Training & Entertainment Guns

Training your precision and your persistence is a time-consuming and very expensive thing to do, but it is necessary as you need to be well-equipped with experience how to deal with certain situations you may end up in.

Why not combine training with a bit of fun? With “fake” guns, such as paintball, airsoft, potato cannons, cap gun, or even a water gun, you and your family can get well prepared together. Usually, this is pretty fun too even for the little one. Who doesn’t like to shoot water in their dad’s face? Unconsciously, she or he will get a bit of gun training, too!

Or, maybe you and your friends have a paintball team and you want to upgrade your gear to beat your competitors even easier, or to be able to shoot further and more precisely.

We’ve reviewed all the best training guns in this category so that you easily can find the right fit for you and your family. Our team of gun nerds (really, guns are all we talk about at the lunch table) has reviewed all of these products from different viewpoints and we’re finally combined our research and reviews into ultimate lists of the best gear. The articles also have a buyers guide so that you, our reader, easier can understand what it is you are actually looking for.



  • Airsoft gun
  • BB Gun
  • Air rifles
  • Paintball
  • Potato cannon
  • Spud gun
  • Cap gun
  • Water gun
  • Nerf gun