be mindful of are listed as follows.

Intent & purpose behind your purchase

The very basic step to consider before any purchase is to evaluate whether you need a handgun or not. You need to ask yourself whether you require a handgun for your personal safety or for defense purposes? The answer to this question will help you choose your ideal gun, like what size you require, what kind of style, or caliber of the handgun will suit you the most.

Some people locally need to travel a lot due to their jobs or for a specific business. For example, people living in huge metropolitan cities tend to travel a lot in local trains or by cabs. Some areas in the outskirts or in the city itself can prove to be a little shady and not worth taking a small risk. If that is the case then I would suggest that you look for a basic revolver or a semi-automatic to suit your purposes as it the best pistol for home defense. This is also the best handgun for beginners as these firearms are created to suit you for protection and self-defense. Long arms are not suggested for such uses as these give a tough time if you need to conceal the firearm, store it in a safe space.

Read the gun laws pertaining to your region

Gun laws can vary not only from country to country but even from state to state. Some big metropolitan cities can vary in their gun laws as compared to small towns or outskirt regions. It becomes eminent to learn all the valid laws before making a purchase. You can learn about that by visiting your local municipal corporation office or their website.

Before deciding to purchase, set a budget

If you have finally decided the reason behind you buying a handgun for yourself, then the second important step is to set a fixed budget. If you know that you will be using it for personal protection and require the best handgun for self-defense rather than using it for shooting on the range then it will require a different budget.

Guns used in shooting ranges require making a different budget. There are best guns for beginners, available in the market which can fit into all sorts of income levels. The general range is from $150, to guns which can cost thousands of dollars. They range from inexpensive hi-point handguns to customized competition guns which can dig a hole in your pockets. You need to be aware of your own income and the budget, to get the most out of your buying experience.

Some of the new buyers in the market like to spend more than $500 dollars depending on how much their pocket allows, while some might have a reasonably low budget. If you have planned that you can spend a good amount of money on a handgun, say like $400 to $600 dollars or more, and then it becomes possible to purchase a reliable model. A good budget offers one of the best guns to own which are ergonomically designed, offer a great warranty period and are produced by a renowned manufacturer.

But if you know how to play smart and have learned the skills of buying a fine gun online then nothing can stop you from getting great deals at a reasonable price. Sometimes people may find a favorable gun which fits their budget and comes from a trusted manufacturer. This is why it becomes crucial to make a budget as one of the first few steps before proceeding to the purchase. So if you intend to buy the best gun for home protection, then consider the above-mentioned information.

Know whether to buy a new one or a used one

The third step to consider after deciding the intended use and setting a budget is to know if you want to buy a second-hand gun or a brand new one. This decision depends totally on you, and if you’re completely comfortable with buying or using a second-hand gun. If you are a person who usually buys second-hand gadgets or firearms then your choice will be dictated by your regular buying habits. This goes without saying that second-hand products are preferred to brand new ones because of the price drop.

If you are looking for the best handgun to buy and end up choosing a second-hand product, then you might not face any problems with the budget deficit. Numerous amounts of used handguns in the market are offered 25% to 50% below the retail price of a new gun, obviously depending on the model, condition and the years used. But you have to be very careful if you decide to buy a used gun.

Buying a used gun is not like buying a second-hand clothing iron or a study table. Opting to buy a second-hand gun might not grant you the best pistol in the world though but you can always consider your options. So, if you give it a second thought then try considering the budget again because if you stay within the pricing guideline then you may get the best handguns to own from a trustworthy manufacturer.

Good manufacturers or those brands which are the most popular in the market offer a warranty period of a lifetime on the new guns. The best part is that the warranty is not on the specific purchaser, but on the gun that you buy. So if later you need to sell the gun, the warranty period remains the same for the new owner, too.

Always go for quality

People all over the world buy a gun for sundry reasons, the most specific one is that it is for self-defense. If you are looking for the best handgun for home protection, it is always better to opt for a handgun which is easy to conceal and has a smooth trigger so that in case of emergency you can handle it with ease.

People usually opt for a handgun because it is simple to carry and conceal, then a rifle or a shotgun because these two are impractically heavy to carry. Handguns are lightweight, easy to secure, great to conceal and adapt to generate strong firepower.

If you know the right ways and tricks with regards to concealing a firearm, then no one can know if you have one with you mostly all the time. The best gun for beginners is to buy a pistol – it is very easy to carry as it comes with three magazines, which hold fifteen rounds each, which sum up to 45 rounds in total.

