Best Mag Fed Paintball Guns 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Are you looking for the perfect Mag Fed Paintball Guns? Are you confused about how they exactly function and what can be the factors to look into before buying the best paintball gun? This guide is your ultimate solution. I am going to explain what Mag fed Paintball Guns are, what to look for when buying one. Also, I am going to present you with the best mag fed paintball guns that are available online. I am going to deep dive into features, pros, and cons of each of these products to help you better choose your paintball gun.

Magazine fed paintball guns are the more intense and challenging version of paintball markers where the paintball guns use magazines instead of a hopper. These best magazine fed paintball guns come in many shapes and sizes and can range from pistols to rifles.

A lot of these best magazine fed paintball guns are specifically designed for close quarter combat while a lot of others can cover a longer range and be used for long range sniping. These guns can usually hold from seven to thirty rounds per magazine. Undoubtedly, these new paintball guns make the game of paintball more challenging for players.

These guns are not recommended for beginners and are only designed for players who are experienced at the game of paintball. The best mag fed paintball guns come with a variety of different specifications that can help you determine which ones will suit you best.

When looking for an exciting game of paintball, mag fed paintball guns are your best option. The best mag fed paintball guns are faster than all the previous rifles and pistols and have recently become the most preferred type of paintball marker. As more experienced players looking for something more challenging and stimulating to give them a pinch of realism in their paintball games; mag fed markers is becoming a popular choice.

Top manufacturing brands such as Tiberius Arms, Kingman, Dye, Tippmann, and many others have released the best mag fed paintball guns with remarkable accuracy, compact design, and exceptional performance. In this article, we have compiled a list of topmag fed paintball guns for people who are looking for a more challenging and thrilling game of paintball.

We have listed down all your best options with a detailed review and analysis of product specs and features to help you shortlist your best options and enjoy a spectacular game of paintball with your mates!

Our article focuses on analyzing all the necessary details of the best mag fed paintball guns and covers the following aspects:

  • Price Range
  • Outlook
  • Usability

Top 10 Best Mag Fed Paintball Guns

The Tippmann mag fed paintball gun has a very realistic and authentic look to it. The combination of black and tan color makes it look authentic and can fool almost anyone. Tippmann TMC mag fed Paintball guns feature the AR styled tactical carbine marker that gives the gun flexibility and enables you to use this paintball gun as a conventional loader.

The AR-15 style shroud is accompanied by the four-sided Picatinny rails and the gun offers excellent accuracy to hit the target with. The Tippmann mag fed paintball comes with an easy pull trigger and a stainless steel gas line on the inside followed by the ease it offers when you need to maneuver it around the field.

Moreover, this mag fed paintball gun comes with two 20 round spring magazines and is available on the market at a very affordable price. This is one of Tippmann’s top quality products and has gained its fair share of popularity amongst experienced paintball players.

This mag fed paintball gun is one of the most affordable markers on the list. The features in this paintball gun are worth exactly what you pay. For its price, this gun is an excellent performer. The accuracy of this marker is amazing, and it’s small, compact, and lightweight. This paintball gun weighs no more than two pounds and being of that size and weight it is deceptively close to the real counterpart of this paintball gun.

The recoil after you fire a shot feels pretty realistic and the gun offers the feel and accuracy of a real pistol. This pistol can shoot up to forty-three paintballs, dust balls, and rubber balls. The T4E Umarex looks and feels a lot like the Walther PPQ. If you have your hands set on the PPQ M2, then you will have no problem handling the T4E.

If you do not want to spend much yet have a realistic and challenging paintball game, we would recommend you play with the Umarex T4E and enjoy a thrilling game of paintball.

The Tippmann TPX is small in size, but the gun packs a lot of power and accuracy. This mag fed paintball gun is slightly priced on the higher side when compared to other options. The reason for this is very obvious. The gun has a premium design, the outer body has intricate details.

The Tippmann TPX provides great customizability. If you have your paintball gloves on, the pistol is very easy to handle and use. It’s not bulky as compared to a lot of the other markers, and comes with CO2 cartridges that are stored under the barrel of the pistol.

