If you were ever stuck in a Zombie Apocalypse, you would want at least one shotgun in your arsenal. Like we have seen in the virtual world, it is quite evident that using a shotgun to fire at the walking dead will be quite a stress relief. There is something incredible about imagining the sight of zombie bodies flying away from you because of your shot that makes it seem okay to shoot something that was once alive and human. These guns are quite useful for mid to short ranges and the shell bursts out in a number of fragments to increase the effect of the shot.

The only issue with the operation of a shotgun is its limited shell capacity. After a few rounds, even though your heart is not yet satisfied and your finger is still itching to pull the trigger, you have to take a break and fill the gun with new shells. There are different options available in shotguns as well. You have the standard single-barrel shotgun and the double-barrel shotgun, while there is also a choice between the long and short barrel shotguns. Some people prefer the barrels of their shotguns to be sawed-off midway.

Shotguns are often kept in close quarters for a quick shootout at a close range. They are quite popular among jewelers, convenience store owners, truckers, and farm-owners. Using the shotgun is quite easy as well. All you have to do is hold the barrel from below with your non-shooting hand, and squeeze the trigger with the other one. This will send out fragments of the shell in a burst form and you will see multiple entry wounds in the target. The thing that you have to take the most care about while firing a shotgun, is the recoil that it sends through your hands.

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