Now if we take up the debate on the quality of the gun, then it is to say that it is not an easy task to get the best gun in the world. You have to be clear about the budget and realize that you will only get that what you have paid for. If you want the best handgun for the money but have a low budget then you will not be able to get a good quality gun. If you just spend $125 to $250, then you may not get a reliable gun for that price. A firearm of about $400 to $500 can be the best pistol to buy.

With that much a price, you can get a great product which is both reliable and dependable. To simply put it, if you need a gun for self-defense reasons that it is probable that you would want it to work smoothly when it is the time to use it (mostly during emergency situations). With a great quality gun at hand, malfunctioning has a less chance to occur. If you need the best handgun to own and can afford a quality handgun, then it is wise to buy a quality handgun. The best gun for self-defense is the one which doesn’t betray you at the time of an emergency.

It is important that the gun has a smooth trigger

This point is as eminent as the other listed points. It is not always the case that a handgun produced by a mediocre manufacturer can give a hard time. Even some good quality guns, produced by renowned manufacturers can give a problem when it comes to testing how smooth the trigger is. So if you ask what is the best handgun?

I will not just suggest names of the products, but will say that a smooth trigger is an important requirement. But if you end up buying a malfunctioned gun, then you always have an option to go to a gunsmith. He will have no problem in fixing the trigger problem. A smooth trigger on a pistol is required as it helps to have a better control over the gun, and thus help to get greater accuracy while shooting. People usually do not choose to buy pocket pistols because of the same reasons, as they generally don’t come with a smooth trigger and only offer 5 to 6 rounds.

You don’t necessarily have to risk all you need in a pistol just because a pocket pistol is compact. I advise that if you want the best pistol for the money, second hand or brand new, choose the one which can shoot at least 1000 rounds through it. Then only you can fully be sure if it functions well before you begin using it daily. The best handgun for personal protection needs to have magazines which feed accurately.

If you know that your handgun is probably going to malfunction then it is good for you to see to it in the range rather than in an emergency or crisis situation. To make the best out of your handgun or pistol, I advise you to rotate your magazines on a regular basis. That is if you carry 3 magazines regularly, tow in the pouch and one in the pistol, then try unloading those 3 magazines every 30 days. It is to help the springs rest. Best handguns for self-defense just don’t depend on the brand you buy, but on how you test it if it functions smoothly.

How does it fit and feel in your hand?

Another most crucial point to consider if you are seeking to buy the best handguns is: does it fit right in your hand? It important that the gun fits well in your hand and is comfortable for you to use.

Comfort is important when buying a gun because it makes it simple for you to learn how to shoot. If it raises discomfiture and doesn’t evoke a natural fit in your hand, then it will make you feel weird whenever you pick it up for use or otherwise. The discomfort can even affect the way you shoot as it will cause a distraction.

What most people tend to ignore while talking about handguns is the feeling that is induced when you hold a gun. Even the best guns, of the greatest quality, can prove to be discomfort able while you hold them in your hand. No novice buyer can actually master the art of handling a gun for the first time and finding out if it feels natural in the hand. The best way is to try holding one by one as many guns, as you can to find what suits you the best.

If among all the hundreds of guns that you’ve tried holding, if you find the right one, then you will probably know it. Try to buy a gun which has all the controls within easy reach and a gun which offers a relaxed point of aim when shooting.

Consider the caliber

In this point, I will be dealing with what caliber to shoot and what is the size of the gun you need to shoot with. Caliber of the gun totally depends on the intended use of the gun. Say if you want the best gun for home defense or for self-protection, too easily carry and conceal, then size and caliber matter a lot.

Ergonomics play a crucial part when it is about how easily one can shoot, but what is more important is the caliber of the gun. If you consider a large size duty style gun which is used by policemen, then caliber will be pretty good and it will be an easy to shoot firearm. A compact and small pistol placed in a huge caliber will be not so smooth to fore, for any duration of time.

So the first one is easy to shoot and second when comes with an easy to conceal plus point. So it all comes to the purpose of the gun. If you want a pleasant shooting experience then it is better to choose a large gun with good ammunition capacity. But if you are looking for the best guns for home defense then you better choose a lightweight and easy to carry gun.

Here we are mostly dealing with guns which need to be used for self-defense purposes, so you need to be aware of the fact that small pistols have a low ammunition capacity, can recoil more while shooting, and as compared to longer guns they can be difficult to hold on to. But there are many multipurpose guns available in the market now days.

Choosing the right caliber is a tiring task. 0.22 caliber gun is generally recommended as it is enough to kill a person if used for safety reasons. But in my opinion, it is better to carry nothing less than 9mm if you need to use for your personal safety.

