The Most Accurate Paintball Gun

Days like these, one definitely needs to find ways to escape all the fuss, stress and chaotic mix of speed, social pressure and conventional expectations. We all know that over-whelming feeling of not knowing how and when to relax, right? Yeah, we thought so. So what would you say if we told you there is a fun, speedy and colorful relaxation method within an arm’s grip?

We suggest something that combines the pleasure of social interaction, colors and even working out together with your friends and family, so what else could be more fun? Yes, we ARE talking about paintball guns.

What to look for in a paintball gun

Assuming you already know what we’re talking about, or that you’re at least very interested in the topic, we need to stress out one of the key points to consider before buying a gun. ACCURACY. Accuracy is the first step to becoming the life of any paintball gun get together or the super cool sniper you always dreamed of while watching American Sniper. So regardless of your proficiency level, regardless of weather conditions, tactics or speed, you need precision whether to win the game or just to laugh at your friend’s now yellow chest. Because no fun story began with “Oh! And remember how funny you looked when I missed hitting your left shoulder with my gun?”

To make sure you aim, shoot and hit right, you will need accuracy. Whether it’s your first time holding up a paintball gun or you and your team go for some serious combat, accuracy is what keeps the game going and your team motivated. We’ve seen players of every kind, competitive lone wolves or super team players, players that get high on speed or players who love to think plans and strategies, and we recommend everyone the same thing: buy a gun that ranks high on accuracy because, if you do, you will then only need to focus of the second most important element that influences accuracy, which is…of course, a lot of personal training, which entirely up to you. When you back your consistent training with a gun that’s accurate enough to be able to shoot through the tiniest of bretzels, that’s when you realize that you don’t just need to invest time into practicing your aim, but you need to do so with the right gun. Place a bet on accuracy and you are on the right track to becoming, or remaining a pro.

Learn how to improve accuracy. HOW?

1. Pay attention to the paintballs you buy. Most markers don’t come together with paintballs so you will most probably need to purchase those separately. This has a relatively logical explanation since paint is of outmost importance to the quality of the game. You may initially tend to oversee this small detail here, but we do stress the fact that good quality paintballs influence accuracy, so it’s highly important that you play with good paint.
Also, you should ensure proper storage conditions for the paintballs you purchase, do not store them one on top of the other (if possible) and if not, make sure you rotate their place every once in a while so that the paintballs above do not dent those below.

2. The barrel. A high quality barrel will make a difference in the accuracy level of your gun. Generally, a longer barrel will increase accuracy especially in regards to long distance shots, so you may choose a barrel closer to 16 inches rather than to 14 to score higher in terms of accuracy.

3. Sizer length – the shorter the sizer, the higher the accuracy.

4. Upgrade your tank to HPA if you are using a CO2 one, but before that, make sure your marker is compatible with an HPA tank.

5. Clean your gun as often as possible. No doubt about it, any residue in the barrel will definitely affect the trajectory of the ball you shoot, but it is best if you clean the entire gun altogether, not just the barrel in particular. Accuracy drops if you leave your gun dirty days or weeks in a row, as the paint dries and becomes harder and harder to come off.

Allow us to browse you through the top 5 most accurate paintball guns available on the market. But before that, we need to underline the following:

Accuracy vs. precision

Although apparently it may seem like the two concepts are one and the same, you should know that they have distinct meanings.

Accuracy is how close a value is to its true value. For example, how close an arrow gets to the bull’s eye.

Precision is how repeatable a measurement is. For example, if you shoot 5 arrows, precision is how close to the first arrow get the other 4.

Now to put things into paint-ball perspective, accuracy is when you aim your gun at, shoot and hit your friend’s back, irrespective of where you are on the play field. Precision, on the other hand, is when you aim, shoot and miss your friend’s back, but you hit the same tree each time.

So let’s see our top 5 most accurate paintball guns:

This 12.3 pound gun is the ideal starter kit for any child or adult looking for good quality time together. This light-weight semi-automatic beauty is easily customizable, highly durable and highly accurate, built to last in the hands of any paintball fan.

It comes together with an extensive protection equipment, so that is a plus especially if you are a first timer. You’ll now have your own GXG Mask with Visor and anti-fog lens and 1 deluxe paintball harness black to use for a long, long time for your personal safety.

This very durable gun is definitely a good alternative to a rental gun/equipment, since it’s pretty easy to set up and customize. We recommend this gun if you are a constant customer of paintball rental shops thinking of buying your own toys. You just need to clean the marker well, because any residue may generally affect the trajectory of the paintball. This is something to remember in respect of any gun, not just this Tippmann.