These cartridges, however, do not last for more than two to three magazines. We would advise you to avoid using this pistol in extremely cold temperatures because this gun tends to freeze up and the game goes awry.

This pistol comes in three colors: black, desert tan, and olive. The Tippman TPX has a very realistic look to it that makes you feel as if you are shooting with the original real-life pistol.

The Tippmann TMC is not only affordable but it also offers the best of quality when it comes to paintball guns. The low affordability of this gun coupled with the high quality is exactly what Tippmann sells in each of its products and has been remarkably successful at it, too.

This device is the very definition of Tippmann’s quality and standard. The Tippmann TMC is undoubtedly one of the best mag fed paintball guns available on the market. For people who are looking to experiment with their mag fed paintball guns and test their options, the Tippmann TMC would be our best recommendation.

For as much as it packs, the device is relatively very light in weight. The trigger frame is rubber coated with a comfortable feel to it, and the stock can be adjusted to any of your preferred settings. The Tippmann TMC is a reliable paintball gun and an ultimate performer.

After years of paintballing when a lot of the other paintball guns would start to wear out and lack in performance, the TMC will still delivers its best and allows you to shoot with the same level of accuracy with which it did when you initially bought this.

In spite of all of its qualities and its close resemblance to the AR-15, the Tippmann TMC does not look as realistic as other Tippmann markers do. This gun comes in a combination of three colors pairing black with black, black with tan, and black with grey.

This Tippmann marker may not be the most expensive one on the list, but it is definitely a lot pricier than the other Tippmann markers. One of the pros when it comes to buying this Tippmann gun is that the gun comes with additional components.

There is a multitude of adjustable features that make the price of the device worth every penny and offer you room for customizability. This gun is very easy to load and reload. Even though it definitely falls into the category of a mag fed, it feels like a hopper when you use it out into the field.

If you have the Tippmann TCR, we don’t think you should purchase another marker. This can behave like a hopper when you want a relaxed and friendly game with your mates, or it could be the deadliest mag fed paintball gun in a more competitive and stimulating game of paintball.

This best mag fed paintball gun is definitely the lightest gun on the market and weighs only two pounds. This means that the device offers very few features, and you may be a bit limited with your options.

The TCR has the looks and feels of a military style weapon. This serious look gives it a touch of realism and a sense of professionalism for people who are looking to get a feel of the real deal from a paintball game and enter major tournaments. Unfortunately, the Tippmann TCR does not offer variations in color and comes in black only which, on the brighter side, this adds to the overall genuine design of this paintball gun.

The Valken Blackhawk Mfg Magfeed is a moderately priced magfeed gun. It may not be the most expensive like T15, but it definitely costs more than a lot of the Tippmann guns. But the price you do pay for this paintball gun shows in the compact design, fine detailing, and tremendous performance of the gun.

A lot of people prefer markers that can switch between regular paintballs and FSRs. The Valken Blackhawk has the ability to house the two of them in the same magazine. This paintball gun is semi-automatic and does not come with an external hose. The people who like to play speedball would really like this paintball gun and find it to be as per their convenience.

The gun itself is accompanied by a gun bag. Given the kind of features and accessories it offers, it is relatively lighter, weighing only about three pounds. This gun looks a lot like the T15 which may be due to the fact that both of them are designed and modeled after the AR-15. This paintball gun offers a professional look that a lot of players with mag fed paintball guns prefer to have.

This is one of the best performers on the list. It does not matter where you are or what environment you are playing in, the Tiberius Arms T9.1 Ranger Paintball Gun delivers the best of performance and ensures that you will always be at the top of your game.

The gun is designed and modeled to have realistic design and give you the feel of a real gun. This gun has a tactical foregrip, a muzzle flash tip, and a 1 x 30 red dot sight. All of these features combined give this gun a touch of professionalism.

The gun offers a long range and is accompanied by an optional remote air adapter that connects it directly to the marker. The four adjustable side rails are connected to the Rail riser, and we think that you couldn’t possibly find a better mag fed paintball gun than what the Tiberius Arms offers you with this product.

This paintball gun is available only in black, has the perfect rating and plenty of positive customer reviews. The pricing is not too much, the gun offers a lot in terms of features and customizability, and is definitely one of our favorite guns in the market.

