Best Revolvers for Concealed Carry 2018 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

While the thought of owning the best revolver for concealed carry sounds very exciting, but choosing the best among so many options can be a tiring process.

Our guide will list some important factors to consider if you want to carry a revolver in a concealed manner and will provide a list of best revolvers for concealed carry. In the United States, different states might have different rules when it comes to concealed carry of a handgun or any other firearm.

Therefore, before moving on to discuss the most popular revolvers available in the market for concealed carry, it is significant that you keep a few things in mind.

What Does Concealed Carry Mean?

best revolver for concealed carry

Concealed carry or CCW (carrying a concealed weapon) is the practice of carrying a handgun or other firearm in public spaces, but in a concealed manner, either on one’s person or in close proximity (like in one’s car). In many places, law enforcement officers, police officers, crime investigation department officers etc., usually carry their handguns or pistols in a visible holster.

But there are some officers like undercover agents, who need to carry weapons in a concealed manner. In some countries or states, civilians are allowed by the law of their country to carry a concealed weapon, and in some cases, this might be the only manner for a civilian to carry a handgun or any other firearm.

Points to Keep in Mind While Buying the Best Revolver for Concealed Carry 

1. Check Whether Training is Required

Some states require gun owners applying for conceal carry, to certify their shooting skills with a firearm through some kind of training. Check before you apply for concealed carry. There are shooting institutions that cater to the needs to novice shooters trying to hone their shooting skills.

You might as well look out for some short training courses to meet most states’ training requirements. Some states might recognize any prior military or police service as sufficient to meet training requirements.

Training sessions would involve general information about firearm mechanics and jargon, how to maintain a firearm and laws regarding concealed carry. It is recommended that you go through all the limitations, liability issues, carry methods, practice of shooting and gun handling techniques before applying.

Most necessary CCW courses spend a considerable amount of time on problems regarding liability. Many CCW training courses might be of just single day training.

They are good for a certain period, but exact duration may vary from state to state. Some states may ask for re-training, if you apply for renewal. Sometimes it is not as lengthy as the earlier procedure and might follow a simpler format.

2. Reciprocity

Many jurisdictions may recognize a license regarding concealed carry, issued by other jurisdictions, of other states. Several states have engaged into accepting a similar format to mutually recognize permits, no matter in which state they are issued.

This is termed as reciprocity or mutual recognition by the states. Do note that there are some states that do not permit and neither issue permits to non-residents. There might be a complete ban on carrying of a concealed weapon by non-residents in such states. Recognition of concealed carry firearms might vary.

3. Restricted Spaces

Mostly, concealed carry permit allow the permit holder to carry a concealed firearm in public spaces, but a state may restrict the carrying of a firearm to certain properties that are nevertheless open to the public. These areas can also vary from state to state.

You should be aware of such spaces or events which do not allow permit holders to carry a concealed weapon, like:

  • Federal government facilities
  • State and local government facilities
  • Venues for political events, educational institutions
  • Public interscholastic and or professional sporting events
  • Amusement parks/ fairs/parades/ carnivals
  • Specific hospitals
  • Churches
  • Municipal mass transit vehicles or facilities
  • Sterile areas of airports
  • Non-government facilities with heightened security measures
  • Private properties
  • Aboard aircraft or ships
  • Any public space, while under the influence of alcohol or drugs

4. Be Aware of gun-free zones (“opt-out” statutes)

Some states permit private business holders to post a certain sign that signals the prohibition of concealed carry within their vicinity. The exact rules, laws, language and format may vary, state to state.

By posting signs, specific businesses construct spaces where it is unlawful to carry a concealed handgun or other firearm, very similar to other locations like schools, universities, hospitals, etc which work on similar regulations.

If these signs are violated by a permit holder, then in some of the states the person carrying the weapon can be held for criminal prosecution. Some states clearly mention a ‘gun-free zone’ sign. Some states might even charge the person with harsher penalties for trespassing, but there are other states too which issue lower, or minimal penalty for trespassing.

5. Laws with Regards to Brandishing and Printing

Printing refers to a situation where the form or even the outline of the gun is visible through a garment while the gun is securely concealed in a holster or fully covered. It is usually not preferred while carrying a concealed firearm.

Different actions can be taken as offensive depending upon the jurisdiction, and this is referred to as brandishing. Usual actions that come under brandishing and printing are-  printing through a clothing, pulling back clothing to sow a gun, or unholstering a gun and taking it in the hand.

Brandishing might not involve the intent to threaten or intimidate, for it to be considered an illegal act. It is considered a crime in most jurisdictions of many states. But it is important to note that the definition of brandishing may vary a lot.