Two things are required to stop an attack by a man or an animal; (a) shot placement and (b) penetration. You can shoot a creature or a human being with a 0.45 caliber and have a good penetration but a bad shot placement. Even if both the things are correct and good then also it might take an individual or an animal about 15 seconds to start bleeding. The attacker can easily harm you in about that duration of a few seconds.

Recent research done by FBI suggests that if you use ammunition chambered in 0.380 or higher, then you are good to go. You can easily defend yourself at the time of an attack. A handgun which is chambered in the larger caliber has more perceived recoil as compared to one chambered for a lighter and small caliber.

Usually, handguns chambered in larger caliber have low capacity, compared to the other. In conclusion, the best handgun for beginners is the one which as a low recoil and great capacity.

Take some training course before purchasing a gun

It is equally important to know how to fire a gun before making a purchase. It is highly advisable to visit dome training center or a shooting range to go and try a gun that you’re most likely to buy. It is recommended to look out for professional trainers who can not only tell you about handguns but can also acquaint you with different types of shooting techniques most suitable for your body type.

Learn the ethics of owning a firearm

As a responsible human being and citizen of a country, it is important to know all the morals involved in owning a firearm. If you are buying it for personal safety, it becomes quite obvious that you will be carrying it regularly with you. That makes it a must to secure your firearm, get a gun license and keep it with you all the time. If the gun is not in use then a responsible user should keep the ammunition and the firearm locked up separately.

Discussed above were 10 basic things to consider before buying your very first handgun. People have many doubts regarding what are the best guns to own, I hope this article clarifies everything. There are many novice shooters and buyers who do not have any relevant information about guns and tend to spend blindly on a firearm.

So it is better to know the facts rather than regret later. If you choose the right firearm for you, it may last long and provide good service for many years. Now listed ahead in the article will be best handguns 2018 which will help those of you who want to purchase a gun and are a new buyer.

Handguns or pistols come in various types like revolves, holsters, semi-automatic, Lever-action, Bolt Action, Handgun Ammo etc. A number of these handguns available online will be discussed.

Top 10 Best Handguns 2018

1. Glock 37 Gen 3, Semi-Automatic, .45 GAP, 4.5″ Barrel, 10+1 Rounds

The Glock 37 Gen 3 not only comes from a renowned brand but is the best pistol under $500, and it is for sure worth its price. The compact size of the gun makes it easy to carry and conceal it, thereby qualifying this handgun as the best handgun for self-defense. It is simple to operate and delivers high levels of accuracy. The innovative and well thought out design of the gun makes it easy to fit it in a number of gun holsters available in the market.

The Glock 37 is made of big-bore technology and delivers a 0.45 punch. It is a handgun that offers a 9mm caliber. It has an automatic pistol round which makes it the best gun for home protection. It is equipped with a low bore axis which increases the accuracy by reducing muzzle flip and recoil. It has a frame of polymer and polygonal barrel rifling, which helps to reduce wear and tear on the barrel and creates a better bullet to barrel fit. It helps to lower down the barrel residue and produce better and increased bullet velocity. It is also equipped with night sights and offers a 10 round magazine.

2. Taurus G2C, Semi-Automatic, 9mm, 3.2″ Barrel, 12+1 Rounds

This semi-automatic pistol by Taurus is yet another pistol which always makes its way into the list of best pistols under $300. It is a new Taurus G2C product which delivers brilliant performance and is the best handgun for home protection. Taurus as a reliable brand aims to provide a long-lasting, good quality handgun with this model and does so, by providing the model with a frame which boasts strength and balance. Also, the frame is very lightweight (only 22-oz), therefore making it easy to carry as well as conceal at all times. It has a thin profile, melted edges and thin frame. It also has a Picatinny rail for putting extra tactical accessories.

It features a smooth design and a natural grip that makes it easy to fit in the hand. It is the best handgun to buy because it has a loaded chamber indicator, manual and trigger safety too. It doesn’t feature the Taurus security system though, but is the best gun for beginners. It has a caliber of 9mm, a polymer frame, with a barrel length of 3.2”.

3. Springfield XD Mod.2, Semi-Automatic, 9mm, 4″ Barrel, 16+1 Rounds

Looking for best handguns to own is not an easy task but this model by Springfield comes with an expanded 16 rd capacity. It is ideal for personal defense due to its compact design. It is a pistol which is comfortable to hold and provides a naturally relaxed grip. It features three different textures, each has been created for varied purposes; one is for anti-slip, another is for control and the third one acts as a medium for the first two.

