These are the most common type of guns that is used for firing shots at long distances. Rifles have long been used in hunting and sniping. They provide the greatest number of customizations for attachments like scopes, magazines, barrels, and grenade launchers. There are various muzzles which are available in the market, ensuring the accuracy of the shot. There are some lightweight rifles which can be used to defend homes and farms, while there are other heavier options which are used by professionals in the military and covert operations. Modern weaponry has allowed humans to attach temporary modifications to the rifles for any specific use.

The great customization ability makes the rifles a good choice when hunting for game. You can shoot from a long distance and still maintain accuracy. Rifles are available in three different types of firing, namely, automatic, semi-automatic, and bolt-action. The last one requires you to pull the trigger after each shot and has the maximum accuracy as it accounts for the recoil. However, with advancements made in the industry, there are many automatic rifles as well, which can shoot a bullet after bullet right into the bull’s eye.

Our team of professional shooters have combined the data from all over the world and computed a database about the various types of rifles that you can buy in the market. We have tested out many of the rifles ourselves at the shooting range, while the facts about the others have been picked up from the brains of the best people in the field. All the products have been tested by professionals while keeping the safety of the people in mind and should not be replicated without proper guidance and authority. Gun safety has become a huge issue in the recent past and present and we guide you through the proper channels for a safer handling of guns.