Best Pistols for Lefties 2018

The world is a place run by the majority – the same is the case for all left-handed individuals who are all living in a world run by right-handed people. Everything produced in the world is made to fit the convenience of right-handed people. Though, there are a number of products being specially made from the left-handed people, we still have a long way to go.

If you would have tried to search for a left-handed handgun a few decades ago, you wouldn’t have been able to find one! In fact, most lefties trained to be able to operate the right-handed gun with all its nuances. But, it isn’t fair that left-handed individuals have to do the cumbersome job of learning and putting up with a type of product just because the majority of the world does it that way – especially in the case of firearms; the misuse of which could be potentially life ending for all people involved in it.

Obviously, it isn’t easy being a lefty in a right-handed world, and the world of firearms is no different from the others. When you are a right-handed individual who’s thinking of buying a brand new handgun, you need to consider many factors such as its cost, reliability, accuracy, purpose, safety, comfort, weight, fit and finish, ergonomics, size, etc. On the other hand, if you are left-handed individual thinking of buying a brand new gun – you need to consider not only the previously mentioned factors but also a few additional ones.

You need to think whether or not you would be able to operate the various controls of the gun, would they cause unnecessary straining and/or contorting of your hand or whether you would be able to run the gun without having to lower it after every single shot and many other questions such as this. This makes buying guns pretty cumbersome and difficult for all lefties like you.

To solve these problems for the left-handed people, the gun manufacturing industry began producing all manner of handguns in two specific ways. They either make it fully ambidextrous, that is, usable by both left as well as right-handed individuals or specifically tailor make left handed guns for left-handed shooters.

To make the life of left-handed individuals searching for guns suitable for them easier, we have compiled a list of all the best handguns for lefties.

Top 8 Best Pistols for Lefties 2018

1. Glock G19 G5 9mm 15 + 1 4” Glock Night Sights

A handgun from a top gun producing company with all the best features of its pricey counterparts, given at an affordable price – this is what best describes the Glock G19 G5 9mm. The handgun showcased new designs, accessories as well as packaging from the brand’s side.

This pistol is one of the best pistols for lefties for two reasons, or rather two features. First of all, the handgun’s design doesn’t include the usual finger grooves given on a gun, which makes it easier for lefties to operate, grip, handle and fire the weapon. The second feature is that the gun is designed in a way that it has an ambidextrous slide stop – meaning it can be used easily by both right as well as left-handed individuals.

Other than that, the gun allows the use of interchangeable backstraps, which makes the gun good to operate for both the right and left-handed shooters.

The gun also has various other accessories including a magazine loader as well as a barrel scrubber. This makes the cleaning and maintenance of your firearm very, very convenient. The main feature that distinguishes this handgun form the others made by its company is that it has a flared mag well and a large front cutout. The main objective of adding this feature was to enable faster loading and reloading when the need arises for you to use the firearm. Another change is that, the magazine had an orange follower. This might make the magazine seem interchangeable with the previous generations of this handgun, but still has a significant difference.

The handgun has a bonus of a nDLC finish. This ensures that the gun is not only comfortable and stylish, but also that it lasts you for a long time to come.

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2. Glock G17 4.49In 9mm Gas Nitride 17+1RD

Coming from a top brand known for its reliability, great design and durability, you know that the Flock 17 is one of the best pistols available in the market today with a price range that so affordable that you can expect every next person to own it. The gun is designed such that it is ambidextrous, but in a way that is unique to the handgun.

The handgun is low maintenance firearm as even after using firing it a thousand times, you will notice that it does not need any services to keep working. With a just few simple supplies, you can easily clean it at home. The gun allows easy disassembly and assembly during the complete cleaning process. In fact, the gun doesn’t even need to be cleaned very often! So, it’s perfect for those who detest cleaning up.

Accuracy is an important part of any firearm, and the Glock 17 is one of the handguns with best accuracy record. Accuracy is important for any type of handgun. This handgun is designed in a way that gives accuracy over long distances, which is essential in life or death situations when you need your gun to be functional in any and every possible situation.

The gun also boasts of being very durable. In fact, some people even own a Glock they buy for decades! This is due to the fact that even after continuous shooting the model has impressive durability.

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3. Beretta USA – PX4 Storm 40 S&W 3.2” 10+1

Beretta – Yet another top gun manufacturing company with reviews and records of producing top quality guns for decades! With Beretta’s record, this handgun is no exception – what with its brilliant yet simple design. The gun has all the features of reliability, durability as well as easy handling. This is due to the fact that the company uses a strong material to manufacture its guns – making the gun appealing to a great number of users. used to make it should appeal to many users.