Grip zone is all about textures that help you gain good control while you shoot. The featured high hand grip relief and high hand beavertail help the hand to be placed as high as possible towards the barrel bore. It helps to reduce the perceived recoil too. It offers a no-snag trigger guard. It has a slim frame, and has double magazine capacity as it is only 0.2” thicker than single-track subcompacts. It is the best gun for beginners who are looking for a better grip and control of the gun.

It has a 9mm caliber. the functionality and performance of the handgun are brilliant mostly due to the strong textured polymer grip.

4. Glock 19X, Semi-Automatic, 9mm, 4.02″ Barrel, Coyote Brown, 19+1 Rounds

This a new model by Glock, which is a blend of two remarkable Glock designs to produce a gun which fits, feels and shoots like a pro. To put it simply, this 18X model is a mélange of the G17’s (which is an earlier model introduced by Glock) full-size frame and G19’s compact design.

Not only is the gun portable but it can also be stored and drawn from the holster easily due to its size. The short slide makes it quick to shoot. So it serves both ways and not only has it had a combination of these two designs, but also some added features of its own. It is the best handgun for the money you pay, as it is constructed around Gen 5 internals, has a Glock Marksman Barrel and features advanced polygonal rifling.

It has a small crown which helps to give better accuracy. The slide of the gun comes with a corrosion resistant and reliable nPVD finish in Coyote Brown color.

It features additional night sights. It is the most apt model to perform in any conditions as it combines the best parts of G17 and G19. the gun boasts of having an ambidextrous design- making it easier to use for both left as well as right-handed shooters.

the drawback of the gun is that it doesn’t come with any manual external safety feature. the overall design of the gun is stainless steel with Coyote brown polymer construction. this makes for a model of the gun which is durable and reliable. It is equipped with a barrel length of 4.02”, and a caliber of 9mm. The gun has a classy and stylish finish, made so to make the pistol resistant to scratches.

5. Taurus Model 66, Revolver, .357 Magnum, 4″ Barrel, 7 Rounds

This particular revolver is very popular among security professionals. The same makes it ideal for personal safety purposes too. It is the best gun for self-defense as it has a medium and compact frame. It is a 7-shot revolver which is equipped with a comfortable grip and a precise and deep finish.

It has fixed sights and a single or double action trigger for enhanced accuracy and speed. The Taurus model 66 is great for concealing, carrying easily and placing in a secure space which makes it a good choice of handgun for self-protection.

The functionality and design of the gun are great mostly due to its matte stainless steel finish, plus a lustrous touch. other than that it has a 357 Magnum caliber, steel frame, rubber grip and barrel length of 4” which makes it best pistol for the money you spend.

6. Heritage Rough Rider, Revolver, .22LR, Rimfire, 4.75″ Barrel, 6 Rounds

Heritage Rough Rider is yet another revolver which delivers top performance for its price range. It is inspired by the Old West Tradition. The Rough Rider model has much of the feel, and look of the renowned and most popular Colt Single Action Army Revolver. It is chambered for the 0.22LR; the Rough Rider is created using state of the art machinery for precision, that promises accuracy and durability.

It has a cylinder lockup, which is strong and aids to deliver full accuracy when you aim a shot. It is most ideal for hunting, cowboy shooting and plinking. It has a machined barrel which is knitted and inserted into the frame of the gun for utmost cylinder gap.

It has a hammer block placed in the recoil shield of the gun, which delivers extra protection and even has a red dot indicator which indicates when the gun is ready to shoot. It has a genuine flat-sided hammer which is paired with a cocobolo grip, making the Rough Rider a very functional model.

It has a 6-Ib trigger pull with a barrel length of 4.75”. It is the best pistol to buy if you’re looking both for a fully functioning and a handsome model to show off at the shooting range.

7. Taurus 627 Tracker .357 Magnum Revolver

This Taurus 637 Tracker is a rugged, durable and dependable revolver model which is great for plinking at the cabin, or taking care of an animal which has suddenly attacked you. It is easy to fire, for it provides you with comfort while shooting and offers good accuracy, and all that within a reasonable price.

the overall design and frame of the gun are of stainless steel, which gives it a lustrous look. It also has a factory tuned porting and gas expansion chamber, which aids in reducing the perceived recoil. It has a transfer bar safety and a Taurus security system which helps in making your pistol lock just at the turn of a key. It is the best handgun to own as it has a caliber of 357 Magnum, barrel length of 4”, rubber grip and fixed front or adjustable rear sight. This particular design gives you the best possible grip while shooting an helps you to control the handgun when it recoils after shooting.

