Glock Handbook by Eric Lawrence

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A gun is just as good as the one using it. The problem arises when the gun is poorly maintained and this is the case even when they are taken to professionals. This guide has everything you need to know about Glocks. It takes the mystery out of gun maintenance.

There are over 50 pistols available in various sizes, calibers, and styles. Each pistol is designed and engineered to respond to your needs and requirements. No matter what Glock pistol you have chosen, it will deliver on safety, reliability, and simple operation, all at an affordable price provided you use it correctly. Once you learn and understand how they work, it’s all cake work.

The book is handy to carry and is the handbook of pistol knowledge for all owners/users of the Glock system. It is written by two Special Forces instructors this handbook includes decades of knowledge of this weapon system. It provides you with the most up-to-date explanation of the proper corrections as well as common malfunctions and how to correct it and avoid them from happening again. It shows you how to maintain your gun and how to inspect it if it is behaving faulty. It also provides you with training tips for better and a more wholesome experience.

This book pays for itself and will find its way to every gun owners shelf. Even if you’ve just purchased your first firearm or you believe you know everything that there possibly is to know, you’ll find everything, from the basics to the handiest tips and tricks you’ll need to know.

The book also speaks about the gun safety and history, making the learning experience all the more interesting. Giving you knowledge on all the specifications and characteristics, the book really does sell itself and is a must-have.

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