Tippmann Cronus Review

Having the right equipment is very important in any sport. When it comes to paintball, it becomes even more relevant. Having the best paintball gun aids you in the gameplay and you will be able to improve overall performance. Speaking about paintball guns, one gun which stands out among the hundreds of option is the Tippmann Cronus Gun.

In this Tippmann Cronus gun review, we will get into the technical aspects of the gun and why it is considered to be a perfect gun for beginners. The aim of the article is to give you first-hand information based on which you make an informed decision.


Tippmann Cronus gun has emerged to be an ideal paintball marker for beginners, it is primarily because of the ease of use the gun offers. The other contributing factors is the price and design of the gun. The other Tippmann guns are among the most popular rented paintball guns. Guns are rented mostly by beginners or one time users.

It doesn’t make sense to spend over 200 dollars before one knows to play the sport or plays it frequently. This is why Tippmann has come up with an economical version in the form of Cronus without compromising the quality and usability of the gun. They have managed to offer the gun under a price of $100 making it a sensible option even for beginners.

Design and Usability

The design of the gun is perfect I’d say, it is simple and the focus is on the usability. While most paintball markers under 100 tend to look like a plastic gun, this one has a look of a professional paintball gun, there is no plastic feel to it. Even though the plastic content is more than the previous models of Tippmann paintball markers, the material seems to be of decent quality considering the price and does give a premium feel to the gun. The material is sturdy and it can take quite some hits without breaking down.

The gun weighs under 1.7Kgs which is on the lighter side. The weight is perfect for a beginner as it is easier to use it. You may think that low weight reduces the accuracy especially when it comes to long-range shooting but this problem is solved by the addition of a vertical grip. The vertical grip provides stability and makes long range shooting a breeze.

The rubber grip makes handling of the gun easy, this is important when you are new to the sport and getting a stable grip can be a problem at times. The gun comes in multiple colors but the olive green version is the best in my opinion. It has a camouflage feel to it which also helps in hiding the weapon during the game.

It also comes with an internal gas line, most markers have an exposed gas line which makes it difficult to handle and they are prone to damage. The internal gas line keeps the line safe and facilitates easier handling of the marker.  

Overall, the design is on par with markers which are priced in the higher range. It is surprising that they have achieved this without compromising the quality of the gun.

Is it Customisable?

Most markers do not come with an option of customization. This is where the Tippmann Cronus gun stands out, there is a provision given to make add ons. This will be very useful in case you decide to upgrade your gun based on the experience level in the game.

You wouldn’t bother about it when you start out but trust me, this could save you a few hundred dollars. Instead of buying a new gun, you can easily make the additions and get a similar experience without having to buy a new gun.

You can upgrade the stock, carrying handle and suppressor providing you with enough scope for future upgrades. The laser sight is very useful when you are playing in low light conditions or in the night. However the default site is pretty useless, I topped it up with a red dot sight for increased accuracy. Also, the sites are not adjustable so you may have to get used to the default setting.


The marker and the additional components come packed in a cardboard box. The assembly is pretty easy and straightforward, it comes with an instruction manual in case you cannot figure out how to put things in place. I also checked for multiple reviews and they too reported that assembly of the product is pretty easy.

The Tippmann Cronus comes in 3 different models, I have given an overall idea of the gun in the above section. Now, I will briefly describe different models and some differentiating factors.

The first one is the basic model and is called as the Cronus basic. This is the most basic version of the gun and does come with any add-on accessories. This model is the least priced among all the three options and a popular one. This is perfect to get started for beginners as other accessories could be purchased later on too.



The second model is called the ‘Cronus power pack’. As indicated in the model name, this is a package with additional accessories. This comes with a CO2 tank with 90 grams of prefilled gas with an adaptor, raptor Google for protection and 200rnd loader. It is priced slightly higher than the basic model because of the additional gears being provided.


The last model is the Cronus Tactical, which is almost similar to the basic Cronus model with a few additions. The look and feel of this model is the same as the other two models. However, it comes with a mock silencer, 6 Position collapsible stock providing a tactical edge over the basic version. The default color is black and tan, you can also opt for the olive green variant. This is just a few dollars more than the basic model.


Pros of Tippmann Cronus

1) Doesn’t Hurt your Pocket

As mentioned above, most of the models, even the Cronus package model is priced under $120. You can get your hands on the basic Tippmann Cronus with just 100 bucks. This doesn’t mean that the gun is a low-quality marker. Coming from a prominent brand of paintball markers, it offers more than decent design, usability, and customization. This is perfect for someone who is just getting started with paintball and is not sure if he or she will continue it any further. In case you love the sport and do want to continue, this gun provides easy upgrades.

2) Beginner Friendly

Paintball is a very popular sport and many take up it as a passion. When that happens, paintball guns are taken seriously by the players. Which is why companies ensure to have the most sophisticated features to provide the best experience possible to the players. However, this is not great for someone who is just starting with the sport. Luckily, the Tippmann Cronus is created keeping the beginners in mind. Form features like low weight to vertical grip, they have made handling of the super easy, which is not the case with other advanced models.

3) Ammo Friendly Internal Body

One common issue which is faced by most paintball players is the damage of the ammo before it reaches the target or within the body of the marker. While this is partly due to the quality of paintballs used, it also depends on the design of the internal body and barrel of the marker. Tippmann Cronus does a great job of keeping the ammo intact and the frequency of damage is far lesser when compared to other models. I do not really know how they achieved this without being unreasonable with the pricing.

Cons of Tippmann Cronus

1) Only a Startup Gun

How many times have we repeated that the Tippmann Cornus makes for a great beginner gun? Well, there is a disadvantage attached to it. You may have to upgrade to a better version with a few games, especially if you intend to take part in competitions or intend to play with professionals. You should not be held back because of an inferior weapon when playing with the experienced players.

2) Add-ons

While there are a few add-ons which help in providing good gameplay, there are a few which do not really help. One such add on is the four Picatinny rails, this seems to be more of a marketing stunt as it doesn’t add anything to the overall performance of the gun. I expected the model to focus on more important add ons which contributes to better mobility and handling.

So, Is Tippmann Cronus Worth the $$$?

The answer is YES, throughout the Tippmann Cronus review we have maintained that this is well-priced gun with all the essential features. From the design to handling, it manages to score good points on all those aspects. While weighing in the good and bad aspects of the gun and considering the price at which it is being offered, this definitely worth the money. It is capable of providing a decent paintballing experience even if it is your first time.