Keep all these points in mind before if you are interested in buying the best revolver for self defense and carry,  because it is never really a badto be a little precautious. The other section of this guide will list some of the revolvers for concealed carry. The reliability and durability that revolvers generally provide have made them as a great option for self-defense. Here are 10 recommendations based on popular choices and guaranteed models.

Top 10 Best Revolvers for Concealed Carry 2018


The first on our list is a classic revolver by Rossi, best revolver for CCW. It is constructed on  the same reliability and quality standards in place at Rossi for more than hundred years. What makes this gun an ideal one for conceal and carry purposes is the Rossi 352 revolver 2” barrel.

The most important part about best revolver for carry is that it should be extremely lightweight and this revolver weighs just 1.5lbs. It is so easy to pack and carry that you won’t feel heaviness in your waistband.

The grip of the revolver has deeper finger grooves which allow for a comfortable stretched range session and a stable grasp when needed. You can depend on it because the rubber grip allows for maximum shooting comfort. The fixed front sight it comes with, won’t hook on your holster.

The trigger pull is smooth and sound in both single and double stage. It has a capacity of 5 bullets at a time and a caliber of .38. It is equipped with a long ejected rod that expels spent rounds very fast and has a Taurus security system that ads in preventing unauthorized use.


This is another best revolver for CCW by a renowned brand called RUGER. It is considered the best for concealed carry because of its strength, simplicity and ruggedness. Generally RUGER provides revolvers that are the most durable, as well as reliable.

Ruger GP1`100 double action revolver is among the most comfortable revolvers, providing the most satisfying shooting experience. The revolver has a medium sized frame and a cushion grip system, which not only makes it comfortable to use but allows for repeated firings with minimal shoot fatigue.

It is not only easy on the hand, but budget wise also it is quite reasonable for the quality of product it delivers. It is very lightweight and just weighs up to 2.57 lbs. It has a polymer grip, adjustable rare sight and a plain muzzle. It comes with a barrel length of 4.2”, 6 round capacity and fixed front sight.

It employs a fixed magazine type and requires 357 Magnum cartridges. It boasts of solid steel side walls (no side plates) and fame widths that are extended with extra steel crucial areas, which help to support the barrel, thereby making it a rugged, durable and dependable firearm.

3. Gun Review: Smith & Wesson Bodyguard (.38 Revolver)

Smith and Wesson is a great firearm brand which has been delivering the best quality products since  many years. This bodyguard revolver is also no less. The .38 fit is top-notch as expected from one of the top producers of revolvers in the industry.

The revolver has been designed in a way that it looks like a plastic water pistol from 1958, and that adds more to its aesthetics. It is made of a lot many different types of materials including steel, aluminum and polymer.

It is a semi-automatic pistol and is the best revolver for concealed carry because of its compact size and perfectly formed fit and finish. It balances quite well in the hand,and the laser is molded into the frame, fixed smoothly forward of the trigger guard and below the barrel. It is very lightweight and weighs about 14 ounces.

The Bodyguard .38 is rated for +P ammo and will prove to pretty economical over time. This revolver has been best described as a belly gun, which mean that it is tremendously lethal at distances that are way too close for comfort.

4. Gun Review: Ruger LCRx 3″ .22 LR Revolver

This is yet another revolver by RUGER which has a frame designed from aerospace grade 7000 series aluminum. It is considered best for self defense and concealed carry, because it weighs only 17.3 ounces.

Other than this, the best part about this revolver is that it comes with a double action trigger pull. It comes with a longer sight radius and an adjustable rear sight. The front sight of the revolver is easily replicable. It has a lovely matte black finish and ergonomics.

It has a capacity of 6 rounds at a time, and a fully shrouded stainless steel barrel with a length of 3”.  It is also equipped with an adjustable black blade rear sight and a pinned ramp front. It has exposed hammer for single action use.

If you are looking for a really lightweight and greatly proportioned 3” revolver that fires both double as well as single action perfectly, then the .22 caliber LCRx is the way to go because it is not going to disappoint you at all.

5. Gun Review: Smith & Wesson Performance Center 442 Revolver

Another one from Smith and Wesson, the performance centered 442 model is an advanced version of the great manufacturer’s hammerless J-frame pistol. It is one of the best revolver for CCW. First of all, it uses a carbon steel cylinder, as opposed to the stainless steel cylinder used in the 62 model.

The second feature that requires to be listed is that instead of the usual rubber boot grip, this model comes with the DESantis clip grip. This is a polymer grip which permits for holstering in a belt or waistband without actually requiring using a holster. Isn’t that great? It allows for a good comfortable grip, providing a little more space for those with bigger palms..