Along with the features of durability, the handgun has great ergonomics, which makes the cleaning, maintenance, and storage of the firearm very convenient. And the same quality is imparted to the interchangeability and replaceability of many parts of the weapon – the parts of the gun are very easily available.

The handgun has a pretty small and lightweight, allowing you to conceal it easily both on yourself as well as in baggage.

The gun also boasts of being snag free. This particular feature is present thanks to the unique modular design as well as the presence of the lines on the gun provided to the gun by the manufacturers. The advantage of this is that you can draw out, upholster and reholster your gun very easily and speedily. This is especially, advantageous when your life or the lives of your loved ones are in immediate danger as it will allow you to draw your firearm whenever you want and take down the intended target with ease.

The PX4 Storm 40 is very easily adaptable to various different hand sizes and types, making this easily the best part about owning this particular handgun. It supports almost any and every style of shooting there is there and ensures ease and comfort for both right-handed as well as left-handed shooters.

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4. Springfield Armory XD Compact 3.8IN 9MM Black 19+ 1RD

The Springfield Armory XD Compact is a compact and handy handgun that personifies reliability, durability, comfort, and safety.

Reliability is the first feature that makes this handgun a class apart. The manufacturers and engineers of this pistol have tested and ensured that the gun and all its applications work under various different situations and conditions.

Thus, the gun will never fail when you need it the most – giving you the best possible reliability. In fact, this particularly makes the gun a the very popular option for people, specifically for left-handed individuals.

The pistol boasts of a simple yet elegant and decent design that makes upholstering, drawing and reholstering the handgun easy as well as speedy at all the times.

In fact, the design is made such that both right-handed, as well as left-handed shooters, can swiftly use it. The fast drawing allowed by this gun is essentially the main feature that attracts many users to buy the handgun.

The handgun also has an inbuilt, uniquely designed trigger safety and also an internal firing pin safety, making the gun safety its top priority. Along with that, the model also has a backstrap safety, which means that you have to be tightly and steadily gripping the handgun before it can fire. The level of safety ensured and provided by this pistol, is yet another reason for you to consider investing in it.

Last but not least, the handgun allows very easy and simple cleaning and maintenance. The maintenance of the handgun is one of the prime factors that ensures its long lifespan and good performance – this model helps you do that by having a very easy and simple disassembly and assembly method.

The design of the gun allows you to easily break it down to several components so that cleaning is easy, thorough and yet fast. Once you are done with the cleaning, the assembly of all the components back together should also not take long.

Also, you need only even think about cleaning this handgun once after several hundred rounds of shots fired – making this one of the easiest guns to clean.

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5. Heckler & Koch VP9 9mm Round Mags

The Heckler & Koch VP9 pistol has a history of producing guns model rife with good performance and features. Though the model has very few different features as compared to other models that come from the same manufacturer, it is still a very popular model among many amateurs as well as professional shooters. This is primarily due to the reason that the handgun has some very brilliant features for its low price range.

The handgun is designed as a fully ambidextrous firearm – it ensures that you have duplicate control of the gun on either side always. This comes to a blessing in disguise for left-handed shooters as it allows the overall control of the gun, from either hand, to be pretty easy.

The pistol also flaunts a trigger pull on it that is quite superior compared to other pistols in the same price range. In fact, one other pistol – be it from the same manufacturer or from a different one – can boast of a such an effective striker-fired mechanism for such a low price.

The trigger of the weapon, being light and smooth, will ensure that you do not struggle to squeeze it, while shooting. Another feature that the gun has is of shot reset. This feature makes shooting swiftly yet rapidly a valid possibility, should the need for it arise.

Along with all the other special features, the handgun also has inbuilt accurate sights that work rather well. They have a glow-in-the-dark feature ensuring that you have good visibility in the dark, especially during night hours. Another pro the gun has is that of a push button.

The push button enables quick release that helps with fast reloading of the handgun. This makes the handling, controlling and operating of the gun awfully easier for everyone, especially beginners and amateurs.

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6. Sig Sauer P938

The Sig Sauer P938 is one of the best pistols of all time. This is a tiny and compact handgun designed in a way that makes it very easy to conceal. The firearm is also pretty light in weight, making it very portable and easy to carry around.