✔ very good aim
✔ good price for full equipment
✔ easy set up even for beginners

↓ CO2 filled tank, refill may be hard to find, tank comes empty

To make sure your paintball experience is complete, you need to make sure you have all the equipment you need, so that’s why we advise you to buy a full pack for this type of activity, especially if it’s the first time you hold up a paintball gun. You won’t just need the gun, you will surely need protective equipment to wear and use while aiming, shooting at and, finally, coloring your peers head to toe. You know what they say, it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. This pack comes with an anti-fog paintball mask, a Maddog padded chest protector, a Maddog neck protector, a Maddog deluxe paintball harness and tactical half-finger gloves to give you the comfort you need while steadily aiming your highly accurate gun at any target. The gun is semi-automatic and a very wise choice for entry level paint ballers.

And for all of you first time paintball players out there, you should definitely know that some guns and associated equipment are more appropriate than others, however remember that how you aim depends not only on your grip, but also on the gun you carry. So, apart from making sure you aim for protection equipment that doesn’t hold you back and for a gun that’s easy to use, you should also consider high accuracy reviews when making your choice. This one here is one of the most accurate paintball guns you can find on the market, while the CO2 tank (be careful, it comes empty) will allow you to shoot 800 – 1100 shots per fill.


✔ Good quality/price ratio
✔ Full pack ready to use for beginners
✔ Easy to use, easy to clean


↓ It may look a bit small to a pro

Not all heroes wear capes, we all know that. Some of us wear a very cool 13.3 pound gun and army protection kit when we paint ball. This black M6 model has a strongly built design and it is relatively basic, so worry not if you’re not exactly proficient (yet) at paint balling.

This type of gun is not only affordable, but also highly accurate even if you’re the speedy type of player. It shoots as continuously as you can pull the trigger and it rarely jams, but of course, you need to be relatively diligent and clean your gun as constantly as possible to maintain its perfect shooting abilities.

We do recommend this pack especially for families with kids who want to put all that young energy in one place – you or your son may very easily repaint your fence in just the pattern you desire. Just aim, hit and shoot. You’ll see how your fence or your wall (or even your friends) turn into small rainbows by using a simple twitch of your finger.


✔ Doesn’t clutter easily
✔ High precision gun
✔ Great Christmas gift for kids


↓ CO2 filled tank, refill may be hard to find

This low maintenance M4 gun can accurately shoot straight up to 50 yards. We confirm this is a very accurate gun that can take a fall (assuming you imagine you’re a soldier and stop, drop and roll while carrying your gun). This gun is a great combo of speed and accuracy for those of you who like to shoot your way up fast to winning the game, so that’s why we warmly include this marker in the most accurate paintball gun top.

Although the gun has more plastic components than other Tippman markers, the materials are high quality and very durable, you should really consider purchasing this gun if you own a paintball rental shop, since it does not break easily even if you have tens of customers daily. It runs on .68 caliber paintball guns so make sure you remember this, .05 caliber will not work. Also, note that it does not come with paintballs (most markers don’t), nor with a hopper or a CO2 tank, you will need to buy these separately.


✔ High accuracy, high durability
✔ Super customizable
✔ Looks cool, turns a lot of heads


↓ Many plastic components

Now this one, this one comes alone, fully packed for you when you open the box – however, this is not the reason why you decide to invest a bit more in a gun. Though a bit longer than your usual starter kit gun, this would explain why it has such high accuracy even when it’s windy outside.

To sum it up, this marker is best known for its almost effortless maintenance, light-weight and a Z2 loader inside for easy load and strong performance. Add to this the selector switch that allows an easy switch between firing modes and a specially designed hopper that enables constant feed, this is our explanation to why this gun is one of the top most accurate paintball guns out there.

This is a next level toy that allows you to very accurately aim at your friend’s mole on his left shoulder blade, the kids love it, so you may find yourself saving up some money for Christmas for a very cool paintball fun to impress everyone with the high quality materials and the fact that, to sum it up, this marker performs like a dream. A colorful one, we might add.


✔ Very high accuracy, even if it’s windy outside
✔ Full set up when opening the box
✔ Looks like a pro, friendly to use for first timers


↓ A bit longer than a regular gun
↓ A bit more costly than a regular gun


To conclude, just remember: accuracy puts the fun in a paintball gun!