Piranha GTI Paintball Gun

Are you in the mood for a completely new and exciting experience? Call your friends and arrange a paintball match with them. Or is your partner’s birthday around the corner? How about creating some everlasting memories with him and your buddies? Pick up your phone, make a reservation to a paintball center, grab your fellas, and make the arrangements for a day to remember. Forget about making your partner blow the candles out, help him blow the other team out. Now really, regardless of the event, paintball is always a good idea!
The next first thing on your list should be preparing your paintball kit. To start, we would recommend a gun that seems to suit a beginner’s needs – the Piranha GTI Paintball Gun. Why? See for yourself in the mini-guide below.

Why Should You Consider Buying a Piranha GTI Paintball Gun?

First of all, Piranha is a well-known brand that has been creating paintball guns since 1981. So the producers seem to have encompassed the necessary experience in this domain to replicate the most expensive guns on the market. Only that their products are a much more affordable alternative to the pricier. But do not imagine that cheaper means low-performance. At least not in this case. Piranha GTI Paintball Gun is a great proof of value for money. It is one of the cheapest products on the market that boasts remarkable achievements.
As for skill level, this gun is the perfect battlefield companion for those of you who are about to discover paintball, but also a good choice for the more experienced, since it can easily be adjusted to your needs. You can choose to change some of its components effortlessly and thus upgrade the gun’s overall performance.

The Most Important Features Of The Piranha GTI Paintball Gun

Piranha GTI Paintball Gun hasn’t become popular for anything: besides being affordable, it has an interesting design, it is low-maintenance and easily upgradable.
Now, let’s get into details about those features.

Easy to Upgrade

Piranha GTI Paintball Gun doesn’t necessarily need upgrades. It comes packed with a PMI high-performance barrel, rear cocking knob, vertical feed, and raised sight.
But if you have some experience in the paintball field and want to bring some improvements to your gun, feel free to do so. For instance, if you decide you need better grips or sights, even barrels, then consider it done. This product is quite flexible and versatile, so you can bring improvements to it without a hitch. Basically, you can access its internal components without using any tool whatsoever.

Interesting Design

The blowback Piranha GTI Paintball Gun has an anodized aluminum body with minimum grinding, 45 grip trigger frame, and a trigger made of polymer. With a 17-inch length, interchangeable threaded aluminum barrel, and muzzle brake, it is a pretty good replica of Spyder. It has a resilient Teflon finish on the inside, a 10-degree bottom line steel pipe, a closed receiver, and a clamping feedneck.
In order to tap into the interior of the gun, you just have to remove the safety pins, and that is barehanded. Piranha GTI Paintball Gun is pretty lightweight, handy, and durable, so you won’t have to trade it for a new gun too soon.

Good Performance

Piranha GTI Paintball Gun works on either CO2 (gas) or N2 (Nitro). It wears a screw that adjusts the velocity of the gun. It is also equipped with a double trigger frame that allows more than 12 shots per second.
Piranha GTI Paintball Gun can run on semi-auto, full-auto, and 3-round burst. It comes with 15-25 bps modes of fire, a bottomline that can work with either gas or compressed air tank, and allows five firing modes: SPPL, PSP3, NXL, rampage, and Turbo+.
As for its accuracy, Piranha GTI Paintball Gun is not bad at all. Its caliber 68 can shoot high rates of fire at pretty decent distances for a beginner or an intermediate player.
It has an enhanced battery life and a waterproof circuitry. For speedball, Piranha GTI Paintball Gun is pretty fast, while for woodsball we find it quite sustainable.
All this being said, in terms of performance, we could say that Piranha GTI Paintball Gun does its part well. It is pretty solid and easy to handle. This user-friendly gun may be classified as average, and the average is pretty good for a start.


As stated before, Piranha GTI Paintball Gun is already equipped with the basic features to offer you an interesting experience, whether you are a beginner or a more experienced paintball player.
In order to keep it functional for as long as possible, try keeping it somewhere safe and try not to drop it too often. It doesn’t require special treatment when it comes to cleaning.
Add some oil to the O-rings to prevent them from scratching the gun on the inside, preferably after every usage. Also, remember to replace those O-rings from time to time. The gun will let you know when you should purchase new O-rings actually.


  • It is very affordable
  • It has a double receiver
  • It allows 12 shots per second
  • Semi-auto mechanical
  • Aluminum frame and barrel
  • It comes with a flush bolt cocking system
  • The Teflon finish on internal parts
  • Interchangeable threaded barrel
  • It is pretty lightweight
  • It has an interesting design
  • It can be upgraded with ease


  • O-rings have to be replaced pretty often
  • Basic features


If after reading our mini-guide you have decided to put Piranha GTI Paintball Gun on your shopping list, then we must congratulate you. You are about to make a smart purchase: a cheap, durable, corrosion-resistant, accurate, and pretty powerful paintball gun with which you will be able to learn new skills.

Get ready to always have a one-of-a-kind experience, as every paintball match is different. There’s always planning to do, a strategy to put in place, a lot of teamwork, but also individual involvement. Most of all, there is always so much fun in this game that it never gets old nor boring. So, grab your Piranha GTI Paintball Gun and go make some unforgettable memories with your friends!