M16/M4 Handbook by Mike Pannone and Erik Lawrence

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When you are out in the field, your weapon is your closest ally and support. Military operations depend on the best weapons and the M16 and the M4 series of rifles have proven themselves to be quite outstanding. The M16/M4 Handbook has been written by Mike Pannone and Erik Lawrence, both with more than 20 years of experience in shooting with the two guns mentioned. The duo used the guns to provide support to their units, training for the fight, and actually fighting in the combat missions. The handbook forgets all the frills and gives the reader the information that is necessary and useful.

Any person preparing for a combat mission or range operation can use the M16/M4 Handbook as a guide for the proper operation and employment of the M16/M4 weapons. The book goes on into details about the M4 or the AR-15 rifle and the carbine. It is written in quite a direct tone and is very easy to understand. The book has been designed to serve as a quick reference about the two guns, giving details about the ballistics, malfunctions, maintenance, and sight adjustment for all the commonly used optical sights.

The product is quite a value for its money and since it brings all the information that you need to know in a compact book, it can be carried around easily when you are going to the range. The instructions to fix the malfunctions are quite simple and easy to follow. At some places, the terms may get technical, and if you are new to the rifles, you may want to get acquainted with the terms first. The format of writing is concise and the details about the various optical adjustments come in quite handy when you are deciding on which optical sight to use.

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