The Spyder MR6 is undoubtedly one of the most affordable mag fed paintball guns on this list. This paintball gun comes with a unique feature that can entirely change the way you play paintball. The Spyder MR6 has a Dual Loading System. This feature allows you to switch between a mag feed and a hopper. This is an excellent choice for paintball players who want to give mag fed paintball guns a shot but are not looking to go into full transition. The handle on this gun is rubber coated which makes for an easy and comfortable grip. This best mag fed paintball gun works well with the First Strike ammo.

At first look, the gun will look average to you. Through design and outlook, it feels cheap and it can easily be seen how plastic it is. It may be modeled after a real weapon, but the appearance of the device and consequently its first impression do not really give off the realistic vibe that most paintball players look for.

Tiberius Arms T15 is our most expensive mag fed paintball gun on this list. The pricing and quality of this gun are incomparable to what the other brands offer. This gun was designed, modeled for paintball tournaments. We do not recommend that you buy the Tiberius Arms T15 if you only go for a game of paintball once in a while. If you are a professional at paintball and tend to compete in tournaments and competitions, then this is definitely the paintball gun you need and are missing out on.

This mag fed marker is reliable and consistent in its performance irrespective of the environment. Secondly, this paintball gun is durable and can be used as much as you would like without going through serious wear and tear. This marker will perform perfectly after years of use and the quality will not recede from what you received when you used this paintball gun for the first time.

This gun is made from aluminum and is naturally very light in weight. It offers customization options and allows you to easily make changes and modify your game during the match. This marker is modeled after the very popular AR-15 and does not only look realistic, but it also feels realistic when you play with it in a paintball game.

The Dye DAM Assault Matrix Paintball Marker is one of the best markers on this list intended for high-end tournaments and serious paintball competitions where paintball is no longer a game but an entire class of sport. This paintball marker makes for a perfect assistant to help you win paintball games in more competitive and challenging level.

This gun is exceptional in all regards and comprises of amazing features one of which is an ambidextrous magazine release that offers extra flexibility for both right handed and left handed paintball players. Other great features on this mag fed paintball gun includes an inline hyper regulator, a quick release bolt, rotating eyepiece, and DYE sticky grips for comfortable and easy handling of the marker.

The modular rail system and on the fly system on this paintball gun will allow you to choose from your method of play. If you want to play the old fashioned way you can switch to the traditional hopper, and then for more competitive games, you can switch back with ease from the hopper to the mag fed loader.

This paintball gun comes with exceptional accuracy and aim which makes it all the more desirable for paintball players. The marker is available on the market in six different colors and two ten-round magazines. The rating on this paintball marker is very high and the price is not as high as you would expect from a paintball gun of this caliber. Competitive pricing and high-end performance – what more could you possibly need from a paintball marker?

The Dye DAM Assault Matrix Paintball Marker is basically everything you want in the best mag fed paintball gun. The customer reviews are excellent and this marker is one of the most coveted in the market.



In the above-compiled list of the best mag fed paintball guns, you will find everything from cheap to expensive and low end to high end. These paintball guns offers a professional feel and a realistic style to the game of paintball. Now that you have perused the list above and had the chance to study for yourself all the best mag fed paintball guns on the market, it should be very easy to shortlist your options and make a choice. Whether you have a low budget or a high one, you will definitely find a suitable option for yourself in our list of the best mag fed paintball guns.

So hurry up, purchase your favorite mag fed paintball gun and be out in the field! We have shared with you the best mag fed paintball guns as per usability, pricing, and outlook as promised.

Our favorite as mentioned earlier is the Tiberius Arms First Strike T15. This option may be a bit more expensive than your other options on this list but the high-end quality and remarkable performance is definitely worth the money you spend on the Tiberius Arms First Strike T15.

You can play any number of games with this marker at any time of the year and expect the same spectacular performance. The professional look of this marker spells competitive in bold letters and is exactly what you need for serious competitions. You can visit Amazon to find out more about this marker, but be sure you do not purchase it if you are not a dedicated paintball player.

Make your choice now and step into the game with only the best mag fed paintball marker on the market to have a stimulating experience playing paintball on a more competitive and challenging level!