Let’s say you have decided to buy a paintball gun, wouldn’t it be better if you have some information before making a purchase?

This is why we have a separate section for reviews of various paintball guns. Some of the models are personally tested by us. For models which haven’t been tested by us, we ensure to dig deep into these models before putting out the reviews.

The aim here is to give an end to end information related to a specific paintball gun. We cover aspects like design, usability, customizability, etc in each of our reviews.  In addition to our experience, we ensure to research the overall sentiment about the gun. This allows us to cover different perspectives while writing reviews.

Is this gun easy to handle? Will the gun be suitable for a beginner? These are some questions which will be answered in our reviews. In fact, these are critical information every buyer needs to know before spending some dollars. When we speak about paintball guns, the investment is not small. Also, buying a not so great can result in an underwhelming paintballing experience.

As Paintball Enthusiasts, we would never want you to buy guns which do not allow you to experience the fun game paintball. So, what are you waiting for? Read the review for the gun which you are going to buy! (In case you don’t find it, let us know and we will review it soon)

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Tippmann Cronus Review

Tippmann Cronus Review

Having the right equipment is very important in any sport. When it comes to paintball, it becomes even more relevant. Having the best paintball gun aids you in the gameplay and you will be able to improve overall performance. Speaking about paintball...