Parabellum Armament’s AK Adaptive Rail System Review

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Using the iron sights to aim better can be quite a challenge, which is why most AK shooters opt for Parabellum Armament’s AK Adaptive Rail System. The AKARS helps the shooters to mount the optics on a Picatinny rail and use it in combat. The Adaptive Rail System can allow the shooters to mount their favorite optic, giving them quite a wide range to choose from. It will use a proprietary top cover and locking mechanism and will get mounted instead of the rear sight.

Attaching to it will be the optic that the shooter wishes to choose. What makes the AKARS a better choice is the integrated rear sights that are provided on it. Using any other system would not necessarily give us the rear sights, and since these rail systems are installed in place of the rear sights, the AKARS maintains their usage and gives the shooters another option.

When pitted against the Texas Weapons System dogleg mount, which is one of the favorites of many shooters, the AKARS came out on top since it was quite a lot easier to field strip than the former. The latter allowed quite a lot of peripheral vision when equipped with a scope. The white T-markings on the AKARS also make installation of these scopes easier. For the AK gun owners, the AKARS is the best choice for an optical mounting solution.

Proud gun owners want their guns to look good, and it is one of the best rail systems topping the industry standards when it comes to the fit and finishes. It is quite easy to install as well, and since the products from Parabellum Armament have been designed by veterans, the integral sight is quicker to use out in the field. People who currently use the Texas Weapons System dogleg mount will find themselves shifting over to the Parabellum Armament AKARS soon.

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