8. Smith & Wesson BODYGUARD 380, Semi-Automatic

This is a totally new model of semi-automatic gun offered by Smith & Wesson, yet another reputable brand. Many people who look for best handguns for self-defense can find nothing better than this affordable version of the brand’s more expensive guns. the design and styling of the gun are such that it has also the necessary features for making it a pistol easy to use and handle. It is chambered for .380 ACP, is a lightweight pistol which features a strong polymer frame.

It has a black matte-coated stainless steel barrel and slide. It has some of the designs and features of the classic revolvers, like the Bodyguard revolvers of old, which offer a 2.75” barrel length, and has a total length of only 5.25”.

It is of a very small in size, which makes it ideal for self-defense uses or for home protection. But this model does not feature thumb safety. It is equipped with stainless steel drift adjustable sights. It has an ergonomic grip for natural shooting.

It also has a strong polymer frame, a stainless matte slide, and barrel. It even offers a double action trigger with a second strike capacity. This model includes a 6 rd flat butt plate and finger groove mag.

9. Ruger LCP .380 ACP Semi-Automatic 6+1 Rounds

It has a slim, lightweight design and low perceived recoil. It has been created to fit distinct holsters and is very comfortable to carry and conceal if needed. It is good for home or self-protection uses as it gives a reliable performance when you carry. This is equipped with a Destroyer Gray Frame and a very hard steel slide for advanced durability and dependability.

The steel slide is made of a thoroughly hardened alloy and has a glass filled nylon frame which offers good performance. The grip is very secure and relaxed. Sights of the gun are important to the slide and a hammer is fixed within the slide. It has a 6-rd magazine with finger grip floor plate and an added pocket holster. The barrel length is 2.75”. the gun has simple and easy to understand controls and mechanisms, therefore you do not have to fidget with controls.

10. SIG SAUER P250 Compact, Semi-Automatic, .40 S&W w/ 13+1 Rounds

This model by SIG SAUER is one of the most adaptable, durable and advanced pistol ever made. It comes under one of the best pistols 2018 due to its unique design and modular frame. The modularity of the frame helps to make changes in caliber and grip size of the gun without missing out on the quality, functionality, accuracy, and dependability of the model.

The caliber conversion kits and extra grip modules are sold separately, and don’t come with the gun. This design offers easy maintenance when required and also offers a solution for having various hand sizes. There are almost 6 distinct ergonomic combinations for each size, sundry grip circumference and trigger styles. It has a compact medium-sized grip module.

It even features stainless steel slide with Nitron finish to combat corrosion. It is fast to take down, no extra tools or trigger pull needed. It has a 3 point takedown safety system and self-decoking double action trigger.

11. Ruger EC9s, Semi-Automatic, 9mm, 3.12″ Barrel, 7+1 Rounds

This handgun model by Ruger is a semi-automatic gun which is a very reliable model, with a slim design which makes it easy to fit in different holsters available in the market. It is based on Ruger’s earlier LC9 models which were quite popular. Therefore it features the same triggers, same parts, materials, and almost similar dimensions.

The only difference is that the EC9s offer a less expensive slide machining, which makes it cost effective. If you want to buy the best gun ever at a low price, then nothing can be better than this model by Ruger. The sights of the gun are machined with the slide of the gun. It features glass reducing, rear face serrations. It is ideal to use for personal and home safety and features a comfortable grip.

Safety features are also provided, like a trigger safety option, manual safety, magazine disconnects and an inspection port that allows for visual verification of a full or empty chamber. It has a finger grip extension floor plate and a 7 rd magazine.

12. Kel-Tec P-32, Semi-Automatic, .32 ACP, 2.7″ Barrel, 7+1 Rounds-

It is cheaper and more affordable model among this brand’s more expensive ones. This semi-automatic gun by Kel-Tec is chambered for .32 ACP can be bought under $200. It is perfectly well built to use for concealing or using it when situations don’t allow for a larger gun.

It has round edges and snag-free profile, which aids to get it out of the holster and to be put to use just in a few seconds time. This handgun has basic styling with a good finish along with a comfortable, strong-grip and textured design with polymer textured grips. If you are a person who has to buy a pistol or a handgun to use for safety purposes on a regular basis then this gun is the best choice for you.

It is ideal for carrying and concealing, doesn’t require many efforts to put to action and offers a hassle-free functioning. This is the best buy for beginners looking for the best guns for home protection, as it has an internal integrated hammer block for safe security. It includes one 7 rd magazine and has a barrel length of 2.7”.

Get the Best Handgun Now!

In the article, a lot has been discussed on what to consider before buying a gun. If you are a total novice buyer of guns, then this guide would not do any worse. It offers a list of best guns of all times, checking it can help you with your new purchase.