These small revolvers were designed to fire full power round and are as simple and easy to use as they are reliable. These are available online in different calibers and three different hammer designs. It has a stainless steel barrier and snag free enclosed hammer. It is rated for +P ammo. And lastly, it is best defense revolver in the market with lightweight alloy frame for easy carry.

6. Taurus Polymer Protector Series Revolver (.38 Special +P and .357)

This revolver by Taurus is an advanced update on a classic style revolver. It is constructed for those who want a little bit of old and a little bit of new. It is best to shoot accurately at any  distance and boasts a polymer hybrid frame, which makes it lightweight.

This is why is qualifies our list of top 10 best revolvers for concealed carry. It comes with an exposed hammer and .38 calibers. It allows for 5 shots and is available in .357 Magnum ammunition.

Other features it is equipped with include, a highly visible fiber optic front sight and ambidextrous thumb rest. The barrel length is 2.5”, and total weight of the revolver is nearly 18 ounces.

It also comes with a Taurus security system that helps in securely locking the gun and protecting it from any kind of unauthorized use. It is an ideal revolver for people looking for self defense weapon with maximum stopping power and minimal recoil. 

7. Heritage Rough Rider, Revolver, .22LR, Rimfire, 4.75″ Barrel, 6 Rounds

It is a model that represents the Old West tradition. This revolver by Heritage Rough Rider has the look and feel quite similar to iconic Colt Single Action Army Revolver. It is chambered for the .22LR and is manufactured using state-of the art precision machinery, which ensures its accuracy, reliability and dependability.

It is equipped with a cylinder lock-up – which is tight. It can be used for any purpose – self defense, hunting, plinking or cowboy action shooting if required. The machine barrel it comes with, is micro-threaded and fixed into the frame for the most optimal barrel and cylinder gap.

It has a hammer block which is mounted in the recoil shield and helps to provide maximum protection. It has a 6lb trigger pull, a capacity of 6 rounds, and a barrel length of 4.75”.

One extra feature it boasts, is that it has a red dot indicator that lets you know when the gun is ready for firing. It has an authentic and durable flat-sided hammer which is coupled with new cocobolo grips, making the Rough Rider both functional and classy.

8. Ruger Redhawk Hunter .44 Magnum

Ruger provides with some of the best revolvers for concealed carry and this is why it is the third model by Ruger which has made it to our top 10 list of best revolver for CCW.

Some of the important features it boasts, is that it is equipped with a single spring mechanism which allows for a smooth, comfortable and light trigger pull. It comes with a triple locking cylinder which is fixed in at the frame of the revolver at the front, rear and bottom for better and positive alignment, dependable operation shot after shot, and utmost accuracy.

It has easy sighting with readily replaceable insert front blade sight and adjustable rear sight with white outline. The frame of the gun is built of brushed stainless steel and rugged construction with no side plates. It is designed particularly to handle powerful magnum loads through extended metal in top strap, sidewalls and barrel mounting spaces.

The patented transfer bar mechanism allows an unmatchable measure of security against any accidental discharge of bullet. The barrel length is 7.5” and the total length is 13”. It comes with a dual chambering for .44 Magnum models and can also accept factory .44 special cartridges.

9. Smith and Wesson Governor

This is another model by the renowned and quality brand Smith and Wesson. It is a versatile and lightweight revolver.. The Smith and Wesson Governor puts 6 rounds of customizable response under your own control.  

It has a moon clip which is a ring-shaped/ star shaped piece of metal, built to hold multiple cartridges together as a unit for simultaneous insertion and expulsion form a revolver cylinder. It comes with a stainless steel cylinder which weighs 2.5” and is almost as long as the barrel, which is 2.75” long.

It is a single plus a double action revolver with a total weight of 29 ounces. It has a fixed rear sight, synthetic grip, 6 rounds capacity and matte black finish. The frame material of the revolver is Scandium alloy.

The brand has done literally everything in their power to make the Governor as accurate and precise as possible, including an advanced and extremely useful snout-mounted Tritium night sight.


A different model by Taurus which is among America’s favorite hunting handguns. It chambers the popular and strong .44 Magnum and 454 casull rounds. This revolver is a quality product which is built to serve a lifetime of tough and rugged use. It boasts an amazing design in four different barrel lengths.

It is equipped with a fixed trigger break and smooth pull for the utmost precision in shooting. It features cushion grips and factory porting to minimize felt recoil. The total weight of the gun is 3 lbs which makes it the last product in our list of best revolver for concealed carry.


After going through the list of 10 best revolvers for CCW, we hope that you have some idea about what to look for. You may always refer to the official websites of the brands to check out for more details. Gathering more information is never a bad idea.