The gun has very strong, tight and textured grip – all due to its rubber grips. The design and frame of the gun along with its grip make it very intuitive to use. The grip of this gun is built in a way that makes ambidextrous. The unit even has a thumb safety, which is ambidextrous in nature – making it easier to get to, especially for left-handed shooters.

The placement of the magazine release as well as the slide lock is so good that it just feels familiar for hands to use. This is what makes the gun very easy to use, even for beginners and amateurs.

Another big advantage of the firearm is its durability dues to its design. The handgun is designed with a stainless steel slide and is further coated with nitron and is treated with an anodized finish.

This makes the firearm extremely resistant to the elements. Also, it protects the weapon from any sweat released by your body, in the event of you carrying it on your body.

Another huge favoring with the gun is its reliability, ergonomics and its ease of use. The weapon is far more comfortable than the normal handguns and is, in fact, quite a bit more accurate than them too.

Also, the weapon comes with some inbuilt night sights that actually comes from the manufacturer. This saves you money over a long period of time.

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7. Seecamp LWS .32

The Seecamp LWS .32 is a classic handgun with amazing craftsmanship and function. The handgun is one of the smallest handguns in this price range. This makes the gun pretty compact and easy to conceal. The unit is also very, very light in weight, making it pretty easy to carry around.

This semi-automatic pistol is designed to have a metal stainless steel body.
As mentioned earlier, the pistol has a pretty small body – due to which it’s magazine release is places just below the grip. The magazine, also made out of stainless steel, contains six rounds in it and is built sturdy and strong.

The gun has a short stainless steel slide with deep cut serrations in the rear. Due to the size of the short slide, charging the gun is pretty easily done just by quickly pulling with the forefinger and thumb will easily rack a round.

Also, the slide can be locked even when the magazine is not inserted in it. When the magazine is not inserted, this slide lock along with the trigger lock acts as a safety mechanism.

Since, the gun is designed to be a point-and-shoot gun, the gun has no sights inbuilt in the model. But, this does affect the accuracy of the gun as compared to other guns.

The placement of the grip is such that when the grip is removed, the entire internal component set of the gun is exposed. This, in fact, makes dismantling the gun a very easy task. Thus, the maintenance and cleaning of the gun is very simple.

Last but not least, the gun has a smooth and textured grip with black plastic sections. This makes the gun one of the best pistols for left-handed shooters.

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8. Walther PPS 9mm

The Walther PPS 9mm is one of the best pistols in the market for left-handed shooters. Though it is the cheapest out of all the pistols in this list, it boasts of features, even the most expensive pistol in the list! The pistol has very precise dimensions that make it small, lightweight, compact and very, very easy to conceal. This, in fact, makes it a favorite of all customers who value the concealment property of the gun above all others.

The gun has a minimum magazine capacity of around 6 rounds. This magazine can be extended to 8 rounds, which allows us to increase our magazine capacity without hindering the accuracy and performance of the gun. This is one of the features that make the gun unique.

The pistol also boasts about an ambidextrous magazine release latch beneath the trigger, instead of the usual interchangeable magazine release buttons on the pistol’s grip. This allows you to speedily and deftly release the magazine from the gun. This makes the handgun particularly precious to the left-handed shooting community.

The last refreshing and unique feature of the handgun is that of the chamber slot indicator. This is present in the gun to let you know if there is a bullet round in the chamber or not. When the round is loaded, the back baseplate of the round can be seen, while an unloaded slot shows nothing. Also, the striker pin on the rear is slightly raised when a chamber is actively loaded.

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All left-hand shooters no longer need to learn how to shoot from the other hand, have to feel left out or be uncomfortable while handling or operating any handgun. It is important that all the discomforts and little things that bother you while using a handgun are taken care of, for that time and situation when the need may arise for you to use the weapon in your self-defense.

Manufacturers have started taking notice of the 10% of the population that is left-handed are taking steps to ensure that even that 10% is catered to. Given due time, all gun models will have ambidextrous or left-handed versions for lefties.

All the handguns reviewed in the compiled list above will allow you cultivate and use the best of the features offered by a handgun that will ensure that you use the firearm without any difference or discomfort. Also, this list will give a better idea of where to start and what features to look for in a handgun as a left-handed shooter. Ensure that you buy a handgun that not only offers you the value for the money you pay, but also makes sure that all your needs a left-handed shooter are covered and taken care of.